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Oh look, someone is trying to sell a cryptocurrency account (@wag_crypto, permanent ID 327020861) that has a bunch of fake followers. The ones in the circled portion are part of a network we haven't previously encountered.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We looked at the accounts followed by a sample of 200 of @wag_crypto's bogus followers. As it turns out, there are 22 accounts they all follow. One is @ARTEM_KLYUSHIN, and 12 of the others are dormant bots with tens of thousands of fake followers that also follow @ARTEM_KLYUSHIN.
We found 77064 accounts that we believe to be part of the network. All were created prior to 2014, follow far more accounts than they are followed by (including @ARTEM_KLYUSHIN), and have liked at most 4 tweets (most have liked none).
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Сегодняшний тред про 21-22 января 2014..Хронология первых смертей

Oksana Denysova
около сотни титушек на Богдана Хмельницкого...на м.Золотые ворота-больше десятка с палками...на Гончара-десятка три...остальные как провалились....их могли развести по подъездам домов,как это было,когда разбирали баррикады на лютеранской и банковой
Олександр Аронець
Ціль тітушок-бити киян, які їдуть на допомогу Майдану! Думаю саме час пррокинутись патріотичним спортсменам і приїхати на допомогу!!!
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Маленький тред. Операция Йолка или все, что осталось в памяти -туман, кровь на лице и жестокое избиение студентов
Очевидцы тех кровавых событий вспоминают, что же на самом деле было в ноябре 2013 года.
Игорь Бигун, историк, участник Революции Достоинства
В 2013 он учился на втором курсе магистратуры в Киево-Могилянской академии.
В 2013 он учился на втором курсе магистратуры в Киево-Могилянской академии. В ту ночь оказался на Майдане не случайно: все ждали, когда наконец выйдет Янукович, или хотя бы кто-то другой вместо него подпишет Соглашение об ассоциации с ЕС.
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You don't have to believe it, but be aware of this.
Soon, #SquidProJoe #Biden will go back to retirement where he can reminisce with himself about how many world leaders he's beaten like a drum.
#FugitAboudItJoe #Hillary2020
#Biden admitted exerting a BILLION $ of pressure getting #Shokin fired.
After the decree dismissing Shokin was published on April 3, 2016, the governments of the United States and Ukraine signed a loan guarantee agreement worth $1 billion, on June 3.
#JoeBiden #SquidProJoe #DNC
The #ObamaBiden administration refused to provide weapons to Ukraine, and help in fighting pro-Russian rebels.
The administration feared that lethal aid would provoke Moscow.… #JoeBiden #SquidProJoe #DNC
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Bad weather in the United States and disease in China are threatening food shortages globally and massive inflation. Our national security and stability is at stake over the next few years.
One of the biggest reasons inflation has remained so low over the past half decade is record growing seasons in the United States and Russia for #corn #wheat and #soybeans However this year is the worst season on record as cold, rainy weather delayed #plant19 by several weeks.
Planting progress for all three crops was beyond dismal this year. In fact, it was the slowest planting progress ever on record and many farmers simply chose to skip this year.
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