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Wow! Check out this picture of #AOC sitting next to the #NYPD officer who was just outed for being a double agent for the #CCP!… ImageImageImageImage
NO ****ING WAY! - #FreeTibet is a 🤡 cover!!!! #OverTheTarget #DalaiLama received $$$ from sex trafficker #KeithRaniere of #NXIVM, owned by the #Bronfman’s & had a similar scarf ceremony with #Hillary & #DiFiChiSpy #DianneWeinstein wowzas! ImageImageImageImage
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1) "According to numerous active duty & retired military/intel/special operations professionals, the community was shocked when the news first broke ...."

I call bullshit.

Not on you Laura, but on the "Retired Military - Intel - #SPECOPS" who claimed to be "shocked."

2) The aforementioned "shocked" & "retired" peoples have utilized Directed Energy Weapons (AKA #DEWs) against American citizens at home and abroad for at least two decades.

The use of these weapons is widespread across the United States.

They can be purchased on both ....
3) the internet and #DarkWeb.

These weapons systems range in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

They are man-portable, and can also be mounted on (or in) vehicles, aircraft, towers, poles and other pre-existing infrastructure.
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Have to say there is NO-ONE as spectacular as CIA Whistleblower and writer extraordinaire #BarbaraHartwell, who can examine the lie-mongering and malice-spreading of cybertrolls online and lay them to rest with a few polished words:…
2/ And, since the old crows sitting on my pc currently are having a blast freezing my video work, let me add my own thoughts here to Barbara's incisive analysis, which needs to be highlighted first. Here, for one, is a gem: Image
3/ Curiously, #KarenStewart @karen_kams56, whom I have certainly begun to suspect is a low-lying #CIA operative herself--altho' #NSA is bad enough & might well account for her asinine assaults on me & Barbara--tries to convince all I am #CIA. 😂🤣 Image
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Here is Dr. Grande, holding forth (grandly), on a sub. he knows nothing of but professes expertise on: Has he read lit/journalism already published on #SurveillanceTech #PsyWarfare #MockOp media #Propaganda? I don't know, but he evinces no awareness of it.
What #ToddGrande who likes to call himself "Dr. Grande" is doing here is setting up another Psych Hangout to paint himself an "expert"--with NO CREDENTIALS whatsoever as an investigator of #SurveillanceTech & reports of EMF/Neuro DEW Targeting -- dismissing all as delusional. 2/
In this, he adds to the history of Propaganda Literature published by the #MockOp media crowd, most recently by @BenChapmanMagic @ameliargh @techreview, which appear to be frantic efforts by #CIA #DOD #PsyWarfare contingent to HALT the wide disclosure of targeting worldwide. 3/
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#DisclosureOnTargeting #ForTheRecord
@MassDPH #MayorThomasKoch @CharlieBakerMA run Noise Harassment campaigns right next door, w. power-saws, garden-equipment for hours today, yesterday in retaliation for truth-telling tweets on #FluVaccine. (Plausible Deniability.) Stasi on St.
Quincy, like Boston, like every other town & city in MA now prey to the AI-run Domestic Terrorism covered up as "Community Police Monitoring" "Neighborhood Watch" by #TopCrims in local gov. Noise Harassment with EXTREMELY LOUD power-eqpmt a MAJOR TOOL. @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
While loudly-droning small-planes, helicopters, zooming SUVs, pick-ups, trucks, FedEx, UPS are all being used nonstop (this week & every week), along w. re-routing of commercial planes, getting the neighbors to NONSTOP POWER-SAW, LAWNMOW, SNOWBLOW a MAJOR TACTIC.
Run by @MassGov
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This is not enough @TheJusticeDept @realDonaldTrump.
#MassFISAAbuse has occurred. Electronic TORTURE & SUBJUGATION programs have been run--with FULL KNOWLEDGE & COMPLICITY OF FBI--& Continue to run. DEADLY WEAPONS are being used on Americans. BY:
This too, by @ICEgov is all good, but IGNORES the in-house Mil/Intel domestic-terrorists running False-Narrative Electronic Torture & Subjugation programs on innocent American citizens--in fact who stand out for integrity, morality, community service.…
#ThoseTargeted & hit with coyly-named "Non-Lethal Weapons" in SRA-style assault on bodies, brains, lives, are manipulated, data-harvested by many playing "Targeted Individual Leader" orgs & personas installed by Pirate #USGOV orgs, playing into TI label of PARANOID SCHIZ. by MSM. Image
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#BREAKING:Ex-#DHS official who worked under the #Trump, #Obama & Bush admins, says DHS has known FOR YEARS that #WhiteSupremacists are our BIGGEST domestic threat, but instead focuses on #ANTIFA to benefit Trump

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty
This calls into question the REAL AGENDA of "Lara Logan Has No Agenda". Yeah @laralogan, did @FoxNews HIRE YOU to give the #ANTIFA narrative an imprimatur of real journalism?

#TheResistance #Laralogan #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty

EX-#Trump #DHS official #ElizabethNeumann--"There have been MORE PEOPLE KILLED in the United States by #WhiteSupremacists in recent years, than Islamist Jihadists, #terrorism threat, and all other ideologies COMBINED."

#TheResistance #KenoshaShooter #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty
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On @Twitter, which maintains #Ghettos, let's be aware there's MUCH Cyber-trolling & Flaming from MANY sources.

The intent is to ridicule and denounce, mock and discredit Truth & Facts--and the tellers/writers of same.

Also: Muddy the waters w. Disinfo, "defend forward."

The Domestic Legal Framework for U.S. Military Cyber Operations…

How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

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1) #FBI (and FBI #FieldIntelligenceGroups) #InfraGard #DHS falsely label "targets" as domestic threats.

2) The feds in turn terrorize entire neighborhoods & commercial locations with false allegations regarding said civilian "threats" based on lies & evidence fabrication.
3) Citizens (vigilantes) are then encouraged and even compensated by #DHS & #FBI #FieldIntelligenceGroups to participate in overly-aggressive and overt monitoring & stalking of the "potential threat" 24/7 - regardless of his or her location (church, store, gym, hospital, etc)
4) #DHS & #FBI #FieldIntelligenceGroups use vigilante citizens & neighborhood watch lunatics as #BrownShirt agents provocateurs, to engage in overt acts of violence and aggression towards innocent civilian targets, hoping to trigger a response which would lend support to ....
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Remember when ALL the CRIMINALS, I mean #Democrats LIED through their faces AGAIN (as always) that "#Coronavirus" was not from a lab?
#Whistleblower #virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan:
#COVID19 is a lab modified virus
ZC45 and ZXC21. you can check the sequence from NIH genbank database
-Based on virus discovered by the Chinese military institute
-Testified to #FBI several times already including with top Scientists
-The Satanic Leftists are STILL LYING "Listen to the #Science it's not from a lab" because they are CRIMINAL FRAUDS who LOVE to LIE to get what want
Everyone needs to pull up all the CRIMINAL LIARS who LIED AGAIN about "#Science" willfully as they always do, to STEAL money, Funding Desk Fraud, Financial Crimes against the Taxpayer helped by Corrupt Officials in charge of the funding decks & appropriations desks & expose!
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Such a desp. characterization & attempted burying of the FACTS of gangstalking & targeting with EMF/Neuroweaponry by a 'zine from @MIT, home to @DARPA--who admittedly runs such pgms on the populace (see #LETReport) suggests we are making GREAT STRIDES in exposing these #TopCrims.
@ameliargh Here's the #LETReport from @DARPA which carries CLEAR EVIDENCE of DARPA's involvement in developing & using the wpns & sensor tech being illegally tested on targeted individuals who report gangstalking/smearing to discredit their testimonial:…
This thread MIGHT JUST HELP EDUCATE the writer and the review but given that they both are running a COVER OPERATION for #DARPA #NIJ #DOD #DOJ, one has to wonder.…
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Calling all #MengeleMen and #MengeleWomen who lurk in "Special Ops" in #DOD #CIA #DHS #NATO #MI5 #MI6 #Mossad #BND & offshoots thereof: The whole world is waking up to Electronic Weapons Torture. 1/
The attempt to conceal the use of Electronic Weapons and Neuroweapons in the targeted torture of millions has led to the consolidation of forces in #DOD into "Cyberwarfare" and the UN's recent use of the term "Cybertorture." 2/
Anti-Personnel Non Lethal Weapons or Crowd Control weapons or Riot Control weapons are Electronic Weapons. #DOD and #DOJ have both been developing them, and jointly since 1994.… 3/
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“To date, DOD has no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations found in open-source reports” that #Russia paid bounties to militants in #Afghanistan to kill coalition troops.…
Statement is oddly worded amid reports that the initial source of the intelligence was interrogations conducted by US #SOF (ie, it’s not “open source reports” that need to be corroborated).
Also, the #DOD euphemism “malign activity”—typically used to describe adversary non-lethal/influence operations—is out of place in the context of bounties for US troops’ heads. Smacks of deliberate soft-peddling.
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1) To all of you #Trump supporters, #QAnons, #Conservatives and #Republicans who are begging for #MartialLaw to be enacted and/or the US Military to take a role in quelling the riots, you are playing right into the hands of the #NWO & #DeepState; and are complementing ....
2) the whole #DefundThePolice movement perfectly - as planned.

Once the police are gone, citizen vigilantes with no training will roam the streets - much like the #FusionCenter-coordinated criminals which the #FBI #InfraGard #DHS and private contractors have already ....
3) organized into roving bands of violent militias, whose members are compensated with gift cards, home repairs, vacations and other perks (including sexual interaction with their federal handlers).

As the violence increases, the US Military will either be called in ....
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Can anyone verify ???

If these documents are valid, #QueenElizabeth has be. Dethroned.



Certified Declaration Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Mashiach–Christ–Messiah & King of England…
March 31st, 2020 , #PopeFrancis was received certified documents showing #QueenAnneBoylen Royal Lineage in #JosephGregoryHallett Image
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Retweet 🕵️‍♀️ DIGG: "Project JumpStart" "RaPid USA"👇

A super experimental Vaccine PLUS #RFID #Microchip coming to a shoulder near YOU. 💉

Could a vaccine contain nanotech that would not only act as a transmitter for contact tracing but could also act as a receiver?

500 million vaccines ready to go in late fall

#RFID chip

A #microneedle patch vaccine against the #SARSCoV2 that causes #COVID19
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1) The #FBI #InfraGard #DOJ #DHS #NSA have warrantlessly surveilled, tracked and attacked innocent Americans for more than two decades after placing them on their bogus #terrorist #watchlist, with no due process.
2) They use that "premise" to target them for slander, asset-rape, financial ruin and career loss, in addition to targeting them with the exact same Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) that were used on the US Diplomats in both Cuba and China.
3) "Contact Tracing" is simply an expansion of this protocol, which has been coordinated thru #FusionCenters across the nation.

It is partially designed on the tenets of #PSYOPS from #COINTELPRO and the #PhoenixProgram & these tactics enter the realm of domestic #terrorism.
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(1) The vaccination, chipping & (Google-assisted) tracking of those "infected" via #5G r an extension of the citizen-targeting & asset-rape protocol run by #FederalBureauOfTerrorism #DOJ #DHS #NSA #DoD thru #FusionCenters.

Citizen-targeting is now making international news.
(2) "Hey, he/she has a virus just like he/she is a "terrorist," yet they aren't,"

Let's track them with a cell-phone application, flash-mob them, target them, provoke them & our militarized, #Stasi-styled, jack-booted, law enforcement & brown shirt teams will join in on the fun
(3) #GangStalking is a disinformation term, like #ConspiracyTheory, created to specifically discredit an individual or group. But for the purposes of hashtag recognition, the whole #COVID19, rapid-#5G installation, vaccination, chipping & tracking is #GangStalking gone mainstream
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There is no justification for this response. I understand banning all international travel, but shutting the states down over a flustrain is grossly illegal. This isn’t #Ebola & the stats don’t justify it. Only justification is if they got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon deployed
Does anybody think it's odd the national guard is deployed in all 50 states & military troops moving to borders across the world over a flu strain? Shutting down the world economy basically? This isn't Ebola. Something big is going on and the troop movement & confusion is proof.
I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump and the military got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon that was going to be deployed by China. That's my new favorite theory. That they have foreknowledge of something more sinister.
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