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‘There is no evidence that the #Azovstal steel plant in #Mariupol hides a "#bio #laboratory" and a #NATO base’

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
“First, #Ukraine it is not currently a member country of #NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization for defense cooperation) and on its territory they are not here therefore NATO #military #bases.
Furthermore, there are no independent sources able to confirm the existence of a base in the basement of the #Azovstal steel plant.”
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Dmitry #Kotsyubaylo eliminated | Mar 7, 2023
- when the #Americans visited the positions in #Avdiivka, he said that he was feeding the tamed #wolf "the #bones of #Russian-speaking #children.
-#Finland's pm, satanist Sanna Marin
The cabinet of @MarinSanna, former grocery cashier, was formed #unconstitutionally on 10th Dec 2019, following blatantly rigged #ParlamentaryElections. Her party #demarit won the #Scytl/#Dominion '#elections' by 7666 votes.(666=InTheNameOfAllah)
@MarinSanna #Cabal 666 secured a quick run-down of #Finland's economy into the arms of the #IMF, replacing an inexperienced #cashier girl as #primeminister.
- “#SannaMarin’s status is not an achievement of pure-blooded parliamentarism and the #RuleOfLaw | 26.12.2019
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Day 379 of #Russia's attack on #Ukraine, here's my daily thread.

The fierce fighting around #Bakhmut and other hotspots in the east continues.

Bakhmut is 35 miles (55km) from #Kadiivka in #Luhansk region which has been under Russian control since 2014.
35 miles in 379 days!
Yesterday's link for the thread is here⬇️
Luckily, a quiet day with #Georgia's heavily Russian influenced Govt taking most of the headlines.

More death and destruction from #Russia already this morning.

Four people are dead in #Lviv region after local officials say a rocket hit a residential area.

Rescuers are still searching debris in #Zolochiv.
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Hello and welcome to the daily thread about #Ukraine and its defence against #Russia's illegal invasion.

This is Day 352 since last February's all out attack, but now very nearly 9 years since the original invasion. The more the west did nothing, the bolder Putin became:
If you missed anything on Thursday's thread, click and scroll here.

It was particularly telling when a Russian protest group managed to find out #Russia, once cameras has gone, stole back fur coats they'd given to grieving relatives for their losses:
Last night there was a drone wave sent in to Ukraine territory and as I wrote at the time it could well be the precursor to another full missile attack.

That does seem to be happening now with launches detected and mass devastation and death again a possbility for the innocent
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Day 337 of #Russia's war of choice.

Thursday 26 January starts with millions in #Ukraine sheltering in bunkers, as waves of drones have been threatening the country and now #Kyiv is under threat

This is the daily thread with all the news, updated throughout each & every day...
So much news yesterday afternoon and evening.

Firstly the tank-coalition news then the angry reply from #Russia.

To glance through anything you may have missed, just click and scroll Wednesday's thread here:

In #Kyiv region, one Telegram channel posted this from #Boyarka, a small town about 25km south-west of downtown Kyiv.

They claim it's one of the #Iran-made attack drones being shot down. I'm not convinced by the audio alone.

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Today it's Day 336 of #Russia's full invasion and war on #Ukraine.

It's also a special day for many people.
Burns' Night in #Scotland
St Dwynwen's Day for lovers in #Wales
While it's also the 45th birthday of @ZelenskyyUa - mnogo lita Mr President!

Here's the daily thread
@ZelenskyyUa It should also be a very special day for #Ukraine's military leaders with confirmation coming from #Germany and the #USA that the country's top fighting tanks are finally going to be given to the country.

The news leaked out y'day. Here's Tuesday's thread
It's also been a very pleasant start to the day for me, to see two more donations to my "coffee fund" this morning.

Eric and Renée (who has been super generous), I give you my sincerest thank yous.

And thanks to everyone who writes messages of support or kind words.
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It’s all of us now. 🤷‍♀️Why you bastards!
Kryvyi Rih❤️
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Day 325 of #Russia's illegal war and the weekend begins with another attack on #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread with all the news around the conflict in one place.

For yesterday's news, click and scroll here:

Currently there is an air raid warning over 5 regions of #Ukraine with 7 of #Russia's Tu-95 jets in flight and one Tu-22.

#Kyiv #Sumy #Poltava #Chernihiv and #Cherkasy oblasts all considered at risk right now.

There have already been 5-6 explosions reported in the capital.
A leisurely morning in #Kyiv was ruined with sounds like this and people scuttling unexpectedly for shelters - the alarm raised AFTER the first blasts.

Mayor @Vitaliy_Klychko confirms a number of explosions - an attack on infrastructure.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussia
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This is Day 313 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine

Thanks for joining me for another daily thread with all the important news surrounding the nations and Putin's illegal conflict.

Monday starts with many Ukrainians still under air raid warnings, but Russia looks to be hit too...
A flurry of activity towards the end of yesterday's thread as #Russia once again sent waves of drones into #Ukraine, again mainly heading for the capital.

Catch up on the whole day's events here by clicking and scrolling though:

The current threat seems to be dissipating. In some regions the all clear has been sounded, but not yet in #Kyiv. But the capital's air defence has shot down 10 attack drones so far tonight.

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So we bid farewell to 2022
A year etched into the history books as the start of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine.

This is my daily thread number 311. Updating the news concerning the war in real time 24/7 each day.

Please share, spread the word and support!
I want to say thank you to everyone who's supported me in 2022, whether it's with words of encouragement, tip-offs, donations to my fundraiser or buying me a coffee.

I have tried to answer all comments and questions (tho some don't show up from time to time) and DMs remain open.
I didn't post much on the thread yesterday evening as it was quiet and remains so for the first 4.5 hours of Saturday in #Ukraine so far.

Here's the link for the start of yesterday's thread. If you missed anything you can scroll though:

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❗❗ Dec 16 massive strike on #Ukraine:
#Kyiv emergency blackouts, metro stopped, no water;
#Zhytomyr region - an infrastructure facility hit;
#KryvyiRih a residential building hit; at least two killed; #Dnipro a hit
#Zaporizhzhia: - 15 missiles fired, problems w/heat
#Kharkiv region - 10 missiles fired, 3 hits at infrastructure facilities; no electricity, communication problems;
#Poltava #Mykolaiv #Vinnytsia #Khmelnytsky #Ternopil #Kirovohrad regions - air defense work. Some areas without power
Emergency blackouts throughout the country (2/3)
Red: missile hits
Green: missiles downed by Ukrainian air defense.

The heating system is targeted today. #Kholodomor: Death by Cold.

The air raid in #Odesa has been going on for 4.5 hours at this moment.

A missile or/and drone attack expected

#StopRussiaNow #StopRussia
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#RussianWarReport🇷🇺 - December 9, 2022 🧵👇

#Russia targets #Ukraine infrastructure as explosions hit Russian bases;

Serbian group denies Wagner Group partnership despite announcement;

Pro-Kremlin Telegram promote news of TV Rain losing Latvian license…
Russian forces targeted infrastructure in #Kyiv, #Odesa, #Vinnytsia, #Sumy, & #Zaporizhzhia. That same day, Ukrainian forces shot down 60 of 70+ Russian missiles. However, data suggests that Russia is not striking Ukraine w/ the same intensity as at the beginning of the invasion.
Earlier this week, several people were killed in explosions at two Russian military airfields. Russia accused Ukraine of using a drone to strike Russian targets hundreds of kilometers from the border.…
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It's Day 279 of #Russia war and this is the first tweet in the daily thread. Update on the situation in #Ukraine and all linked news throughout the day in real time.

Thanks for reading. If you want to support me with a coffee see my profile page, thanks!
If you need to review yesterday's news, including the night attack on #Dnipro, you can click and scroll here:

A quick update on the #Dnipro attack:

City officials now say 4 rockets hit.
The production premises of a private business were destroyed and private vehicles were destroyed.

There was a fierce fire after the missiles hit but there were no victims.
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Day 273 of #Putin's illegal war and here's the daily news thread.

Today, Wednesday, marks the completion of 9 months since #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine

This thread's updated live throughout the day. To check what you missed yesterday, click here:

#Ukraine tonight has accused #Russia of kidnapping mayors of various mayors in #Kherson oblast.

The Interior Ministry says invaders abducted the leaders of several communities in the region and took them to the left bank of the Dnipro when they retreated.

They remain missing
It's potentially a huge day for the #EU.
The Union is today scheduled to set its price limit for #Russia's fuel.

Two questions - can they set it at a level which can hold and damage the Kremlin, and can they get all members to agree to it.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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Thursday 17 November, Day 267 of the war as #Ukraine fights for survival and #Russia continues its string of war crimes

This is the start of the daily thread. It takes a lot of work and buying me a coffee (see profile) would really cheer me up on this wet day

All the news here:
It's been fairly quiet overnight again, #Russia seemingly using up its dwindling stocks of missiles after the mass attack earlier this week.

If you need to catch up on yesterday's news, here's the thread for Wednesday:

A reminder of this happening in the Netherlands today

#MH17 #RussiaIsATerroristState

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Day 265 of #Russia's illegal war.

For all the news this Tuesday keep coming back to this thread with all the important news, updated 'live'.

All of #Ukraine currently waiting to hear news from the left bank in #Kherson region.

Here's Monday's thread:
Last night rumours swept #Ukraine that the army had liberated multiple settlements on the south/east bank in #Kherson, fanned by Govt officials commenting on #Oleshky.

But so far they remain just rumours with no hard evidence.
Here's the British Intel update which explains why #Henichesk was chosen by #Russia as its 'capital' of #Kherson, having lost the real regional centre last week.

#SlavaUkraini #StopRussia
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Friday's daily thread covering #Russia's war on #Ukraine starts here

In the #UK, 4 November is/was "Mischief Night" (is that still a thing?); sadly every day's a nightmare for Ukrainians

It's Day 254
Coming up: pleas for help from people in Mariupol and a new #Bucha documentary
Firstly, thanks to Tony for buying me a coffee (and a bacon sandwich too!)
If you think I deserve a coffee, see my bio.

If you missed anything yesterday, here's the link:

It's 3am in #Mariupol where temps will dip to +2
While many other areas of #Ukraine don't have power, many residents in occupied Mariupol don't even have windows. Civilians still forced to live in ruined tower blocks, hang banners "Children freezing" & "Where are the windows"
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A new week begins and a bit of a landmark day in #Russia's war as we reach Day 250.

This is the start of the 250th daily thread, with accurate news from #Ukraine. It's still strangely quiet so far, but if you missed yesterday's updates, here's the link:

#Russia's police have opened two cases against Sergey Mamontov for this horrific incident.

The regional branch of the "United Russia" party has said he will be expelled.

#Ukraine's state energy company tells civilians there will be no quick end to power cuts.

Indeed, residents are warned rationing will continue throughout winter and may get worse if #Russia's strikes continue.
People are urged to always have essentials/power banks etc charged.
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Hello and welcome to an early start to the daily thread for Day 246 of #Russia's war.

Once again #Ukraine is under attack this Thursday morning, but in general air defence looks to be performing slightly better each day.

All the news, updated in real time throughout the day⬇️
Last night the wave of attack drones started entering #Ukraine air space and some missiles fired by #Russia too.

#Dnipropetrovsk #Zaporizhzhia and #Odesa all had reports of strikes - you can read all about those & anything else you missed yesterday here:

The reports of a drone hitting in #Kyiv oblast have now been confirmed.

Regional Head Oleksiy Kuleba says "The enemy attacked one of the communities of the region. The fire is being extinguished. There are no injuries."

#StopRussia #RussiaIsATerroristState
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Hello and welcome to Friday's daily thread of news and events in #Ukraine where #Russia continued its illegal war.

This is Day 240.

Some late breaking news last night which I'll recap, but if you missed anything on Thursday, here's the link:

So to recap the breaking news:
There've been new strikes on the #Antonivskyi bridge in Occupied #Kherson

Russia says 3 people are dead, 10 injured and 12 civilian cars were burned out.

To be honest, the 🇷🇺version has more holes than the bridge itself.

In #Russia itself, some alarm at strange rings appearing in the sky in the far east of the country.

The black smoke images appeared after an explosion at a railway electrical substation in Primorye/Primorsky Krai.
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Hello! You've found the start of Wednesday's thread all about #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

We're now at Day 238. Read on for the latest news, views and analysis. Or check back on yesterday's stories right here:

First a developing story in the ongoing #Russia "spy" trail in #Norway.

Police have closed Bergen airport in Norway amid reports of another drone.
Recently 2 Russian "tourists" have been arrested with drones and masses of potentially sensitive data.…
Also a big development in #Iran's involvement in the war.

As well as trying to stamp on a potential revolution at home, the Iranians have given killer drones to #Russia and now the NYT says they've also sent military experts to occupied #Crimea.…
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SitRep - 17/10 - "Another wave of drones"

A daily overview of the events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Since there is still an OPSEC BLACKOUT, we zoom in on general events but also look at the current situation at multiple fronts without too much details.

If you like my reporting and you wish to support me, you can use this link Nothing is required!
Like usual we start with Russian losses. The daily attacks with mostly kamikaze drones can be seen in the sharp uptake in destroyed UAV's. In the next tweet we analyse the amount of drones lost.
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Welcome to the start of another week and the start of my daily thread with the news and views from #Ukraine as #Russia continues the illegal war.

We're on Day 236 now as #Putin brings terror to #Kyiv again.
Here is where you'll find yesterday's stories:

#Ukraine's President @Zelenskyy publishes this video from the capital #Kyiv, writing
"All night & all morning, the enemy terrorises the civilian population. Kamikaze drones + missiles are attacking all of Ukraine. A residential building was hit in Kyiv."

In his reaction to the bombing of civilian districts of #Kyiv, Mr Zelenskyy continued:
"The enemy can attack our cities, but it won’t be able to break us. The occupiers will get only fair punishment and condemnation of future generations. We will get victory."

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1/ Allegedly a Ukrainian drone, literally chopping bits of his Ru counterparts..
Next step : full battles drones up in the sky..
(we expected to see this one day, since the full use of drones in diff modern armies, years ago..)
2/ As we are also witnessing, for some times now, huge amount of diff specific drones coming on the battlefield to the UA army (here 800 pieces given by Taiwan) or to the Ru army (from Iran)…
3/ and as this war will last for some more times, we could also see in the coming future, some specific drones, being able to fly in a specific "bubble" to protect & interdict any incoming threats before it reaches their aim on the ground.

imagine these "guns" (Elec Warfare) Image
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