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🧵Mythos #Inflationsausgleichsgesetz: Die Behauptung, Menschen mit geringen Einkommen „zahlten keine Steuern“ ist falsch — sie zahlen mehr ihres Einkommens an #Steuern als viele andere, wegen indirekter Steuern.

Der „Wal in der Badewanne“ meines Kollegen @SBachTax @DIW_Berlin
Geringverdiener sind in dieser Krise doppelt benachteiligt:

1. Sie erfahren eine 3-4 mal höhere #Inflation als Topverdiener.

2. Sie bekommen vom #Inflationsausgleichsgesetz wenig, obwohl sie durch die Inflation einen starken Anstieg ihrer Steuerzahlungen an den Staat erfahren.
Der Finanzminister hat Recht: der Staat darf nicht Krisengewinner sein und sollte alle durch die Inflation verursachten Steuereinnahmen zurückgeben. Das #Inflationsausgleichsgesetz tut dies aber nicht: es gibt diese Gewinne vor allem an die Topverdiener, nicht an Geringverdiener.
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Financial Score Card of PTI Government:

(page 1)

PTI had 4 Finance Ministers in 4 years. These FMs failed in all the basic fundamentals of economy. This is not a political post but a statistical analysis of what went wrong & how Pakistan reach the verge of financial default.
1. GDP Growth
PTI crashed the stable Growth of 5% to 2%. This happened pre-covid when intl commodity prices were still low. This happened because @Asad_Umar was not prepared to juggle between loan payments & trade deficit. @ImranKhanPTI pushed him ultimately for @imf_pakistan
2. Import Optimization
Govt had no control of imports. Traders took max benefit of their utter unprofessionalism. Agriculture Pak imported weight upto 1 Billion $ in an year. Example incl Banned CBU units of PM friend @JAfridi10 went for imports for hundreds of millions (MG HS).
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The headline #inflation data today moderated a bit on the back of falling #gasoline prices, but it’s still running at a worryingly high rate.
Over time, we think the slowdown in #economic growth, the continuation of the @federalreserve’s assertive #HikingCycle and the possibility of resolution with several persistent supply chain issues should influence broad #inflation lower.
Still, while #CorePCE inflation (the #Fed’s favored measure) is likely to moderate in the coming months, it’ll still remain well-above the Fed’s 2% #inflation target.
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#BREAKING US annual inflation eases slightly to 8.5% in July as fuel prices fall
#UPDATE US #inflation eased slightly in July to 8.5%, official data showed on Wednesday, taking pressure off the Fed to hike interest rates sharply while bringing a much-needed boost to President Biden just months before crucial midterm elections
#BREAKING President Biden hails data showing US inflation 'beginning to moderate'
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1./ Inflation is a rise in prices, which can be translated as the decline of purchasing power over time. The rate at which purchasing power drops can be reflected in the average price increase of goods and services over time. #finance #investment #inflation #InflationReductionAct
2./ The rise in prices, which is often expressed as a percentage, means that a unit of currency effectively buys less than it did in prior periods. Inflation can be contrasted with deflation, this occurs when prices decline.. #finance #investment #inflation #InflationReductionAct
3./ and purchasing power increases over time. While it is easy to measure the price changes of individual products over time, human needs extend beyond just one or two products. #finance #investment #inflation #InflationReductionAct
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I'm reading everything that #ZoltanPozsar puts out for many years...His latest piece "War and Interest Rates" (August 1st) was a true masterpiece...Here are some highlights in a #thread🧵:
War is inflationary

....Wars come in many different shapes and forms. There are hot wars, cold wars, and what @DrPippaM calls hot wars in cold places – cyberspace, space, and deep underwater (see here). ...

Inflation did not start with the hot war in Ukraine…
the low inflation world stood on three pillars:
first, cheap immigrant labor keeping service sector wages stagnant in the U.S.; second, cheap goods from China raising living standards amid stagnant wages; third, cheap Russian gas powering German industry and the EU more broadly.
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#BullWhip effect as per @michaeljburry:

All know that rising #inflation is negative for #Equity markets as #CentralBanks (CB) tend to raise rates to control #demand - which in turn can lead to #Recession. During this phase #demand outpaces #supply.

Demand contracts for some time and supply also contracts with a lag. Post that demand starts to rise (post COVID), prompting manufacturers to increase supply disproportionately - creating a supply glut. This puts downward pressure on prices,inflation comes down. CBs turn dovish
This creates disinflationary phenomena. Though looks good on paper for equity markets, prices of all products come down substantially.

This is called #BullWhip effect.

Supply outpaces demand. Prices collapse, inventories pile up, margins shrink.

This slows earnings growth
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Thread on Paul Volcker fighting 70s #inflation and what can we learn from it today.

Government money printing was out of control in the 60s & 70s so as the US was printing their way through elections, foreign investors started dumping dollars and wanted their #gold
Then when #inflation took off after @WTF_1971 money supply 🚀 increased 100% from 1970-1980

As we went off gold standard and onto the #GreatFiatPonziScheme Paul Volcker knew that raising rates wasn’t enough to fight inflation the money supply had to decline.
Towards the end of the 70s since #inflation was on going for the decade the government finally decided to reduce the deficit realizing that was the cause of the #inflation & along with higher rates finally had #inflation come down
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We've had a fairly substantial week a lot of #priceaction #volatility and don't forget more important we had the #FOMC which fairly well documented. I just wanted to recap on the Fed's meeting and my thoughts with this flood so let's crack on with it. 👋 ++
Fed's policy isn't restrictive yet it's at the neutral rate and we're pretty much at the neutral rate restrictive policy is pushing up into territory or territory that we know historically have caused something to break. ++
We've already covered the 50 75 basis points so the question you want to be asking yourself is heading into September's #FOMC what if #inflation remain high and it's persistent what will the #Fed do are they going to come out and slap 100 basis point rate act on the table. ++
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Ich glaube, vielen ist noch gar nicht bewusst, wie krass die Zeit ab Herbst wird.

Für den September können wir eine zweistellige #Inflation erwarten (Abschaffung #9EuroTicket).
Ab Oktober wird durch die #Gasumlage die Inflation weiter steigen.
Gleichzeitig werden Arbeitsplätze
im großen Stil vernichtet. Nicht nur in der Binnenwirtschaft sondern auch im Export. Das hat Auswirkungen auf die SV.

Wir werden in einem absoluten Teufelskreis geraten und haben dafür einen Stümper im Finanzministerium, der sich von der Realität absolut entkoppelt hat. /TN
Ich bin der Meinung, dass ich da nicht übertreibe.

Deutschland ist immer noch die Insel der Glückseligen. Im europäischen Ausland - unser Hauptexportmarkt - hat da noch größere Probleme.

Und wenn die Energiepreise steigen, sinken die Ausgaben in anderen Bereichen. /TN
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The Monetary Policy Committee voted by a majority of 8-1 to increase #BankRate to 1.75%. Find out more in our #MonetaryPolicyReport:
Inflation is over 9%. We expect it to rise further this year to around 13%, due to higher energy bills. #MonetaryPolicyReport #Inflation
We know the cost of living squeeze is difficult for many people. The squeeze on households’ incomes due to the rise in energy prices has led to slower growth in the UK economy. We expect the size of the UK economy to fall over the coming year.
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Expect lots of warnings today from #TeamRishi about the cost of higher interest rates as the Bank of England (#BoE) hikes.

Three counters...

1. The #tax cuts proposed by #LizTruss are unlikely to have any significant impact on #inflation (they could even help to reduce it)...
2. It's #TeamRishi that's playing at 'fairytale economics' if they think the current ultra-low level of interest rates is normal, healthy or sustainable (most economists agree that fiscal policy is too tight - largely due to #Rishi's tax hikes - and monetary policy is too loose)
3. It is at least right to worry that rising short-term interest rates will add to the cost of public debt. But this simply strengthens the case for the government to lengthen the maturity of borrowing to lock in low rates - as #LizTruss has proposed!

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This is something our firm has been warning since 2017. 👇

Now, as the world is heading intoa #recession and further to an economic crisis, stagnated productivity growth should worry everyone.

Let me explain. Thread. 1/13
@dlacalle_IA @adam_tooze @DiMartinoBooth @GnSEconomics
TFP measures the share of GDP growth which cannot be accounted for by capital investment (in equipment and machinery) and the quantity and the improved quality of the labour force (skills and training).

Thus, TFP is the “unexplained” element of economic growth. 2/
Unfortunately, TFP is hard to measure and no simple data to represent it is available.

It was the Solow Growth Model which first suggested that one can find the value of TFP by collecting data from observed factors for capital, labour and economic growth and then, ... 3/
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1⃣ ❌ Aide exceptionnelle de #rentrée : le @Senat revient sur cette aide de 100€ devant être versée à la #rentrée2022 à 7,7 millions de foyers :
➡️ bénéficiaires des minimas sociaux
➡️ bénéficiaires des #APL
➡️ #étudiant·e·s boursier·ère·s

Thread ⬇️ Photographie de l'écran lors du vote au sénat du PLFR Loi
2⃣ Sous prétexte de favoriser les travailleuses et travailleurs précaires, le #sénat souhaite remplacer cette aide par une aide exceptionnelle de 150€ versée à 4,3 millions de foyers :
➡️ aux seul·e·s bénéficiaires de la prime d'activité
3⃣ Le #sénat souhaite ainsi priver de nombreux ménages de cette aide qui leur est pourtant indispensable lorsque l'#inflation au mois de juillet 2022 est de 6,1% 📈 et impacte de très nombreux foyers
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July is officially over, but that doesn't mean that the bad policies & actions from the Left will stay in the past.‼️

🧵Let's take a look at all of the ugly things that progressives pushed last month.

1. Twitter banned Nicole Solas for standing up against woke gender ideology.…
2. Merriam-Webster... aka the dictionary... has a new definition of woman.…
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Mein Tweet über Nudelpreise hat erstaunlich große Aufschreie hier auf Twitter hervorgerufen, bis hin zu der These, es gäbe prinzipiell keine #Gewinninflation und außerdem sei es "absurd", dass ein Kostenschock zu höheren Gewinnen führen könne. 1/
Zunächst einmal: #Gewinninflation ist kein Konzept, dass ich mir ausgedacht hätte. Es geht auf eine lange Diskussion mit akademischen Beiträgen unter anderem von Michal Kalecki zurück und wird in den USA auch heute noch aktiv diskutiert. 2/
Was ist nun #Gewinninflation? #Gewinninflation ist, wenn durch Ausweitung der Gewinnmargen die #Inflation steigt bzw. über den Zielwert der Zentralbank hinausschießen. 3/
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August 1, 2022: Send In The Reserves 🌎🈯
@reserveprotocol enters the @CurveFinance Wars!…
Reserve has been gathering several hundred thousand $CVX over the past month.
If you observed the small size of their $RSV pool on Curve, you might be wondering why they need such a large $CVX stash?
Looks can be deceiving! Image
Reserve launched with a focus to bring #cryptocurrency tools to regions long-ravaged by #inflation.

Their mobile payment app is active in 5 South American countries, where it moves $150MM monthly among 653K registered users and 25K merchants. Image
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There's more to money than meets the eye. It's a concept that's often misunderstood.

And in this thread, I'll be sharing the concepts to begin seeing money in a new light.

#Finances #inflation #invest #Growth
Before we get started make sure you understand what we're doing. Here's the previous thread:

How Does Money Work?
Let's start with the very basics.

Money is a tool that we use to exchange goods and services.

It's a way to keep score, if you will.
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Discussion on #pricerise starts in #LokSabha with Manish Tewari, INC speaking:
- In last 8 yrs, 5 economic values (savings, investment, production, consumption, employment) have degraded
- 23 crore have slid back into poverty
- 77% of country's wealth concentrated in 1% people
Tewari on #PriceRise:
- 100-166 billionaires in country, but poor people suffering
- started due to BJP's #demonetization
- then #GST imposition made MSMEs suffer, still not recovered
- 10.6 lakh crore money outstanding in this sector
- 8& #unemployment in 2022
Tewari on #PriceRise:
- #MNREGA was called 'gaddha khodne wali scheme' by NDA, now keeping families alive
- Instead of filling money in common peoples pockets, in 2014-2022 4.32 lakh crore concession given to businesses
- Why imposing #GST on cremation sites? How is this justice?
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#RiskOn / #RiskOff Zde mé slíbené vysvětlení. Nevím co znamená RiskOn/Off pro jiné systémy nebo interpretace. Možná jsem mohl použít jiné názvy. Já to mám ale vžité už léta a prostě jsem to použil. Pokud se to používá i někde jinde, půjde na 100% o něco jiného než o co jde mě 1/n
Sledují mě tu stále nové a nové lidi a chápu, že to může působit možná až jako nějaké „čárymáry“. Že si tady tak zvesela měřím geo-politcké dění na SP500 a interpretuji to v grafech. Je to ale prostě úplně obráceně. Mě osobně přijde neuvěřitelné spíše to, že spousta 2/n
lidí/obchodníků něco střílí od boku jen na bázi toho, že si to myslí, že mají pocit. To mě k moodixu vlastně dovedlo. To nekonečné množství názorů, ego her. Vlastně hlavně ego her. Boj o to kdo trefí tohle dno, tuhle otočku, tenhle krach, tuhle rally a bude plácán po zádech. 3/n
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Why August month can be #Bullish for #cryptocurrency

•No #Fed / #FOMC Meeting in August So their might not be #interestrates hikes

#Crypto #CryptoNews #ETH $ETH #Ethereum #BTC #Bitcoin $BTC #Binance #BNB

Oil Price

•When You compare the #Oil price with june month,There is Fall of Oil Price in July month
•This affects #inflation
•That means #CPI Data of #USA can come down to 8.5% to 8.8% range

#Crypto #cryptocurrency #BTC $BTC #Bitcoin #ETH $ETH #Ethereum #binance #BNB

Consumer Spending

•Even though the #inflation is at peak the #USA Consumer Spending has not got reduced in June
•We can expect the same in July also
•This also affects the #inflation I.e, We Can see a Drop in #CPI

#Crypto #cryptocurrency #BTC #Bitcoin $BTC #ETH $ETH

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Since many people asking why the (#US) United States would be interested in de-industrialize #Europe, I just decided, to explain it.
Europe, United states and all other Western states expanded its market access, since the collapse of the Soviet Union,
dramatically, all over the world. Those Western countries were producing goods for the whole world and hindered those "customer" countries to build up an own reliable economy and industry.
#economics #Russia #US #EU #Europe
They were producing with cheap resources and labor from third world, and developing countries (#BRICS). Moreover did they transfer whole industries to these countries, to produce even cheaper and more efficient. By exploiting these countries for their resources,
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