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1/47 If you're new to #cryptocurrecy, getting started can be quite confusing. Especially when you're having to use a #DEX to purchase your desired #crypto #asset because it isn't listed on a popular #CEX yet. So let me see if I can help you with this guide.
#CEX = centralised exchange, these are your typical #Mainstream #apps found mostly in the #app store
#DEX = decentralised exchange, these are more like a site that may host a broader range of projects not currently found on the #CEX. #LEONICORNSWAP falls into this category.
3/47 For the purposes of this tutorial, I'll be using the #binance #app. Some may not be able to use it in their countries so look around as they all basically do the same things.
- Register
- Verify
- Card crypto purchase
- Markets
- Withdraw/Deposit
- Wallets
& Extras
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// Qu茅 plataformas #Lending utilizo para depositar mis activos y solicitar prestamos de stablecoins ? // 馃У

C贸mo sabr谩n este es uno de los segmentos que m谩s capitalizaci贸n atrae en los protocolos #DeFi, por la sencilla raz贸n que te permite "hipotecar" tus activos y endeudarte++ Image
1- a tasas nulas o muy bajas, permiti茅ndote apalancarte pero sin una tasa de financiaci贸n elevada como sucede en los contratos perpetuos de futuros.
De los protocolos m谩s grandes en capital bloqueado, vamos a analizar 4, que son los que yo utilizo. El procedimiento es ++
2- similar en todos, lo que cambia son los #asset que uno puede boquear como garant铆a y los ratios % de margen que te permiten de deuda antes de una liquidaci贸n (vender tus activos para pagar lo que debes porque ya no cubren la deuda, generalmente por caida en su precio). ++
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馃摑 Lesson 1: What is an asset?


馃摑 Key takeaway:

Wise investors give equal consideration to why they buy assets, how long they hold them, and when they sell them.

Section: #NoBSInvestingBasics
Course: #NoBSFinancialWellness Image
Investing includes 3 basic building blocks: buying assets, holding assets, and selling assets.
What is an asset?

An #asset is anything with current value of future potential economic benefit.
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The possible inclusion of the #Left party in a German government will certainly not 鈥渟pook markets鈥. /thread
As per my thread below, the #Left has moderated its demands on economics, welfare policies and taxes. Still leftist, but not extreme. /2
But will that not lower Germany鈥檚 #growth? Maybe, medium to long term. Raise unemployment a bit? Maybe. (The #Left income tax plans create 300k jobs, acc to ifo institute). /3鈥
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Wild #crypto #bull and #bear market idea thread:

There won鈥檛 be much bear market anymore like we saw back in 2010-2019; why?

1. Too many people know this #digital #asset now; with 1% high net worth will do anything in their power to buy the dip (ask their fin. advisor)
2. #Bitcoin become real reserve in many companies and few small countries now, ok, it can dip down even to 20-30k still in the future with bad news and regulations
3. With 2. if #BTC drawdown a lot from now (45-50k range), #altcoin will take hits too; of course, with bad #shitcoin they will likely drop 40-99%. pick your asset carefully! but the winner will retain value; 20-50% drop may happen; #HODL! if it's good #fundamental!
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Getting some DMs whether #stock #market is going to crash.
Remember a few things.
#Bullmarket in midway when person like me without any #financialeducation / #stocks knowledge tweets regularly as expert!
When people R at fear of #Markets crash!
When everyone is putting (1/n)
Their #money into #LargeCap from #midandsmall #caps!

Sign of #impending #crash in #Markets :
People #invest in very high valuation stocks without any fundamentals!
#Deja_vu that bear market doesn't exist!
People feel to leave job as #Markets a better and regular place to (2/n)
People R buying #realestate as if there is no #Tomorrow!
#Ileterate people like #me feels they contol D #Markets!
#Asset #heavy #businesses R running #amok!
#bond #yield n #interest #rates all time high!
#Danger 鈿♀殹鈿♀殹鈿♀殹鈿

U R on D verge of crash!
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Jab bhi investment ki baat ho, we Indians always seek #Advice from 鈥榚xperts鈥 around us.

"Bata yaar kis stock mein invest karoon?"
"Reliance kaisa lag raha hai?"
"Chart kya bolta hai?"

We created STOCKEDGE CLUB to make these discussions easy, reliable & fun!

馃挕Here鈥檚 why-
馃To make you self-dependent

The expert can be our friend, that uncle or celebrity investor on TV or social media sharing #Tips.

We trust them. But there is no #Accountability. And no one explains us WHY.

We did few things in StockEdge Club to solve this.

馃挕Here鈥檚 what-
馃搱24/7 Technical Analyst

Our #SEBI registered team of analysts will help you decode the price movement in any underlying and #guide you at every step of your trading #decision.
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At yesterday鈥檚 #FOMC meeting, the Committee revealed more expected tightening and further steps toward #tapering #asset purchases than they had previously. We see these as steps in the right direction.
Yesterday鈥檚 @federalreserve statement and press conference suggest that the Committee believes progress has been made toward its goals, but that there鈥檚 still some room to go to hit the recently re-defined objective of maximum #employment.
Still, it鈥檚 now time to set up for the end of this long-running #EmergencyPolicy-focused movie.
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Dr. Zhang Bin at CASS suggests to give full play to the flexibility of the #RMB exchange rate as a buffer for China鈥檚 macroeconomic stability: 1/6鈥
Whether it is to deal with the difference in relative demand changes at home and abroad, or to handle the impact of international capital flows, maintaining a flexible RMB exchange rate would be a major coping strategy. 2/6
Under a flexible exchange rate regime, RMB will depreciate to a certain extent if the US #economy stages a strong recovery while the recovery of the Chinese economy marginally weakens, which鈥檒l have a positive effect on increasing aggregate demand and preventing deflation. 3/6
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@IndiatechO is releasing a two series White-paper on #Crypto, the first paper talks about the opportunities offered by #Crypto and #blockchain to the world. With rapidly growing potential, #India needs to regulate the sector. Link to the #IndiaTechDecoder:鈥
India has a great opportunity to capitalise on the huge potential that the industry holds. The second paper offers solutions and suggestions that @IndiatechO has proposed as a 5-point framework on how the Indian #government can best regulate #Crypto while encouraging innovation.
According to the #IndiaTechDecoder opportunities from #Crypto adoption is far more than simply attracting #FDI, with benefits including enhancing the country鈥檚 technological skillset, thereby broadening #employment opportunities.
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das ist dramatisch provokativ @avaaz vor @wikimedia

#WHOwikipedia #ZDFwikipedia ... so wurde aus einer FREIEN enzyklop盲die eine OFFENE enzyklop盲die :-(

warum muss @MurielStaub den unterschied nie erkl盲ren?鈥
@Avaaz @Wikimedia @MurielStaub ps: wenige tage wie #MurielStaub pr盲sidentin wurde, hat mich der vorstand @WikimediaCH ausm verein geworfen. gem盲ss statuten m眉sste dieser entscheid vor die GV.

WMCH kommunziert wie Google: gar nicht :-)

und warum wurde ich aus dem verein geworfen?
- #sms2smsBAN #ZDFwikipedia
#kritik an @wikimedia #whowikipedia @wikimediaDE @wkimediaAT @wikimediaCH #ZDFwikipedia wird sofort mit ausschluss sanktioniert. #sms2smsBAN

- unterwirf dich der meritokratie鈥
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet聽04/12/2021鈥
The Weekly Quill 鈥 The Hope Diamond in the Rough鈥

#history #diamonds #mining
You Might Have Earned It, But Don鈥檛 Forget That Your Wealth Came from Society鈥

#wealth #SocialInstitutions #value #InformationProcessing #profit #power #responsibility
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Important Thread馃Уon common #Financial Mistakes which people normally commit.

Credits: CA Govind M Chandak.

#WAFwd #InvestmentPlanning #Investing

Avoid these mistakes for better financial future.

@dmuthuk @Vivek_Investor @VidyaG88 @caniravkaria

馃檹 RT to maximize reach馃檹
鉂 Buying Insurance Policies for investment purpose.

Always go for #TermInsuance
鉂 Not able to wisely use Credit Card ...

As always pointed out by @dmuthuk sir & @FI_InvestIndia avoid #CreditCard for purchasing unnecessary stuff on credit.
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Okay. Here is the big question

Why Cryptocurrency?
Why DigitalAsset?.

How about the ForexMarket? The FinancialMarket.

Here is the thing.....
Someone asked...
You are more into the Cryptocurrency market compared to the Forex market.

YES, and here is the thing...
Read the trend to the end, so that your eye can also be opened to somethings you have probably ignored or do not even for one second count.
I will talk about some little differentiation between the ForexMarket and the CryptocurrencyMarket.

The simple difference is... More opportunities, more money.

Now what do I mean?
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鈥淭he United Kingdom has fallen. There has been a right wing coup in this country... . And nobody noticed. We did not notice because it was years in the making. We did not notice because when it came, it came in a blonde wig and a mask of buffoonery.
We did not notice because it lied to us and hid its true intent. We did not notice because the #foreign manipulation was hidden from us and continues to be hidden from us.
We did not notice, because the #lies when they were discovered were hidden by more lies, until lack of #truth became normal acceptable.
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Big congrats to @nonfungibles on releasing their 2020 Annual Non-Fungible Tokens Report! @NathalieBcht, @latelier & I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with them on it:
Some key takeaways from the report & my personal observations a/t #NFTs. A long-ish 馃У馃憞:
MARKET SIZE: The NFT market had a historic 2020 - tripled in value, reaching $250m (in terms of value of all #Ethereum transactions on chain, so actual market size is even bigger). This is rapid growth for a space that鈥檚 just a few years old.
Market is still volatile & prone to speculation but more sophisticated use cases are emerging based on utility, community, competitive elements. All are prerequisites for a more mature market. For all the hype around crypto, it is #NFTs that offer some of the more promising uses.
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You are constantly making #financial decisions. Are you making the best possible ones?
What can a #financialadvisor do for you?
Situational concerns are specific to YOU! There are no right or wrong choices, but there are right and wrong financial behaviors. Who鈥檚 helping you master behavior?

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Why do young people leave quantitative trading 5 to 7 years in their career, and what's your advice for aspiring quantitative traders?
@CQFInstitute @RiskDotNet @icmacentre @RiskMinds
The burnout (losing interest in the job) and dropout(leaving the job) rates are stupendous.
#Quantitative Specialist Roles as they exist in the Dealing Room in the form of #Treasury, Brokerage, Fund Management, #Investment Management, #Portfolio #Asset Management, #Derivative Market Making, and various other Front -Office #Risk Roles are highly demanding jobs indeed!
Most of the traders are asked to take a mandatory leave of up to two weeks or more at financial institutions, so they can relax a bit by staying away from the financial markets.
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Let鈥檚 talk about the pitfalls of past performance, when credit risk works, and beating #inflation in #retirement.
Which #mutualfunds did well last year? One year Mutual Fund return...
Would you #invest in long duration/ gilt funds?
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We're at the crossroads of a new year and an evolving #market context鈽︼笍馃搱
So, what's the most powerful thing you can do today?
Review your #investments - objectively!
We've done this for 100 + people with great results. We're going to talk about one of them.

Watch our video to know more about ithought's Investment Review Engagement:
Here's what we found:
6 Advisers
37 Mutual Funds
7 Bonds
4 FDs

Concentration risk = excess pain when things don't go your way
A long tail = muted performance

#mutualfund #Investment
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet聽09/23/2020鈥
A radical theory says major crises remake America every 80 years鈥

#future #cycle #america
A three-agent robotic system for Mars exploration鈥

#mars #robotic #exploration
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#Assetallocation changes as you near retirement. What if your equity #investments are stuck in a phase where the markets are battered?
Can I share #income by creating a trust?
How can an IT employee generate alternate sources of income?
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@retheauditors @premnsikka @alexralph 1/ SFO charges 3 men over #Axiom fund collapse, but we have heard of the infamous Axiom Legal fund before, allegedly indirectly linked to #LCF endgame player/former #AssetLife auditor鈥 AND鈥 .. Image
2/ AND鈥 partner Whyke + notorious Israeli Lawyer wingman Yoram Yossifoff + in good time we will hear about the network linking #MJSCapital #AssetLife & #LCF scandals with romping tales of FSU mining japery, Arab 鈥渕oney men鈥, 鈥 ImageImageImage
3/3 brothers with multiple names, 鈥渂altic banking鈥 + much much more. Let鈥檚 hope Administrator/Liquidator (I.P. Asher Miller) of core #LCF SPV London Group LLP + amazingly coincidentally as well #Asset Life & #MJSCapital is up to the job .. we will see.
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Today鈥檚 #JobsReport, which witnessed nearly 1.8 million #jobs gained in the month of July, was stronger than many anticipated, yet it also displayed some signs of slowdown in #labor #market improvement.
The report shows that the pace of #job-gain acceleration has now slowed markedly, and it is our best guess that the rapid rate of return to #work will now exhibit a very deliberate pace of rebound from here.
That鈥檚 particularly the case for some sectors, such as #retail and #leisure #hospitality, where the slowing in improvement was even more pronounced.
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