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1/In March, @SZKamal and I wrote that the single biggest challenge to averting an #eviction crisis was rapid deployment of the aid appropriated by Congress - today’s @washingtonpost finds the same problem 4 months later…
2/As we pointed out then, rapid deployment of funds in compliance with federal law is actually a tough lift- outreach across entire communities and new points of access were and ARE needed…
3/Counties and cities should be reporting to the public and the Congress - at least weekly- what dollars have been committed and what ones have not. That is part of accountability
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[#Thread] @PastyPepper just woke me up from a dead sleep/nap. She's writing down what happened, because she was rightfully freaked the fuck out.

I was asleep, she was outside doing stuff for the house --- some asshole pulled half into our driveway and started taking pictures of her and the house -even fucking waved at her.

As soon as she took notice and tried to approach them - they peaced, she didn't even have time to get a license plate.

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Friends? Ask Constable Fuckins (#FOLKINS404) & Inspector Brian #FORD of @CityFredPolice about the emails I sent them with blank job applications.

Also sent to @DominicCardy, @ACORNCanada's "Field Director" John A., and the two #Government employed panelists for @NbTenants event.
And - if "files cannot be drawn from @YouTube for Court purposes," as Mr. Fuckins points out above, well I have a question.

If that's true -why was it acceptable for City Police to take screenshots from that same YouTube, even taking a screengrab FROM my accident video to court?
Re: Our #Eviction that didn't happen yesterday. We haven't had any of our calls nor emails answered either from #NB Residential Tenancy Tribunal (#RTT), of which Jessica Bernier is an officer.

Btw- Amber Chisolm is an #NBLegalAid #Lawyer, both are on #NBGovernment payroll.
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The #HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 17.4% of American adults expect someone in their household to experience loss in employment income in next 4 weeks, based on responses collected 3/3-15.… #Census #COVID19 #Pandemic #Coronavirus #EmploymentDisruption
The #HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 39.1% of adults live in households where at least one adult substituted some or all in-person work for #telework because of the coronavirus pandemic, based on responses collected March 3-15. #Census #COVID19 #Pandemic #Coronavirus
The #HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 8.8% of American adults lived in households where there was either sometimes or often not enough to eat in the previous 7 days, based on responses collected March 3-15. #Census #COVID19 #Pandemic #Coronavirus #FoodScarcity
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NEW | A National Emergency: How #COVID19 Is Fueling Unrest in the #US

Analyzing the past year of @ACLEDINFO data, our latest report reveals the full scope of the pandemic’s impact on #American protest patterns for the first time.

Key findings ▶️ ImageImageImage
Trends in pandemic-related demonstrations are closely correlated with trends in #COVID19 cases, with spikes in unrest matching infection waves reported throughout 2020. Image
ACLED data show that the majority of these demonstrations have been organized around five main drivers: the risks faced by health workers, the safety of prisoners and ICE detainees, anti-restriction mobilization, the eviction crisis, and school closures. Image
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The #HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 23.4% of American adults expect someone in their household to experience loss in employment income in next 4 weeks, based on responses collected 2/3-15.… #Census #COVID19 #Pandemic #Coronavirus #EmploymentDisruption
The #HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 38.8% of adults live in households where at least one adult substituted some or all in-person work for #telework because of the coronavirus pandemic, based on responses collected Feb. 3-15. #Census #COVID19 #Pandemic #Coronavirus
The #HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 11.4% of American adults lived in households where there was either sometimes or often not enough to eat in the previous 7 days, based on responses collected Feb. 3-15. #Census #COVID19 #Pandemic #Coronavirus #FoodScarcity
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Пробуждение весны в Мьянме!
Революция сознания во всём мире на старте......
Власти против протестующих используют резиновые пули, слезоточивый газ, водометы.
1/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
2/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
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Tough choice: @GavinNewsom and @JoeBiden speaking at the same time...
Going w/@GavinNewsom budget talk:

"There's no better investment than #teacher preparation."

You have my attention...

Adding funds for Special Ed, Early Childhood and Preschool- "Historic investments".

Of the $13B in deferrals $9.2B will be paid off- if #CaLeg adopts proposal

$2B to support reopening schools for in-person teaching

Go on... #Budget2021
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How does the $25 billion for rental assistance in the #omnibus break down? Initial notes on eligibility, landlord application, prioritization requirement, when it'll be dispersed, & the use it or lose it provision. Take away: More funds needed to prevent #eviction crisis.
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Disbursement: Federal government must allocate rental assistance to states, territories and reservations within 30 days from date of enactment (1/20/21)
Expiration of funds: States must use funds by 12/31/21
Recoupment and reallocation of unused funds will begin on 9/30/21.
90% of rental assistance funds must be used to provide financial assistance including rent, rental arrears, utilities & home energy costs/arrears, other expenses related to housing due (directly or indirectly) to #COVID19 (as defined by @HUDgov Sec'y).
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Public housing is supposed to be a solution to homelessness, not a cause of it.

But some of these local agencies are aggressive filers of eviction cases. @JennaRCohen shows how the process varies from place to place. #NowhereToGo
@JennaRCohen The Howard Center for Investigative Journalism analyzed four years of eviction data to find out why these important anti-poverty agencies are taking so many of their clients to court.… #NowhereToGo
@JennaRCohen Late rent payments were by far the leading reason they sought to evict their tenants, who are living in public housing because they’re struggling to make ends meet.… #NowhereToGo
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Nat'l medical associations & experts filed a brief in the federal #eviction moratorium lawsuit b/c we recognize that housing is critical to protecting public health & ensuring #healthequity during #COVID19. If only policy were based on evidence...(thread)…
1) If policy were based on evidence, we'd recognize that mass #eviction is likely without a robust moratorium. We had severe housing insecurity before #COVID19, the pandemic increased & worsened it. Without protections, filing rates have consistently increased.
2) If policy were based on evidence, it would reflect the fact that #eviction moratoriums slow the spread of #COVID19 & prevent increased COVID19 among high-risk populations, leading to long-term complications & death. Studies suggest #eviction moratoriums prevent spread & death.
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Late Friday night when no one was looking @CDCgov @HUDgov @DOJPH @HHSGov issued guidance on the federal #eviction moratorium that walks back the order in favor of landlords, ignores public health evidence & undermines its purpose-to prevent #COVID19. See thread on harmful changes
1) The order allows for #eviction filings. BUT under state law, an action cannot proceed until a tenant is unlawfully "holding over." The CDC Order keeps tenants lawfully in their homes until 12/31. So a person in unit under the order is not doing so unlawfully & filing =improper
2)The order allows filing (cont.): Tenants are all too aware that filing damages credit and future housing opportunities. In response to filing, to avoid the harmful effects, many will double up and seek shelter in overcrowded environments further increasing #COVID19 infection.
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On behalf of 24 medical & public health groups/experts, I am thrilled to share our amici curiae brief in Brown v. Azar (@CDCgov #eviction moratorium suit).
There is no question: lifting moratoriums-anywhere-will result in higher rates of #COVID19 & death.…
Counsel include: @emilyabenfer, @YaleLawSch Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization, and @splcenter Poverty Law Center in consultation with @YaleSPH faculty & with the aid of legal interns at @WFULawSchool and Yale Law School.
Amici include @AmerAcadPeds & its Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia chapters, @AmerMedicalAssn @ChildrensHW @GLMA_LGBTHealth @NHMAmd @NationalMedAssn @phlawwatch The George Consortium, @splcenter @danyakeene @just_shelter @gregggonsalves @emilyabenfer (cont.)
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As we approach month 7 of the #COVID19 #eviction response I thought I'd recap some stats from our scraper + data gathered by @januaryadvisors/@evictionlab on the situation in America's 3rd largest county.
Note that these numbers only capture evictions through the legal system. Nothing on illegal lockouts that dispossessed people. Nothing on self-eviction upon receiving a notice to vacate.
Since 3/15, when the economic impact from #COVID19 should've been damn clear to anyone paying attention, 12,331 #eviction cases have been filed in Harris Co

Since 3/27, when the CARES Act was signed into law, 10,699 cases have been filed in Harris Co.
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With threats of #homelessness and #bankruptcy in the air as the #eviction moratoriums subside, both renters & small #landlords are getting pinched by predatory #tech #capitalism as the #gigeconomy hits the #RealEstate market.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
A “tsunami” of #evictions is about to sweep across the US when the 120-day #moratorium ends today, threatening millions of Americans with #homelessness or worse – a new set of #landlords called #Facebook, #Google and #Apple.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
Powerful #tech players like #IBM, #Microsoft and #Facebook are teaming up with hospital networks with links to the #Vatican and tech lobbying groups to shape the conversation about the future role of tech in the public sphere.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
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“We can’t put ourselves, our children and our families at risk. Would you rather live and temporarily postpone your education or go to school & die? If it’s a choice between going back to school or living, I’ll live, thank you very much.”
by @AlanRMacLeod…
"Yet this response to the crisis was not well received by some users on social media, who felt that given her considerable political power, she was in a position to offer the public far more than symbolic assistance"… #NancyPelosi #Congress #stimulus
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Voting challenges for unhoused people include not having a permanent address for registration and receiving mail-in ballots, not having the required (in some places) photo ID with matching address and 1/
unhoused people living in shelters who encounter long lines to vote might lose their place to sleep if they can't vote and get back to the shelter before curfew. 2/
The coming #eviction crisis due to #COVID19 will result in thousands+ people not being able to get their vote by mail ballots or having IDs that don't match their new address, if fortunate enough to have one. #OurMarchToVote online Summit is addressing these issues and more. 3/
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"#KamalaHarris, who is the prohibitive favorite with bookmakers to become #JoeBiden’s vice-presidential pick come November, has a history of proposing piecemeal reform rather than bold solutions."
By @AlanRMacLeod… #Democrats #home #KamalaHarrisForVP
"...#GavinNewsom declared that the 'State #government cannot solve housing affordability alone' and praised the public-private partnership for advancing the fight against '#economic #inequality and restoring social mobility.'"
by @hijodelcuervo…
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I really hope renters get relief and there is not an avalanche of evictions. But if we are being honest about "progressive" Maryland, the #eviction system has been perverse for decades and the legislature & executive have been made well aware. 1/
In the Sunday, June 3, 1973 edition of the Sunpapers, Judge Sweeney, chief of the Maryland District Court admitted that "the court is being used a collection agency for landlords, I recognize this and I don't like it." /2
In 2018, the last year of data, there were 316,875 landlord-tenant filings in Baltimore City and Baltimore County combined. That is 26,406 per month. So, we have accepted 26,000 people/families should be put into eviction proceedings every month in just these two jurisdictions 2/
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1/ THREAD: Today, we celebrate the #Freedom & #Independence of New Media! They inspired the creation of @Prognewsdaily!

These amazing people podcast/webcast/livestream on @Facebook @PeriscopeCo @Twitch @YouTube @TheRokfin & many other platforms!…
2/ Thank you to all these courageous #reporters & #analysts who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. 🤩

The star-spangled July 4 edition of @ProgNewsDaily features 40+ articles & 40+ videos from outlets you won’t find on cable TV giving viewpoints mega-corporations don't
3/ want you to hear - because they won’t “play ball” with what advertisers want or “fit the narrative.”

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Top #Stories:
* More than 300 #Children in #Texas day cares have caught #COVID19, and the numbers are rising- @TexasTribune
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