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Brief reality check on what caused last 10 days of #bitcoin upside. Sure seems driven by #tether fear and people moving their money off #bitfinex $USDT (on a potentially bankrupt exchange) into $BTC and out to a safe place. Funds may not be #SAFU. Below #bfx to #bitstamp premium.
According to @thetokenanalyst, #bitfinex had net #bitcoin outflows of 112,500 $BTC since #tether news broke. That's 620m USD roughly. Assuming #bfx data accurate it would be entire traded volume in BTC to stablecoins since then. Bankrun in slow-motion with no one around noticing.
Further point on this - I have never seen positioning in #bitcoin on #bitmex be so Bullish (ie 1.7x Longs/Shorts) but at the same time seen mex futures in such strong backwardation (ie discount to present). Means market really wants $BTC now, but in three months - not so much.
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I might not be making money yet myself, waiting for my #ALTs to moon, but at least I'm useful to someone(my best friend since Jr. High and college roomate).

$PINK $PIVX $ONG $MTL $LIFE (I'll mention the other good coins when I'm able to get in on them 😀). Must pump these first.
#bitcoin doing well since my "extremely bullish" proclamation to my friend about 25 minutes ago at the bottom of the most recent short-term dip.

Give the fuck up, bears! You're done for! #MuellerMayhem incoming!

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Back home, still no position for me.

Waiting on D1 close, the difference between #bitfinex and #bitmex is irritating.

/2 $BTC D1:

1) #Bitfinex: closed above range low AND yday's low: long signal.

2) #BITMEX: closed below range low / above yday's low: mixed feels...

H4: Possible 'bullish spring'. Confirmation would be a close and hold above red pivot / 3200$ swing-low.

No position for now.
/3 starting to 'pop-up' but I am not convinced enough for a trade.

H4: NOT longing unless we reclaim top red block. IF we do I will zoom in for entry precision and depending on the PA I might long with 3350$ target in mind.

Weekends are tricky, so I am picky. $BTC
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Bitmex Maintenance Drama Thread:

My intention in writing this thread is to elucidate the most salient points regarding recent PA and the #Bitmex drama. There has been a lot of noise in the past 24 hours, hopefully this will help to cut through it all.
As far as I'm concerned there are 2 primary potential explanations for the pump.

The first of course being manipulation.

There were a number of suspect activities that occurred prior to the event (hidden buy walls maintaining/increasing price, $100m of USDT moved to exchanges).
Bitmex maintenance would also be the best time to manipulate as 40% of liquidity is/was absent. Though it cannot be proven, it would certainly make a lot of sense for this to have been manipulation as it would have been extraordinarily profitable.
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Thank you for participating. $TRX up 108% followed by full retracement in seconds. #Bitmex
That really happened. Those are trades. Traders got filled there, long and short.
Lo and behold, 108% in seconds? Peanuts!

$XRP up 400% followed by full retracement in seconds. #Bitmex
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1/ It seems every #trader has to do the same mistakes as their predecessors. There are #wisdowms you will only understand, if you have experienced them yourself. In this thread I will give you the #wisdom, which can make the difference between being broke and driving lambos #btc
2/ Money is made in big swings

When realizing what profits can be made with trading, many start daytrading and want to #profit from every movement. You won't make more #money. Instead you will lose plenty of time. Watch big time frames and take positions for weeks #btc #trading
3/ When entering a #trade, have targets and a stop loss order

There is nothing more for you to do. There are two outcomes:

-you being stopped out
-you reaching your target

either is fine

realizing losses > being a bagholder
realized profits > unrealized profits

#btc #trading
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