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Today, more than 80 per cent of Canadian media is owned by a cartel of just five corporations: Bell Media, Rogers Media, Postmedia, Corus, and Torstar
#cdnpoli #cdnmedia…
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Wir haben uns mal das neuste Video von #HeikoSchrang "gegönnt". Der #Clickbait Titel "Hammer: Wird der Führerschein verboten?" war einfach zu verführerisch.

Ein Thread.
Erstmal kommt ein 4 Minuten langer Werbeblock. Er redet über Unterstützer aus der Schweiz & Österreich, die für seinen Gerichtsprozess nach Deutschland kommen.

T-Shirts verkauft er nicht am Gericht, aber online. Online!

Er wünscht sich ein "T-Shirt Meer" statt Fahnenmeer.
"Diese Sendung wird anders als alle anderen."

Wir bezweifeln das einfach mal.

Und gleich Werbung für seinen Newsletter.
Danach Telegram.


Brieftaube fehlt nur noch. Oder Fax.
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¿Qué tienen en común las películas #ElCaballeroOscuro (#TDK) (2008) de Christopher Nolan y #UnaMenteMaravillosa (2001) de Ron Howard? Abro #HILO ⬇️⬇️
En realidad, era un poco #clickbait. Las preguntas adecuadas serían:

1) ¿Qué es la Teoría de Juegos en Economía?

2) ¿Qué es el Dilema del Prisionero y dónde sale en #TheDarkKnight?
Para no extendernos demasiado, diremos que la #TeoríaDeJuegos es una área de las Matemáticas que estudia diferentes estructuras de incentivos.

La teoría económica se sirve de ella para estudiar, predecir y comprender la conducta humana en la TOMA DE DECISIONES.
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@realDonaldTrump is going to use the military to force people to get a #COVID19 vaccine”
This is not only being spread by #MAGA, but they are also trolling the president with it.
Time for #PharaohRants
This may sound weird coming from a conservative, but I tend to stay away from any “news“ source calling itself “right wing” “conservative“, or even “freedom post“. WHY?
IME They are often wrong, and prone to #ClickBait.
It was a site like this that spread it.
3 THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET! IF the rumor is true that @realDonaldTrump is going to do #ForcedVaccines, don’t you think that every #FakeNews outlet Would report it 24/7 and every Mushmouth #Liberal and #Resist on Twitter would spew the usual diatribes dumbness?
Sadly it’s #MAGA’s
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#IchHabeFragen nach #Hanau. #WieKannEsSein?

(Ein Thread und ich befürchte er ist lang...)

Die Saat geht auf. Das passiert, wenn man mit Rechten redet und sie für die Quote in jede verdammte #Talkshow einlädt, wo sie dann ihren Müll absondern können, der danach von zig... 1/x
Online-Medien mittels #Clickbait verwurstet wird. Das passiert, wenn (#rechts)konservative Medien in ihren Onlineformaten eine #Kommentarfunktion weitestgehend unmoderiert lassen, so dass #Hetzer dort ihren Hass und #Fakenews absondern können. Wir erleben die Ernte, die wir
unkontrollierten asozialen Medien zu verdanken haben.

Wie konnte es sein, dass ein #Lucke und seine auch damals schon rechtsaußen stehenden Kompagnons im Zuge der sogenannten "Griechenland-Krise" so lange wöchentlich in Talkshows eingeladen wurden bis sie in Umfragen eine ...3/x
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@ProVeg_UK Hi guys. You hit the nail on the head with #clickbait, I'm afraid. I never claimed tofu is worse for the environment. My talk was about incorporating the complexities of human nutrition into sustainability assessments.
@ProVeg_UK I showed a prototype of one way to do this, which was intended simply as a proof of concept, but it seems to have been interpreted as a case study. This was never my intention
@ProVeg_UK We are, however, working on novel methods to calculate environmental footprints of multiple food groups and these approaches will hopefully be peer-reviewed and available later this year.

In the meantime, just to reiterate, we did not claim tofu is worse for the environment.
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🤦‍♂️ Genome-wide methylation scan in... 60 subjects. Two CpG sites were "borderline significant" (i.e., not significant) in a microRNA that regulates all kind of stuff. And this is the headline... 🙄 #clickbait #shmoxytocin #shmepigenetics
Paper is here. Abstract reads VERY differently from the @newscientist piece... (Lots of borderlines and potentials and putatives...)
@newscientist <waits for @EpgntxEinstein and @dsquintana's heads to explode...>
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The Fourth Estate is like the rest of society: #diverse and complex, yet immensely important. Several #Media outlets continue to operate with integrity, passion for truth, and professional excellence…yet…
Sadly, many well-known #news brands have fallen prey to the same desire for eyeballs and subscriptions that infects so many @YouTube vloggers and @Instagram “celebrities”.
Posting disingenuous and misleading #clickbait headlines to drive traffic or whipping up non-stories into narratives designed to inspire outrage and division is something we have come to expect from the current political Administration.
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BBC #newsHACK: Reaching Young Audiences

IE @BBC wants to figure out how to get young people addicted to checking the news (and maybe reinvent #clickbait?)
"How can trusted news providers reach young audiences?

Participants will be asked to prototype a new format that addresses one or more news needs identified by our research."

"These include:

* “News grazing”, or the habit of checking frequently for news updates throughout the day
* The need for news’ relevance to be clear and accessible
* The desire for human significance in reported news"

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Another example of why you should always read the small print. Despite the #ClickBait title, the author himself agrees that the effect is not #Sanskrit specific.
Beats me as to why you would say one thing in the title and another in your article.
Better controls for testing the validity of #sanskrit being the cause for the enlarged hippocampi would've been #Buddhist monks who have similar chanting practices.
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