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#Ukrainian Orthodox Church (#moscow Patriarchate) - #Disinformation #Overview Image

‘According to #Archbishop #Evstratiy, a spokesman of the #Ukrainian #Orthodox #Church, the statements of #Patriarch #Kirill are #untrue.
Since the #annexation of #Crimea, the #Moscow #Patriarchate has lost most of its #adherents in #Ukraine.
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As a #Kannadiga, U must READ THIS.

#Thread on how the #Foundation Stones & #Modus Operandi for dairy farmers of #Gujarat, who could eventually control not just Karnataka's Pride #Nandini but India's Entire #Dairy Industry

Crystal Ball Gazing into the future!!
1) Amul Enters a mkt
2) Jul-21: Union govt formed Min of Cooperation under #AmitShah
3) Dec-22: Amendments are made to the Multi-State Co-op Societies Act, allowing State Milk Coops to Merge
4) Dec-22: Amit Shah spoke of a possible #Amul #Nandini Merger
However (contd)
....While there is "No Merger on the cards", nothing stops the Elected Govt of Karnataka & Gujarat to merge #Amul & #Nandini since the Amendments to the Multi-State Co-op Societies Act are cast in stone (lets dig in)

#Amul #Nandini
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This week, @scalzi let me write a guest-editorial for his blog about the themes in my new crime thriller, *Red Team Blues*; specifically, about the ways that spreadsheets embody the power and the pitfalls of #ScienceFiction at its best *and* worst:…

1/ A Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet w...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Yes, *spreadsheets*. Marty Hench (the protagonist of *Red Team Blues*) is a 67-year-old forensic accountant who specializes in unwinding Silicon Valley financial frauds.

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Hallowed Be Thy Name …

I AM The #Sword
I AM The #Pen
I AM The #Pencil
I AM The #Paper
I AM The #Belt Orion
I AM The #Helmet
I AM The #Shield

It’s Time.✍️

I don’t like Bullies .✍️
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As the experienced and gigantic #NFT marketplace, @opensea has been long captivated huge market share as well as ppl' s attention. What is the competitive edge of the most promising game-changer? Keep your eyes wide open!🧐🧐🧐

/1 The next cycle is the time for the splitting of the General NFT Marketplace represented by @opensea. We will see more verticalized trading marketplaces start to grab @opensea's share.
/2 Much like @eBay , @opensea is a general-purpose trading marketplace that dominates the #NFT space. The pace of business change within #Web3 is much faster and we expect to see a much faster splitting for NFT General Marketplaces in the #Crypto market for the following reasons.
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My observations on @AGRobBonta's first major #CCPA enforcement action, announced today against @Sephora - big news for U.S. privacy. 1/16
First, @Sephora is a strategic choice. The most significant outcome is their 2-yr agreement to honor Global Privacy Control (GPC) signals. It's very important for the AG to get this on the books, because it bolsters CCPA's key (only) redeeming feature: the universal opt-out. 2/
Despite CCPA's underlying weaknesses (advocates have rightly criticized it as an ineffectual notice & choice law), the concept of a decentralized "universal opt-out" browser mechanism has taken hold in the US and been adopted in CO, CT - with great promise. 3/
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Good Morning!

So the community I’ve been interacting with that creates content for 2 of the most popular Skateboarding games to date, they’re starting to wake up little bit little.
I’m Noticing more & more conversations are being had like this one, only thing is—Little to None
I’ve interacted with know of what has really been happening all these many years outside of spying on citizens or data mining ones personal info …
The only name that’s been brought up for who they get their info from has been, Alex jones. ..
As soon as I was shown that
Name, all I could reply with was,“How has this guy not had A heart Attack or Stroke yet” …

I had/have nothing to say about him or the way he presents information. .
It’s ones like AJ that will end up causing people to destroy everything around them when finding out the
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Gave it to him Twit & It seems he wants it. .

First order of business should be, The Children …
Second Order of Business, The Children ..
Third Order of Business, The Children .✍️

Protect the Young Minds, Protect children from being exploited & Protect the youth who are
Mutilating/Cutting themselves because they are mentally unstable .. So many children/kids/Young Adults are Screaming/crying out for help & all that has mattered is all the distractions in the world or money it seems.

Enough Is Enough, if everything that NEEDS to be done on
This virus of life gets done, the things that are priority, this platform can be rebuilt on it’s already existing #FOUNDATION ..


Kraken, Tentacles of #LIFE ..
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$LOOKS Thread:
1/ Intro

While most of #LooksRare's volume has been wash trading, the legitimate NFT volume in Jan alone was still more than what #NFT marketplaces #Rarible, #SuperRare, #Foundation, #Makersplace, and #Aysnc did in all of 2021 combined.

That is still impressive.
Remember that wash traders on #LooksRare still have to pay a 2% platform fee in $WETH.

As rewards lower, the $LOOKS earned may be worth less than the $WETH spent, making wash trading unattractive.
But by then, #LooksRare would’ve achieved market share that #OpenSea’s closest competitors failed to achieve over a longer horizon.

Still early days, but I would say what the platform managed to achieve in such a short amount of time is still objectively impressive.
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The findings show an absence of a systematic and coordinated plot to take over these schools and an absence of any concerted and deliberate plot to promote radicalisation and violent extremism of Muslim children in these schools or elsewhere

language used to talk about the issues of “radicalisation” & “extremism” is itself the subject of considerable debate (Kundnani 2012; Lynch 2013). There is also a difficulty in understanding fully these issues cos there is a lack of an objective or universally accepted definition
As soon as the media took hold of the allegations, there was huge publicity about the promotion of extremism, radicalisation & terrorism.
At the time, the press also expressed many irrational anxieties about these Muslim majority schools (Arthur 2015). Even though, from the
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Ok, retour sur le premier épisode de #Foundation

(il va falloir rajouter des gif adaptés, parce que là, c'est plein de fond de teint.)
Dès le départ, des petites refs sont plantées pour ce qui arrivera biiiien plus tard.
On part sur une série au très long cours, ça donne des petits éclats de la suite aux gens qui ont lu les livres.
Je ne suis pas certaine d'aimer mais ok (ça prononce notamment un nom qui...🤡)
On voit des monstres, des créatures.
ça n'arrive pas dans les livres.

Ok on en parle (très rarement, on mentionne une créature qu'on chasse dans tel royaume), mais c'est tout.

C'est comme les décors. ça fait moderne, joli, mais ça m'interroge sur l'âme du bouquin, en fait.
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I decided to join the #Foundation to save humanity… but choice may have had little to do with it. The fate of the galaxy: a thread.
I can’t believe Gaal won the Abraxis math contest. Being a psychohistorian who does math to interpret the future, I probably should’ve seen it coming.
No shame losing to Gaal Dornick though. When she showed up, I thought the Emperor would finally listen. Gaal (Lou Llobell) standing with a hood on next to her paren
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[Thread] ISAAC ASIMOV'S #FOUNDATION (Sep 24, AppleTV +) REVIEW! (without spoilers)

Praised be the psychohistory: I enjoyed the first two-thirds of this season (I'll do an overall spoiler-free review later).

It's such a relief.

I would even say that my beloved sci-fi series of novels might join my favorite audiovisual space fiction works one day.

It is of course too early to tell. It's just the 1st season, with a whole universe to explain.

But it is possible, and I am the first to be surprised.
A quick note first for the eternal detractors of David S. Goyer (who also wrote The Dark Knight and Dark City): you are free to not watch the series, no need to repeat again and again under my tweets that you don't like him. XD

Please? <3
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1/8 Friday night, a light thread on the most exclusive Chinese medical school, started by Americans 100 years ago. It’s a piece of US-China history I want my own kids to know.
2/8 Like income inequality, China university resources are not as equal as in the US. There are top 2 universities (Peking U&Tsing Hua) that everyone agrees among top 2, with the rest vying for the third.
3/8 Peking Union Medical College协和. Each year it admits about 100 students, with 1-3 student from each of 31 provinces, except Beijing having a higher quota of 20. In 1993, My father said he would have gone crazy if I got in. He didn’t go crazy.
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Did you all see "THEY" are trying to cancel 'Snow White' now? .
"She didn't give him Consent" to kiss her awake .

These people are absolutely crazy and just doing all this because WE exist ..
'THEY" canceled Dr. Seuess A few weeks after I posted Green eggs & Ham..
did what "TEHY" did to GOYA 2 weeks after I posted about GOYA on my other account. All the dates prove all of it. I can still search up certain posts for the dates on my other account. Certain key words still pop up.

EVERYTHING "THEY" have done to humanity on EVERY layer is
because myself and the others exist and are against EVERYTHING 'THEY' stand for. "THEY" mocked us before WE were all born KNOWING we would not stand with "THEM" ..
WE save the children, "THEY" sacrifice the children for their own personal gain..
CONNECT all the dots.
WHY the
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"Greta Thunberg... WHO is grateful for your generosity in donating €100000 to @thewhof in support of #COVAX..."

Perplexed. What #WHO #Foundation?

Dec 8, 2020: "health expert Anil Soni has been appointed as the 1st CEO of the newly launched The WHO Foundation..."
The #WHO #Foundation - is not part of the WHO. It operates "alongside" the WHO.

Soni joined the Foundation (Jan 1, 2021) from #Viatris, a global #pharmaceutical corporation.

Nov 18, 2020: #Pfizer's Upjohn spinoff completes merger w/ Mylan to form new generics giant #Viatris.
"Before joining the #WHO #Foundation, he was Head of Global Infectious Diseases at #Viatris, working across the #pharmaceutical co... Anil has been a senior advisor to the #Gates #Foundation & Born Free Africa. He is an alumnus of #McKinsey..."
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Please share this far & wide! Both @ParachutesP & @HarvestHillsYYC are trying to raise funds to help humans & pets this Christmas & beyond.

The amount of people needing a helping hand especially since the start of the #COVID19AB & #COVID19 pandemic has risen as each day goes by.
Earlier this year we began planning this raffle in hopes of being able to garner enough success out of this raffle to sustain both organizations for a month or more.

But we need #Calgary’s #Help. We #need #Canada’s #Help. We need #Alberta’s #Help.
We can’t afford to lose another pet or lose another life to #DomesticViolence, #Mentalhealth, #Homelessness, or anything else for that matter.
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#Russia thread: Easy peasy: #Trump won't say anything because the #US is on the brink of disengaging from central Europe, and this is the final test. (1/7) @vtchakarova @TomekDeptuch @amlivemon @RobertMCutler @shaun_riordan
If #Merkel doesn't touch #Nordstream arrangements it means she has the rest of Europe behind her in a Russia appeasement policy effectively establishing anything east of the Oder as a buffer zone, #Belarus being one of the countries.(2/7)
As much as the US administration has signaled that there is a "Northern EU strategy", involving the #UK, Scandinavian/Baltic countries and #Poland, a Russophile Germany would undermine supply route security, and #France's standing in life is grounded in antiamericanism. (3/7)
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The #WE scandal surrounding Cnd. PM Justin Trudeau (& Finance Minister Bill Morneau) broke at the end of June. June 26 2020: "Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving #WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student #volunteer program".…
"#WE Day events for young people [] frequently feature Mr. Trudeau & his wife, Sophie Grégoire #Trudeau, as #keynote speakers. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is a volunteer "#ambassador and ally” of the WE Well-being initiative."

Grégoire Trudeau's daughter, Ella-Grace, & her mother-in-law, Margaret #Trudeau – spoke at an indoor WE Day event in March 2020, attended by 13,000 people. Margaret Trudeau received $250k for 28 event appearances (since 2016) from sister co. #MetoWe.

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#WWDC2020 is virtual this year, which means it feels like you are watching an airline safety video for a flight that's never going to take off.
Follow our coverage here:…
For real - it's like Apple saw the #PelotonAd thought 'Hold my beer'
#WWDC2020 Just shared a trailer for a new AppleTV series #foundation
Why is everyone in outer space always British?
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#WWDC kicking off! The Timothy C opening the conference at Apple Park
First, Tim Cook addresses racism and talks about the events happening in Black and brown communities and how Apple is "inspired and moved by passionate people around the world" #WWDC
Tim talks about Apple's two initiatives: $100M Racial Equity and Justice Initiative as well as the new developer entrepreneur camp for Black developers, a first for #WWDC
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#DogriManyataDiwas, an important day for all of us to know about the supreme devotion behind "Inclusion of Dogri language in the #8thSchedule of the #constitution of #India 22nd December, 2003"
#Jammu #Dogri #DogriManyataDiwas #JaiDuggar #JaiDuggar
#Foundation of #DogriSanstha, on the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami, Saturday, 29th January, 1944 and series of important Milestones in Dogra History.

#Presentation of First Dogri Play ‘Bawa Jitto’ at Tikri in 1949.
#FirstDogriMiniature Paintings’Exhibition at Tikri in 1949
#Published first book ‘Jaago Duggar’ in 1949.
#Published its first Literary Magazine ‘Nameen Chetana’ in 1953.
#Played significant role in the establishment of ‘Dogra Art Gallery’ in 1954.
##Start of ‘Tilak’ examination in Dogri in 1964.
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#BREAKING #News #Importantread


Alfred Landecker #foundation gives 5 milliom euros to the claims Conference to support #Holocaust surrivors. Th #German Foundation #grants #emergency #support for #Holocaust survivors to the #ClaimsConference.
#Funds will be #allocated to the Claims Conference over a three-year period, starting at $ 2.2 million in 2020, another $ 2.2 million in 2021, and a final installment of $ 1.1 million (EUR 1 million) in 2022.
The Claims Conference will provide approximately $ 610 million in 2020 for social care, with a #focus on #homecare and around $ 10.2 million for #emergency #assistance; this represents an increase of 25% compared to the previous year.
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