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#Syria İS / İD Humus çöllerinde saldırya geçti. 5 Eset unsuru imha edildi, araçları yakıldı.

#Rakka 1 Pkk'lı terörist imha

#Yemen Husiler ve Elkaide terör örğütünün saldırısı püskürtüldü

#Afghanistan uyuşturucu mafyası teröristi 3 Taliban imha

#sondakika #idlib Trump'tan YPG
ABD'nin PKK terör örğütüyle birlikte sivilleri cocukları katlettiği tarihin en barbar vahşi insanlık dışı katliamının yaşandığı #Baghouz'da 11 Ekim 2019'da
3 pkklı kürt terörist İS /İD tarafından imha edildi.

#Sondakika #YPGattacksCivilians Tel Abyad
@threadreaderapp Hi unroll plz. Ty
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#Bangladesh renouvellement d’allégeance à l’#EI vidéo de 8:10 avec menaces contre le gouv et tous les partis politiques et communautés sans exception // référence aux #Rohingya #Birmanie & #Ouïghour #Chine parallèle avec #Baghouz #Syrie /images HyperCasher, 13 nov & #Nice #France
PT l’appel au jihad comparant le #Bangladesh et l’#Inde visant aussi les musulmans qualifiés « d’apostats » pour leur participation au jeu démocratique ou leur soutien aux autorités
PT on remarque l’armement rudimentaire et probablement artisanale et les vestes explosives qui ressemblent plus aux vestes de parade du Hamas qu’aux vestes explosives en usage chez les sympathisants de l’#EI
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20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
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Check out @orfonline's featured experts on why '#ISI and #ISIS are a double threat to peace in #SouthAsia'
The fall of #Baghouz, a small nondescript town in #Syria’s desert regions of Deir Ezzor from the hands of the so-called #IslamicState may have forced the world’s most wanted man to re-emerge publicly in a video message, says @KabirTaneja:
.@KabirTaneja, in conversation with @KhalidShah, deciphers the recent #SriLanka bombings and the changing nature of Islamic State operations. Watch ⬇
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BREAKING - #ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-#Baghdadi revealed in-person on new #ISIS video post-#Caliphate defeat in #Syria-#Iraq.

He appears in fine health, despite reports of severe injury.
I'm honestly unconvinced that this "diminished" point translates over to #ISIS & its existing/possible support base.

To me, this seems like a Western-centric point from which to analyze a video containing #Baghdadi's 2nd appearance in ~5yrs - a big deal.

#pt: For #ISIS, the struggle is theologically infinite - it isn't "defeated" or "prevented" by territorial losses.

e.g. #Trump's #Syria withdrawal announcement in #Dec '18 would have been perceived as a sign of eventual victory.

- #Baghdadi's video = fuel, not sign of weakness.
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1) BREAKING: #ISIS’ Furqan issues new video showing leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, marking the first time he is shown in a video since his July 2014 sermon at the Great Mosque in #Mosul
2) The video shows Baghdadi in a casual conversational setting with others (their faces blurred). He talks about war against "Crusaders" and about battles in #Baghouz #Syria being over, indicating that this interview was filmed somewhat recently.
3) In the vid, titled “In the Hospitality of the Emir of the Believers,” Baghdadi praises #SriLanka attackers over images of the attackers/attack (though not in the visual interview section; the audio may have thus been added via a later recording)--calling it revenge for Baghouz
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#ISIS is still in the tunnel system of #Baghouz, across the Euphrates, in Badia desert and they roam free with Erdogan's blessing in #Jarabulus and #Afrin. @SpeakerPelosi @WHNSC @hogangidley45 @foxandfriends
I recommend establishing @coalition control along the Iraq Syria border from Abu Kamal to meet up with MaT moving east from Al-Tanf to cut off ISIS supply from Iraq and block Hezbollah entering via Badia desert.
A quick move could be done in 48 hours and would allow relief for the folks trapped in the camp near al-Tanf.
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports that Kurdish led coalition SDF, YPG, and YPJ have captured the entire Tent city camp of #Baghouz, This is a major victory for the soldiers but the fight against #ISIS terrorists still proceeds in #Baghouz in #Syria.
#Update: This is the video footage of the last heavy clashes, in #Baghouz yesterday. When the Kurdish led coalition SDF, YPG, and YPJ have captured the entire Tent city camp from the last enclave battle victory, against #ISIS terrorists. Video: @SharifMugh
#Update: Some pictures taken today by #ANHA news, showing the scene in the entire Tent city camp in #Baghouz, being completely destroyed by Kurdish led coalition SDF, YPG, and YPJ forces.
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The media is *the* platform of choice for US officials trying to coerce a reversal in #Syria policy -- the reality is more complex & less promising.

My latest for @politico, questions durability of #America's presence in #Syria vis-a-vis #ISIS's future:…
@politico (1) A long-term U.S. presence in al-Tanf depends heavily on #Jordan's support.

But the reliability of that support remains uncertain, given #Amman's doubling investment in ties with #Assad's #Syria & pursuit of renewed trade links.

Have we got that assurance? I don't think so.
@politico (2) For now, #Trump has permitted a "residual force" in #Syria on the condition that it convinces EU allies to (a) stay & (b) expand their presence.

As of today, (a) is possible but (b) is an outright No.

That means the status quo, which we know #Trump opposes altogether.
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#AlFurqan #EI annonce un nouvel audio
PT ca sera probablement un audio du porte-parole Abou Hassan al-Mouhajir #EI
Audio 44:23 du porte parole de l’#EI Abou al-Hassan al-Mouhajir diffusé par #AlFurqan à 20h15
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Trump: Day 786
-#StPatricksDay Unhinged Rant
-Keeps Trampling on McCain's Grave
-Threatens Saturday Night Live Again
-Implores Fox Return Judge Jeanine
-Lashes Out at 3 Fox News Anchors
-Blames Autoworkers 4 Plant Closure
-Flip-Flops on Syrian Troop Withdraw
Day 891 since Donald Trump *bragged* and joked about sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 742 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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I like to think little fazes me in this business. But the stories of the four 4 #Iraq-i boys from #Telafar got me.…
The three you see in the pictures here are the Aoun brothers: Ali, 11; Khalil, 9; and Ahmad, 7. They were kidnapped by #ISIS in 2014, when the group overran northwest #Iraq. (2)
The fourth one, 11-year old Mahdi Ghazi Mohammad, who, like the others, is a Shiite Turkmen from Telafar, you can see here. (3)…
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1/ I'm so happy. After days of organizing &endless phone calls, the 4 Iraqi boys kidnapped by ISIS years ago, are back home with their family in #Talafar, Iraq.

Below I'll explain how I found the family of the boys & put them in touch with SDF.

Finally a happy ending.

2/ Last Thursday, I saw the tweet of SDF spokesperson @mustefabali.

In it, he explained that SDF has found in #Baghouz 4 young Iraqi Shia boys who were kidnapped by ISIS years ago.

He asked for help in finding their families.

3/ In order to find the families of the 4 Iraqi boys who were liberated from their ISIS kidnappers, I sent the video to countless Iraqi activists & journalist (in public &in private.)

I asked them to spread vid among their contacts in hope family of kids would notice.

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The ISIS women in #Baghouz in #Syria are sick in the head! Even after surrendering they support the caliphate... Should have dropped more bombs on them....
Sick people! ISIS women in #Baghouz in #Syria Part 1/2
Sick people! ISIS women in #Baghouz in #Syria Part 2/2
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[1] "I saw many dead, massacred people": Kinan, 10, has spent half his life as a slave of Daesh (ISIS)". He was kidnapped from his village in #Shingal in 2014. Now he tells his story. Translation in the thread.…
#Syria #Baghouz
[2] "His name is Kinan, he is 10 years old. He was released a week ago after five years serving a Syrian jihadist named Abu Saad. In the cohorts of civilians evacuated from #Baghouz region in #Syria, where the "caliphate" of ISIS lives its last days, there are many children.
[3] Children of jihadists, but also slaves of the Islamic State, like Kinan, who agreed to tell his story to our special envoys. The story of Kinan begins in 2014 when he is taken prisoner by Daesh. The jihadists have just taken, in just a few hours, the Yezidi city of #Sinjar
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#Breaking: Just in - The wife of the French ISIS terrorist Jean-Michel #clain confirms that her husband was killed in #Baghouz in #Syria two days after his brother Fabien also was killed, in the Saturday attacks from the #SDF and #YPG fighters.
#Update: Pictures of the two French #ISIS terrorists brothers who went to #Syria and fight after passing through #Turkey into Syria. They are both dead as we speak. Viva SDF and YPG fighters 2 people less in #France.
How long until she will ask #France to take her back?
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How is it freaking possible that every foreign ISIS fighter was able to travel across #Turkey into #Syria? Yes because turkey is funding these scumbags...
#Update: Remember when i reported that tens of passports were found in #Syria of ISIS fighter in #Baghouz travelling frequently in and across #Turkey and some returning in the EU?
Hey @Partisangirl get in here.
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#Breaking: The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said "heavy fighting" is taking place on the outskirts of #Baghouz but they "expect it to be over soon" as they advance on two fronts against #ISIS.
#Update: The US led coalition Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) also said we will and liberate #Baghouz tonight but fighting #ISIS will be brutal as fighting and heavy clashes continue in the area.
#Breaking: Just in - Heavy fighting continues With #US led SDF and YPG forces trying to liberate #Baghouz tonight in the last #ISIS stronghold and giving it all to the enemy.
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This #ISIS wife is saying "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is in #Baghouz but this is what she heard. Her husband and other men decided to stay behind.
Baghdadi ordered all women to leave but seems gave the freedom for men to decide for themselves if they stay.

Listening to this woman, #ISIS wife, I understand the strong faith she has in her cause, in Baghdadi, in the safety/ success (victory) of her husband left behind. She uses praising words when mentioning Baghdadi and expresses a conviction of her decision

This #ISIS woman is #Syrian from #Damascus. She may be very young (from her enthusiasm in delivering her conviction). But my point is: she will definitely raise her children on the path of #ISIS unless she changes her mind later (for some reasons).

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As I told the journalists since several days, all the news about SDF has defeated SDF in #Baghouz are fake news, the terrorists still in 3 main locations and Ill explain about each one of them:

1 - Chehaffeh & The Baghuz Valley route: Chehaffeh is a location includes..2/4..
..2/4..includes many historical caves linked to tunnles taking to the other side of the borders [to Iraq] amd The Baghuz Valley route is located at the foot of the valley, under the Baghuz hill, which is very hard to contrel it by any troops, this route is an old smuggling..3/4..
..3/ old smuggling route for ISIS terrorists btwn Syria and Iraq, recently they have started using it to smuggle the leaders or senior/logistic elements, because it became more harder for them to use it.

2 - Baghouz IDPs Camp: everyone knows about this site.

3 - Saf..4/4..
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