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Fox News anchors gush over Kanye West's performance at the WH.

As recently as 2017, Fox News anchors thought having rappers in the WH was an abomination.

The only difference?
The political party (and color) of the president.
#SaturdayMorning #AMJoy
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1/#StaceyAbrams is now calling for #BrianKemp to step down as Sec'ty of State of GA. There must be a way to force him to do so. This Gov't is 'of the people, by the people, FOR the people' (NOT person who wants to run for office & abuse the system). Sadly another of the painful
2/ lessons that we've learned since 11/16 is that there absolutely have to be new systems of oversight put in place, on the Fed'l & State levels, to control those who've found the loopholes. Interesting that we've had people of enough character to NOT do that for over 200 yrs.
3/ No system is perfect, but generally when imperfections are found, they're fixed. We cannot be so bogged down by bureaucracy that this level of #racism & abuse is permitted. #BrianKempMustGo . #SaturdayMorning #VoteBlue
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This #SaturdayMorning we're addressing a complaint from those who say they won't bother voting this November.

What does it matter? they think. Gerrymandering has rigged the election. I'm in a red state or a red district. My vote won't count.

Here's why it matters.
(2) The GOP has erected many barriers to voting, including voter ID laws & lax security that undermines voter confidence in elections. But perhaps their most powerful tool is voter suppression through gerrymandering.

It's how the GOP won the House in 2012…
(3) Gerrymandering is when state legislatures draw up districts in order to heavily weight conservative votes. Republican gerrymandering after the 2010 census helped win a majority of House seats for the GOP in 2012 even though they got fewer votes across congressional districts.
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Did you guys see this? Have you seen what we did here? Surpassing 3 MIL in donations, we crashed the site right after Collins' speech yesterday. Very cool thing! #SaturdayMorning #VoteBlue…
2/"A crowdfunding site where activists have been raising money to defeat Sen. Susan Collins in 2020 was inundated with pledges Friday afternoon, after the Maine Republican announced she would support Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. By 3:55 p.m., the
3/"site had crashed, apparently overwhelmed.
“Senator Susan Collins has people more motivated than we’ve ever seen before,” Crowdpac tweeted. “Hold tight, we’ll be back shortly.” The site was back online a little less than two hours later. By Saturday morning, the campaign that
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"Judge Kavanaugh is highly qualified, I'm glad Dr. Ford was heard".

Looks like a hostage video with Trump standing just off camera, feeding her lines at gunpoint.

#saturdaymorning #amjoy
OMG who did this?
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Alex Petri nails it again! Good read. #SaturdayMorning #NoKavanaugh…
2/"So last week I feel like we got off on the wrong foot a little bit. Like Justice John Paul Stevens, you may have seen the guy shouting about beer and “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” and thought, “Yeeeegh, I don’t love this. Can someone else be lifetime-appointed to the
3/"Supreme Court?” I just want to say: That wasn’t me. I mean, technically, it was me, but in a broader, representational sense, it wasn’t. I was only throwing a temper tantrum as a father, a son and a husband. As a judge, I am a mind of pure light floating in a vat. The person
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Analysis | Here’s why the protests against Kavanaugh (and the Trump administration) won’t go away
#SaturdayMorning #VoteBlue #NoKavanaugh…
2/"Now that the highly contentious confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh is winding down, will the resolution dampen the fervor of recent activism? In the past two weeks, protesters have interrupted Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, blocked the
3/"streets around the Capitol, sung on the steps of the Supreme Court, occupied a Senate building, and much more — including calling for a national day of action today. In fact, survivors who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in a Senate elevator live on CNN may have pushed
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If this 85 year old man is still alive when he's up for reelection in 2022, he won't run. But we have him for another FOUR years?! We need to win back the Senate, kids. Desperately. #SaturdayMorning #VoteBlue…
2/"Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) told reporters that the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inability to attract Republican women might be caused by its heavy workload, a remark the panel’s chairman tried to retract a few minutes later. “It’s a lot of work — maybe they don’t want
3/"to do it,” Grassley told the Wall Street Journal, NBC News and other outlets, as he headed toward the Senate floor for a speech by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). The committee, which has turned into a partisan hotbed in the past five years, has never had a Republican woman
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This about sums it up. Grassley, Hatch, Cornyn and COLLINS need to be retired by us. Just vote, my sisters, and bring all of your people with you on 11/6. #SaturdayMorning #IBelieveSurvivors…
2/"Well, sure, I am going to vote yes on Kavanaugh, sweetie. Don’t become hysterical. But I just feel so awful it had to happen like this. It’s such a shame, I think.
I just think, dollface, if there is one thing that came out of all this, sugar, that was good, it is, pumpkin,
3/"that you got to have your say. Baby, you got to stand up in front of all these people and bear witness to what you felt like you had experienced, like a big girl! It was so important, and I absolutely believed you, sweetheart! Chickadee, baby doll, your voice was so important
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The #GreatAwakening When I & a bunch of other deplorable shitposting basement dwelling 8ch "conspiracy theorists" saved the world from the Satanic Deep State with memes because they were bored & it was fun. Both my pics related. #Qanon #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople #ThursdayThoughts
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New #QAnon 2172.

SEPT —-17—– [week of]…
DECLAS coming?

#Qarmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #LockThemAllUp #SaturdayMotivation @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
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white fundamentalist Christian fascists who advocate rule by Old Testament law (like stoning people).

Recent speakers?

DJ Trump
Clarence Thomas
GW Bush
Dick Cheney
Rand Paul

This is a must-read.

Plz RT?

'One of its five founders, Tim LaHaye, is the co-author of the Left Behind series of apocalyptic Christian novels and a man who has described gay people as “vile,”'

"Another advocated for a society ruled by Old Testament law requiring, among other things, the stoning of adulteresses, idolaters and “incorrigible” children."

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#SaturdayMorning #DeclassifyTheFisaDocs
Obama adviser Ben Rhodes told NYT in 2016: “we created an echo chamber” that “helped retail the administration’s narrative”

“That same configuration,” was repurposed to target Trump, his campaign, transition team, then the presidency”
“That same configuration,” said Michael Doran, senior official in George W.Bush WH,”the press,political operatives,newly minted experts,social media validators,was repurposed to target Trump, his campaign,transition team, then the presidency [using]the Russia collusion narrative”
How Anti-Trump Leakers Moved From Offense to Defense

By Lee Smith | September 12, 2018…
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What does an Indonesia Muslim / Socialist Cult, Chicago, Fuddy, Hawaii, Kenya, Murder, a communist and Lucifer all have in common?
Who is Obama really?

Dark to Light.
Here is the truth.
'Barack Obama’
translates to
“Lightning from Heaven”

“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” (Luke 10: 18 KJV 

Obama's slogan
"Yes we can"
Played backwords =

Barack Obama held his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

He designed his podium altar after the 

Temple of Pergamon 
(The Seat of Satan)
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New #QAnon 2118.


#QArmy #MAGA #Trump #Saturdaymorning @realDonaldTrump #SaturdayMotivation
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#disinformation alert! 🚨

The right's latest talking points are false claims that #Kavanaugh's young children were harassed by Democrats as they were escorted out of the hearing.

This is quickly and easily debunked by a simple Google search. 1/8
A Fox News opinion peice expressed dismay that the 2 young girls were upset by the lack of civility shown to their father.

It doesn't say the children were harassed.

Their mother chose to remove them when Dems addressed the lack of transparency.
2/8 📰
The first result that said the children were harassed was a Reddit post, which contained a screenshot of a tweet. 3/8 #Kavanaugh
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This #SaturdayMorning I want to tell you what happened when I attempted to pick my son up from school yesterday.

It begins in the car on the way to the bus stop when I look down at my phone and realize somehow, I have missed 6 calls.

My anxiety immediately skyrockets.
(2) They are all coming from the same number, one I recognize. My son, who is in 8th grade, doesn't have a phone. But his friend does.

I call back right away but there is no answer. Fortunately, he's left one message.
Unfortunately, I can't understand a word of it.
(3) It's noisy and garbled but I take comfort that he doesn't sound frightened. And I catch the word bus. I immediately calm. He must have missed the bus.

At this point, I arrive at the bus stop, located at a local elementary school, and see cars lining both sides of the street.
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Sorry folks, I know what it feels like to not be QFD banned.

IMO the ban is NOT LIFTED!! @jack just rigged the

There is ZERO difference in the behavior of my acct. #QFDBanLifted #SaturdayMorning
My acct is still throttled. Jack is still gaming the system.

@Jim_Jordan @RepMarkMeadows @SteveScalise @RepMattGaetz
I will not stop.
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New #QAnon Thread


"Every battle is won before it's ever fought."

#Qarmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #FridayFeeling @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
New #QAnon 2027.…

Shill: The LARP is so bad now that Q doesn't know a parody site when he sees one.

Anon: posts link stating parody NSA site is actually informative

Q: Information comes in many forms.

#Qarmy #MAGA @POTUS #Trump #potus #FridayFeeling
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Ok, Patriots. It's Saturday.

Let's have a little fun by posting some of our favorite tunes.


#Qanon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #TRUMP #POTUS #PATRIOTSFIGHT #SaturdayMorning @realDonaldTrump
🎶Here comes the #BOOM!🎵

🎶What difference at this point does it make?🎵

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@BetoORourke did *not* say that.
This is a misquote and we deserve better reporting than this, @CBSNews.
Please retract immediately and stop contributing to ACTUAL fake news.

#SaturdayMorning #AMJoy
"I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up, or take a knee, for your rights, anytime, anywhere, or any place" is the actual quote.

Remove this tweet, CBS.

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JFC, Trump!🙄

American flag's stripes are red and white.
Trump should know this, considering the fit he throws when someone kneels at a football game "disrespecting the flag".

Trump is coloring blue and red stripes. 🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

h/t @2020fight
#SaturdayMorning #AMJoy
You know who has red, white, and blue stripes on their flag?
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