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Con una mossa significativa, la #Duma di Stato russa ha recentemente adottato
un divieto totale sulla coltivazione e l'allevamento di piante e animali geneticamente modificati (GM) all'interno del paese. Image
3/18 🇷🇺
Questo divieto, ad eccezione della ricerca scientifica,
mira a eliminare gli OGM dal paesaggio agricolo russo. Image
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Do you imagine a volume of financial support that has been pumped into the success of the Syrian revolution? But tampering the Syrian revolution was born a dead mouth, because its owners were masting and spoiled thieves
Time: 2016
Location:#Duma-#Damascus Regulation Part 1
The so-called Abu al-Nasr, commander of the Ummah Brigade, addresses Zahran Alloush, the commander of Jaish al-Islam: Your income from me from the tunnel is 12 million dollars. Where did they go?

Alloush replies: What do you want in them when you are likewise
👇2️⃣ Image
Abu Al-Nasr replies: They entered in the name of Eastern Ghouta

Aloush replies: No, there is nothing to do with the name of Ghouta. I went out to meet the supporters and they brought me!!

12 million dollars today equals 100 billion Syrian pounds!!
👇3️⃣ Image
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Mar. 3:
1/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

More on #Russian #Volunteer #Corps” & #Russian freak out over #Bryansk incident:

@TheStudyofWar report:
#Russian officials continued to release limited ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #FalseFlag #Propaganda…
Mar. 3:
2/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

..”#Information” about the Mar. 2 #Incursion in #Bryansk Oblast but 🔸#Failed to provide clarity about what actually #Transpired.🔸[#Russia found the #Incident ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Misinformation…
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1/31 With the blessings of my family deity Bhagavathy and Sri Lalita Triupurasundari, here’s a quick astrological update on the near-term future (from now to April 30) for Russia and Ukraine.
2/31 This is a follow-up thread to my earlier post about #Russia and #Ukraine last year. #OSINT #UkraineRussianWar #Putin #Zelensky
3/31 While #Russia continues to maintain the upper hand, this is now a temporary two-month period of caution for Russia and danger for the honorable President #Putin @KremlinRussia_E.
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On 13 December 2022, the Russian State Duma passed in the first reading a bill concerning the use of Russian criminal law in the territories of Ukraine that Russia occupies. 1/11
The bill includes a provision stipulating that a deed considered criminal under both Ukrainian and Russian laws, is not to be qualified as a crime if it is “aimed to protect interests of the Russian Federation”. 2/11
The Russian government's proposal to make war crimes committed by Russian soldiers legal is a concerning development that threatens the very principles of international justice. 3/11
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The #Russian government is continuing to increase its control of the Russian information space as a milblogger noted that Russian efforts “look like a kitten against a rhinoceros” compared with foreign “think tanks,” nonprofits, and “independent media.” Image
2/ #Russian news outlet Kommersant reported that the Russian State Duma may consider a bill before the end of 2022 on the regulation of online “recommender” algorithms that would ultimately allow the government to turn off specific algorithms.
3/ The #Russian Federal State Security Service (FSB) took steps to codify control over the information space and signed a decree that approved a list of military and military-technical activities, which, if received by foreign sources, can threaten #Russia's security.
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Da quando l'invasione dell'#Ucraina è iniziata, Matteo #Salvini non è mai stato tanto vicino ad ufficializzare il progetto che ha in cantiere dal "giorno uno" di questa guerra: volare a #Mosca. Image
Evidentemente non pago delle recenti sortite diplomatiche, #Salvini insegue il suo obiettivo: riprendersi la scena. Quella che ha smarrito nella notte del Papeete, senza più riuscire a dettare l'agenda del Paese, ad incarnare (ebbene sì) la figura di leader più amato dagli 🇮🇹 Image
Ad onor del vero va detto che #Salvini è stato il primo politico italiano a chiedere indiscriminatamente "la pace". Prima di #Conte, forse anche in anticipo su Papa Francesco.
Peccato non si sia mai domandato cosa ne pensassero gli ucraini. Image
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Sapete chi sono questi 2 signori?
Il capo della autoproclamata #RepubblicaDonetsk DENYS #Pushilin che premia il colonnello Timur #Kurilkin che per l'occasione sfoggia sulla manica destra della mimetica il #Totenkopf delle SS e il #Valknut
Il premio è stato dato per aver contribuito a uccidere più di 250 "nazionalisti" Ucraini 🙄

Ma chi è invece #Pushilin?

Un ex truffatore che vendeva azioni della MMM, una società che si fece poi partito, fondata da Sergej #Mavrodi, deputato della #Duma
Uno che divenne famoso in Russia per uno “#SchemaPonzi” (una truffa) che gli ha fruttato 54 Mil$
Uscito in anticipo dal carcere (in Russia 😳)fonda un partito (MMM) con “filiale” anche in Ucraina, di cui #Pushilin diventa il capo nel 2013
A Obukhiv (#Kyiv) ottiene 77 voti (0,08%)
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 45) - Comenzamos nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania con las primeras imágenes de un drone ruso Orion caído.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 45) - Una pareja de Su-25 sobre #Donetsk, ya casi algo rutinario.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 45) - Informe diario de inteligencia publicado por el MoD británico @DefenceHQ ⬇️
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#YouTube blocked the channel of the State #Duma of #Russia.

The channel had about 145,000 subscribers.
Vyacheslav #Volodin, chairman of #Russia's #Duma says the blockage of Duma's #YouTube channel is an act of violation of freedom of expression by #Washington.
“The blocking of Duma TV on YouTube gives every reason to apply the most stringent response measures to video hosting”.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the #Russian Federation on Security Piskarev
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⚡️Media outlet Mash reports that Vladimir #Zhirinovsky has died.
‼️Senator Alexander #Pronushkin confirms information about #Zhirinovsky's death.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the State #Duma Vyacheslav #Volodin denies information about his death.

"#Zhirinovsky is alive, but in a serious condition".
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JUST IN: New US sanctions vs #Russia's elites to include:

- family of #Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov
- billionaire Viktor Vekselberg
- management board of VTB Bank
- #Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin & 11 other Duma members who lobbied for recognition of DNR & LNR
.@USTreasury's new sanctions further isolates the severely damaged Russian economy by prohibiting trade in products that are key to the economic & financial interests of all Russian elites" per @SecYellen
More from @USTreasury on new US sanction vs #Russia... Image
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#POV alla #DoctorManhattan. Accade tutto contemporanamente
È il 2022, siamo in un conflitto devastante che minaccia il cuore dell'#Europa
È il 1957, un ragazzino non vedente di nome Joe Engressia scopre che fischiando una particolare nota i nastri registrati che ascolta al
telefono si bloccano. Incuriosito chiama la compagnia telefonica. John Draper scopre che non serve l'orecchio assoluto: basta un fischietto.
È il 2022, e la #Russia pensa a come censurare tutte le informazioni che dimostrano che la loro #liberazione dell'#Ucraina è solo una
È il 1980 "o giù di lì". Internet apre un mondo a ragazzini con pochi soldi in tasca. Le interurbane costano. Collegarsi ad una #BBS costa. Scaricare programmi costa tantissimo, chiamare "l'amico fuori città" che ha tutti quei giochi bellissimi anche di più. Quei
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Es gibt Gerüchte, #Russland-Diktator #Putin könne das Kriegsrecht ausrufen.
Passend dazu gibt es erste Berichte, dass es immer schwerer wird, das Land zu verlassen - und das nicht nur aufgrund der EU-Sanktionen. /MS
Das #Russland-Parlament #Duma hat zwar nicht das Kriegsrecht beschlossen, aber dafür etwas Anderes: bis zu 15 Jahre (!) Gefängnis oder Arbeitslager für die Verbreitung von "Falschinformationen" zur #Ukraine-Invasion. /MS
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.@Google, @Meta, and @Twitter all took action against Russian state-owned media accounts to limit the spread of harmful info online. Meanwhile, #Russia has continued to escalate its crackdown on independent media. New #RussianHybridWarReport🇷🇺 out now🧵⬇️…
@Google @Meta @Twitter .@Google, @Meta, and @Twitter took action against Russian state-owned media accounts, restricting or blocking several Kremlin-owned media organizations. @Facebook and @instagram prohibited ads wile @YouTube blocked #RT and #Sputnik’s channels across Europe.
@Google @Meta @Twitter @Facebook @instagram @YouTube #Russia’s #Duma chairman approved a proposal that would introduce criminal liability for sharing “fake” content about Russia’s armed forces. Currently a draft, the punishment outlined would be 15 yrs in prison and could intimidate Russian internet users.…
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#Ukraine 🇺🇦: pro-separatist Telegram sources are reporting a loud as explosion in government-controlled territory of #Donetsk.

This source describes the development as "disturbing" Image
#Kyiv today.

Ukrainian and Belarusian flags being waved side-by-side as thousands rally to reject the #Kremlin's imperial ambitions in #Belarus and #Ukraine. Image
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: Russian Mil Mi-28 helicopters flying over #Belgorod (🇷🇺), several several dozen km from the Ukrainian border.
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WH issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's presidential foreign policy advisor, #YuriyUshakov, re: Russia and #Ukraine.

#Ushakov #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan conversation today with nat'l security advisors, foreign ministers & other officials from #BucharestNine of #NATO Allies re: #Russia & #Ukraine.

#B9 #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's foreign policy advisor to the president, #YuriyUshakov.

#Putin #Zelensky #Ukraine #Ushakov Image
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Nat'l Security Council Spokesperson Emily Horne issues readout of Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Ukrain's head of presidential office, #AndriyYermak.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden talks with journalists re: #Ukraine.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden says re: potential invasion of #Ukraine by #Russia:

"We’ve been aware of Russia’s actions for a long time and my expectation is we’re going to have a long discussion."

He adds that "won't accept" #Putin's red line in Ukraine. Image
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#Putin being very gentle in his #GenevaSummit2021 press conference. Nothing bad to say about #Biden.

He's remaining very tight-lipped in response to every question.
Putin repeatedly pointing to US police killings of African-American men and referencing #BlackLivesMatter to deflect from questions over murders and jailings of his political opponents.

He also deflects by citing the #Iraq & #Afghanistan wars.
#Putin responds do a BBC reporter’s characterisation of Russian foreign policy as “unpredictable” by listing off some of the international treaties that Donald #Trump pulled out of.
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The delay for the OPCW’s FFM team to enter #Duma & commence their investigation, is at the request of The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS).…
.2/ On 16 April, we received confirmation from the National Authority of the Syrian Arab Republic that, under agreements reached to allow the evacuation of the population in Ghouta, the Syrian military were unable to enter Douma.
.3/ The security for the sites where the FFM plans to deploy was under the control of the Russian Military Police.
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BREAKING: The White House has said that US President #Trump is canceling his upcoming South America trip to remain in the US "to oversee the American response to Syria." - @NBCNews
This sounds like the US is planning to strike #Syria and Trump will remain in the US to closely monitor responses by #Russia. This is terrible.
BREAKING - British forces are now mobilizing at their bases in #Cyprus for strikes against #Syria. It appears very likely that the US, France and U.K. will strike Syria in the next 24 hours. This is dreadful.
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The first busses carrying hundreds of "Jaish al-Islam" and members of their families are leaving NOW #Duma. The beginning of clearing #Damascus. #Syria.
626 "Jaish al-Islam" militants/families have left #Ghouta towards #Aleppo - #Jarablus . The evacuation is slow because the Syrian Army wants to make sure the 100s of millions (JAL requested to take away $900 m but the request was rejected) r not taken away
Jaish al-Islam is expected to join the fight against #AQ & other Jihadists under #Turkey flag in the city and rural #Idlib where #Ankara is planning to eliminate those who don't obey its agenda. #Russia threatened #Idlib if #AQ remain in it, strong.
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