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1/n. Touring #Lebanon's #hiking and #nature scene in under 36 hours.

Here are the places on the radar for day 1 of the journey.…

#adventure #roadtrip
@Husseintkjk Image
2/ Day 1:#chouwen river.

The drive is amazing through the mountains. The 45 min #Hike through forest to get to the river is rewarding.

The whole area is the birthplace of the #legend of Adonis & Astarte.

@Jabal_Moussa thank you for taking care of this piece of heaven. ImageImage
3/ Day 1: @EhdenHorsh

The beautiful mountainous city of Ehden offered wonderful scenic views and elaborate trails through pine trees.

Super diverse ecosystem of fauna and flora.
#ehdenhorsh #hiking #lebanon ImageImage
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Well, we could not possibly have been lost, someone found this spot before, and left a marker. The deer kept the trail open, it was really just a survey line cut out years ago.
Still haven't found the lake, but we are going again soon, on another route. I'll #thread the 1st part A rough white post, about 5 inches square, chiseled letters
I heard about a private road (used by ATVs) that ran off out-of-view of the highway, so we started this #Hiking trip from there. This was the easiest walking area. There's a lot more to see in trails than have been recorded or shared. #WAYCTV DESTINATION:… Typical two rut private logging road. You might get an ATV oFurther along, more grass, quite long, on the center hump of
The Maple is the first to don her Fall #fashion attire. The Red has been coming out before September this year. The trip into the woods in a few weeks will be even more amazing and well worth a drive down #EasternShoreNS just for the view #WAYCTV?  A small maple tree, about 7 foot tall, with three or four b
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1/6 Here is one of my public service projects that might help to save a life. #FindMeSAR ( is a webpage that uses the GPS in your phone to display your coordinates and accuracy value. #SearchAndRescue #Hiking #10Essential Image
2/6 Several coordinate formats are supported and each has a different colored screen. The yellow screen displays your location in latitude longitude, decimal degrees. This format is used by all 911 call centers.
3/6 When you open FindMeSAR the first time your phone has to be online. The code for this webpage is saved in a special part of the browser's memory and this webpage will then work offline. (Service worker + AppCache)
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ஆகச்ட்டு இரண்டாவது வாரம் தொடங்கி செப்டம்பர் இரண்டாவது வாரம் முடிய ஒருமாத தனிமைப் பயணம் #AT_HIKE_2020 திட்டமிட்டுள்ளேன். #Covid_19 காலத்தில் மூன்று மாநிலங்களின் காடுகள் வழியே தனிப்பயணம். Planning is challenging than actual hike.
I will be sharing my link , you can track me and my progress.

தனிமைப் பயணங்கள் காடுகள் கரடிகள் பாம்புகள் கயோட்டிகள்(coyote)புதிய மனிதர்கள் என்று அது ஒரு தனி உலகம்

நினைத்தாலே ஒருவித வெறுமையும் ,பயமும் மிகிழ்ச்சியும் ஒருசேர வந்துபோகும் திகல்😁

வாழ்த்துங்க பெரண்ட்சு
(பழைய படம்)
Testing the stove and cooking utensils set @ home #AT_HIKE_2020 #Mile2Go
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Thread: I spent a year digging into a story about a hiker who was found dead in a tent in Florida for @adventurevida thanks to editors @jeffmoag and @stevecasimiro. The mystery has kept me awake many nights, scouring the web. Here's how my story begins. Image
"Sometimes I imagine him falling through space, drifting like dust from dead stars in the vast nowhere above us. I see him take shape in the soft light of a forest before dawn. First a fog, then ephemeral form, then living flesh."
Brief synopsis: he was found dead in tent in July 2018. Weighed 83 pounds. No phone. No wallet. No ID. $3,600 in cash on him, along with notebooks filled with computer code. @CollierSheriff @kristine_gill put out a composite and people immediately recognize the man.
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@SiNiel1 Sekali-kalinya ke Putussibau saat KKN '94 dulu. Masuk dusun keluar dusun jalan kaki manjat gunung, bukit berlumut, masuk hutan keluar hutan. Penduduk masih menyebar dipelosok. 9 dusun yg kita sambangi utk baksos selama 2 bulan.
@SiNiel1 Pengalaman berharga bisa KKN 2 bulan belajar secara langsung tentang kehidupan warga asli dayak di desa Belikai, kecamatan Seberuang, Putussibau.

Teman mahasiswa banyak yg menghindari lokasi ini saking jauhnya. Kurleb 2 hari dg bus baru tiba dilokasi.
@SiNiel1 Pos KKN dipinggir jalan, tidak ada listrik, genset hanya sampai jam 9 malam. Penerangan berikutnya dg lampu badai minyak tanah.

Masak dengan kayu bakar, mandi/mck di kali.

Rumah warga berpencar, jaraknya kiloan meter.

Ini baru di desanya.
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About climbing my 1st 14er, campaigning for @PeteButtigieg at 14,000ft, finding community with strangers, an electrifying moment, and the biggest surprise of my life!
We arrived at the #MtEvans trailhead around 7:30am, the peak was lost in fast moving clouds. #14er
Mt Evans magnets & shirts don't lie, the GOATS! So awesome.
We had goats greet us at the trailhead, we kept our distance &
ogled them with delight. #14ers
#TeamPete, I brought my @playmobil #minime & a #Pete2020 banner for some inspiring photos exploring #AmericatheBeautiful.
#SummitLake parking lot, with another 2,00-odd ft to ascend to the peak of #MtEvans, a #14er that I can see from my house, SE of Denver!
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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