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Si @TotalEnergies @exxonmobil @Shell @BP & co devaient exploiter totalement leurs 195 plus grands projets gaziers et pétroliers, la planète dépasserait à coût sûr la quantité maximale de C02 en deçà de laquelle il faut rester pour pour rester en deçà de 1,5°C.
Alors que 60% de ces sites gaziers et pétroliers sont déjà en fonctionnement, ils représentent en tout, et à eux seuls, 17 années d'émissions mondiales aux niveaux actuels. Il faut les arrêter, coûte que coûte, pour conserver l'habitabilité de bien des régions sur la planète.
Les Etats ont une responsabilité majeure, qu'ils soient directement à la tête d'entreprises (#QatarEnergy #SaudiAramco #Gazprom #PetroChina #Engie etc) ou qu'ils soutiennent leurs champions privés (#ExxonMobil, #TotalEnergies #Chevron #Shell #BP etc) et leur donnent des permis.
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1) Welcome to a #tweetorial on what every #ICU #nurse should know about #hypertensive crisis, or #hypertensive #emergency as it is now more properly termed. I’m Bryan Boling @bryanboling, ICU #NP, & co-host of the @icuscenarios podcast. Follow this 🧵for 🆓CE/#CME credit!
2) This accredited educational activity is intended for healthcare providers & is supported by grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, & Chiesi. Faculty disclosures Like ❤️this topic? More CE/#CME on #hypertension mgt at….
3) So let's start with a case: 65yo ♂️, presents to the #ED with #headache, lethargy & confusion. PMH: #HTN, #hyperlipidemia, #DM2, COPD. Initial VS: HR 85, BP 205/120, T 37.2 RR 12, SpO2 92% on RA. Family reports that he has been more lethargic over the past 2 days.
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The Door is Cracked now …

It’s always been open for those who are true …
Some refuse to go through it for the simple fact they can’t live with themselves or won’t be able to look at themselves in the mirror knowing they thought of only themselves by walking through
The door Leaving everyone else behind to figure it out for themselves .. All while KNOWING the entire world was purposely set up the way it has been by THOSE 13 bloodlines who ruled over everyone to fail, fail unless they sold their soul becoming puppets & or end up being
Programmed to live life daily ‘Hardwired To Self Destruct’ the second Ones got within smelling distance of THE DOOR. Especially those who say F-U too [THEM] ..
The closer ones get too THE DOOR, the harder the personal tests in ones own life become … Surrender your #BURDENs/
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#BP #Shell #Exxon & co ont annoncé quitter la Russie. Pas @TotalEnergies qui a décidé de rester. Pourquoi ?

Nous avons compulsé les données : sans les réserves de gaz russe, la stratégie et l'avenir industriels de @TotalEnergies s'effondrent…
Depuis, le début de l'invasion de l'Ukraine par la Russie, @TotalEnergies & @PPouyanne minimisent leur présence en Russie qui ne représenterait que "3 à 5% des revenus du groupe". Nous montrons au contraire que la Russie est la clé de voûte de l'avenir de @TotalEnergies.
Alors que @TotalEnergies a fait du gaz le moteur de sa croissance future, nous montrons que la Russie représente 30 % de sa production gazière mondiale actuelle (alors du'Arctic LNG n'a pas commencé à produire), et 61% de sa production qui peut être acheminé en Europe par gazoduc
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Nicht nur die Börsen in #Russland crashen, auch internationale Investoren ziehen in großem Stil Geld ab. Der staatliche Investmentfonds #Norwegen's trennt sich von allen Wertpapieren des Landes. /MS
Der Energiekonzern #bp aus #Großbritannien verkauft seine fast 20% an #Rosneft - und rechnet mit bis zu 25 Mrd. $ an Abschreibungen. /MS…
#Shell stößt seine Beteiligung an diversen Projekten mit #Gazprom ab. Hier stehen 3 Mrd. US-$ auf der Risikoliste. /MS
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Portfolio update


#THS remains in portfolio as my biggest holding. I believe the company should do well within the next 2 years, its highly cash generative & once the current chip shortage is over, margins should slowly keep going up in line with PGM's /1
(not that they are bad atm)All gains from this investment have been recently wiped out, but its a conviction play and I would be extremely surprised if sp stays at current level for longer. A quick twitter search should highlight opportunities/financial aspects of the business /2
I have missed most of the massive gas rally, only having exposure through #RDSB #BP in family portfolio, but missing my entry in SQZ which I have been watching for a long time. Although the gas rally exceeded all expectations, I can only blame myself for not paying closer /3
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Da hüpft mein kleines Herzchen.

#BP kann einige Tankstellen nicht mehr mit Treibstoff versorgen, weil die Lastwagenfahrer:innen fehlen.

Fragt doch mal im Vorstand nach, ob die den LKW nicht fahren können. 🙃

Hättet ihr eure Mitarbeiter:innen ordentlich bezahlt.. ;) /TN #Brexit
Wir leben in einer Welt, wo stets erzählt wird, nur das Studium ist wirklich gut. Das drücken wir auch durch Gehälter aus. Und anhand von Großbritannien merken wir, dass die wirklichen Leistungsträger:innen unserer Gesellschaft nicht in irgendwelchen Büros hocken. /TN
Ich wusste, dass der Einwand kommt.
Ich bin selbst ein Sesselpupser und hab mit Handwerk & Co nix am Hut (zwei linke Hände).

Dennoch bin ich mir bewusst, dass mein Job nicht so wichtig ist, wie die LKW-Fahrerin oder der Erntehelfer. /TN

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The #sweatshop is moving online. The #4IR will usher in
21st century #digital sweatshops.

#IamtheCODE - I am the slave to & of capital.

UN #SDGs are emerging markets - marketed under guise of protecting the planet & eradicating poverty. #WEF is at helm of implementation.
"#iamtheCODE is the first #African-led global movement..." - with love from Paris, #France, #BP Ventures, #Mastercard et al.

The road to hell is paved w/ #NGOs financed by corporate profits.

#4IR #DataEconomy
#iamtheCODE is a founding member of the World Economic Forum Reskilling platform.

Corporate partners of the platform include #PwC, #Salesforce, ManpowerGroup, Infosys, LinkedIn, Coursera Inc. &The Adecco Group.…

#4IR #GreatReset #DataEconomy #France
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This is a learning thread.

A lesson in #language, "purpose" & #NewPower.

From inception, #NetZero was devised as the language to garner uptake/demand from citizenry while simultaneously building a framework to propel #CarbonMarkets, #CCS technology, #NETs, & #nuclear.
Note the panel. Nicole Schwab as moderator (daughter of Klaus Schwab), #naturebasedsolutions, 1TDOTorg, #Gates, #Carney (#ImpactInvesting), Nazareth (regulation), & Bill Winters, chair, Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary #CarbonMarkets.
"#NewPower – The ability to harness the connected crowd to get what you want" – Jeremy Heimans, Purpose/Avaaz/Verifed

Launched Sept 2020 by Carney, the taskforce includes #BlackRock #BP #Saleforce #Shell #Unilever #GoldmanSachs #NaturalCapital Partners:
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Feb 25 2021: "An expected dash by big corporations for #offsets to meet their climate targets has prompted financial exchanges to launch #carbon #futures contracts to capitalise on what could be a multi-billion dollar market."

#NetZero #EmergingMarkets…
"...their market is expected to grow to as much as $50 billion by 2030. Among the major corporations that say they expect to use them to compensate for any #emissions they cannot cut from their operations & products are #Unilever, EasyJet, Royal Dutch #Shell & #BP."
"The Institute for International Finance's Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, launched by U.N.’s Special Envoy for Climate Action Mark Carney" aspires to "create a multi-billion dollar offset market in the coming months."…
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An avalanche of corporate marketing attempts to lay siege to the collective psyche. They seek to maintain the #sociallicense in order to secure/continue their plunder within a new global architecture.

Presenting the "guardians" & "stewards" as deemed by the #Pope & #Vatican. ImageImage
Abracadabra. The devils we know, that have poisoned/ plundered/exploited the planet & all life it sustains - appointed as new "stewards" & "guardians". The magic of bullshit & storytelling.

"'The Devil We Know:' How DuPont Poisoned the World w/ Teflon"…
This is a #rebrand of the Coalition for Inclusive #Capitalism conceptualized in [May] 2012 by Lynn Forester de #Rothschild; "Founder, Managing Partner, & member of the Management Committee of Inclusive Capital Partners, member of the Council on Foreign Relations & Chatham House. Image
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१)#BPCL खासगीकरण,कंपनी माहिती
२)#share सरकारला फायदा
३)BPCL अस्तित्व
२०२०-२१ बजेटनुसार सरकारला खासगीकरणातुन २.१लाख करोड रु. उभे करायचे आहेत पण सध्या ते अशक्यच आहे..सरकारने #BPCL विकायला काढलीय पण आश्र्चर्याची गोष्ट #RelianceIndustries ने बिडींगमध्ये सहभाग घेतला नाही.रिलायन्स सोबत
जगभरातील नावाजलेल्या कंपन्या जसेकी #saudi_aramco,इंग्लंडची #BP(british petroleum) व फ्रांन्सची #total यांनीही बिडींगमध्ये निरूत्साह दाखवला आहे.
**BPCL बद्दल थोडी माहिती:-
१८८६ साली भारत पेट्रोलियमची नोंद स्काॅटलॅंडमध्ये करण्यात आली कारण तेव्हा भारतावर ब्रिटिशांचे राज्य होते..
आज आपण जी भारत पेट्रोलियम (BPCL) पाहतोय तिचे सुरूवातीचे नाव 'Rangoon(रंगुन) oil and exploration company' असे होते.त्यावेळीस आसाम व बर्मा(आजचा म्यानमार) मध्ये तेलाच्या खाणी शोधण्यासाठी कंपनीची स्थापना करण्यात आली होती.आज कंपनीत १२,१५७ कामगार काम करतात.#BPCL मध्ये सरकारची‌ ५२.९%
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@AnastasiaSMihai @loriannpeterso1 & I will be presenting Poster #1432 at #AHA20. It will be presented at 9am CT (soon) but before it is, I want to thank you all for filling out my survey on #cardioTwitter because this is what our poster is based on.
We wanted to find our how you measure #bloodpressure & how reliable you felt your clinical BPs were. I regret to inform you despite you liking your BP reads & trusting them, most of you don't check it correctly @HeartBobH #AHA20 Thanks to @Heart_SCCT @ASPCardio @HBPRCA for help
When you measure #BP this is how we need to do in clinic @HeartNews but most people don't #AHA20
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Forensic analysis of #oil companies' climate plans by @kellyatrout in new @PriceofOil report:…

Relative to #ParisGoals they are all grossly insufficient on most metrics Image
TL;DR? Check out Kelly's blog:…
STL;DR? #Exxon and #Chevron manage to be grossly insufficient on all 10 metrics.

#BP is the least bad performer, partially aligned on 2 metrics, insufficient on 3, grossly insufficient on 5

#Shell, #Equinor & #Total have biggest gap between their green claims + reality
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Today's #BP announcement isn't because BP's an ethical company that cares abt #climate: decades of its behaviour show otherwise

But it is a significant change, the result of years of campaigning by @drop_BP @ActOnClimate100 @GreenpeaceUK @ClientEarth @PlatformLondon @ShareAction
... by @Cult_Unstained @rouselouise @followthis2015 @SMarjanacCE @CharlieKronick @HelenWildsmith @melllevans and many others

All their efforts have helped achieve this progress.

We still have to fight for more ambition and for a #JustTransition. But plaudits to all
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L’Europe veut mettre notre argent dans les énergies fossiles! Aujourd’hui nous votons sur les investissements dans les infrastructures énergétiques. Techno? Simple: va-t-on mettre notre argent ou pas dans la poche des pollueurs.#THREAD #climat #zerofossile
Fera-t-on bien le #GreenDeal pour protéger le #climat?! Selon deux rapports de Corporate Europe Observatory @corporateeurope , c’est mal parti : les fossiles ont encore toutes leurs entrées au royaume de la Commission européenne! Exemples.
Les principaux commissaires en charge du #EUGreenDeal #GreenDeal les ont rencontré 151 fois, soit 11 rencontres par semaine ! Et seulement 29 fois avec des représentants de l’intérêt général. Où est la #FossilFreePolitics ?!
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Yes--#Reliance is now #DebtFree

#Jio raised Rs 1.16 lakhCr from #Facebook,Silver Lake,Vista Equity, General Atlantic,KKR, Mubadala, ADIA,TPG,L.Catterton&PIF

7000Cr raised,via 49% stake sale in fuel retail venture,to #BP

53124Cr raised via #Rights

Debt was Rs 1.63 lakhCr
That RIL is #NetDebtFree is big,but bigger news is,Rs 1.69 lakhCr was raised in 58 days,flat

#SaudiArabia's Sovereign Wealth Fund,#PIF's 2.32% stake in #Jio has #EnterpriseValue of 5.16 lakhCr& equity valuation of Rs4.9 lakhCr

Great going for #RIL,with 9.23% weightage in #Nifty
Most interesting bit about the massive fund raising exercise by #Reliance,is the serious money committed by #Arab world, including,AbuDhabi based, #Mubadala

With 10 lakhCr+ in market cap,#RIL is a story that showcases,size &scale,matter

Jio& #RelianceRetail to be listed in 5yrs
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1. Our new report, published today, calls on UK Churches to urgently divest from fossil fuels in response to the #ClimateEmergency. Read it now:… Image
2. ‘Church investments in major oil companies: Paris compliant or Paris defiant?’ highlights the gap between the business plans of major oil companies and the #ParisAgreement targets.
3. It shows that #Shell and #BP intend to increase oil & gas production by 38% & 20% respectively between 2018 & 2030, when most #fossilfuels must stay in the ground if we are to limit global average temperature rises to 1.5°C @CarbonBubble Image
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My take on the week that was, and what’s next. #OOTT #EFT #shale #OilPrice #crudeoil #OPEC

When oil became waste: a week of turmoil for crude, and more pain to come
So a bit more on this. A lot right now rests on what happens next, both in terms of various economic regions trying to recover a bit and find ways to do a bit more business - and whether that's possible. #OOTT #OPEC
After all it's not often you see a nation like Azerbaijan tell a BP-led consortium that yes, you have to stop producing. Usually the big oil companies are exempt from this sort of thing. #OOTT #OPEC

Not anymore. @dmitryZ_reuters
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1/ As teachers, students, and researchers limit their in-person contact, the Arab Studies Institute has compiled a list of their open access resources in the form of online articles and audio interviews to facilitate classroom learning and additional research on #Iran:
2/ READ: Documenting Anglo-Iranian #Oil at the #BP Archive by Katayoun Shafiee
3/ LISTEN: #Oil Nationalization and the 1953 Coup in #Iran: A Conversation with Ervand Abrahamian by: @maliherazazan…
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Analysis: #NYSE $BP

Case 167 #BP P.L.C.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#BP 1/4
Chart 1: Extremely bearish with major #resistance at 48.50, 53.30 and 62.75 with #support 27.00, 21.15 and 18.10. A weekly close below 35.10 will target 33.90 and eventually 32.20/00. A #confluence of .....

BP 2/4
..... resistance seen by the #SMA 200 on the weekly and daily at 38.73 and 38.75 respectively.

BP 3/4
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Looney announces an end to ‘reputation advertising’ like the Possibilities Everywhere campaign and redirection of money to climate actions #BP #ClimateEmergency
That is pretty major. Ads that just promote the ‘brand’ are out. Product specific ads probably still in but this is a big shift. #BP
Looney calls for people to get in touch if they learn of BP acting in a way inconsistent with what he says today. Commits to transparency & open about not always getting it right #BP
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Zum aktuellen Hype um #Wasserstoff hier ein paar Anmerkungen und Fakten
Schon jetzt gibt es einen Markt für Wasserstoff - ca. 65 Mio. Tonnen werden pro Jahr verbraucht - Hauptabnehmer sind chemische Industrie und Raffinerien - also große Player in d fossilen Wirtschaft (Graphik aus:…) Image
Auch die Herstellung des Wasserstoffs erfolgt derzeit zu rund 96 % auf fossilem Weg - auf der Basis von #Erdgas, #Öl und #Kohle (Graphik: s.o.) Image
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Thread: @BillGates claims fossil fuel #divestment has 'zero' climate impact, and #climatechange activists are 'wasting their time' lobbying investors to ditch #fossilfuel stocks…
@BillGates Gates: “#Divestment, to date, probably has reduced about zero tonnes of emissions. It’s not like you’ve capital-starved [the] people making steel and gasoline”…
@BillGates As @350 note: arguments against fossil fuel #divestment miss a larger point. The idea is not to starve companies of capital but to remove their “social licence to operate” & make it easier for Govts to act on climate issues by breaking #fossilfuel companies’ hold on politicians.
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