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1/6 War at World Health Assembly #WHA76 thread🧵Russia tried to block Ukraine joining @WHO Executive Board forcing a vote by secret ballot 🗳️ Ultimately Russia lost - w/ 123 votes in favor of 🇺🇦. Ukraine now takes a seat at WHO EB table while Russia deals with diplomatic…… ImageImage
2/6 War at WHA: While Russian disinformation infiltrated #WHA76 it resulted in total diplomatic failure. @WHO Member States adopted a resolution that condemns Russia’s aggression & maintains WHO’s emergency health response in Ukraine
(80 votes in favour 🇺🇦 and nine opposed). It…… Image
3/6 Russia has attacked 974 hospitals & health sites -Last week a Russian missile hit a medical clinic in Dnipro killing at least two and wounding 23 other people. Russia has been committing war crimes for 461 days in violation of the @UN charter. The @the_pda is sending vital…… ImageImage
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Please Advise #HelpNeeded
I have been working with woman who has been struggling with a number of #physicians & getting mixed messages re #prescribed #medication. She was pulled off a combo of meds that worked for her a few years ago. Since then has 1
struggled with accessing meds that worked & #stabilization of health conditions. In desperation to improve QoL reached out to #Clinic above. They prescribed w no issues. It was difficult for #patient to access at #Pharmacy. She then attempted to contact #physician re questions 2
& was told could not talk to #physician & then received this message last night. I am furious & looking for advice on how she should disengage & get back w regular #physicians, yet she is afraid they will terminate care based on her actions & she is fearful she did something 3 Image
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Some of the issues with "foregone clinical checks" – where a clinical check is done on a prescription supply then no check is completed for any number of subsequent supplies occurring within a defined period - have not yet been highlighted by #pharmacy bodies.

Thread 🧵/
Pharmacists considering raising concerns to the superintendent (“SI”) about foregone clinical checks should remember that the SI has already signed off on the procedure.

In the companies using FGCs, a paper will have been put to the SI and directors explaining that reducing clinical checking frequency would make the company more profit, through associated staffing cuts, and/or pharmacists spending more time on other profitable activities.

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⚔️ Adani Group: A perspective you cannot miss GEOPOLITICs thru' ECONOMIC CLOUT; CHINA DOES IT ,WHY NOT INDIA ?

⚔️When the Adani Group replied to the allegations of Hindenburg, the latter retorted, ‘Fraud cannot be obfuscated by Nationalism’

There is a school of thought that says, that the Hindenburg report was a hit job, and Adani is a nationalist. Let us evaluate.

⚔️ Leave aside the fact that Hindenburg report was timed with the release of the FPO; there is a greater aspect to the timing. It was done when

Adani was to acquire the Haifa Port in Israel.And who other than Adani was interested in the Haifa Port?

⚔️ It was the Chinese.They already run the container yard at Haifa and wanted control of the entire port. But what destroyed their goal was that Adani bid five times the
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🎯- Day 22 of SQL Series

❓Problem Statement : @UnitedHealthGrp has a program called Advocate4Me, which allows members to call an advocate and receive support for their #health care needs – whether that's behavioural, clinical, well-being, health care financing, benefits, claims or #pharmacy help.
- Calls to the Advocate4Me call centre are categorised, but sometimes they can't fit neatly into a category. These uncategorised calls are labelled “n/a”, or are just empty (when a support agent enters nothing into the category field).
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There appears to be some further misinformation circulating regarding “pharmacist shortages”. This “Locum Rates Study” was prepared for Employers by Locate a Locum.…


The document states:

“Another notable change in the pharmacist market is the movement of community pharmacists to Primary Care Networks. In May 2022, Pulse reported that 16,780 *pharmacists* had been hired with support from the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS).”

This appears to be based on this Pulse article, which in fact reads:

“According to NHS Digital figures – which are based on data submitted by 84% of PCNs – 16,780 **staff** have been hired into ARRS roles and are working in general practice.”…

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20,924 reported #pharmacy closures in a year. Most common reported reason: “locum could not be found”.
Was the locum hiding somewhere, in a bizarre game of hide and seek?
Or couldn’t they find a locum *willing to work in the conditions on offer*?
Did they try to find a locum?

In no cases was the reported reason “it would have cost more for a locum in a free market than we wanted to pay” or “unable to find a pharmacist willing to work in the conditions in the pharmacy”. The reported reasons don’t tell the whole story.

Based on the C&D article, there appear to be 5,665 closures for which no reason is listed. (20924-10637-2891-811-432-221-141-74-19-10-16-7= 5665). Did NHSE allow the pharmacy to close without requiring the owner to provide a reason?

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.@TheGPhC @gmabbam @prof_standards @the_pda @rpharms @BTLGroup @BBCNews @DailyMailUK @Telegraph a thread highlighting the incompetence of this regulatory body, the assessment provider and the issues with the exam... #gphc #gphcexam #pharmacy (1/15)
Let’s start off nice and easy with the booking portal, an absolute joke. ~£500,000 was taken from 2700 trainees and you could not invest in a decent server? Not to mention ‘accidentally’ releasing slots the day before.. (2/15)
The most pressing assessment issue is that candidates who were delayed sat the exams later on and had access to the questions and answers of both assessments. Sure, it wasn’t all, but it only takes 1 person to ruin the integrity of the assessment. The fact that @TheGPhC.. (3/15)
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GPhC to acquire new duty to have regard to the principle of *minimising* the burdens on the businesses it is meant to regulate, when deciding rules for when pharmacists are responsible, and RP absence. #pharmacy…

1/ Image
If an “expected benefit” is reduced labour costs, then the *minimum* burden on businesses to secure it could be “you don’t need a responsible pharmacist at all”.

The “expected benefits” are not defined in law. Perhaps they’ve been communicated separately to the GPhC, or will be communicated once the legislation is in force. Were the intended benefits just too tendentious to draft into law?

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For more challenging drug questions, it’s great to have a wealth of information on your phone.

AppsHive announces the top 5 Best Apps for Pharmacists to help make your life simple

#appshiverecommends #Pharmacist #pharmacy #medicalapps #medicine #mobileapps
A thread📜
1) @GoodRx

What we liked:🤩

👉Easy to use and a great way to save money
👉The cost comparison feature is best which gives proper insight into saving on different medicines
👉Deliver your Rx at any time and anywhere you want
👉Easy refills and reminders
2) @medisafeapp

What we liked:🤩

👉It is intuitive, flexible, comprehensive, and very reliable.
👉It also keeps track of when you finally do take it, so you can check back and see if being late with medication was the root of any medical issues
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#NIFTY bottom for the year 2022 is near 15400 - 15100

Mostly will get achieved in month on MAY 2022 only.

After #bottom out #TOP for the year 2022 is near 19100 - 19500 which i am expecting before NOVEMBER 2022

For SECTORAL OUTLOOK check out the thread 🧵
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Scott Morrison made an announcement about reducing PBS Medicines. Trouble is he INCREASED them on Jan 1st, 2022, during a Pandemic #auspol @Mark_Butler_MP Image
Anyone see the Irony here. On the same day Morrison announces cheaper medication and healthcare - He cuts Heart scans, ECG’s from #Medicare Rebates. #LNPCutsToHealth… ImageImage
The moment Liberals Distracted Voters, while they Cut #MRI’s, sleep apnea, #spinal fusion, skin lesion treatments and #Allergy Testing in 2018.
#LNPHealthCuts @RACGP @gedkearney #Medicare #auspol2022 Image
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FYI: A clarification 🧵on a misleading new @medicarepayment chart of brand-name drugs in #Medicare Part D.

Many have misunderstood these data & misrepresented the findings, which say nothing about net drug prices.

Read on for my explanation of what’s really going on.

Background: MedPAC seemed to show that in Part D, brand-name drug prices “net of rebates” grew by 7.5% per year from 2010 to 2020

But this chart is not what it appears to be…

Summary: Contrary to some claims, we can't conclude anything about net prices from the chart above.

In fact, Medicare Part D's "net brand-name drug prices" (as defined by MedPAC) can be increasing, while net prices received by manufacturers can be decreasing.

Here's why.

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An exciting story of Doctor turned Entrepreneur💯

A thread🧵on Medplus #IPO 👇

#sundayvibes #stockmarkets Image
"Find your passion & do it for a living"

Excellent advice, only problem is that it reminds people to narrow down their passion to a marketable skill & focus on that🤦‍♂️

Not so for 𝗚𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗱𝗶 𝗠𝗮𝗱𝗵𝘂𝗸𝗮𝗿 𝗥𝗲𝗱𝗱𝘆

Fitting in a box that limits who u are, not his cup of☕
It all began in 2006 when a doctor by profession & a #MBA in healthcare management from @thewhartonschool was assigned a class project📝
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What is the best treatment for this patient ? 🤔
Hello, #IDtwitter !!! For this patient with mild tularemia, the first line of treatment is ciprofloxacin! Thank you for participating in our weekly trivia. #IDFellowship #IDboards #MedTwitter #InfectiousDiseases #Medicine #Microbiology #Pharmacy #TwitteRx #IDMedED Image
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Ex. tempore #Covid street survey in the #Helsinki downtown. The most densely populated area in #Finland | Aug 10, (1/7)… Image
1/7. Bank: The front desk, cashier and familiar security guard say no bank staff have had infections, no forced #vaccinations, but almost everyone wear a #mask.…
2/7. 2. #Stockmann Department Store #Pharmacy:
#Masks in use. No one has fallen ill, many have taken the voluntary #vaccine.…
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According to the #pharmacy council @OfficialSAPC over 90 #pharmacies have been destroyed and looted beyond revival, with KZN being the hardest hit. @SECTION27news @HealthZA @kznhealth @molelekwa98
Among the looted items are #COVID19 #vaccines and scheduled medicines, which when used without proper pharmacist counselling on storage and dosage may result in harm to one’s health. @CovidCommsSA @CovidSupportSA @HastSig @PHMSA1 @CovidCoalition @MSF_southafrica @RHAPnews
The @OfficialSAPC urge those who looted these #medicines to not use them or give to others but rather return them to their nearest pharmacy for proper disposal. We caution the public to only source medicines from legitimate health establishments such as pharmacies.
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PSA: #Pharmacists are doing everything possible to accommodate ppl with the vaccinations. They get a limited supply of mRNA vaccines (100/wk of Moderna & 150/wk of Pfìzer) & cannot meet demand without more supply from govt. Pharmacies get about 12% of overall prov supply /1
#Pharmacists, like the public, are dealing with constant changes in eligibility criteria & managing ⬆️ in demand without corresponding ⬆️ in supply. Please be patient & understanding. Pharmacy can do more vaccinations with more supply & want to continue stepping up to help. /2
Use online booking of a pharmacy & visit:… to find a participating #pharmacy. Starting Mon you can get a 2nd dose of AZ-AZ or AZ-PorM at 8 wks & many ppl qualify for an mRNA-mRNA at the 4 wk mark. Guidance is changing as more data becomes available. /3
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@NATCOPharmaLtd concall Q2fy21
Increase in other expenditure due to covid related employee expenses,increments,litigation issues & setting up REMS about 3 to 4 products

Approval received for Pomalyst,Eugia & Natco both got approvals,$ 1bn sales,also settled related litigation
Weak domestic sales due to drop in Hepatitis C sales , covid caused less patients to seek cancer Rx

Good build in Tamiflu sales,1st to get into Brazil,received govt orders from Canada ,profit share recognized after sales confirmed by Alvogen,benefits to accrue in Q3,Q4
Launched a portfolio of products in Agrochemicals
Chemo sales 70-75% of normal
Cardio & diabetology sales done well
One time expense setting up REMS for Revlimid
REMS setting up takes $ 2 to 3 mn cost upfront
As of Sep'20 cash equivalents is 1065 cr & debt 431 crs
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@dmuthuk @RBI @FinKrypt @Rishikesh_ADX @DividendGrowth Image
The banking sector, in India, has been under stress for several years now.

Both the NBFCs and banking institutions (predominantly, public sector banks) have seen substantial deterioration in their asset quality.

#banknifty #nifty50 #nifty #NASDAQ #writerslife #writing
Over the past two years, we have seen many well-known names within these sectors.

The latest in the series being is the 93-year old #LakshmiVilasBank

#StockMarket #stockstowatch #sharemarket #Zomato
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.@headsUPmigraine spoke w/ a rural #PCP hounded out of the profession by relentless pressure to stop rxing #opioids. She was the only PCP in +100 miles willing to accept patients on opioid therapy. Most were over 70. 2018 #AMA statement shows many share her frustration. >thread
In 2018, #AMA passed a resolution against “misapplication” of the CDC Guideline by “pharmacists, health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, legislatures, & governmental & private regulatory bodies in ways that prevent or limit patients’ medical access to #opioid analgesia.” 2/
#AMA: "physicians should not be subject to professional discipline, loss of board certification, loss of clinical privileges, criminal prosecution, civil liability, or other penalties or practice limitations solely for prescribing #opioids" above CDC's recommended dose. 3/
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Is there any other class of medications that are routinely reduced by a #pharmacy/ #pbm? It just baffles me how discriminatory policies that put barriers in place are allowed to continue. How do Mds feel about being second-guessed constantly by these companies? #DEACenteredCare
It makes sense for a #PharmD to call an MD for a script that THEY (using the years of schooling and clinical judgment that results) deem questionable. What doesn’t make sense is mandating this and using it as an excuse to deny patients their RXs. It’s cruel.
Also, what you don’t see here is once the PA is sent in, it will automatically be rejected. And when the second one is sent, that one will also be rejected. They will give different reasons each time. The process starts all over again when the appeal to the actual ins. co begins.
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Update (from June, missed at the time).…
Update. "Women submitted proportionally fewer manuscripts [to Elsevier journals] than men during the COVID-19 lockdown months. This deficit was especially pronounced among women in more advanced stages of their career."…
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I took many pictures at Bolsa Chica this afternoon including many of terns diving for food and a fire that erupted a few minutes after our group left the environs of a WWII gunnery emplacement. Until I get to that part of the queue, you are stuck with various experiments.
I am very fond of #DoctorWho, so I have a small selection of action figures and a TARDIS. Attempts to photograph my tiny collection haven't given me results that I like until I use one of the #sfx filters installed in my Nikon Coolpix W150.
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