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#Ukrainian Orthodox Church (#moscow Patriarchate) - #Disinformation #Overview Image

‘According to #Archbishop #Evstratiy, a spokesman of the #Ukrainian #Orthodox #Church, the statements of #Patriarch #Kirill are #untrue.
Since the #annexation of #Crimea, the #Moscow #Patriarchate has lost most of its #adherents in #Ukraine.
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@teppaniaki #Denmark #Minkgate:
Buried #corona mutated zombie minks rising from the graves, may have contaminated groundwater in Denmark scientists warn - some resurfaced from the mass graves as gasses from the decomposition process pushed the mink out of the ground
@teppaniaki Tanskan pääministeri #Frederiksen Korkeimpaan Oikeuteen.
- Totalitaarinen epidemialaki perustuslain ja ihmisoikeussopimuksen vastainen.
- Valehteli luvasta #lockdown :iin ja 17M minkin teurastamiseen.
- Levitti paniikkia valheellisilla sähköposteilla.
@teppaniaki #Denmark #Minkgate #covid19dk #VaccinePassport
Danes take to the streets at night to protest traffic ban and #Corona dictatorship
- credit: 'No Restrictions No #Masks #KBF @ NoGreatReset'
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In March 2021, the Govt's 'Commission on Race & Ethnic Disparities' claimed that there was "no evidence" of institutional racism in the UK.

In light of the #Casey report, which confirms its continued presence in the MET police, this was an absurd & misleading claim.
This thread is about how the UK Govt systematically misleads voters. The Race Commission is just one example of how the @Conservatives, supported by the billionaire-owned press, deliberately & irresponsibly deploy a political strategy of misleading voters in order to divide us.
Stephen Lawrence was murdered on 22 April 1993. The 1999 inquiry by William Macpherson found the MET Police to be institutionally racist.

30 years after Stephen's murder, the Casey report finds the MET institutionally racist, misogynistic, & homophobic.…
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Yesterday, at a 'counter-extremism' conference organised by the Govt appointed Commissioner for Countering Extremism, Robin Simcox, Suella Braverman predictably blamed 'political correctness' for 'Islamist terrorism', gaining a culture war front page in Murdoch's Times.

This is a #THREAD about how the Govt's divisive, misleading, & dangerously irresponsible rhetoric has been carefully choreographed over the last three years, by a Tory Govt which works hand-in-hand with a network of opaquely funded ideologically extreme right-wing 'think tanks'.
It centres on the background, ideology, & appointment of Robin Simcox, & William Shawcross's recently published highly partisan #PREVENT review.

Imho, important information about Simcox has been deliberately concealed from voters by the Govt & the billionaire-owned press. Image
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Tonight on #bbcqt:

Descendant of William Gladstone & ex-biomedical venture capitalist, Tory MP George Freeman!

YET ANOTHER #Spiked & GB "News" regular & Brexit Party candidate, Inaya Folarin, a founding director of Toby Young's toxic hard-right Free Speech Union!

Matthew Syed:
AS USUAL, #bbcqt audiences won't know Inaya Folarin is a #Spiked & GB "News" regular, a Brexit Party candidate, & a founding director of Toby Young's toxic Free Speech Union, & a TORY IMPOSED NPG Trustee, she's framed as just a 'journalist & author' & Founder of Equiano Project.
Here's a great explainer about the wider toxic network of authoritarian fringe groups & individuals who are appointed by the Tories to important institutions & bodies, who shape & influence Govt policy, & who are virtually always represented on #bbcqt…
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Predictably, in light of the stitch-up Review, the Telegraph claims #PREVENT is 'politically correct'.

For years, the GROWING threat of far-right extremism is consistently played down by the UK Govt, the billionaire-owned press, & right-wing think tanks.
Political rhetoric & news framing has dragged public discourse so Far Right, that the @Conservartives' rhetoric is virtually indistinguishable from the BNP & National Front of the 1970s - their "invasion" rhetoric is reminiscent of Nazi anti-Jew rhetoric.
And speaking of anti-Jew rhetoric & the use of antisemitic tropes & antisemitic conspiracy theories, it was NEVER @UKLabour MPs or Corbyn who used this grotesque language, it was - & still is - @Conservatives & Boris Johnson:
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The #PREVENT Review exists NOT to address the problem of radicalisation, but to downplay the use of far-right rhetoric by the Govt & the right-wing press, & to provide an excuse for fueling the divisive culture war by deploying rhetoric around the wedge issue of migration. Image
The @Conservatives & the right-wing press are just so fucking predictable: take no responsibility for anything while following the Nazi's lead in demonising & scapegoating foreigners, minorities, unions, & the Left.

FFS, when will we say #EnoughisEnough?

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Suella Braverman will shortly respond to the #PREVENT Review into extremism.

Anyone paying attention has known for years it was always going to be an anti-Islamic ideological stitch up, because it was led - somewhat ironically - by ideological extremist William Shawcross.
Of course, there is ZERO chance that senior @Conservatives' relentless use of explicitly antisemitic tropes & conspiracy theories, & other divisive & dangerously irresponsible far-right "invasion" rhetoric will get a mention in Shawcross's #PREVENT Review.
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The #PREVENT Review was announced in 2019. Like the controversial Race Report, the Social Mobility Commission, & so much else, it's an ideological stitch up, headed by ex-director of the hard-right anti-Muslim Henry Jackson Society, William Shawcross.

And now this:
A draft of the "independent" #PREVENT review, led by William Shawcross, made the dangerously irresponsible claim that 'The Govt’s counter-terrorism programme has been too focused on right-wing extremism & should now crack down on Islamist extremism'.

In 1992, Old Etonian William Shawcross wrote an "admiring" biography of Rupert Murdoch, & in 2011 was appointed a member of the board of directors of the grotesque trans-Atlantic UK-based neoliberal/free-market 'think tank', the Henry Jackson Society.

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Dangerous Minds’? Deconstructing Counter-Terrorism Discourse, Radicalisation and the ‘Psychological Vulnerability’ of Muslim Children and Young People in Britain

Vicki Coppock and Mark McGovern


Current British Government strategies to counter terrorism Image
Current British Govt strategies to counter terrorism (exemplified in the #Prevent policy & #Channel programme) are based upon a problematic fusion of certain dominant explanatory models of the ‘causes of terrorism’ (specifically, ‘psychological vulnerability’ to ‘radicalisation’) Image
based upon a problematic fusion of certain dominant explanatory models of the ‘causes of terrorism’ (specifically, ‘psychological vulnerability’ to ‘radicalisation’) with discourses of ‘child protection/safeguarding Image
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Author of the classic Understanding Terror Networks, Sageman has become only more critical of the U.S. govt’s approach to the problem.

He argues that U.S. society has been transformed for the worse by an extreme overreaction to a limited threat—limited, he insists, Image
by an extreme overreaction to a limited threat—limited, he insists, despite spectacular recent incidents, which he takes fully into account. Indeed, his discussion of just how limited the threat is marks a major contribution to the discussion and debate over the best way to a
just how limited the threat is marks a major contribution to the discussion and debate over the best way to a measured and much more effective response.
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Hmm. Why would @ukhomeoffice choose to announce this today:…

...making explicit reference to "the findings from the Independent Review of #Prevent, led by William Shawcross", WITHOUT PUBLISHING THE REVIEW?
It's not like publication of the #PreventReview wasn't long overdue *nearly a year ago*...…

From December 2021: Review of Prevent counter-e...
...and yet, despite having been submitted to @pritipatel in April 👇, and #leaked in May 2022:…

...and then #teased in September:… The findings of the report,...
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No Outsiders Project 2006

1 Teacher-researcher Andrew Moffat collaborated with Educate & Celebrate in Birmingham 2013/14 on earlier volumes of his No Ousiders ethos

1st draft written in 2007 & he credited the NO’s team & project for his work
#AndertonPark schools
#Birmimgham School Protests

#StonewallLaw used to coerce parents/staff, smash parents rights, embed body/parental disassociation,

Normalise the Queer
Queer the Norm (term from the No Outsiders project)
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#CDC director tests #positive for #Covid19 | Oct 22
- #Walensky is “up to date with her #vaccines,” the statement said, and is experiencing mild symptoms. She is isolating at home,
@CDCDirector @RWalensky
@Rob_Roos #MEP; #Pfizer vaccine never tested for #transmission:
Q: [1:04] #Roos: - Was the Pfizer vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the #virus before it entered the market?
A: [1:27] Pfizer director #Small: -'No, ha-ha...
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UK's main opposition party is run like #mafia
The #establishment media will ignore it, but it reveals a serious #crisis of #democracy in Britain

Sir @TrevorPTweets said in 2019 he thinks biggest threat to democracy after Brexit was Muslim protesters Birmingham, he will be livid
@TrevorPTweets Silent since the opposition to the protesters,
‘Enemy At the Gates ‘
was exposed as #Stonewall,
the REAL playground bullies & mob of 2019 No Outsiders Panto

Please Sir, break your silence on

#Equality was core of the national debate

How can the EX-EHRC chair be silent after being wrong about the bigger threat to democracy,

The opposition, #StonewallLaw Disciples, No Outsiders misrepresented EA2010, Queering the curriculum by stealth,
Circumventing parents rights
Indoctrinating kids with a radical ideology ImageImageImageImage
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Another #THREAD about the sinister & shadowy network of opaquely funded right-wing free-market think tanks (lobbying groups), funded by US Libertarian billionaires, that have infiltrated & threaten our democracy.

This one concerns Policy Exchange's current attack on our Police.
The Policy Exchange report says the Home Office should use its powers to reform "failing" police forces, replacing chief constables if necessary, as some common offences are "in essence almost entirely decriminalised" because policing has "lost its way".…
Using divisive culture war rhetoric imported from the US far-right, the report states that the public feels police officers are "more interested in being woke than solving crimes". While this may be true for a radicalised minority of the public, it is a dangerous & absurd claim.
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1-ignored Wing #Animez_UK ‘s #techabuse to me.
2- claimed speak up aggravated male anger #coercivecontrol- implied>stay silent & endure 14yrs of techabuse as long as I am physically safe.
3-my fault to be abused & for Wing to harm me physically?

#victimblaming Image
Wing from #Animez_UK calls himself ‘eternal’ who never goes away & stops techabuses me.
-A serial #stalker will find his way to stalk & monitor me.
-I never send tweets, he stalks my tweets.
-I never contacted him, he forces himself in to techabuse me.
#DAVRO #coercivecontrol Image
How can I stop speaking up when he never stops the #techabuse to me which is equally serious to physical abuse? A complex case doesn't degrade its seriousness when the scars and injuries are less evident to physcial and sexual abuse. #Animez_UK #coercivecontrol #domesticabuse
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#TheyDontKnowAndTheyDoItAnyway. -|- "Conclusions
- Water #fluoridation results in higher plasma #fluoride levels in those with lower #renal function. How routine water #fluoridation may affect the many millions of Americans with Chronic #Kidney Disease, ..."
" ... who are particularly susceptible to heavy metal and mineral accumulation, needs to be further investigated."
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In 1950s USA, legislation barred the teaching of “subversive” doctrines: teachers were forced to take loyalty oaths & were required to teach the “American way” of “free enterprise”.

With the banning of anti-capitalism discussion in schools, are we heading the same way?
Interesting 2020 article by historian Dr Jennifer Luff, who correctly points out that in Britain, anticapitalism wasn’t banned in English classrooms during the cold war – so why is it now?…
Each Government shapes the school curriculum, & in 2020, the UK Government explicitly banned from English classrooms materials produced by groups with “extreme political stances”.

Most of these extreme principles – racism, antisemitism & authoritarianism – are uncontroversial.
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If someone confesses a belief in values deemed to be ‘extreme’, they are on the path to violence and should be referred to #Prevent; those who do not or no longer believe in these values are deemed ‘safe’. 

But there is scant evidence to suggest that such an approach works
The focus on ideological factors, as found in Prevent, ignores a host of other causes behind violence, and assumes a linear progression between #thought and #action
It also means that it is almost impossible to assess whether Prevent is having any positive impact
It also means that it is almost impossible to assess whether Prevent is having any positive impact – while pre-criminal approaches may be comforting for demonstrating an industrious response against terrorism, it is almost impossible to know if it is the right one.
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The findings show an absence of a systematic and coordinated plot to take over these schools and an absence of any concerted and deliberate plot to promote radicalisation and violent extremism of Muslim children in these schools or elsewhere

language used to talk about the issues of “radicalisation” & “extremism” is itself the subject of considerable debate (Kundnani 2012; Lynch 2013). There is also a difficulty in understanding fully these issues cos there is a lack of an objective or universally accepted definition
As soon as the media took hold of the allegations, there was huge publicity about the promotion of extremism, radicalisation & terrorism.
At the time, the press also expressed many irrational anxieties about these Muslim majority schools (Arthur 2015). Even though, from the
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Fundamental #BritishValues & #Democracy the Vision

Versus the Reality

#Embedding #Prevent-laced No Outsiders, #QueerTheory project
to #deradicalise potential #radicals & #homophobes from #nursery in Birmingham
#DfE declared..#Social, #Moral, #Spiritual & #Cultural..purposes maintained thru promoting #FBV

Translated in Birmingham as
#QueerValues to deradicalise
embedding #StonewallLaw
that erases tolerance, freedom of thought/religion/speech/ belief &
#threatens #democracy
#Prevent-laced No Outsiders, ideological marriage made in heaven to target the Muslamic Radicals embedded in nursery kids,
the epicentre school is reborn after the scandal & the 'enemy within' removed

& in 2019 the 'enemy at the gates' returns EX-EHRC CHAIR 's programme title
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‘The Trojan Horse Scandal and the Problem of Equalities in Britain Today’.

The event examined the scandal from a broad range of perspectives, engaging with debates on #equalities, #liberalism, and #Britishness.…
It also provided an opportunity to discuss and generate a dialogue about the significance of the 'Trojan Horse’ scandal and the duty placed on schools after the scandal to promote Fundamental British Values (FBV) in the promotion of #democracy.
Speakers analysed how both are reproducing narratives of racial discrimination & inequalities in a context that is informed by minoritising communities, #problematising specific religious #values, & essentialising the signification of social, religious, & cultural identities.
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