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"we’re facing the worst #food #crisis since 2008. It’s a weird time to divert more grain from the food supply to fuel #tanks. In Washington, though, it’s always time to divert grain from food to #fuel."… #FoodSystems #EnergySystems
"The amount of corn it takes to fill an #SUV with #ethanol could feed a person for a year, and the #US and #Europe could immediately replace the lost grain exports from #Ukraine’s breadbasket by cutting their #biofuel production in half."
"In fact, a bunch of studies have confirmed that biofuel mandates were a leading driver of the 2008 food crisis, driving up prices by driving up demand for grain and vegetable oil."
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#Hochinzidenz #Strategie in #UK führt zu massenhaft #LongCovid. 1,7% der Bevölkerung haben LC-Symptomatik >3Mo, fast #700k Menschen leiden seit über einem Jahr unter LC, ~1.000.000 Menschen sind #funktional in #Arbeitsfähigkeit #eingeschränkt.


#Niedriginzidenz #Strategie
Wer leidet am häufigsten unter #LongCovid? ☡Höchstes Risiko für #Lehrkräfte, Arbeitende im #Gesundheitswesen. Hier erschreckendes #LongCovid -Risiko. 3fach #Impfung reduziert Risiko wahrscheinlich um 50%. Da reicht #nicht aus bei hoher Exposition!


Wer ist besonders betroffen? #Alte? #Vorerkrankte? Menschen mit #schwerem #Verlauf?

Nein, nein und nochmals #Nein !
Dänische Studie zeigt klar : #96_Prozent hatten milden Verlauf ⤵⤵⤵

#LongCovid tritt bei Frauen im Alter ~30-60 bes. häufig auf.

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Public show with synthetic #SandyHook characters 2/15/22 was odd. No judicial input on the docket regarding FALSE REALITY settlement. Legit world, settlement agreement invalid if made under fraud. Connecticut & #AllTheRest need to defund governments. Criminals have usurped power.
Does settlement mean you're guilty?
Legally, no — in fact the court rules and rules of evidence encourage parties to settle matters whenever possible, and neither offers of settlement nor actual settlements themselves are admissible as evidence of guilt or wrongdoing. #SandyHook
So essentially, what the criminals, playing #SandyHook court, are saying is that all "evidence' for trial that would have had to be approved as admissible by a judge can now be used as propaganda. Real Attorneys in this game? #IDoNotThinkSo #SandyHook
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@HGunthard⁩ spricht Klartext: „Es kann doch nicht sein, dass man erst alles verschläft und dann die anderen an den Feiertagen arbeiten lässt.“

#Booster #Fail #Schweiz…
1/n „Sie plädieren für den sofortigen Start der #Booster_Impfung, also einer dritten Dosis:
➡️ Ich verstehe wirklich nicht, worauf wir noch warten. Die Daten sind eindeutig, vor allem bei den älteren Leuten, die zuerst geimpft wurden. In Israel und in verschiedenen europäischen…
2/n … Ländern wird das bereits gemacht. Zumindest organisieren sollte man nun das Ganze sofort, damit die Logistik wieder hochgefahren werden kann. Aber leider wartet man noch zu.“

#Berger sprach heute von gegen Ende Jahr bzgl. Start Booster und nur für Ausgewählte; …
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Limitations of an Optimized Mindset
A thread 🧵on the problem of optimization!
1/ Finding an optimal solution through an efficient algorithm is how a trained technologist looks at any computational problem.

But as soon as this mindset is extended to real-world problems, the majority of inefficiencies become annoying.

#solutions #efficiency #productivity
2/ In fact, the real problem starts when everything in life becomes an optimization problem.

So much so that eventually, it becomes a defining orientation to life as well.

#problem #life #problemsolving
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Her haftanın önemli girişimcilik, inovasyon ve patent konularının konuşulduğu Matruşka Talks 22. bölüm notları burada. @gencerozkazman @mrozansonmez @mustackr
Bu hafta Getir yatırım almadı, hüzünlüyüz. Ama Getir bir startup satın aldı! Yoksa bu haftanın konusu Dreamgames mi? @mustackr
Dreamgames’in MRR’ı 20 milyon USD (MRR: aylık düzenli gelir). Şu anda 2024 yılında Esport’u olimpiyatlara alıp almamak konuşuluyor. @mrozansonmez
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Dear @lufthansa team, before starting this tweet thread, I would like to say that in general I like your services and company. However, I am writing this message as it might help your tech team to solve this (still open) issue and may help other passengers to avoid stress (1/N).
I tried to book flights from Paris to Izmir, TR for mid-July 2021 and it kept getting cancelled. Given the #COVID19 situation and so many random dynamics, I thought that I did some mistake at my end (2/N).
To understand the problem, I called #Lufthansa service support, Lufthansa Tech support, @SunExpress France, #SunExpress Turkey number (and even my #AMEX support as I could see the amount being held in my #AMEX account) (3/N).
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Our daily #BS not in real time.
Create Date
2021:01:06 13:00:19.986-05:00
Date/Time Original
2021:01:05 12:00:19.986-05:00
Editor's Date/Time Original indicates fraudulent metadata.
#Graphic as per usual, #MediaMagic #ShowTimeForSheep
#FairUse ImageImageImageImage
The fine tuned with 3 star rating to #DefraudAmerica version
FULL Metadata >…
So, again, we need to #DefundTheGovernment It is a #PhonyGovernment & #MediaCabal needs brought to justice. They are NOT ACTORS they are #Graphics including #Convirus #TaskForce ImageImageImageImage
#PonderThis Why do people fall for pre-planted distractions? LOOK>… How many that fall for this #BS are actually on the #Distraction promotion team?
"US CAPITOL LOCKDOWN" is a documented #WiresProject
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Spoke to @Guardian podcast about growing up in post-War #France... that is post-#Algerian War of Independence, still v. much in living memory. The War’s legacy is perceived in all kinds of aspects of modern life, still blighted by the #colonial experience.
A point that is easily overlooked by foreign observers is that the 2nd most influential party in #France now was founded by far-right nationalists who wanted to keep #Algeria French. #LePen's FN -now called the Rassemblement National -is openly racist, islamophobic & antiSemitic.
In his '#Separatism' speech @EmmanuelMacron was sugar-coating #reactionary policies based on the premise that 5-6M French #Muslims can’t be trusted to manage their own affairs & required surveillance at all times.The emphasis was that Islam is a chronic #problem around the world
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/21/2020…
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations rhyme with 21C Complexity | by Simone Cicero | Sep, 2020 | Stories of Platform Design…

#organizations #design #complexity #ecosystem #platform #entrepreneurial
Income inequality: RAND study reveals shocking new numbers…

#income #rand #inequality
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Australia is being DELIBERATELY Decimated
by both Foreign & Domestic Entities
for the Benefit of the Few
at the Cost to the many
where YOUR Future is Determined
by someone else
b/c THEY say so

Here is the PROOF -;
The Global Positioning is expanding

#QUESTION = Do You realize what is REALLY Going on
Do you believe the Narrative that is couched in
"Feel Good" terms of Inclusion & Diversity ??

#QUESTION = Can You "SEE" the Direction
that is being Imposed ??

Natural Progression by Society is one thing
When that Direction is FORCED Upon You without any Public Discourse

#QUESTION = Do You think that is NOT Happening ??

Think Again -;
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The #deficit #myth #deficitmyth by @StephanieKelton #MMT modern monetary theory
Myth N. 1: The #state should budget like a #household
#RealityCheck : unlike a household, a #SovereignNation, which owns its national #centralbank, issues the #currency it spends
Myth N. 2: #deficit is evidence of #overspending
#RealityCheck: look to #inflation for evidence of over spending
The purpose of #taxes is not to pay for #government expenditures but to help rebalancing the #wealth distribution #MMT
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There is sometimes a reason behind some of the #hate, And it's not always those Who are Far right, Some are caught up with a genuine concern after reading stories like this over the years and the only people listening are those on the Far right. #TalkDontLabel #DebateNotHate
If some on the left want to break the vicious circle of hate Then you must realise theres no bogeyman! Stop being lazy & refrain from using #labels, #TickBoxes & #Pigeonholing People who think differently to you. Accept responsibility that maybe YOU could be part of the #problem
I made bad choices in #MyFormerLife & will not excuse my behaviour, but the lack of meaningful #engagement with me or my #beliefs was a factor in being more involved in Echo Chambers
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/02/2020-2…

Nathaniel Cline and Nathan Tankus: Fiscal Systems, Organizational Capacity, and Crisis: A Political Balance of Payments Approach…

#crisis #payments #balance #systems #capitalism #capacity
We might finally know why the coronavirus spread is out of control again…

#coronavirus #spread
Did protests drive more Covid-19 cases? New research reveals a surprising answer…

#COVID19Cases #research #protests
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/06/2020-2…

Coronavirus May Be a Vascular Disease, Which Explains Everything | Elemental…

#vessels #blood #coronavirus #disease
Out-of-Sync ‘Loners’ May Secretly Protect Orderly Swarms…

#individual #swarm #nautilus
Opinion | The ‘Liberal World Order’ Was Built With Blood - The New York Times…

#liberal #blood #order #world
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USE THIS #Thread #Paradox of #AntiracistEdLeadership in #Edsystems- thoughts I've been really mulling abt in the past while. Have to admit, I've been sitting on this for a couple weeks. Grateful to those who helped me sift through my thinking <3 Here's to #courageousconversations
True #AntiRacist Leadership can only happen when you are anchored in #communities and you do the work #buildrelationships #seekadvice #love & #beLoved by those who give you #permission & #legitimacy to continue the struggle in boardrooms.
When I became a senior leader in Edu. I was advised that - You cannot be on the streets & in the boardrooms. "its time to choose. Its a different struggle." I didnt choose bc WE deserve to be in the boardroom but THAT choice comes at a #price
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Leading in Crisis✊
"sharing & self reminder tentang bagaimana leader menghadapi krisis"

written by @HandryGE
#dirumahaja #COVID19 #Leadership
Photo by Jehyun Sung via @unsplash
1a/ #Leader dlm situasi krisis harus mulai dengan asumsi bahwa #problem is worse than it appears. Sehingga langkah mengatasinya dan plan A, B, C, D nya kuat.
1b/ Bukan untuk menjadi pesimis dan #negativethinking, tapi realistis dan berhitung dengan cermat, sehingga aksinya jadi cepat dan tepat. Jangan menyepelekan sesuatu ketika krisis datang.
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Wo eine ganze Gruppe von Beamten denkt, es sei unproblematisch, öffentlich vor rechtsextremen Propaganda-Schriftzügen zu posieren, hat die #Polizei ein #Problem mit #Rechtsextremismus in den eigenen Reihen.
Offenbar kursierte das Foto zuerst in extrem rechten Chatgruppen und wurde dort gefeiert. Ist es Gegenstand der Ermittlungen, wie das Foto dort hingelangte, @PolizeiBB?
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What's your favourite clean joke?

Reply to this thread and let's make a collection of the best clean jokes. I'll go first.

When Mozart was alive he was composing
Now that he is dead, he is decomposing.
What's brown and sticky?

A stick.
What do you get when a piano falls down an army barracks?

A Flat Major
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After reading this, your thinking on the brain will not be the same. The thoughts are mine. The words from @nickwarren #tweetstorm cc @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower
#1 - They diagnosed me with #dyslexia when I was 43, but by then it didn’t matter.
#2 - I already knew my brain was different.
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An interesting story as shared by a friend @soodparivar. Found it #TooGoodNotToShare ...

The #CockroachTheory for #SelfDevelopment

At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady.

She started screaming out of fear.
With a #panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started screaming and jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach

Her reaction was contagious as everyone else in her group also started to panic
The lady finally managed to push the cockroach away but it landed on another lady in the group and it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama

The waiter rushed forward to their rescue

In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter
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