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Secret Script of Sindhi Merchants
Among the Sindhi language speaking merchants of colonial India a secret script named Hat vāṇikī हट वाणिकी was used to keep accounts & business correspondence. The word "Hat vāṇikī" literally translates as "language of market traders".
This Brahmi based script was related to Khudawadī (another script used by Sindhi merchants) and Gurmukhi, the main difference being, absence of vowels markings (like an Abjad script) in Hat vāṇikī. It was more like a short-hand used by the global diaspora of Sindhi merchants.
An interesting anecdotes related to Hat vāṇikī is - a girl got married & went to live with her in-laws in another city. Some weeks later her in-laws sent a little note in Hat vāṇikī to her family saying that ‘Hiri miri veiahe’(‘She’s doing well’)...
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ਕਥ, ਕਥੋਲੀ, ਬਾਤ, ਬੁਝਾਰਤ
kathh, kathholi, baat, bujharat
tale, small tale, story, riddle to solve 

>Riddles, along with folktales, are used to give encouragement to young people for attempting things that might be regarded as being beyond their capacity. 

>The terms kuRi ("small girl") and kaaka ("small boy") are also used frequently in these riddles. In folk stories it is always the youngest son or daughter who is the success, the winner. That these [riddles] are told... is one reason why the young heroes win [in the tales].
nikka jiha kaaka
oh buhe da raakha (taala)
ਨਿੱਕਾ ਜਿਹਾ ਕਾਕਾ ਉਹ ਬੂਹੇ ਦਾ ਰਾਖਾ (ਤਾਲਾ)
A little baby boy is the keeper of the gate (lock)
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Right, so tomorrow is International Mother Language Day, and partially because I wont be at @LonGaeilge to waffle on about stuff in Irish, I'll waffle a bit about #IMLD here in English
I've no idea where this waffle will go, I'm just doing to lash into it without any direction in mind. #IMLD started in Bangladesh. Bangla is a language that is of central importance to #IMLD and to me personally.
If it wasn't for #Bangla, I know for certain that my #Gaeilge would not be what it is. It was when I started to learn Bangla that I also started going back to learning Irish.
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