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DCSA member carriers’ commitment to electronic bill of lading (eBLs) will advance trade digitalization…
The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) is a non-profit consortium of nine major ocean carriers that are working together to digitize and standardize the shipping industry. The nine member companies of DCSA are:

$MNW #DCSA #digitization
These nine carriers represent a significant portion of global container shipping volume and have come together to collaborate on the development and implementation of digital solutions and standards for the benefit of the entire industry.

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@Rajeev_GoI @narendramodi 1/n
#Challenge every single individual, Party, association, group or influencers to debate on benefits of #Demonetization
#Agenda points for the debate could be as follows
A.Short term Purpose
B.Long term Purpose
C.Short term Benefits
D.Long term Benefits
@Rajeev_GoI @narendramodi 2/n
E.Side effects & yet to achieve targets

Short term purpose of #Demonetization & #Digitalization
a-To identify Persons, Organizations, NGO’s hoarding #BlackMoney
b-To bring terror funding under Government radar
c-To identify shell companies dealing in #BlackMoney
@Rajeev_GoI @narendramodi 3/n
d-Identify Government scheme money leaks
e-Identify foreign funding

Long term purpose of #Demonetization & #Digitalization
a-To reduce the gap between rich & poor
b-To arrest funds leak
c-To discourage #BlackMoney and encourage white money
d-Balance the tax structure
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#Digitization, #Surveillance, #Colonialism via @CarissaVeliz in @readliberties

"Iron Law of Digitization: to digitize is to surveil."…
"There is no such thing as digitization without surveillance. The very act of turning what was not data into data is a form of surveillance."
"Privacy is important because it protects us from possible abuses of power. As long as human beings are human beings and organizations are organizations, abuses of power will be a constant temptation and threat. That is why it is supremely reckless to build a surveillance
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Today is World Digital Preservation Day and time for my annual reminder (with a new graphic) that #Digitisation is not #DigitalPreservation. A thread 1/5 #WDPD2022
Regardless of whether a file is created by digitising a physical item or originally created in a digital format (#borndigital), it requires active management over time to ensure continued access - it requires digital preservation 2/5
#DigiPres and #Digitization are closley entwined, with good practice to create digitised files in uncompressed, open file formats suitable for long-term preservation 3/5
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#India's economic growth in current year is estimated to be 9.2%, highest among all large economies- FM @nsitharaman #Budget2022
National Highway network will be expanded by 25,000 kilometre: @nsitharaman #Budget2022
The data exchange among all mode of operators will be brought on unified logistics interfere program : #NirmalaSitharaman

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Finance Minister @nsitharaman is presenting the Union Budget 2022-23 in Parliament

#AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget #Budget2022

Watch here📺…
Union Finance Minister @nsitharaman rises to present #Budget2022 in Parliament

Watch 📡LIVE📡:

Stay tuned for updates

FM @nsitharaman begins presentation of #Budget2022 by expressing empathy with those who had to bear adverse health and economic affects of #COVID19 #Pandemic

Overall sharp rebound and recovery of the economy is reflective of 🇮🇳India's strong resilience

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
The Bayeux Tapestry Gets Digitized: View the Medieval Tapestry in High Resolution, Down to the Individual Thread…

#artwork #digitization
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/21/2020…
This entrepreneur is plugging the world’s drinking water into the (digital) cloud…

#WaterQuality #SensorTechnology #digitization #entrepreneurism #WaterAccess
Farmers in One Iowa County Help City Cut Mississippi River Nutrient Flows (YouTube)

#WaterQuality #SensorTechnology #iowa #agriculture #MississippiRiver
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Item #3 for building back better

We are unlikely to return to the same state of the world as when we entered the #pandemic, nor is this desirable. #Remoteworking has the potential to become more prevalent after the crisis.
Investments might shift from face-to-face working (and lower the cost of #officerealestate and time for #commuting).
#Stimulus spending should focus investments on the enablers of this new approach to work, e.g., #5G rollouts, #broadband infrastructure, #satellites for global reach, server farms for adequate capacity, etc, all with effective #privacy protection.
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Industrial Internet Creates New Opportunities for Bank Digitization, and Open Banking Is the Future Trend by Xiao Gang:… 1/5 #Digitization
The integration of the industrial internet and finance not only provides solutions to the management of credit, payments and settlements, account and funds, but also helps businesses upgrade their production and operations for greater efficiency. 2/5
Banks need differentiated strategies in their digitization as each bank has its unique advantages, culture, history and customer base. 3/5
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YesBank's 15000Cr #FPO opens on 15thJuly,with 200Cr for employees

#SBI holds 48%+ stake &will invest 1760Cr in FPO

15000Cr will boost #CET-1 of Yes

Brilliant execution by @narendramodi govt--in just 5 months since it exploded, turnaround of #YesBank,tells you how it is done💪
Govt to invest Rs12450Cr in National,United&Oriental Insurance, with their merger being called off for now

23 #CPSEs of govt to invest Rs1.65 lakhCr in FY21

6195.08Cr given as #RevenueDeficit grant by Union,to States

@narendramodi govt working on multiple fronts,despite #Covid
This week #HdfcBank&Bank of Maharashtra cut #MCLR by 20bps, across tenors

SBI cut MCLR by 5-10bps for 3mth tenor,to 6.65%

#SBI's 1yr MCLR is also low@7%

#Repo cut of 135bps in 2019& 115bps in 2020,to 4%,has lowered lending rates& #EMIs,helping middle class&businesses

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#Doctors and #Medicine need an #AI update.
Bold and convincing book.

#ArtificialIntelligence has the ability to bring the fourth industrial revolution. Healthcare is deemed to be an industry which can get transformed the most.

@EricTopol is a #cardiologist, historian of the present and a #MedicalFuturist.
He believes that the way we practice medicine now ( #ShallowMedicine ) relies too heavily on human inputs and is thus plagued by human biases and imperfections.

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A few comments is response to "Planet of the Humans". Gibbs (& Zehner) slay many "green energy" myths once & for all – while exposing the foundation "movements" as part & parcel of industry/capital & ruling classes – which they are.
Added caveat: Industrial civ. is destroying all life on Earth. Human destruction of #biodiversity is not created equally: "Tribal peoples are the best conservationists & guardians of the natural world, & 80% of our planet’s #biodiversity is found in #tribal territories."
Link to caveat:…

"An analysis of #population growth that accounts for the vast differences in consumption across #class & region is critical in examining the worldwide environmental crisis."

Follow @StephenCorrySvl, @cordeliers & others.
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Since pretty much everyone under quarantine has to use digitized primary sources, I thought it might be useful to point to #digitalarchives that *explicitly* acknowledge & caution users abt #archivalsilences in their contents, and describe their work to rectify them.

A thread.
1/ A note: Most people appreciate the easiness of online access to archival material, but tend to forget that all #digitization is selective.
2/ This means that what you see online is usually not “everything” that an institution holds abt a topic. It's important to understand the digitized together w the physical. Even if you can't access physical records now, you'll be able to better contextualize what you see online.
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While most people are rightly focusing on short-term measures against #Covid19, including #lockdown and #socialdistancing, I wonder how the medium to long-term political development will be like? In this thread, I want to collect the good, the bad and the ugly of this #pandemic.
How may societies react, and what may happen politically, if #Covid19 runs its course? In other words: How will #pandemicpolitics look like? Short term: I Assume we can halt the further exponential spread within the next 2-4 weeks due to isolation measures, but what comes next?
After 4 weeks or so, we will begin to reestablish normal life, based on what we learned ourselves and observed in other countries. Maybe schools reopen again, as they seem not to be central to the pandemic. More people will want to get outside and need to go to work.
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Excited for this session on Ethics and the #Archives with, among others, Rebecca Hankins @pontiac10. Hankins is discussing the digitization of Texas A&M yearbooks, which contain some racist language, images, etc. @chsconf #ChsConf2019
@pontiac10 @chsconf Next up is Melissa Stoner who is telling a story about some culturally sensitive documents that were digitized by Bancroft Library. Tribal members wrote a letter to take it down and it was. The result was a CA tribal forum; report produced and shared w Chancellor.
There was a working group that formed from this work to take a look at collections across campus and relationships bt campus and #Indigenous communities, ethics of working with Indigenous communities. #ChsConf2019
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In the past months, we at @GlobalYAcademy have started to improve the visibility of young global scientists. I'll starting sharing more about what I learned through this about #digitization #academies #wikipedia and the visibility of researchers. Here's a picture of NYAs
NYAs are national young academies. There are around 50 of them, some have a long and prominent history, some have just started *this week*.

Have a look…
NYAs are great (*I'm biased, as Executive Member of the GYA... :):
- scientific excellence is understood both in conventional terms, but also in terms of societal impact
- terms are limited. You have 4-5 years to *really* do work
- are typically very diverse! (@WikiWomenInRed)
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Is #ROI a fallacy of AEC tech? For example - Can someone point me to a well-researched study with documented data collection and calculation methods and data excerpts that shows return on investment related to #BIM tech adoption in #AEC as an industry?
The top search result on Google is an @autodesk white paper where #ROI of #BIM is framed through a "customer perception study" - so it's valuable if customers think they're getting value? Not a single dollar figure is cited in this paper. Laughable.…
More results are case-study driven and not easily extrapolated to indicate a larger #ROI rule or trend (imo) - note in this 2011 example that they frame it as "potential savings". Also note that #BIM and "pre-BIM" are not fully defined or qualified…
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There are 2 ways to interpret digital capital market:“DIGITAL CAPITAL”
market which consists of digital assets,and “DIGITAL”capital market in which financial activities are based on #digitization,according to an inspiring speech by Xiao Gang at 4th #Beijing Global #Fintech Summit Image
According to Xiao, there are three major functions of a “digital capital market”:
1. To reflect capital market activities such as #trading, registration, and
settlement; and to structuralize data in capital market(e.g. financial reporting&
2. Improve the operation of capital #market, which concerns improving the inclusiveness of #finance, addressing financial information asymmetry, and reforming outdated financial regulatory measures etc.
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Hello again! We are pleased to be telling the #polyam / #nonmonogamous (hi)story of Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950), the American poet, feminist, and playwright.
Millay is very well-known among #polyam communities today due to a number of articles that @brainpickings wrote about her “polyamorous” love letters:…
Along with this beautiful biography of Millay by @Ballad_BobDylan:…
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