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🤔🧐 Did you hear about the "terrorist" arrested in GA earlier this week?
I'd be surprised if you did, it got lost in the news.…
The day prior to that arrest, Pelosi cited security concerns as a reason to delay SOTU. She goes on and on about it in this video, prior to DHS saying it's not a problem.…
Also this week, a lot of stories were bubbling up online oddly about Pelosi being 2nd in line to the Presidency. Of course they came up as she became Speaker again at the beginning of Jan, but why again this week?…
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It's #Caturday, so what better way to spend #SaturdayMorning then looking back at the extraordinary work of Victorian illustrator and cat lover Louis Wain...
Louis Wain was born in #London in 1860. Although he is best known for his drawings of cats he started out as a Victorian press illustrator. His work is highly collectable!
Wain had a very difficult life; born with a cleft lip he was not allowed to attend school. His freelance drawing work supported his mother and sisters after his father died. Aged 23 he married his sisters' governess, Emily Richardson, 10 years his senior.
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Democrats Soros control Media brainwash to hate Trump and wall. They only care for Votes POWER #AnaNavarro #Acosta #buildthewall #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation
Democrats turn America into 3rd World
Democrats always LIE about Charlottesville to attack Trump. Here is truth
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“Operation Torch California is a very real ongoing black operation being conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community in collusion with Operation Gladio. These false flag terrorist attacks are first &... 
foremost a highly sophisticated psyop. They have many goals.  And they will continue until California has been completely subjugated by the globalists.  
When I first learned about #DEW and how it works. The "wild fires" in California was obvious. I highly recommend everyone to watch this clip on "Lockheed Martin's Directed Energy: Speed of Light Defense"
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"Trump held forth on all manner of things this past week as he emerged from a “lonely” spell over the holidays.."
Here's the fact check on all things Trump this week..
#SaturdayMorning #Imoeach #LiesMyGovernmentToldMe…
2-"WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump held forth on all manner of things this past week as he emerged from a “lonely” spell over the holidays. He opined for more than 90 minutes to the press, at the top of a Cabinet meeting, on the shutdown, immigration, drug prices, the
3-"Soviet history in Afghanistan, his approval ratings, Syria, oil prices, the nature of walls, the attractiveness of his generals (“better looking than Tom Cruise”), and much more. He capped the week with a Rose Garden news conference that stretched for an hour.
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Breaking overnight: "California Bowling Alley Shooting Leaves at Least 3 Dead and 4 Injured"
#SaturdayMorning #GunControlNow…
2-"At least three men were killed and four more injured in a shooting at a bowling alley in Torrance, Calif., the police said early Saturday. The Torrance Police Department said on Twitter that there had been “reports of shots fired with multiple victims down” at Gable House Bowl
3-"in Torrance, a southeastern suburb of Los Angeles. The police urged people to “stay away from the area.” Tweet from Torrence Police at 3:13am "Reports of shots fired with multiple victims down. T P D is on scene. Investigation is ongoing. Please stay away from the area."
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I heard a GOP pundit say this am that "all the Dems have to do is sit on their hands & wait for the Mueller rpt to come out"
That isn't even CLOSE to what is happening already-but it's what the GOP will try to make them do.
2-"A day after assuming the majority, House Democrats on Friday unveiled a sweeping ethics reform package that would put new checks on the White House and require President Donald Trump to release his tax returns. House Democrats mostly presented the package — which contains
3-"numerous changes to campaign finance and ethics law — as a set of popular good-government reforms during a Friday press conference on Capitol Hill. But the bill’s proposed checks on Trump also will make it a useful cudgel for the new majority, even though the legislation is
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"Trump claims support from past presidents for the wall: Clinton, Bush and Obama beg to differ"
Here's another fact check on Trump's latest (and most massive & divisive) effort to hedge against being investigated for as long as possible. #SaturdayMorning…
2-"President Donald Trump claimed without evidence on Friday that past presidents have privately confided to him that they regret not building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. But at least three of the four living U.S. presidents — Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack
3-"Obama — did no such thing. Asked if Clinton told Trump that he should have built a border wall, Clinton spokesman Angel Ureña said, “He did not. In fact, they’ve not talked since the inauguration.” Bush spokesman Freddy Ford also said the two men had not discussed the matter.
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Let's not forget that child abuse & sexual harassment can happen to any gender. A lot of our male population's memory of their early sexual encounters are by house workers, family members or family friends. And it's usually at an early age.
#SaturdayThoughts #saturdaymotivation
The sad fact and reality is most people do not take it serious because it is the male child.
#SaturdayThoughts #saturdaymotivation #SaturdayMorning
Does that mean that the general perception is that the male genetic makeup is so wired into sex that even at a very young age, they would not mind but would rather enjoy being exploited, sexually used & abused? Think about!
#SaturdayThoughts #saturdaymotivation #SaturdayMorning
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1. Question for #Exvangelical Twitter. @seelolago's most recent newsletter highlights (with skepticism) an obscure story that some college kid has accused Veggie Tales of racism. I'm not saying it's not at all; "I Can Be Your Friend" can be read as the "colorblind" approach. But.
2. The poster making the accusation that somehow got onto the internet doesn't mention "I Can Be Your Friend" or colorblindness. Instead it states that the accented characters are villains and racially coded. And I'm having trouble thinking of an example where this fully holds up
3. Are there examples that fit? Here's what I recall. The phony French accents of the peas are a largely innocent Monty Python reference. Pa Grape, with his Brooklyn accent, may be coded Jewish, but he's sometimes a villain, and sometimes a good guy. Played the prophet Nathan.
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Analysis | 5 big takeaways from the new Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort filings
#SaturdayMorning #MuellerFriday #CohenSentencingMemo #ManafortMemo…
2-"Federal prosecutors drew some more important lines between Russia and those connected to President Trump on Friday, in a trio of filings in the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort cases.Beginning late Friday afternoon, we saw Cohen sentencing recommendations filed by both the
3-"Southern District of New York and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation, and a document from Mueller’s team laying out Paul Manafort’s alleged lies to it. In all three, the plot thickened for Trump just a little bit. Below are the big takeaways.
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There are so many reasons Cindy Hyde-Smith is wrong for Mississippi.

One of the reasons that just came to light is her long history of racism, starting with attending a segregationist high school to sending her daughter to a similar one as well. #SaturdayMorning
Hyde-Smith attended a segregationist academy specifically designed to avoid Brown v. Board of Ed racial integration.

Not only that, but she also sent her daughter to a similar academy.

This story is stunning.

There’s “no doubt that’s why those schools were set up,” said former U.S. Rep Ronnie Shows, a Democrat who was Hyde-Smith's junior high basketball coach at segregationist Lawrence County Academy in the 1970s.…
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If you haven't seen this you ought to read it. It'll pull all of your 'feels', it's really wonderful. #SaturdayMorning #Khashoggi…
2/"Noha Khashoggi and Razan Jamal Khashoggi are the daughters of Jamal Khashoggi.: "Jamal Khashoggi was a complex man, but to us, his daughters, he was simply “Dad.” Our family has always been proud of his work, and we understood the awe and grandeur with which some people
3/"viewed him. But in our lives, he was “Baba” — a loving man with a big heart. We loved it when he took us every weekend to the bookstore. We loved looking through his passport, deciphering new locations from pages covered with exit and entry stamps. And we loved digging through
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Since Trump was elected, "“I never cried; I mobilized..I went to every meeting of everything.” So true of so many of us. This will resonate! #SaturdayMorning…
2/"EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — Two years ago, before Donald Trump was elected, Anna Rybicki would not have been seated at the dining room table at her home on Rust Street, devising a school reform strategy with five allies. She would not have attended a three-day community organizing
3/"workshop or made a pitch to the school board. “It has changed my life, him getting elected,” said Rybicki, 39, a lawyer who has been a stay-at-home mother since 2011. “I never cried; I mobilized. That’s what felt good to me. I went to every meeting of everything.” Since the
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Trump needs to understand what he does not know & stay out of this. Most Presidents would leave it to the experts... #SaturdayMorning…
2/"President Trump this week renewed his questioning of the military’s new system for launching aircraft at sea, underscoring his skepticism about a technology the Navy has put at the center of its future aircraft carrier fleet. In a call to service members on Thursday marking
3/"the Thanksgiving holiday, Trump asked the commander of the USS Ronald Reagan, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier deployed in the Pacific, whether he supported using electromagnetics rather than the traditional steam system to catapult aircraft off carrier decks and land them
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If Trump is attempting to find a way to rationalize the Khashoggi murder-to conscience it-then he really, truly is a Sociopath. It goes far beyond just NPD with him. And it's pathological. He's gotta go. Soon. #SaturdayMorning…
2/"President Trump on Saturday spoke with CIA Director Gina Haspel after saying he would receive a briefing about the agency’s finding that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Washington Post first reported that the CIA
3/"had assessed with high confidence the Saudi leader’s role, based on multiple sources of intelligence. “We haven’t been briefed yet,” Trump told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House before leaving to survey damage from wildfires in California. But the president had
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It seems that we have our first 'test case' involving SCOTUS & the Trump Admin. This should be very, very interesting given the balance on the court now. Something to pay attention to. #SaturdayMorning…
2/"Lawyers challenging the appointment of Matthew G. Whitaker as acting attorney general asked the Supreme Court on Friday to step in and declare that someone else should serve in the role. The filing by lawyer Thomas C. Goldstein, who earlier this week filed a motion in federal
3/"court on behalf of Maryland’s attorney general challenging Whitaker’s appointment, is a novel attempt to undo President Trump’s choice to lead the Justice Department after Jeff Sessions was forced out as attorney general on Nov. 7. Whitaker was serving as Sessions’s chief of
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The Troops are now not even be at the part of the border the migrants are slated to be arriving at. What they're doing is constructing Trump's wall with metal towers & barbed wire, which he's gonna get no matter what. Spectacular travesty! #SaturdayMorning…
2/"President Trump is reportedly planning to celebrate Thanksgiving once again at his members-only Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, feasting on (if previous menus repeat) a 24-dish extravaganza of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, marshmallow sweet potatoes, red snapper, leg of lamb,
3/"grilled diver scallops, stone crab, ahi tuna martinis, Maine lobster bisque, short ribs, beef tenderloin and seven desserts. It will likely all be topped off by what the president calls “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” — available exclusively to members
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Tip: if you're gonna join a cult try to find 1 where the leader knows how to close an umbrella.

Guess that's why Trump can't visit an American Cemetery in France today.

It's raining and like healthcare ... umbrellas are too complicated for Trump

Raining on Trump in France

Didn't it rain, children?
Talk 'bout rain, oh, my Lord
Didn't it, didn't it, didn't it, oh, my Lord? Didn't it rain?

Let's make it rain resistance love, joy & persistence for better days

#Resistance Music Break w Sister 🎼🎙🎸
Made me break out my stanky leg jam this #SaturdayMorning

The real Soul Train ...

#Resistance Dance Break!

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Resistance Dance Break thread!

At 1st we were afraid. We were petrified.

Then we grew strong & we learned how to VOTE!

That's how we will survive!


Resistance dance break ... The one and only Shirley Ellis sings The Nitty Gritty 1963

Let's get down to Votin! And ...


And here she is: SHIRLEY ELLIS! Gettin down to the real Nitty Gritty in 1963 on American Bandstand w/ Dick Clark

#Resistance Dance Break while we knock doors & phone bank for votes

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It's so great to hear President Obama giving speeches on the Campaign Trail. His words are powerful & truthful. He didn't even talk @ the bombs....#SaturdayMorning #VoteBlue
2/"Former President Barack Obama criticized what he called Republican hypocrisy on Friday during a rally with Democrats in Wisconsin, claiming that conservatives have shown themselves not to be trusted on issues ranging from health care to national security and the deficit.
3/"Mr. Obama’s impassioned plea came just 11 days before November’s midterm elections, in a state where Democrats are hoping to hold a Senate seat, make gains in Republican-held House districts and defeat the Republican governor, Scott Walker. He also defended Hillary Clinton,
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