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@RBReich You're still worried about Russia's ability to propagandize a few computer-illiterate swing voters?
Did it bother you that #ObamaBiden supported the #MaidanCoup along with #NeoNazis who are still influencing the government in Ukraine?… #JoeBiden
@RBReich Snipers who killed scores of protestors and policemen on Kiev’s Maidan Square in February 2014, triggered a “democratic revolution” that overthrew the elected president, Yanukovych, and brought to power a virulent anti-Russian, pro-American regime.…
@RBReich When a founder of a #NeoNazi party and repackaged speaker of the Ukrainian parliament visited Washington in 2017, he was widely feted by leading American politicians, including Senator John #McCain and Representative Paul Ryan.
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What we see in #Ukraine today is that people don't want to believe what they see with their own eyes, and what they hear directly from #Zelensky. The mix of people's hopefulness and Zelensky's #populism is blinding them to reality.
There is clear evidence that #Russia-connected #Yanukovych era power brokers have influence in #Zelensky's power vertical. Yet people pretend either that this isn't happening, or that it is not relevant, and will not impact Zelensky's presidency.
#Zelensky's inaugural speech echoed several RU propaganda narratives:
-#Kyiv is "responsible for continuation of war
-Kyiv "neglected RU speakers"
-Kyiv "abandoned people in occupied UA"
-"#Ukrainian is divisive factor in UA"
-"post-Maidan govt was the biggest problem in UA"
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Swedbank Laundering Case Explodes With Alleged Manafort Link

Swedish bank allegedly gave misleading information to U.S.

Bank’s headquarters in Stockholm were raided on Wednesday…
Paul Manafort was among those to have received suspicious payments made through the Stockholm-based lender, the SVT network reported on Wednesday, amid intensifying scrutiny of Russian cash that passed through the bank’s Estonian unit.…
📌The bank’s headquarters were raided by Sweden’s Economic Crime Authority, as part of a probe into whether it breached insider info rules by giving its biggest shareholders advance notice of an SVT report on money laundering that was broadcast on Feb. 20.…
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Trump Campaign Manager Paul #Manafort arrived in Judge Ellis’ courtroom in Eastern District of Virginia in a green jumpsuit, walking with a cane. He will be sentenced in a few minutes on 8 counts of financial crimes. He also awaits sentencing in DC by Judge Amy Berman Jackson.
The guy who promised the best people and "extreme vetting"—didn't even google Paul #Manafort?? Remember that when Trump apologists say he didn't know about Manafort's years of dirty work for world tyrants. I've always felt Trump hired him BECAUSE of his work for Putin & Russians.
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#Ukraine ex-president #Yanukovych at press conference today mentioned my #Maidan massacre study along with TV documentaries about Maidan snipers by Italian & Israeli journalists (17m). #Ukrainian #media reports omitted his reference to my academic study.
#Ukrainian publication that mentioned it misrepresented my last name & falsely claimed that I told Yanukovych about my study findings. This was done even though his reference to my study is available in press-conference broadcasts of Ukrainian TV channels.…
This is latest example of cover-up, censorship & fake news concerning Maidan massacre & my academic study of this crucial case of mass kiling for Ukraine and the world.
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@tina_nguyen Yes. To be clear, as I reported in #HouseofTrump, House of Putin, if you want to #FollowtheMoney, this should be a key focal point.
The Mystery of Donald Jr.’s Blocked Calls—Revealed?…
2/One of the key people in question was Vadim Rabinovich, who, just a month before Trump's '96 Moscow trip, had attended a meeting in Tel Aviv, in which Semion #Mogilevich, the RU Mafia financial whiz, was ceded a huge part of lucrative Ukraine energy trade.
3/For many years afterwards, #Mogilevich operated thru series of "opaque intermediaries" in the Ukraine energy trade that skimmed about 3/4 of $1 billion per year.
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There are some uncanny parallels between Llaguno Bridge massacre of both anti-government & pro-government protesters during previous coup attempt in #Venezuela and #Maidan massacre of both protesters & police in #Ukraine in 2014.
That & Irish TV documentaries & ex-Associated Press correspondent book suggest that unidentified snipers in nearby hotels & buildings shot at both anti-& pro-government protesters & also at police during mass opposition demonstration in #Venezuela in 2012
Like in the case of the Maidan massacre, the Venezuelan pro-opposition media, the Western media, and Western governments immediately claimed that the anti-government protesters were massacred by Chavez supporters who were filmed shooting from a bridge.
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Live: The trial in #Ukraine convicts in absentia #Yanukovych to 13 year sentence for treason and crime against peace. The court decision was expected since the judicial system in Ukraine is not independent but is under control of the Poroshenko government.
Court decision ignored #Maidan massacre even though it was mentioned in charges against him. Court refused to allow video testimonies by first president of #Ukraine about "Ceaușescu plan" to assassinate Yanukovych during Maidan & by ex-Right Sector sponsor about Maidan snipers.
I found out that large parts from unauthorized translation of my Snipers' Massacre on the Maidan in #Ukraine paper, which was presented at 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, were read at the #Yanukovych trial (11:55-37:45).
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Trump revived the idea of firing Sessions. Likely thinks Uncle Jr Rudy would be divine.🙄

David Pecker, Head Of National Enquirer, resigns from Postmedia Board

Michael Cohen, Lanny Davis & the Russian Mafia, oh my! Lanny Davis’ most notorious client is Firtash

Cohen atty Lanny Davis Is registered foreign agent for Dmitry Firtash a pro RU Oligarch wanted by US gov’t directly linked to Putin

19 mos into the Trump administration, we're starting to see what a real culture of corruption looks like.

None of it is normal

📌Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, who has close ties to Manafort, has been wanted in Chicago since 2014 for his alleged role as the mastermind of an international titanium racket

Trump “is rage-googling himself, and he doesn’t like what he’s found
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