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The professional politicians have done an excellent job of splitting up the issues to keep the citizens fighting with each other so we don’t focus on the fact that they are the problem, not us.
The professional wrestling promoters know that good fighting evil and prompting the audience to be involved in the action will keep people engaged. Our career politicians know it, too.

Without a crisis to engage the public, the career politician is less significant.

#ManufacturedCrisis are common in politics - They provide another more sinister advantage to the professional politician: misdirection and sleight of hand.

Both sides do it

They do it because there are no #TermLimits

#WeThePeople can put an end to it


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Bad enough @POLITICOMag publishes @SykesCharlie's fallacious article, but failure to label it OPINION is malpractice. After decades leading GOP off a cliff by peddling voodoo economics & corporate-rigged trade, anti-choice/anti-union Sykes is now determined to ruin Dem party. 1/7
“Annoyingly out of touch” @SykesCharlie fails to grasp Trumpism as a symptom of the deeper rot he helped create: decades of #Establishment in both parties abandoning workers & families in favor of corporate socialism for their donor-owners. 2/7
Best antidote to Trump’s fake right-wing populism is true progressive economic populism—policies that directly benefit workers & families by prioritizing #PeopleOverProfit and #PeopleOverParty. 2016 should have taught us that chasing the mythic “center” is a losing strategy. 3/7
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1- 🧵THREAD #WhistleBlowers👈 🥳🥳🥳👏👏👏
👉NOT “Tin-Foil Hat #ConspiracyTheorists
For decades, military, govt, bankers, law enforcmt, newscasters, scholars & 👉Credible Witnesses Confirm Alt Media truths!

🧵-Quotes🗣️-Short Vids📺👉#FalseFlags

2- 🧵 #WhitstleBlowers👉Credible 🥳🥳👏👏
NOT 👉Tin-Foil Hat #ConspiracyTheorists


#Oligarchy-small group have control of country-orgnizatn-institutn

#NWO #FederalReserve #ShadowGovt #DeepState #Establishment #Cabal #LegitimateMafia #InvisibleHand
3- 🧵 #WhistleBlowers 👉Credible 🥳🥳👏👏
NOT Tin-Foil Hat #ConspiracyTheorists

Military, govt, bankers, law, newscasters, scholars & credible witnesses confirm alt med👉true

#War #StateOfFear
Sinking #Lusitania, led U.S. into WWI

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Though #Pakistan was created on religious line, #Jinnah was most liberal Muslim who never wanted #Pakistan a religious firm!
Till 1977 , Religion was just a personal choice in #Pakistan , General #Zia not only pushed religion but also took country decades backward !
Zia knew he had zero support from People hence he decided to take support from Mullahs and he ensured that hardcore Islam penetrate each institution in #Pakistan including #Army & #ISI !
#Soviet invaded #Afghanistan in 1979, #Zia used this opportunity to the fullest .
#US wanted to work on Proxy war, Zia got excellent platform to build these Proxies in Madrassa's of Pakistan.
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"Who or what is #QAnon?..a world that's like #Pizzagate on bath salts, a galaxy-brained, 4chan-bred #conspiracy theory that has apparently convinced an alarming # of adults that all kinds of preposterous things are…K27dfcNZ2m
“You don’t know who is spreading [the #conspiracies] & why, or who is picking them up & why,” she says. “You can’t really confront the people who are responsible for these to their face or on social media, because you don’t know who is…0bHJLHWG
The posts appear to reference a widespread, right-wing conspiracy theory known as #QAnon. Subscribers to the theory believe that President Trump is poised to stop a secret group of powerful people who operate child sex rings.…
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[Incoming Tweet Storm]
1. We are now just 91 days from the most important midterm election of our lifetime.

Leftists have brazenly exposed the anti-American sentiment that lies at their core.

From the hateful racism of #SarahJeong to the fascistic rants of #MaxineWaters.

2. More than 500 supporters of President Trump have been assaulted since he declared.

We saw the lawless Hillary-campaign-coordinated Chicago riot.

We saw the coordinated assaults on Trump supporters in San Jose.

We saw the bigotry of #KinoJimenez attacking a young teen.
3. The #FakeNewsMedia has largely ignored these attacks, including the explosive truths uncovered by @JamesOKeefeIII and @Project_Veritas in their #AmericanPravda series of reports.

The bias of the #MSM is now incontrovertible to fair-minded people, their cover is blown.

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Sky News abruptly ends segment when former head of British Armed Forces questions Syria gas attack…

NEW Q 🚨🚨🚨🚨

Apr 13 2018 21:07:44 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 18f5fc 1032326 NEW
Trust POTUS.
Sparrow Red.
Missiles only.
Intel good.

#QAnon #TQFam #8Chan #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere @POTUS #TrustThePlan #MAGA

They're bombing airports and bases and scientific research facilities.…—active-as-big-explosions

#QAnon #TQFam #8Chan #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere @POTUS #TrustThePlan #MAGA
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