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Follow these rules in #Trading 👇👇🖐🏻
How Smart investors invest their money

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The Game of Investing 🧵

[an introductory thread for normies -like me]
Markets are hard to quantify & #investing isn't exactly a science because there are no exact formulas to tell you what's the right thing to do

That's why #investors need to build a framework that speaks to them and a personalized investing style to apply in the process... 1/12
The eternal struggle: #Markets are constantly changing and are filled with contradictory information/indicators.

Also, markets don't care about you!

Understand that what matters today will change at some point without any notice & it'll undoubtedly affect your portfolio... 2/12
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When it comes to managing risk in trading, there is more to it that revolves around the trading activity.


#help #trading #riskmanagement #riskassessment #trading #trader #stockmarket #Blog Image
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1/4 Trend Precognition made perfect calls at the start of a 10 Day, 725% rally on @Barn_Bridge coin #BOND and then signaled SHORT for a 53% dump.

Note: The strength of the signal has no relation to the size of the move, it only indicates the probability of an accurate call.... Image
2/4 Through the cycle, the MTF Mean Reversion indi gave a bunch of #TradingSignals. MTF has an impressive hit rate, but I don't want to create the illusion that these indicators nail it 100% of the time. ImageImage
3/4 Spot checking through MTF signals you can see that even some of the higher entries scalped profits quickly before the cascade continued down. This is why we choose lower TP targets in these market conditions, and it illustrates why #riskmanagement is critical to your success. Image
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I didn’t take the vaccine when it was first offered in 2021 (ie before we knew of any side-effects). For most people, this would have been a scientifically valid position to take.
This thread explains why. (It’s not complicated)
What people think of as ‘science’, is often actually ‘statistics’.
Statistics is a tool we use to separate signal from noise, and 'science' from data. If an effect truly exists in the dataset, our statistical tools will find it. (Assuming the analysis was performed correctly)
2/ Image
An epidemiologist is a kind of statistician, RCTs are statistical tools, and much of the scientific research on Covid treatments & PH measures ultimately rested on statistical analyses - even if the data & context were medical, immunological or whatever else.
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Live from #GartnerSEC | Top Trends in #Security and #RiskManagement With Gartner VP Analyst Jay Heiser.

Follow along for highlights 👇 Image
What to expect: We'll discuss the top trends in business, market & tech that security and risk management leaders cannot afford to ignore. These trends have the potential to transform the #security ecosystem & will accelerate their adoption over the next 1-3 years. #GartnerSEC
"As security and risk management leaders, it's up to you to help the rest of the organization to make good decisions about what they are and are not going to do." We need to focus on 7 trends to do that well. #GartnerSEC Image
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Live from #GartnerSEC | Opening Keynote | Cybersecurity 2032: Accelerating the Evolution of #Cybersecurity with Andrew Walls, Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst, and Katell Thielemann, Gartner GVP Analyst.

Follow along for highlights.
About this session: Gartner analysts will deliver a repeatable methodology, grounded in sci-fi prototyping, that will allow you to identify the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that organizations will face and develop the tools to fight them.
We will map the evolution of the new cybersecurity leader over a 10-year period illustrating practical implementations of the methodology as it impacts with inventible barriers, fails, evolves, and re-emerges. #GartnerSEC
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In the first world, you can do a lot with this kind of degree.
Many political science graduates can find work as a journalist/editor/ reporter with the newspapers, or work as a consultant with the electronic and social media groups,
or as a social-cultural and /or political experts with the advertising firms, or get work at some media campaign advisory and publicity firm!
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🚨Worth studying: 👇
"The Anatomy of the Bond Market Turbulence of 1994" - Bank for International Settlements

link in thread below. 🧵

#banks #riskparity #assetallocation #risk #riskmanagement #rates #us10y #bonds

1/ ImageImageImage

Link to the paper from Bank of International Settlements

#banks #riskparity #assetallocation #risk #riskmanagement #rates #us10y #bonds
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🧵 Setting yourself up for success in #crypto. CT would have you believe everyone is a millionaire all in on up only low caps. This is far from the truth - most are #ngmi due to poor portfolio management. Here's some tips.

#DeFi #Ethereum #Avalanche #Cronos #Metis #Cosmos 1/13
🖊️ Plan your strategy, and stick to it. This will depend on your starting bankroll, e.g. smaller size may need to take more risk, larger size can be more conservative. Learn risk management and your risk appetite. Broadly stick to your plan and stay in the game. 2/13
📓 Record and track everything (examples below). When executing your plan record data and notes. Of course you can flex the plan when you see certain things are working and other aren't. You do need to be adaptable in #cryptomarkets but don't mindlessly jump around. 3/13
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Twitter banned Trump "due to the risk of further incitement of violence." Today: New Trump Statement Suggests Clinton Team Should Be “Put To Death” - @HillReporter

Trump evades his Twitter ban, incites violence via his spox Liz Harrington. #BanLizHarrington $TWTR
CC: @paraga
Trump continues to incite violence, using his proxy account on Twitter, spokesperson Liz Harrington. #BanLizHarrington $TWTR
Donald Trump Is Brazenly Flouting His Twitter Ban With Aide's Help

All of Trump's incendiary website messages are immediately posted by former GOP spokesperson and new aide Liz Harrington on her Twitter account. #BanLizHarrington $TWTR…
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There are three important elements in #trading (in somewhat ranked order):
1. Having a true statistical trading edge(s).
2. Avoid behavioral mistakes (having a good trading mindset).
3. Have proper risk management.

#riskmanagement #risk
What is most important in trading?

Having a statistical #edge is the most important.

No trading mindset and/or risk management can ever replace a true statistical edge.…
The second most important is avoiding behavioral mistakes.

If you don't do what you should, then you most likely have no statistical edge.

No backtest can ever capture your overriding of the rules.……

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Upcoming webinars for you to master the art of Trading!

💥Get a 20% discount on all using code WEB20💥

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A Masterclass on Crude Oil by Souradeep Dey (@Trader_souradep):

✅Proiftable, proven #CrudeOil strategies

✅Trade Inventory data released by EIA & API

✅Supply & Demand Dynamics of Crude Oil

✅In-depth #TechnicalAnalysis
Options Strategies for Bearish & Bullish Markets by Deepak Kumar:

✅Basics of #Options in Hindi

✅Trading Options based on the Market

✅Selection of the right strategy of #optionstrading based on your approach
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Global Macro Review - 01/09/2022


Market players returned from 🕎🎄🎉 buying value and oil ↗️ and selling growth and duration ↘️

Let’s dig into the 🧮!

Roiled by #FOMC minutes (nothing new) mid-week, players bid up $VXN and sold $COMPQ.

$VXN 65 +21% - $COMPQ -4.53%
$RVX +13.31% - $IWM -2.87%
$VIX 18.76 +8.94% - $SPX -1.87%

Chart: $COMPQ -4.44% (t) +2.44% (T)

Chart: $VXN accelerates to the 🪓🪣
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/30/2021…
Democracy preserves dignity, a means to an end, not an end itself…

#democracy, #dignity, #society, #individual, #rights, #freedoms
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/22/2021…
The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old and Makes Its Own Mucus…

#CornVarieties, #PlantBreeding, #bacteria, #NaturalFertilizer, #mucus
The Second Great Age of Political Correctness…

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1/ I want to start off by saying the leadership & communication of @beniaminmincu & TEAM is truly extraordinary. It doesn’t surprise any of us who have been super close to the @ElrondNetwork $eGLD project. They care deeply about everyone. It shows in their actions & words #Crypto
2/ I am sure it surprises many Y I spend so much time, energy & effort educating & sharing w/ community for FREE. I deeply care too. The 🌎 is not set up in a way to help #ThePeople Yes, I could charge a lot of money & hide behind a paywall but I choose consciously not too
3/ Money is not good nor bad it’s a powerful force for creation or destruction. It helps us direct what we want to see more in🌎 I allow donations to let others direct if they see fit but not charge to avoid conflict of interest & promote inclusiveness for those who can’t afford
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#Bitcoin explained (1/7)

In this episode we focus on Head & Shoulder patterns

🔹#BTC had a inverse H&S breakout on 02/11/21 that lead to a new ATH
🔹when the Cringe hit ATH, #BTC topped, dumped to 1st target $54k and bounced 10% ✔️ Image
#Bitcoin explained (2/7)

🔹at $58,3k I warned that #BTC isn't safe below horizontal key level & former ATH (being tested as resistance), wait for new signal and TP✔️
🔹#BTC rejected & dumped (right shoulder of H&S) followed instant breakout and -30% retest key fib $42k Image
#Bitcoin explained (3/7)

🔹exactly 2months later #BTC actually retested the #HTF breakout of the gigantic inverse H&S
->obviously strong bounce
🔹#BTC also closed above $46k (zoomed in broadening descending wedge support) shared this as an entry which is 10% up now ✔️ ImageImage
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Still wonder why risk management matters in crypto? Just watch the data. A few examples:
#ThePowerof #Riskmanagement in #crypto and #defi #InvestResponsibly
If you held a 10,000 AVAX position on Nov-4, it was worth $741,900. Today it's worth $935,080.
The systematic risk you'd be exposed to is 23.75%.
That's a nice 26% increase.
Using the @diversi_fi SmartHedge product, you'd hedge that risk.
The result: Today you'd be looking at a position worth $1,173,967.78. That's 58.23% increase. More than double (!) than a "Hop-timistic HODLer" position.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/14/2021…
This mineral shouldn’t exist on Earth’s surface. But researchers found it inside a diamond.…

#diamonds #minerals #discovery #botswana #davemaoite
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Every trader wants to be profitable, but not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to get there.

Here are 11 concepts to master that will help get your there faster.

🧵 👇🏼 #PupThread
1/ Position Size

This is the most important aspect of managing risk. Each trader must determine what is their best position size for each trade.

Consider the individual stock, the market conditions, & what the sector is doing.

My max PS is 10-12% of my account.

2/ Risk Management

Before entering a trade, I will always determine the risk to reward ratio. I never enter a trade unless I can make $3-$4 for every dollar I risk. 3:1 or 4:1.

By defining your risk upfront, you remove the potential for massive losses.

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