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So Zeit mal wieder die Aluhüte auszupacken.
Sie fragen sich warum viele Unternehmen weiter auf der #Wokeness Welle schwimmen obwohl es nach hinten losgeht?

Die #Schufa kennt ja wohl so ziemlich jeder - aber kennen Sie auch den #CEI?

Den was? Den Corporate Equality Index.
Quasi der "Wokeness-Schufa-Score" welche von der "privaten" NGO Human Rights Campaign (HRC) vergeben wird.

Welche Kriterien man für einen "guten" Score erfüllen muss kann man hier einsehen:…
Die Kriterien unterliegen dabei keiner wie auch immer gearteten staatlichen Kontrolle - man legt selber fest was die Unternehmen denn bitte jetzt zu leisten haben, gern wird der Katalog auch erweitert.

Spannend wird es dann wenn man sich mal die Finanzierung dieser NGO anschaut.
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With #Nike .swoosh dropping this week, and #Apple XR in less than 3 weeks, the #Metaverse narrative is making a comeback.

Here are 10 reasons why $RNDR is THE Metaverse asset to hold. 🍎😎⭕🧵 Image
1. Scalability

Scaling GPU rendering enough for the Metaverse is too difficult with traditional render technology. $RNDR solves by allowing users with idle GPUs to share compute through the RNDR Network
2. Digital Rights Management

Proof of ownership enabled through NFTs and blockchain is a key part of the Metaverse. With this comes the issue of DRM. OTOY has been working on solutions for this for a long time.
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𝐁𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐋𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧 "𝐀𝐢𝐫"

Watched the movie "Air" a couple of days ago, it's a biographical drama about the creation of the @Jumpman23 shoe line, I was particularly keen to watch it after reading Phil Knights memoir "Shoe Dog" last year

📸 @Nike Image
The movie tells the story of how Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro signed Michael Jordan to a shoe deal, and how the Air Jordan shoe line went on to become one of 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒎𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒔𝒖𝒄𝒄𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒇𝒖𝒍 shoe lines in history.

"Air" can teach us a number of valuable business lessons.
𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧. Sonny Vaccaro believed that Michael Jordan could be a global icon, and he was willing to put it all on the line for him. This belief in his vision paid off, as the Air Jordan shoe line became a huge success.
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@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit cc: @ EvaKBartlett
Another tragic day for the people of the #Donbass. More #Ukrainian #warcrimes, #slaughtering 9 #civilians in Donetsk yesterday, including 1 #child, and #injuring at least 16 more when Ukraine rained munitions down on #residential areas,
@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit cc: @ WoodyW00dlegger
"-Ostin älykkyyttä lisääviä pillereitä, haluatko kokeilla?"
"-No mikä ettei", kaveri otti ja nielaisi.
"-Ei kyllä tunnu yhtään älykkäämmältä"
"-Jos ei heti tehoa, ota lisää". Kaveri napsi toisen ja kolmannen.
@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit The fate of #NATO membership | 8 Mar, 2023
- The #Hungarian delegation that visited #Finland on Wed hopes that Finland will show more #respect for Hungary. @TyttiTup @EeroHeinaluoma @TuomiojaErkki @HennaVirkkunen @jyrkikatainen
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🚨BREAKING: nearly 2 years after the January 6 #Insurrection, the @FBI increased its reward by 5-fold to $500,000 for info leading to the arrest of the #terrorist who left 2 pipe bombs near the @DNC & @GOP HQs the day before the assault.

The January 6th pipe bomb #terrorist wore a face mask, glasses, gloves and a grey-hooded sweatshirt and **#Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes** (photo below).

Someone knows this #terrorist—PLEASE SHARE lFAR AND WIDE.
‼️Images and video of the #terrorist, the suspect’s backpack & shoes, the pipe bombs, and a map of the route the terrorist walked are here👉🏼…

Many innocent people could have been killed or harmed.

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1/4. Project này chắc nhiều ae biết rồi, mình up lại cho ae chưa biết 🙏

Porsche bước chân vào web3 với bộ sưu tập 7.500 NFT được tạo ra bởi nghệ sĩ 3D Patrick Vogel của Hamburg dựa trên chiếc #Porsche 911 cổ điển.
2/4. Chủ sở hữu sẽ có thể định hình #NFT của mình như Performance, Lifestyle, hoặc Heritage.. Mỗi trait thể hiện các khía cạnh khác nhau của thương hiệu cao cấp #Porsche, sắp tới NFT sẽ được mint dưới dạng tài sản 3D đặc biệt sẽ có trong #UnrealEngine5.
- Ngày mint: 23/01
- Mint trong : 4 đợt
- Public : Số lượng còn lại nếu còn
- Số lượng: 7.500 NFT
- MintPrice : chưa công bố

Cá nhân mình hy vọng đây sẽ là 1 #Freemint thì sẽ gây được tiếng vang lớn, thành công hơn.
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Here's a complete look at my 2022/23 Earned Edition project -- much love and appreciation to everyone who has followed along and offered feedback along the way!

#NBA #NBATwitter #NBATwitterLive #Nike #Basketball #NikeBasketball

cc: @WorldWideWob
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Nike business model comprehensive analysis

Nike is a global sports footwear and apparel company that operates on a wholesale model, selling its products to retailers and distributors who then sell them to end consumers.
#Nike #BusinessModel

2/ Nike also operates its own retail stores and e-commerce platforms, allowing it to directly reach and sell to consumers.
#Ecommerce #Retail
3/ Nike's business model is centered around innovation and branding, with a strong focus on research and development to constantly improve its products and stay ahead of competitors.
#Innovation #Branding
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Another week, another ecosystem update

This week - #Cosmos, #Avalanche, #BSC & #Polygon

#Blockchain #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
1/ @cosmos presented an updated roadmap for their #ATOM 2.0 proposal & was rejected by 37.4% NoWithVeto votes.

A thread by @TheDeFinvestor on what’s next following this major event in @cosmos history.
2/ @dualityxyz debuts #Duality, a #DEX optimized for capital efficiency & composability on @cosmos.

Duality's novel product design & incentives system allow LPs & protocols to have control over liquidity parameters & distribution.

Mainnet launch in Q1 2023
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First @RTFKT, then CryptoKicks and now Dot Swoosh.

@Nike has launched Dot swoosh as their game-changer platform to onboard the next web3 users.

They can literally bring mass adoption.

Here’s why:

#nike #rtfkt #dotswoosh Image
Here's what I'll cover:
- What is Swoosh?
- What does it include?
- Why Nike is doing this?
🟡 What is Swoosh?

Nike has become the leader in fashion NFTs, largely due to the acquisition of RTFKT last year.

But now it is developing a platform to onboard its traditional fans to web3 rather than crypto-literate early adopters.
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What is about to happen? A 🧵 Image
We have moved from 'Building' to ‘Preparing for Launch’ over the last week with the impending launch date of November 14th listed. So what does this mean and what could it be? Some thoughts.
🧵 1/7
At the building stage the description was “We’re building a safe and secure platform for you to discover, collect, and create virtual products. RTFKT have also mentioned in the past an upcoming creator marketplace. This also secures their Royalties
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⚠️STRANGER DANGER ⚠️ = #CTG Do they have something on @cthagod for him to put more faith in the words of WS, than @kanyewest? TAP BELOW ⬇️ ❌❌RETWEET❌❌ @DillardVicki
@cthagod is dangerous, not simply because a woman has a right to choose, but because he’ll 🤥 for the enemy!
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Les 100 meilleurs #livres marketing de tous les temps. 📚

De la psychologie, copywriting, business, influence, story-telling, finances, au growth hacking, voici les livres à lire absolument pour toute personne intéressée à devenir meilleure en marketing. 🚀

📚100. Influence : Science & Practice est une examination de la psychologie de la conformité (c'est-à-dire la découverte des facteurs qui poussent une personne à dire "oui" à la demande d'une autre personne).

#influence #psychology #marketing Image
📚99. Le best-seller du New York Times qui explique pourquoi certains produits et idées deviennent populaires.

#marketing #contentmarketing #newyorktimes #book #livre Image
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L'art de L'Achat Revente Vinted.

- Comment créer la meilleure annonce -
Salut les gars, toujours dans la série de l'art de l'a/r vinted.

Aujourd'hui je t'apprend à créer l'annonce parfaite !

Si tu as loupé la première partie :

Une bonne annonce se distingue par 2 choses : ses photos et sa description.

C’est grâce à ses deux aspects que tu vas pouvoir te différencier de tes concurrents.
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Nike bate recorde de vendas de NFT📈

A Nike (NIKE34) bateu um novo recorde de vendas de NFT e se tornou a marca mais lucrativa do mundo desse mercado. A marca lucrou mais de R$ 944 milhões com a venda de por meio de vendas de ativos digitais🤑 Image
Além das NFTs serem uma ferramenta útil para impedir a replicação dos produtos no mercado, as marcas veem os ativos digitais como um grande potencial para desenvolver uma conexão mais próxima com os clientes🙂
A primeira coleção de tênis virtuais da Nike, que inclui 20.000 NFTs criados por diferentes artistas, foi denominada de Cryptokicks e foi apresentada ao mercado em abril deste ano📊
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100 novos desempregados 🤯

Companhia brasileira que desenvolve soluções industriais e mercadológicas para marcas esportivas, o Grupo Dass, de Ivoti, no Rio Grande do Sul, demitiu cem funcionários de sua fábrica em Eldorado, na província de Misiones, na #Argentina 🇦🇷
De acordo com a empresa, os desligamentos, que ocorreram nesta segunda-feira (22), se devem às dificuldades na importação de insumos e suprimentos para a produção de calçados na #Argentina, o que fez com que a fabricante paralisasse três das suas 15 linhas produtivas.
O Grupo Dass informou que antes de demitir os funcionários, chegou a abrir uma rodada de negociações com o governo da #Argentina, mas que não houve acordo.
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#Gucci #Vuitton mais aussi #adidas ou #Nike , absolument toutes les marques se jettent sur ce nouveau marché.

Comment les #NFTs transforment-ils une industrie à 1380 milliards ? 👇
Alors que beaucoup considèrent les #NFT comme de simples images JPEG, 17 % des marques du #Vogue Business Index explorent diverses stratégies pour utiliser les NFT dans leur activité. Voyons ensemble comment ils vont changer l'industrie de la #mode .
Les NFT en tant qu'outil d'authentification assurent la traçabilité et l'originalité des produits sur le marché de la revente. Les faux produits de #luxe représentent 60 % du commerce mondial total de 4,5 milliards de dollars de produits contrefaits en 2019.
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18 takeaways from .@steveaoki’s & .@RaoulGMI’s chat on .@RealVision that’ll make an impact

= thread =
1/ being a Producer influenced his #crypto journey:

“You have to always think about what the future looks like.

The best musicians & producers are the ones that are actually very good at predicting where things are going because they're actually carving the road.”…
2/ .@steveaoki on investing:

He invests in undervalued startups — especially research orgs & scientists that are keen on 🧠 research.

“That's what's
interesting to me the most. Then what everyone's already jumping into, I'd rather know what the small circles
are doing.”…
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Megan Fox says she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood for ‘ritual purposes’… <--- Clear ref to blood drinking. Note that they're wearing black and there's pink sign behind. Related:… #occultelite #symbolism
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky reportedly host ‘rave-themed’ baby shower… <--- Story is about a dark-skinned couple and baby. Red, pink, purple featured in photo chosen. Fits in with symbolic pattern.
Elite confectionery products… <--- Recall of range of products including chocolate due to salmonella fears. So many of these lately. Yet they don't withdraw one thing causing most damage by far: 💉Why this looks like message for the elite.
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$50BN was wiped off the value of @netflix $NFLX this week.
To understand why I'd like to take a different perspective.

I will break down the #brand & #business failings that led to this loss.
In the simple & small thread below 🧵👇
#marketing #brand #Netflix Image

We live in an increasingly impatient world.

We live in a world where we expect everything immediately. We can buy whatever we want, with one click. We can order a taxi, instantly. And stream endless content, whenever we want.

In this increasingly impatient world, $NFLX had a great product-market fit.

-epic amounts of great content.
-content that dropped all at once, no need to wait, just binge it all straightaway.
-no distractions, 100% ad-free.
-very cheap monthly fee.
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gm, seems like a good time to drop this LUKSO🆙 primer!

💻Testnet soon™
👟#rtfkt x #nike hype building
💼Increased lifestyle business interest in Web3
🤬OpenSea + MetaMask banning
💸More scams + fake mint sites


#crypto #nft #metaverse $LYXE $LYX #clonex
LUKSO is a next-gen #layer1 for the modern lifestyle industry.

LUKSO provides the infrastructure for blockchain-based permanent digital IDs (Universal Profiles 🆙) necessary for building a truly decentralised and seamless Web3 economy.


#crypto #nft #metaverse $LYXE $LYX
LUKSO is the brainchild of @feindura + @m_h_d_v.

The choice of advisors reflects LUKSO's direction, with industry veterans from @CHANEL, @Nike, @instagram etc.

Along with names from the DLT world including @NEARProtocol, @ethereum etc


#crypto #nft #metaverse $LYXE $LYX
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I want to explore the biggest divergence playing out right now before our eyes

Price vs Adoption

Yes, the market is in turmoil.. but when you look at the underlying technologies being adopted, it is a completely different story

Grab a coffee & let's go...

December is when this market retrace started, so let's use that as a starting point

We'll take a look at what's been publicly announced & who's jumping into the #crypto pool

Some of the largest companies & institutions are betting big on these technologies being the future

Japan's Minister of Economic Security says implementing a #CBDC is a matter of National Security

“We must think about what happens to Japan’s national security if other countries move ahead on #CBDC

“Japan must speed things up so its ready to issue a digital yen any time”

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Thread Vinted : tout ce que vous devez savoir pour commencer à faire vos premiers euros (sans avoir besoin de payer un ebook ou une formation) 👇
1/ N*1 - Créer son compte Vinted.
Deux choix : un compte style personne normale ou un compte style boutique pro.
Si vous choisissez le premier, prenez juste votre nom ou un pseudo, une photo de profil basique (coucher de soleil ça passe vous inquiétez pas) et c’est tout.
2/ Avantage : les gens ont assez confiance en un particulier, le prix paraîtra plus juste et dans leur tête « ah trop bien je vide l’armoire de quelqu’un bonne action » et ça les rassureras de parler à une vraie personne.
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NFT playbook 2022:
seems like 2022 is coming back with a bang.

2.5mths ago i rotated a big portion of my portfolio out to weather the storm. now i feel confident to rotate back in nfts.

heres why and what im looking out for 👇
1. tax harvest is a real thing - ppl taking loss to minimize on tax before year end, making market uncertain. new yr rolls ard, everyones rdy to get back to the table.
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