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So you're ready to take some #ClimateAction...but don't know where to start?

Here's some 'pick and mix' ideas! The #IPCCReport2021 says ALL action counts so start where you are, do what you can 🧵👇
Fill your newsfeed with solutions, not doom mongering! It'll keep your eco anxiety at bay and help you have constructive, inspiring and action-sparking conversations. Recommended: @EthicalHourNews @PositiveNewsUK @HappyEcoNews
Read @ProjectDrawdown to understand that we have all the solutions to the #ClimateEmergency - we just need the political will to make them happen.

No time for the book? Here's the TED Talk!…
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Was machen wir mit denen?
Wir sind doch auch sauer. Sauer, daß die Gesäßviolinen von der Union mit Betrug Millionen verdienen durften, ohne dafür belangt zu werden.
Sauer, daß Olaf mit der Warburg Bank geküngelt hat und wegen G20 gelogen hat.
Sauer, daß die reichsten
Steuerbetrüger am Ende doch nur nen Klaps aufs Handgelenk bekommen, wenn man sie erwischt hat.
Sauer darüber, daß Typen wie Blatter und sein Kumpel einfach freigesprochen werden.
Sauer darüber, daß am Ende immer die Konzerne gewinnen.
Sauer darüber, daß der @Bundeskanzler noch
kein Wort über #IchBinvonArmutbetroffen #IchBinArmutsbetroffen verloren hat.
Sauer darüber, daß die konzernhörigen Politdarsteller #taxonomie #nichtMeineTaxonomie auf Gas und Atom ausgeweitet haben.
Sauer darüber, daß hartnäckig immer wieder versucht wird, die
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What does gender equity have to do with climate change? A lot - according to science. It sits within the larger issue of #climatejustice.

A brief thread on Gender in the #IPCC #WGII and #WGIII reports. TL;DR: Discourse has shifted from women as victims to agents of change. 🧵🧵
Let's start with the #WGII key message. Emphasis on 'for all' mine - but this is key. Climate action must be for everyone/ especially the most marginalised, like women often are. 'For all' comes from #SDGs in case you missed it.
AR6 is different from previous reports - it centres around equity and justice. It identifies LOTS of adaptation strategies around the world, but notes that many of these are not effective. BUT: Adaptation solutions that are effective and feasible conform to principles of justice.
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"The world is full of such small acts of care and kindness between strangers as well as between friends and family, acts that draw from a concern about others... If there’s any saving of humanity in the years ahead it will be built from such..."-- @csmaje…
Study reveals how blood vessels use 'short cuts' to control the cardiovascular system…
#ResearchResults, #BloodVessels, #CardiovascularSystem, #ControlMechanisms
COVID transmission 1,000 times more likely from air vs. surfaces, says study…
#COVID19, #AirTransmissibility, #SurfaceTransmissibility, #ResearchResults
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The basic problem is inconsistency, across the board. My general reaction to UK energy strategy published in FT:…. On the UK offshore O&G developments ...
..After 25 years the industry (and many commentators) are still talking up CCS. The #ipccreport expressed doubts. Under #COP26 Presidency, new UK O&G developments are time to “put up or shut up”.
This is a gas crisis much more than oil, and North Sea oil production does nothing for energy bills (or security) because it all goes straight to international market. On oil the main response should be accelerating electric vehicle deployment.
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🌧️At 11am PST we'll be looking at the ramifications for California of what is the worst #drought to hit the western US in over a millennium. Follow via FB Live and @EthnicMediaSvc
Learn more 👉 Image
Welcome to today's briefing, "Not a Drop to Drink: California Faces Worst #Drought in 1,200 Years." You can follow the conversation via FB Live #EarthDay
Our first speaker today is @rajendrashende, Chairman, @terreindia and former director of the United Nations Environment Program, who will be speaking about the global impacts of the #drought
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Achtung. Es sind wieder Verzögerungsdiskurse unterwegs! @Wissenvoracht-Moderator #VinceEbert bedient hier z.B. einen: der Einfluss des Menschen auf die #Klimakrise sei vielleicht doch nicht so groß.

Der nach eigenen Angaben "Science Comedian" #VinceEbert bezieht sich dabei auf einen Vortrag der Kommunikationswissenschaftlerin und Professorin Senja Post, in dem sie auch Ergebnisse einer Befragung deutscher Klimaforscher:innen präsentiert hatte. 2/9
Nun gibt es internationale Studien, die ihre Ergebnisse nicht auf Meinungsumfragen, sondern einer Analyse der seriös publizierten Forschung stützen:……
Hier wurde wiederholt ein starker Konsens über diesen Sachverhalt ermittelt. 3/9
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/17/2022…
Wide-ranging genetic study of severe COVID finds common risk factors…
#SevereCOVID19, #RiskFactors, #GeneticStudy, #ImmuneSignalling, #MucusProduction
We Are Made of Music, We Are Made of Time: Violinist Natalie Hodges on the Poetic Science of Sound and Feeling – The Marginalian…
#singularity, #time, #music, #entropy
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I am tired of empty words,
promises, praise. I’ve been in the climate movement since I was 14 and now I’m 20. Throughout my whole time in the movement I’ve heard empty words on climate.

The #IPCCReport shows us empty words haven’t solved anything.

When people said “the youth are so inspiring” I thought that meant we were on track to make a real difference.⁣⁣ When leaders met with youth organizers and the streets were full of people marching for climate justice I thought there was no way our cries would be ignored.
In high school I thought it was sincere, all of the promises, all of these leaders and companies saying that they cared.⁣⁣

It’s only recently that I realized there was something much more insidious going on.
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This rush to villainize fossil fuel as though it's not *our* fault we did this, it's that bad old fossil fuel that did it.
If not for the evil of fossil fuels and their corporate sources, we would miraculously by now have carbon free energy enough to piss away on our every whim.
2. I find it offensive. Seriously. We have all the facts staring us in the face.
Lawrence Livermore National Labs does this analysis annually.
This thing is way more important than the new #IPCCReport Image
3. The boxes on the left margin are sources of the energy we use, real numbers, hard science.
The pink boxes on the right are categories of activities. How much energy, and from whence it came, is in each box.
The orange box in the top middle is a conversion point, where other Image
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🌏 We only have three years left to avert the worst consequences of #climate change, a sobering report from the @UN warned on Monday.

Here are the 5️⃣ solutions that scientists say can make a dent in the #ClimateCrisis right now. 👇…
1️⃣ Cities and urban areas make up two-thirds of all global emissions, according to the new #IPCCReport.

🚌 Redesigning urban transportation could cut about one-quarter of those emissions by 2050.… A photo of electrical buses with the text: "1. Retrofit
2️⃣ In 2019, energy suppliers produced about 34% of all human-driven emissions worldwide, according to the IPCC report.

🔈Climate scientists' core message: We must stop using fossil fuels as quickly as possible.… A photo of a wind power farm with the text: "2. Ditch f
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This week’s #IPCCReport reiterated that there’s simply no room for new #fossilfuel infrastructure if we’re to keep warming below 1.5C. New guidance by #China's state planner sheds light on 🇨🇳 pledge to stop building #coal projects overseas🧵
@oykusenlen @leonickroberts @byfordt
Latest data suggests countries outside 🇨🇳 are considering over 124GW new #coal power projects,much of which was expected to rely on 🇨🇳 public finance. Since Xi’s announcement at #UNGA 2021, the lack of clarity or follow-up has created some confusion
New guidance by #China’s state planner #NDRC has now shed some light on what it would look like for China to ‘stop further construction’ of coal power plants overseas. There are 3 parts to this new guidance 👇
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1) Biobrandstoffen helpen ons klimaat niet vooruit. Biodiesels zorgen voor méér uitstoot over hele levenscyclus tov fossiel 👉Bijna 2 Mton extra CO2 in BE in 2020.
2) Biobrandstoffen zijn niet goed voor het milieu. O.a. extra uitstoot NOx door bijmenging biodiesel.
3) Biobrandstoffen vergroten het voedselprobleem wél. De VN en de Wereldbank waarschuwen voor impact op voedselprijzen, stijgingen met 30%-75%. Ondertussen branden we in Europa dagelijks het equivalent van 15 miljoen broden in onze auto’s.
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For the first time in history, the #IPCCReport has recognized the role of Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties as mechanisms to delay government action for climate mitigation.

This is a huge milestone.🧵👇🏽
The IPCC WGIII report warns that international investment agreements have tended to protect investor rights when clashing with environmental policies.

This leads to “regulatory chill” that can delay government action, such as phasing out of fossil fuels.
In particular, the IPCC WGIII report explicitly acknowledges the role of the Energy Charter Treaty in hindering the energy transition.

It states that fossil-fuel companies could use investment protection to block national legislation that aims to phase out of fossil fuels.
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Yesterday, UN chief @antonioguterres singled out Australia as a climate action ‘holdout’ in the wake of the #IPCCReport & its call to urgently speed up emissions cuts.
Why? World leaders are fed up with @ScottMorrisonMP's ruinous history of inaction & blocking progress:🧵#auspol
There is a long, dismal history of the Morrison ‘blocker’ government.
Basics first. The biggest cause of the climate crisis is the mining & burning of coal, oil & gas.
The govt has zero plans to actively phase out these polluting fossil fuels:…
When exports & what is burned at home are combined, Australia is the world’s fifth-worst polluter. Morrison’s refusal to commit to phasing these out, in line with the IEA & IPCC calls means we are making an oversized contribution to climate change:…
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Ein 🧵über den #IPCCReport und teils nicht oder fast nicht stattgefundene mediale Abdeckung. (Ich hatte gestern großen Frust). Hintergründe journalistischer Auswahlprozesse: 1/
Dass der Bericht #IPCC (3. Teil, 6. Sachstandsbericht) kommt und dass er höchst relevant ist, wie sollte gehandelt werden in der größten Krise weltweit, dass dazu ein weltweit abgestimmtes Dokument, das quasi das gesamte aktuelle Wissen bündelt, ist lange bekannt. Nach 2/
klassischen "Nachrichtenfaktoren", die Prinzipien der Aufmerksamkeitsökonomie bündeln, maximale Punktzahl, zumindest bei denen, die gesellschaftliche Relevanz spiegeln. Betroffenheit, Folgen, Nähe, Beteiligung, Kontroverse... (siehe u.a.…) 3/
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“The jury has reached a verdict. And it is damning.” Powerful, prophetic words from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the release of the latest #IPCCReport. See thread below for excerpts and video of his 5 minute Word to the World about the #ClimateEmergency. 🧵
“This report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a litany of broken climate promises. It is a file of shame, cataloguing the empty pledges that put us firmly on track towards an unlivable world.”
"Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels," Guterres continued. "Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness."
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Overnight, #IPCCReport WG3, the 3rd volume in the blockbuster trilogy of global climate reports was released.
This one focuses on solutions and has some clear messages for Australian politicians.
Spoiler alert: @ScottMorrisonMP's track record comes out looking very bad. 🧵#auspol
For context, WG1 updated the physical science while WG2 outlined the climate change impacts we are already experiencing, and can expect in the future. Think of it as volume one on what is happening, volume two on how bad it is, and volume three on our last best chance...
Second piece of context. Last year, leaked documents revealed that the Australian government actively lobbied to have findings from this very report suppressed to avoid admitting the need to phase out coal.…
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I've just finished the latest #IPCCReport. It's written in the usual barely comprehensible climate wonk speak. But behind the jargon there's a blueprint that seems as revolutionary now as Das Kapital must have in 1867... Image
The climate scientists don't do anything like call for the overthrow of the capitalist classes. But they use science to point to how society has to be re-ordered from top to bottom.
e.g. If we want to keep warming below 1.5 global emissions will need to peak in 2025 – three years
And if you want to do that then they say you must also reduce coal consumption by 95%, oil by 60% and gas by 45% by 2050.
And because we will need some fossil fuels for feedstocks etc this means electricity must transform to 100% renewable ... starting immediately.
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Zu viele schlechte Nachrichten gerade im Stream und es scheint nicht aufzuhören? Von einer Krise in die nächste, oder: zu einer Krise gesellen sich mehr und mehr dazu. @berndulrich nennt das #Krisenpermanenz. Dazu ein 🧵
Zeit-Autor @berndulrich spricht viel an, was uns auch durch den Kopf geht: eine schwer zu fassende Gleichzeitigkeit & Kette v. Krisen - #Klimakrise, #Artensterben, #Ukrainekrieg, #Coronapandemie - es drohen weitere wie #Inflation & #Lebensmittelkrise.… (€)
Wir wissen das alles: die Infos sind zugänglich - und doch sind sie in ihrer Kombination, ist das Ausmaß schwer zu fassen. Damit wir einigermaßen zuversichtlich bleiben können, unseren tgl. Verpflichtungen nachgehen können, neigen wir dazu, einiges davon auch zu verdrängen.
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O @antonioguterres fala que estamos no fast track para o desastre climático, diante das promessas vazias de governos e líderes que dizem algo, fazem outro. "Estão mentindo", diz ele. #IPCC #IPCCReport
"Deixamos a COP26 em Glasgow com otimismo naive. O gapde ambicao foi ignorado." Continua... #IPCC #IPCCReport
"Ativistas costumam ser todos como terroristas. Mas os verdadeiros terroristas são os líderes de governos que estão aumentando seus investimentos em combustíveis fósseis".

Touche @antonioguterres
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So, is everyone working in sustainable lifestyles/behaviour change on the edge of your seat for IPCC WGIII AR6 SPM 5A????
Because you should be.
Section '5A' of the #IPCCreport is the bit dealing with 'demand side' reduction. And we're all the demanders (aka 'consumers') along with all the organisations that actually use/consume everything. Image
Demand reduction hasn't figured in a big way before in #IPCC reports - especially reducing demand for high carbon goods/services/utilities from consumers. But in the new report - we might all have a role to play.
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