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☀️Co-leader of #Germany's nationalist party AfD calls for the United States to be investigated over its suspected involvement in the #NordStream pipelines attack. He warned the consequences could mean #US troops being expelled from #German territory.…
The coincidences just keep coming. #Norway and #Poland Baltic Pipeline opened the same day #Nordstream pipes were attacked. #Germany will now have to pay transit fees to #Ukraine and #Poland for gas.
History is just repeating itself between US Germany and Russia!!
Who funded #Hitler and #Stalin?
Rockefeller delivered the #Nazi Air Force with fuel until 1942, IBM sold them the #computers and educated them how to use them for census so the Holocaust could happen!!
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so! let's talk about the #cryptocurrency phenomenon again. $BITC / @Bitcoin, $ETH / @ethereum, $USDT / @Tether_to, $BNB / @binance — there are a LOT of these #cryptocurrencies out there, maybe even millions of them. and that's a first clue about them and about #capitalism.

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it's gospel #capitalism that the activities of "the #markets"—capitalist propaganda i.e. #business and #finance and #investment #journalism, not to mention all the #science and #technology journalism that's chiefly #advertising for corporations—are supernaturally powerful.

the central lie is that "the markets" (i.e. the sum total of all monetary transactions by all money-seeking entities in #capitalism) are the best possible mechanism for fulfilling every conceivable human need.

if it's not "on the market", then you don't really need it.

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I would hazard to guess that if there's *one thing* that's most characteristic of the modern-day #STEM Lord mindset, it isn't racism (although folks like @ID_AA_Carmack and @RokoMijic give one pause) or even a love of #computers.

it's probably a fondness for *explosions*.

I think that's bad. and I *like* explosions.

I've spent time—like lots of nerds—looking for videos of large explosions. and we're knowledgeable of chemistry, in the Pnictogen Wing, so we know a bit about chemical explosives. "high energy compounds", to use a euphemism.

there's some beauties out there. I know of the existence of the most astonishing chemical rarities—molecules that inspire equal awe and terror.

you wonder how something like (N₅⁺)P(N₃)₆⁻ can possibly hold together. that's "pentazenium hexaäzidophosphate".

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the last twenty or thirty years have seen a remarkable intellectual phenomenon: #computer technicians, people whose sole area of expertise is computer #programming and #software engineering and other related disciplines, have come to be regarded as "Renaissance Men".

the "#STEM Lord" is an artifact of this phenomenon. while "STEM" is supposed to comprise mathematics and engineering and mathematics, the typical "STEM Lord" is not well-versed in any of these things—the typical "STEM Lord" is in #computers. they are a *technician*.

that is to say, #computer professionals are people with *limited* educations, who are devoted solely to mastering the intricacies of a certain sort of machinery, namely the modern computer.

men like @fchollet, @JeffDean, @antoniogm, and @ID_AA_Carmack typify the class.

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"magical thinking" is a term that's difficult to talk about in Western culture, because (as with most if not all abstract concepts in Western thought) "magic" has no honest or certain meaning in mainstream Western discourse. but I will make some attempt to explain.

let me start with an example: the television. television—the sending of video images over long distances to a dedicated "set" for viewing them—is long-established technology. TV video may be communicated through a variety of media—radiofrequency broadcasts were the first.

the television itself isn't "magic" (...I don't think), but established and well-understood technology that achieves some sort of *approximation* of a thing that might, in a myth or a fantasy story, be achieved through magical means: viewing things from a long distance.

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one of the most curious details about the first #Matrix film is that the machine intelligences who created the system once tried to create a Utopia within it, a perfectly harmonious world--and it failed. of course, they blame imperfect humanity for not accepting Utopia.

after all, machines are *perfect*, right? if a @Tesla crashes or burns, it *must* be the fault of the driver, right? @elonmusk would say so, and @WholeMarsBlog &c. and everyone else in the #ElonMusk clown show would agree with him. machines are perfectable, humanity isn't.

@ID_AA_Carmack and that @sama bigot and all the other enthusiasts for #AI have a similar faith. such superficial persons have been taught, by decades of inculcation in the superficial value system of Western #programming nerd culture, to think of human brains as weak.

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@XAVIAERD #BillGates. He's an #evil, #hypercritical, #genocidal #Maniac, masquerading as a Philanthropist!

Everybody thinks he was the #BigCheese of #ComputerSoftware. That's not true, either. I was privileged to program on Digital Equipment (#DEC) Computers ...
When I programmed #DEC #Computers, running #DEC #Software, #computing was fun. I loved it. Then along comes #BillGates with #MSDos, which I believe he ripped off anyway, and suddenly everyone's talking #ComputerViruses! ...
Whether he's creating #ComputerViruses or sponsoring #DrAnthonyFauci to use #GainOfFunctionResearch to create #Covid19 or dumping #crap in the skies with #Chemtrails or scheming to #Lockdown the entire world or selling poisonous #vaccines #BillGates is shitting on #TheWholeWorld!
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"Larger circuits can be constructed out of smaller circuits in three ways.
•..‘in parallel’[:] inputs and outputs are..placed side-by-side
•[‘inseries’][:] outputs of one circuit can be fed into the inputs of the next circuit[:] the resulting circuit
>has the inputs of the first circuit and the outputs of the second
•[‘#feedback’]: some of the outputs of a circuit can be fed back as its own input.

Using these three forms of #composition, circuits of billions of elementary components can be created using a very small number>
>of basic gates; circuits that control our #computers, mobile #phones, or #car[-]engines.
And yet ,surprisingly, the semantics of such circuits is not perfectly understood, in a sense which will be made clear immediately.

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🧵 Sharing snippets and my reflections from the [[Book/The Almanack of Naval Ravikant]] by [[Author/Eric Jorgenson]].
🎬 Start Date: [[December 26th, 2021]]
🏁 Finish Date: [[December 27th, 2021]]
📚 Genre: #NonFiction #Wealth #Happiness #Accountability #Priorities
1/To be taken seriously in today’ world we will have to question everything, we have to think from first principles, test things well, and be good at not fooling yourself.
2/If you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person that loves you unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem.
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This week at SFI: "#Complexity and the Structure of #Music: Universal Features and Evolutionary Perspectives Across Cultures", an #interdisciplinary working group assembled to explore new frameworks for understanding music. Stay tuned for highlights!…
"Every pitch class set is connected to every other pitch class set."

– @mbnUNT, co-organizer of this week's #musicology working group, presents on how to understand the #topology of #harmonic structures in music with #network diagrams (e.g. Pic 4 with #JSBach's BWV 66):
Once you represent a musical composition as a network, it is possible to examine the evolutionary dynamics of its harmonic content over time, as explained by @mbnUNT in his opening talk for this week's SFI #musicology working group.

(Ironically, this #Beethoven is #scalefree:)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/23/2020…
A radical theory says major crises remake America every 80 years…

#future #cycle #america
A three-agent robotic system for Mars exploration…

#mars #robotic #exploration
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Thrilled for my upcoming 6 hours of lectures with 5,000 of you who signed up for the inaugural @qiskit Global Summer School #QiskitGSS.

This is by far the largest quantum summer school I have ever heard of. I will lecture on #quantum #computers and #superconducting devices. Image
In the first three hours I will cover how to go from a qubit in Hilbert space to a real one, in a real or artificial atom.

The summer school is a two-week intensive summer school designed to empower the next generation of quantum developers with the knowledge to explore Image
quantum applications on their own. Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/23/2020-2…

Sooner or later we all face death. Will a sense of meaning help us? | Aeon Ideas…
#Death #meaning
How to Trade Oil With Negative Prices: Interactive Brokers - Bloomberg…
#Oilprices #trade #negative #price
Science in the Age of Computer Simulation, Winsberg…
#Computers #Science #Simulation
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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#Bigdata vs Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence
By Irene Aldridge
☝️author High-Frequency Trading: A Practical Guide to #Algorithmic Strategies& #Trading Systems
☝️co-author Real-Time Risk: What Investors Should Know About #Fintech,#highfrequencytrading and FlashCrashes
1. ☝️🧐➿🔢 In traditional #statistics or #econometrics, researchers make assumptions about #data distributions ahead of the analysis
2. 🥇💪#machinelearning = the 1st discipline to apply #efficiency to #problemsolving brought by #computers & their enhanced computational power
3. 🤗➿🔢#ML scientists try to reduce #assumptions about the data as much as possible&let the data (&computers) decide what fits best.
4. ♾➡️🔤🌐#Datascience identifies core characteristics of the data, summarized by what has been known as #characteristic values (#eigenvalues)
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bridesmaids and men of honor practically running up the aisle
ring bearers cute n sheepish
"nice job," groom says to flower girl
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