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#korean action-packed #crime film The Roundup is back for a sequel! Detective Ma Seok-do joins forces with the Metropolitan Investigation Team to stop Joo Seong-cheol, the son of a wealthy family who has formed a dangerous alliance with Japanese gangsters #TheFlash With the stakes higher than ever, Detective Ma must race against time to prevent Joo from committing a series of horrific crimes. Will they be able to bring him to justice before it's too late?

Showing in cinemas now As an adaptation of Stephen King’s short novel of the same name, The Boogeyman follows high schooler Sadie and her little sister Sawyer, who are recovering from their mother’s recent death. Their father, Will,
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If you're interested in abortion numbers post-Dobbs, this thread is for you 🧵
(I'm going to reference some sources, which I'll hyperlink at the bottom of the thread, FYI)
In February I compiled a bunch of data from sources including Texas Health & Human Services, Texas Policy Evaluation Project, the Journal of the American Medical Association, & the US Census Bureau in order to figure out what abortions in Texas looked like post-Dobbs.
Since virtually all the abortion clinics in TX shut down, the obvious question for many would be, "What abortions? It's illegal now. Right?"


I was looking specifically for data on out-of-state abortions and mail-order abortions, and what the data suggested was tragic.
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This is a thread on Phiroz Rustomji Daruwala, a cold-blooded serial killer who brutally killed an elderly family in a #murder case that rocked #Mumbai and #Maharashtra 50 years ago. The criminal also planned to abduct matka king Ratan Khatri!
#crime #truecrime #murdermysteries ImageImageImage
2 February 1971. The neighbours of Darabshah Sethna (82), a resident of Jehangir Mansion, near Metro Cinema at Dhobi Talao in #Mumbai were intrigued. The main door of his 5th floor was locked, which was unprecedented as the family never went out together.
Sethna was a bachelor. Gaibai Master (72), her husband Nasserwanji (65) and their servant Bawla (55) stayed with Sethna and cared for him. Sethna was a managing clerk at a reputed solicitor's firm in #Mumbai.
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Since ‘21 lawmakers proposed nearly 900 anti-#LGBTQ+ bills, nearly 500 of which were introduced this year in 49 state legislatures+Congress. Many bills target rights of #transgender people by curtailing “basic healthcare, education, legal recognition & the right to publicly exist
1) Many of the anti-trans bills target the rights of #transgender people by curtailing “basic #healthcare, education, #legal recognition, and the right to publicly exist” #LGBTQ…
2) #NorthDakota recently enacted a statute restricting access to sex-segregated spaces…
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1/8. Aboriginals are imprisoned at the highest rate in the world because they commit serious crimes at rates 8 to 10 times higher than non-Aboriginal Australians. Data from the ABS highlights elevated offending by other groups as well. #auspol #crime #aboriginalcrime #immigration Image
2/8. Sexual assault and related offences. Image
3/8. Robbery, extortion and related offences. Image
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A Doctor can be the greatest criminal of the world. He has the knowledge & the nerve-Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's line was personified by a 40-year old Doctor from #Pune who committed a sensational murder in the 1950s. Thread
#crime #truecrime #Maharashtra #Mumbai ImageImage
At around 5.30 a.m. on 13th November 1956, Anant Chintamun Lagu, a Pune-based doctor, came to the GT Hospital in Mumbai with a 45-yr-old widow, who was unconscious. Lagu said she had fallen unconscious during an overnight train journey from Pune to Mumbai.
Lagu said he was travelling in same compartment as the woman. He told the doctors that he did not know the woman, but had gathered during the journey that her name was Indumati Panse. Lagu provided his address in Pune to the hospital.
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Today, in England, millions of voters make a choice in their #LocalElections2023. It’s a good time to share some new research that is related to two policy issues that will have touched many people over the last year: the #energycrisis & #crime.
🧵⬇️ Image
In a nutshell, the paper shows that much of the widely reported surge in burglaries & anti-social behaviour could have been avoided, had the government provided more targeted energy price subsidies or had UK invested more in making homes more energy efficient. Last summer, ... ImageImageImageImage
I modelled the impact of the energy price shock down to the property level for millions of homes. More #energyinefficient homes would see a bigger increase. Part of this work was reported in @FT as an interactive story…. This set up a framework to study... Image
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(1) There were two assaults on women within 11 hours yesterday near or on the Key Bridge. This is Arlington traffic-cam video from @SafetyVid after a woman was stabbed just before 9 p.m. Details in the next tweet. (more) @ARLnowDOTcom @CordellTraffic @HCBright10 #arlington #crime
(2) As you saw in the video, a lot of people stopped to help the woman after the attack. Here's the statement from @ArlingtonVaPD about the stabbing: (more) Image
(3) At 10:35 am, @dcfireems Ambulance 29 reported a woman was attacked by a man on or near the bridge. The ambulance found her on the VA side near where the later attack occurred. Do not know the extent of injuries or have any info indicating these 2 incidents are related.
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"No Hindi, no Hindu, no Hindustan" | This is the Khalistani gurudwara in Sacramento where two people were shot

This is what Khalistani militants are preaching inside the Sacramento gurdwara where two Sikhs fired bullets on each other on Sunday.
#Khalistan ideology only bring #violence, #crime and #hate into the society | They are teaching young #Sikh #children to eliminate #Hindi, #Hindu and #Hindustan (#India).

Dangerous indoctrination of impressionable minds.

Proof that extremist #Khalistani ideology has infiltrared #Gurdwara #Sacramento #Sikh Society, where at least two people were shot

Khalistani flags everywhere & imagery of radical Amritpal Singh is hung on the walls of the Gurdwara

#Terrorist #Extremist
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Ever wonder why #498A is misused by so many #women these days?

Here are some reasons why #498a is so easy to #misuse.

=Thread= Image
1. The law is #cognizable in nature, which means that the #complaint of the #woman is sufficient for setting the #criminal law in motion.
2. The police are #duty-bound to register an #FIR on receipt of the complaint of #cognizable crime.
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Afghanistan Marine veteran, 38, is shot dead by his two Uber passengers in California 7/11 parking lot: Cops hunt dad-of-two's carjacking killers - while his wife says she's 'in a nightmare' 🤬🆘‼️ Daily Mail Online #Military #Crime…
•Aaron Orozco, 38, was murdered by his Uber passengers on Friday night
•Orozco served three tours of duty with the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan
•He left behind a wife and two young children, who he was driving to support
Aaron Orozco, 38, died on Friday night after being shot in the upper torso at about at about 1:30am just outside of Los Angeles. His body was pushed out into the parking lot while one of the suspects fled on foot and the other stole and drove off in his Honda Pilot.
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Nevers 'Spoiler' Kapenda was a notorious armed robber who perpetrated a reign of terror particularly, in and around Lusaka from the 1980s through to his death in 2004. He committed a series of robberies and inflicted pain on his victims. #Crime
Kapenda was arrested for criminal offenses he committed during the 1980s and he served a 20-year sentence at Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe.
He was released on 11th November 2003 and he asked for forgiveness for all his bad deeds from Zambians.
In an interview soon after he walked to freedom, Kapenda thanked prison authorities for keeping him like their own child. Before his release, Kapenda had escaped prison several times.
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@Demarit @TyttiTup @PetteriOrpo @MikkonenKrista '#Preventing' #Grooming in the #HappiestCountry
The #Oulu #rapecrisis.
"Stop, don't touch me there." | 2y
Oulun kaupunki laittoi 2,5 miljoonaa euroa Turvallinen Oulu -hankkeeseen, jonka tarkoituksena on ehkäistä uskonsoturien tuomaa seksuaalirikollisuutta.
@Demarit @TyttiTup @PetteriOrpo @MikkonenKrista #Islam'in perusteet
- #muslimi on määrätty taistele­maan fyysisesti myös #vääräuskoisia vastaan. Muhamma­din vaikuttava #sotilas­ura on todistuk­sena siitä, kuinka keskeisessä asemassa sotilaal­linen toi­minta #islam'issa on.
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1. Dr. David Duke's book "The Secret Behind Communism" does a great job exposing the Jewish #Zionist roots of #Communism, the most genocidal political ideology in history, responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people...
2. Thanks to Jewish control of the media practically everyone knows about the Holocaust, and almost no one knows about #Holodomor, the Jewish-led Ukranian genocide responsible for many more millions of deaths just a decade prior. 😳 Image
3. Practically everyone knows the "#Hitler killed 6 million Jews" myth, and almost no one knows the "Yagoda killed 10 million non-Jews" fact. Image
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Since January 2023, I have launched a weekly series on @mumbaitak (thanks to @sahiljoshii) where I speak in #Marathi on little-known yet significant episodes from #IndianHistory. This is a thread with the playlists.
Do watch and comment.
#history #trivia #Mumbai #Maharashtra
The first episode with over 2.6 lakh views was on the sensational #TheBawlaMurderCase (1925) which led to the abdication of an Indian king. You can buy my book on this crime here:

#truecrime #crime #Mumbai #Maharashtra #Books
Did you know that the police stations in #Mumbai, the #MumbaiPolice special branch & crime branch owe their genesis to #LokmanyaBalGangadharTilak? Watch this episode to know more about the bitter-sweet (!)relation between #Tilak and the #MumbaiPolice.

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Looking forward to our #BlueSky seminar this afternoon on 'Starting young: How does #education shape #criminal #justice'?

See you on Zoom 4-5pm UK time!👏
Dr Ryan Motz kicks-off with results from the @ERiskstudy showing that the twin in touch with the criminal justice system had higher #deliquency score, and #official #crime at 18y, compared to the twin that did not come into contact with CJ system. #labellingargument
"Does contact with the justice system lead to more deliquency?"

"We need to recognise that justice system made be biased and we need to offset this.."

"Let's focus on what works."
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1/Several campaigns for municipal positions (#mayor, #citycouncil) in #Naperville are hyping rising #crime as the #1 issue. Their platforms are a solution in search of a problem. The assertion that crime is rising or prevalent in Naperville is simply NOT TRUE.
2/About to drop some stats but 1st some context for the numbers. In mid ‘21, @NapervillePD converted to a new crime data reporting system (NIBRS replaced UCR) per federal mandate. NIBRS is more comprehensive: counts up to 10 offenses per incident vs only the most serious offense;
3/in many categories NIBRS tracks the number of victims vs incidents; some crime definitions changed; NIBRS counts attempted crimes not just completed crimes. As a result, pre-July 2021 data is not comparable to post-July 2021 data and NIBRS is more encompassing (ie higher count)
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Did you happen to catch Matt Innis on The Twister radio yesterday? He gave even more insight into the burglary and break in that took place at the @NEGOP headquarters last summer. After hearing this, host Jim Lambley called @gagetaylor 'Nebraska's own Hunter Biden'! #CornGate Image
He also stated that even hearing the name Jessica Flanagain (@SenatorRicketts long time henchwoman) makes the hair in the back of his neck stand up saying, "That's not a good name!"
Just what exactly were on the files and emails that Taylor deleted (over 200 gigabytes worth)?
What does the deleted surveillance footage show?
How is Gage able to still work for @USRepMikeFlood after committing these crimes?
Was Roscoe Ricketts part of the break-in, theft, and destruction of property?
What happened at the bonfire afterwards 🤔
@Ricketts4Senate #CornGate
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"Suicides shake India's broking community" News headlines in 2001.

Dalal Street saw people lose their jobs, leading brokerages lose trading rights & the 'Bombay Bull' broker, Ketan Parekh, facing fraud charges.

"The Same Gang is back"

#HindenburgReport #StockMarket #stocks Image
"The Gujarat earthquake was rattling, but for many, their real earthquake came afterwards", a broker.

Many people who gambled with other people's funds, with their knowledge or without, could finally smell the money - but unfortunately it was the smell of money burning.
But the better prices are too late for the players who lost so much, and thought DEATH was their only option.

Markets recovered later, Regulators vowed to tighten up trading rules & a parliamentary panel to investigate the sell-offs.

"But they were good at it,
N they are now"
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#Palestinian Authority: #IOF #Jenin raid 'organized #crime and a #massacre' | 12:54
- IOF raided the Jenin camp in Occupied Palestine's #WestBank on Thursday morning, leaving residents and popular resistance groups with no choice but to defend themselves
#Israeli forces #martyr another #Palestinian in occupied #WestBank | Jan 27
- The official Palestinian news agency #Wafa said he was shot in clashes which erupted during a protest against the killings of nine Palestinians during a raid in #Jenin.…
#Israel and #Gaza militans exchange #missiles following deadly raid in the #WestBank | Jan 27
- as tensions soared following an Israeli #raid killed nine #Palestinians, including at least seven militants and a 61-year-old woman.…
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Past ten months as a business operator in National City, CA.

(tl;dr: 3 Burglaries / 10 Months)

Starring: @alesotelosolis, @NATIONALCITYPD, @JWmetals ?

In April 2022, we moved our business to National City from Otay Mesa.

In the 4 years in Otay Mesa, we had zero incidents.

Within two weeks, there was a burglary for over $100k dollars in assets.

This devastated me emotionally as well as financially.

As someone who has always appreciated the Police Dept, (even in times when they were running out of fans), I knew to call the non-emergency line and file a police report as soon as possible.

The officers were professional and seemed to take my concerns seriously.

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one of the most curious stories that came out during the 2016 campaign, during which the inept candidacy of @HillaryClinton succumbed to the neo-fascıst movement and @mtaibbi's best friend @realDonaldTrump, was this act of petty corporate theft.

Trump, or rather his tax-shelter @TrumpFoundation (every rich #entrepreneur-criminal has a "foundation" of some sort, useful both for tax purposes and as a place to furnish sinecure jobs to cousins and loyal toadies and so on), was accused of fiddling money from a charity.

@realDonaldTrump's @GOP defenders (*not* including @mtaibbi, whose fandom for Trump and the GOP was predictably late in developing) tried to pretend that Trump or his people couldn't have possibly done such a thing: after all, Trump's already rich! on paper, anyway.

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We need to talk about male violence - men killing women & children. Too many women & children have already been killed & it’s the start of a new year - Bruna Fonseca, Natalie McNally & Tausha Haight, her mother Gail Earl, & Tausha’s five children -
identified by family and friends as Macie (17), Briley (12), twins Ammon and Sienna (7), & Gavin (4). I can’t tell you whether these men thought it right to kill, but what I can tell you from 27 years of profiling cases is that they thought it was THEIR RIGHT.
We need to talk about this supercharged sense of entitlement and ownership men believe they have over women and children and stop saying it’s ‘senseless’ ‘tragic’ ‘gun violence’ ‘motiveless’ It’s not.
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Afirmações de que as #forçasarmadas #FA poderiam arbitrar conflitos de competência entre os poderes são aberrantemente antidemocráticas e inconstitucionais. Não têm NENHUM respaldo na #Constituição da República de 1988.
Qualquer novato em #DireitoConstitucional aprende que o órgão encarregado de dar a última palavra em matérias jurídico-constitucionais é o #Judiciário. Rui Barbosa já dizia isso em 1914, quando afirmou que o #STF pode errar, mas tem a prerrogativa de “errar por último”.
A #Constituição prevê o que o jurista J.J. Gomes Canotilho chama de “estados constitucionais de emergência”: intervenção, estado de defesa e estado de sítio. Em todos, há participação conjunta dos poderes, no exercício de equilíbrio recíproco, ie, dos freios e contrapesos.
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