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In 2020 and 2022, we asked #liberals and #conservatives to estimate how many unarmed black men were killed by police during the previous year.

Which group was more accurate?

Did accuracy improve over time?

Here's what we found.

#police #racism #race #media Image
2020 Survey: "How many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019?"

The Washington Post's police shooting database says 12.

54% of "Very Liberals" (least accurate) estimated 1,000+.

13% of "Conservatives" (most accurate) estimated 1,000+. Image
2022 Survey: “How many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2021?”

The Washington Post's police shooting database says 11.

40% of "Very Liberals" (least accurate) estimated 1,000+.

16% of "Very Conservatives" (most accurate) estimated 1,000+. Image
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I'd like to talk about #fear, which is probably one of the favorite subjects of right-wing discourse, especially if (like @mtaibbi and @NateSilver538 and @DrLeanaWen) you've got some ideological commitment to telling lies and spreading nonsense about #COVID19.

it's not a good sign when people talk constantly about fear, while pretending the entire while that it's not *their* fear they're talking about but someone else's.

imagine being next to someone on the street, and they start asking you over and over: "are you afraid?"

imagine it. "are you afraid? are you afraid?" over and over.

that's not how a brave person is used to talking; courage is *controlling* fear, whereas needlessly pushing fear into conversations is a great way to *generate* fear—which is what @NateSilver538 *&c. WANT.

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the propaganda from the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @ShellenbergerMD #fascist circle is insidious because it's seasoned with just enough truth to be plausible.

their narrative about corrupt government involvement with corporate rule *starts* from a place of truth, but...

...the @GOP is NOT less corrupt than @TheDemocrats in this regard; Republican fascism and corporate corruption go hand in hand. the first openly fascistic GOP presidency, @RonaldReagan's, was marked by scandals and crooked deals with lobbyists:…

in a sense, the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi gang are weaponizing their own crimes—Matt Taibbi has gotten as far as he's gotten because he himself is nurtured by "Deep State" connections. that is to say, he's being propped up from behind, by Republican crooks in government.

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1. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, The Son Of God, The Way, The Truth, and The Life. There is only One God.
2. The Rainbow represents a promise, not a perversion. #TakingTheRainbowBack
3.Progressivism is the twisting of truth and an instrument of the devil.
4. God created the Male and Female. Just because the concepts of multiple genders has existed in Ancient times doesn't make it true. Just like saying the Jews are a rejected people. It is simply not true. (2/6)
5. Homosexuality is a sin. Do not think that God does not love you. He loves you so much, but He loves you too much to let you keep sinning. I ask any who are homosexual, please repent and turn to Christ. He loves you and wants to be with you! (3/6)
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I don't want to *quote tweet* @MattWalshBlog but I'll quote him this way. he said something amusing (betraying his own fears) but it's also very telling, and typical of the "#conservative" (i.e. #fascist) set:

"The Leftist Rage Mob Turns On One Of Its Own | Ep. 113x"

the *leftist rage mob*. heavens! those leftists (or "woke" folks or whoever) are so *angry*! all the time!

angry people are always wrong; just ask @mtaibbi or @NateSilver538 (or @MattWalshBlog) and they'll tell you: being angry is evil and only evil leftists are angry.

that's part of the doublethinkful game that right-wing people are used to playing with emotions: they can't make up their minds whether leftists are always *angry* or whether they're always weak and crying—but #conservatives are at least certain that *emotions* are bad.

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So of course #NationalPost publishes an article by a white Conservative who absolutely mischaracterizes what people are saying. NO ONE is saying not to investigate lest it inflame anti-Asian hate. We are saying this op exploits anti-Asian hate. #CdnMediaFailed #cdnpoli
As for “cozying up to Beijing”, no one has done that more than #Conservatives. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #CdnMediaFailed
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🧵 A few years ago, Canadians associated #conspiracytheories with harmless lunacy promoted by nutbars. Then the COVID19 pandemic brought them to the forefront during the so-called #FreedomConvoy and #OttawaOccupation.
From #QAnon , #SoldiersofOdin, #Diagolon, #YellowVests so-called Christians etc. passing as truckers while spouting hateful white nationalism, racism, Islamophobia rhetoic and backed financially by several American far-right groups, the craziness revealed was much closer to home
Ir was so close to home that the Interim CPC Leader Bergen, past CPC Leader Scheer and current CPC Leader Poilievre met with them. The latter even provided donuts and marched with the so-called protestors who plotted a coup of a duly elected govt.…
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Remember who #RobertFife is. He published false information leaked from anonymous sources demonstrating that Maher Arar was a terrorist (he wasn’t). Fife’s reporting was instrumental in not only the false smearing of Arar, but also Arar’s torture in Syria.…
But worse than that. It wasn’t only a glaring #CdnMediaFail. It was an attempt to smear the Chrétien/Martin gov’t, working on securing Canadian citizen, Arar’s, release from a Syrian prison. Top RCMP & CSIS officials were implicated in the leak. The smear of Arar was political.
So I can’t help but find the timing of Fife being the vessel for re-releasing an old report re 🇨🇳’s interference in 🇨🇦’s affairs (on many fronts, for years) to be more than a tad suspect. Especially given the failure on the part of intelligence agencies & policing re the Convoy.
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#cdnpoli 🧵@JustinTrudeu
does NOT set #fueloilprices and @PierrePoilievre
knows that. We live in a democracy, not a totalitarian state. The price of oil is set in the global marketplace so the supply/demand balance determines the price of O&G products around the world.
The Canadian government has constitutional authority to regulate gasoline prices only in an emergency. However, provinces and territories can regulate prices, and Quebec and the Atlantic provinces do so.
@JustinTrudeau does NOT set #groceryprices and
@PierrePoilievre knows that. They result from factors that include yields, wildfires, drought, global supply chain problems and grocery chain price gouging, etc. Implying otherwise is #misinformation.
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Recap for those not following the story: #DougFord had electronic flyers sent out to lobbying groups, developers, groups with dealings w/ Ontario’s gov’t, “browbeating” them into buying $150 raffle tickets for his daughter’s stag & doe party. IN ADDITION to $1K/person “donations”
If this story doesn’t expose the grotesque #cdnmedia double standard of coverage of #Conservatives, I don’t know what does.

This is corruption & abuse of the office of Premier, on its face. #ONpoli #NeverVoteConservative #TOpoli #DougFordResign #DougFordCorruption
#DougFord’s daughter & her right wing cop husband, set up with thousands & thousands of dollars, courtesy of abuse of the office of Premier. #DougFordCorruption #DougFordResign #ONpoli #NeverVoteConservative #TOpoli
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🔆An #FBI internal official use memo (Approved by the FBI's chief lawyer) has been leaked to the public, outlining the FBI's investigatory playbook for 2023.
#USA #BIDEN #FBI #Christian #WhiteSupremacy…
1. The #FBI’s Richmond Division would like to protect Virginians from the threat of “white supremacy,” which it believes has found a home within #Catholics who prefer the #Latin Mass.
#USA #BIDEN #FBI #Christian #WhiteSupremacy
2. An intelligence analyst within the Richmond Field Office of the #FBI released in a new finished intelligence product dated January 23, 2023, on Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and their interests in “Radical-Traditionalist #Catholics or RTCs.
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My contrarian ass when Canadians conservatives start talking about defending first amendment rights. #trudeau #firstamendment #PierrePoilievre #Conservatives Image
To be clear this is a joke. I have no issue with Manitobans, some of whom are decent people.
I mean, I assume. Statistically speaking there should be a bunch.
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I've written a lot of *incendiary* stuff in the direction of @Tesla but I do genuinely feel sorry for all the programmers and engineers (and mail-room people and janitors and everyone else) who must surely be taking ALL the heat for failing to produce miracles on demand.

that's #technology under #capitalism: elitist dorks like @elonmusk or @pmarca or @fchollet make gigantic promises about things they don't grasp. if they understood things better, they'd have to scale down their promises to match the limitations of physical reality.

and then a lot of underlings at @Tesla (or @Twitter or @SpaceX or @boringcompany or @neuralink or wherever) have to scurry around and try to make the miracles happen. they're *terrified* of failure because @elonmusk's a wreck of a person, with no impulse control.

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There are two distinctly divergent realities operating in the West currently. We can broadly define them as #Conservatives & #Liberals, or a little more accurately perhaps as #Reactionaries and #Radicals, although these identitarian deranged so-called radicals...
are certainly not radical by any traditional measures. Due to decades of corporate influenced, partisan conditioning, the #NewRadicals are now pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro-Pharma and pro-Government. Incredible, but true.

Either way, I refer to these camps as #NippleDippers...
and #Gibbleheads. I realize some don't like that I use such colourful terminology however, I grew up reading Orwell and Burgess and feel compelled to invent my own terms, very much as they did. To be honest, I think Orwell was far more insulting (DuckSpeak? How humiliating!)
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at some point in the devolution and degradation of the American #conservative movement, the right-wing commentariat all decided that feelings were bad. human emotions weren't *real*. emotions were for the weak-willed, the liberal bleeding hearts, the women, and so forth.

the accession of @RonaldReagan, the @GOP's wizened cigar-store cowboy President, must surely have accelerated this process. the whole basis of the Reaganite cult movement was *sentimental*: he was pointing the United States *backwards*, to nostalgia about Second World War.

Reagan himself had almost nothing to do with World War II; he made movies during the war years, while other actors fought. like a lot of draft-dodging #conservatives, Reagan compensated for his cowardice with jingo patriotism—eight years of nauseating, cloying lip-service.

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I have an e-bike for heavy shopping and I was coming home yesterday with a heavy load. It was dark, wet, & windy. At a road crossing, two young people illegally on a weird tiny pedi electric bike, without number plates, started mocking me.
Then they started weaving about the cycle path laughing & giggling, following me home bullying me and intimidating me, hoping I would fall off my bike. I got home safely but they were at my house and frightened me. They didn’t care about the law.
However the bullying was minor compared to what happened on Tuesday. I had a big load of grocery shopping after Christmas coming from the big Tesco on Newmarket Road. I took the easy way home by road.
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"always two there are. a master and an apprentice."

that sounds like a goofy line from a #StarWars movie. and it is! it's from "The Phantom Menace", which is probably the most entertaining of the Star Wars prequel films, and it refers to Darth Maul, the fallen Sith Lord.

there's one Sith Lord dead, which means he must have a companion—but was Maul the superior member of the team, or was he the sidekick?

this simple form of organization—a pair of persons, one subordinate to the other—is characteristic of relationships devoid of *trust*.

I understand that relationships cemented by mutual *hatreds* are a feature of "Homestuck", whose author correctly intuited that such relations were a sort of logical dual to relationships based upon mutual love and support.

the world is *full* of "toxic relationships".

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I'm sure that both Chara and myself have said, from time to time, that #conservatives have no real principles.

that's not entirely true, although the true principles of such evil men as @MattWalshBlog or @realchrisrufo aren't the principles they *say* they have.

by "principle", I mean (roughly) any sort of fixed rule or guideline for behavior and decision-making that's held fast, even during times of crisis.

@realchrisrufo, @elonmusk, &c. are, quite visibly and obviously, people who espouse principles they don't actually follow.

"free speech", for example, is meaningless from @elonmusk. it might as well be a slogan to past on bumperstickers, a catchy "viral" #marketing phrase glib in the mouths of @mtaibbi et alii, helpful for selling the gospel of #ElonMusk to outsiders. in reality he's a tyrant.

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there's probably a good reason for this: the reactionary American #conservative movement and its political instruments (mainly @GOP politicians) knows that #Christianity is coming under increasing fire from all the peoples that Christianity has harmed in its bloody career.

@TuckerCarlson is *emotionally* correct about one thing: #Christianity is under attack. I should know, because I'm assisting in the war against this dangerous cult, whose death throes threaten to drag all humanity down it.

but #conservative diatribe is "doublethinkful".

that is to say, every word spoken by a right-wing celebrity like @TuckerCarlson has *multiple meanings*: his words do not mean what they seem on the surface.

nothing he says is plain truth; peddlers of #conservative panegyric have lost the ability to speak plain truth.

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we aren't sure how it happened or when, or how broad is the scope of the problem, but it seems as though #capitalism and corporate #management decided that there's power in *cult leadership*.

look up "corporate cult" and you'll find a lot! e.g.

Mr. @elonmusk is a public and visible example of this phenomenon of corporate bosses ruling their companies as though they were Jim Jones or L. Ron Hubbard—demanding *personal loyalty* from all their associates, accumulating followers whose faith in their leader is total.

the #ElonMusk cult is unusually prominent and well-promoted; many reactionary-bıgot celebrities like @ggreenwald and @mtaibbi have been furnishing Musk with lavish *service*.

but it can't be doubted that Mr. @elonmusk is only one of a huge crop of corporate cult leaders.

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"The Law" is an arbitrary, irrational thing.

that may come as a surprise to #conservative partisans, especially if they are themselves lawyers—lawyering has supplied the world with many of its politicians (like Mr. @dick_nixon) and its pundits (like Mr. @DavidAFrench).

lawyers are well-trained in logic and rhetoric, but logic and rhetoric may be placed at the service of irrational causes. The Law, as an icon of Western political discourse, is an irrational cause.

this is well known, or ought to be; many writers have written about this.

it is trivially simple, for example, to pass two laws that logically contradict each other—in fact it probably happens all the time. then the authorities who are empowered to administer The Law are stuck with the job of reconciling two laws that conflict with each other.

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NO NO NO. The reason the #EmergenciesAct was invoked was because things WERE NOT resolving. They were becoming entrenched. Children and Ottawa residents were increasingly at risk. #EmergencyActInquiry
The political right & malign actors, including adversaries like 🇷🇺& 🇨🇳, used public health measures as a means to sow toxicdisinformation & weaponize the public via social media manipulation in order to destabilize democracies. This was not a “protest”. #EmergencyActInquiry #POEC
If the #CPC opposition weren’t such manifestly bad faith actors, that were participants in #FluTruxKlan destabilization operation, then perhaps things wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. Provincial & fed #Conservatives WANTED this destructive chaos. #EmergencyActInquiry #POEC
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I continue to make my way through #POEC #EmergencyActInquiry.
I am continuously struck by the normalization of an act of extremism based on #InfoOps radicalizing those on the right (& some on the left). Taking some legitimate grievances & weaponizing them.
If a large group of non-white people with 400 large rigs, shut down the core of the nation’s capital, continuously blaring deafening air horns, amassing containers of fuel alongside open flames & fireworks, endangering children present, harming residents….
…getting #ConvoyFinancing for their op from foreign extremists like far right Republicans. Shutting down major border crossings costing billions in losses, engaging in conspiracies to, at the very LEAST, sabotage the workings of gov’t, providing fodder to foreign adversaries… ImageImageImageImage
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I wonder if #Brexit voters noticed that Turkey didn't join the #EU, that the #NHS didn't get hundreds of millions of pounds more each week, that fishermen & farmers are worse off, that small exporters are drowning in paperwork, that #European grants haven't been replaced....
In short the #VoteLeave project fear didn't come to pass, we didn't get our cake & eat it, nothing did actually stay the same for us as travellers, nor did Erasmus continue, scientific grants & joint projects were lost.
And the #Conservatives are even more divided after the referendum to unite them all.
Time to realign with our friends, our closest & largest trading partners, time to #RejoinEU, time to undo #Brexit chaos.
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