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#Critical_Infrastructure: Russian occupation forces are reportedly mining the Crimea Titan factory in Armiansk, the biggest titanium dioxide producer in Eastern Europe. Another weaponization of critical infrastructure in Ukraine by Russia. The factory is using ⤵️ Image
technological ammonia for refrigeration purposes.
Such a sabotage action by Russia put at risk of explosion up to 200 tons of ammonia. The factory explosion will be another Russian man-made disaster to contaminate the southern part of Kherson, which is already facing a ⤵️
series of crises following the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. Russia seeks to make it difficult for Ukrainian forces to enter the rest of Crimea. That means Russia is preparing for the worst case scenario for its occupying forces.⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: The story of who blew up the 3 of four lines of NS1 and 2 is taking an unexpected turn. US intelligence has admitted that allegedly pro-Ukrainian proxy forces were involved in the sabotage of the $12 billion worth of gas pipeline from⤵️
Russia to Germany. The US is not willing to reveal any more information, but this disclosure will definitely be used by Russia to accuse the EU and other Western countries of blaming Russia for self-harming actions against strategic energy infrastructure.⤵️
Chinese state media representatives insisted that the US knows who attacked the pipeline. Russia was thinking of repairing the pipeline for at least $500 million, but would do so when Germany had phased out any kind of energy import from Russia. It is imperative to articulate⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: Iran is pushing to launch the Nakhichivan (Azerbaijan)-Armenia-Georgia rail link to Russia. This would include the reopening of the Julfa-Nakhchivan connection, built in 1941 but inoperable since the collapse of the USSR. In addition to the Armenian⤵️
security concerns related to Azerbaijan, there are financial aspects that need to be overcome. The Soviets built the initial railway through Abkhazia, which is now de facto controlled by Russia after the 2008 war against Georgia. Therefore, Georgia would agree to be a part of⤵️
this project if a completely new connection to Russia is built, which is very expensive. In 2000s, Russia, India and Iran wanted to build the North-South International Transport Corridor to connect with the EU.⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: Today the construction of the gas interconnection between Serbia and Bulgaria began. The pipeline will also be equipped for reverse flow capacities (170 km, 1.8 bm3 per year). The EU is financing the lion share of this critical infrastructure to⤵️
ensure the security of gas supplies to the Western Balkans. Indirectly, this will reduce dependence on imports from Russia through the Trans-Balkan pipeline. There is still a strong possibility that Serbia will end up importing Russian gas, in a way or another, through the⤵️
Southern Corridor (Azerbaijan is importing gas from Russia to cover the internal deficit) or through terminals in Bulgaria and Turkey. The EU is financing the Bulgarian segment with almost €34 million (energy and structural funds),⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: Taiwan is looking to establish chip production capacity in the US (Arizona). The investment will reach $40 billion. The project is being run by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). The first factory will be operational in 2024. This project⤵️
will allow US IT companies like Apple to have access to locally produced semiconductors, which means less reliance on imports from Asia. This could be a convenient arrangement between Taiwan and the US⤵️
in which one shares access to critical infrastructure while the other provides security guarantees (against China).
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#Critical_Infrastructure: The Russian attacks on Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure that have taken place in the last 6 weeks are creating the risk of a full blackout (the worst-case scenario): 1) high probability of a humanitarian crisis involving millions of civilians;⤵️
2) Cause epidemiological risks; 3) Renewal of the refugee crisis; 4) the weakening of the supply chain to the military forces of Ukraine. Russian intentions are to force Ukraine to negotiate and increase the costs of supporting Ukraine in the West (additional incentive⤵️
in the direction of negotiations). Russia seeks to preserve the current status quo (occupation and annexation of the southeastern regions of Ukraine), which does not rule out the future resumption of aggression against Ukraine.⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: As Russia targets critical infrastructure in Ukraine and is suspected of being behind the NS1 and NS2 explosions, EU member states are increasingly concerned about the security of critical infrastructure on land and undersea. In October,⤵️
the EU Commission exchanged with member states a 5-point plan on the securitization of critical infrastructure, which encountered several objections in EU capitals: 1) Germany and some others are against the new aspects⤵️
that go beyond the Resilience of Critical Entities Directive (approved in September 2022; will enter into force in mid-2024); 2) France insists on voluntary participation in the common response to incidents; 3) The Netherlands suggests that… ⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: The German National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure Protection dates back to 2009. It refers to two categories of infrastructure that are considered to be protected by the state: basic infrastructure and socio-economic services infrastructure.⤵️
Currently, geopolitical circumstances put the basic infrastructure - power/gas supply - in the spotlight. According to the Strategy that governs the actions of the German authorities in matters of critical infrastructure, two types of actions that endanger⤵️
German critical infrastructures can be identified: 1) “negligence”: the authorities underestimate the risks arising from the purchase of critical assets (ports, etc.) by non-democratic actors (Chinese state-owned companies);⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: After serious discrepancies, the German government (not just Scholz) gave the green light for less than 30% of the port of Hamburg to pass into the hands of the Chinese company Cosco. The problem is strategic and double:⤵️
1) EU member states do not share information with each other about the effects of Chinese investments in strategic infrastructure. Furthermore, there is already now public evidence that China is intimidating the Belgian government member into retracting critical comments about⤵️
Chinese ships being converted into military ships; and 2) The EU is rather toothless and has no enforcing competences regarding the effective protection of critical infrastructure owned by member states and sold to risky investors controlled by autocratic regimes.⤵️
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#Critical_Infrastructure: The destruction of the Kerch Bridge (the longest bridge connecting illegally annexed Crimea with Russia - 19 km) has not been attributed to Ukraine (not yet). However, the bridge was a target for a long time, as without it supplies to the Crimea⤵️
would be severely damaged. Ukraine reserved the right to conduct a military war on all Russian-occupied territories, including those related to Crimea. The bridges is made up of double parallel railroad-road truss arch bridge. It complicates the transport of oil byproducts⤵️
and other industrial products to Crimea, since the railway line (Bagerovo–Vyshestebliyevskaya railway) was damaged by the explosion. In addition, the population will have difficulty fleeing the peninsula and will have to use maritime means of transport. This coincides with⤵️
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