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After the last 6 weeks building, I'm happy to finally launch
This is a tool to record and find derelict properties in towns, villages, and cities. The aim is to uncover these opportunities, and initiate their development into living spaces. 🧵...
Doghouse came about after I saw local activists @judesherry & @frank_oconnor posting derelict and vacant properties in their local community. I thought it would be helpful to make a place to aggregate and present these for all to see and uncover #DerelictIreland
The name comes from the phrase "in the doghouse" i.e. to be in a state of disgrace or disfavour. A lot like the housing situation for #GenerationRent both in Ireland & worldwide. The question asked by activists was simple - why are we wasting so many resources?
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"Across #China, the police are buying technology that harnesses vast #surveillance data to predict #crime and #protest before they happen."… #Panopticon #Bentham #startups
1/ "The latest generation of technology digs through the vast amounts of data collected on their daily activities to find patterns and aberrations, promising to predict crimes or protests before they happen."
2/ "It takes extensive evasive maneuvers to avoid the digital tripwires."
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Recherche #IoB sur les Tattoos électroniques :
1 thread qui présente la maturation lente mais décidée de cette idée de capteurs de peau souples & radio-connectés
1/ Au démarrage, une preuve de concept de 2011 par la fondation nationale 🇺🇸 pour la science…
Recherche #IoB sur les Tattoos électroniques :
2/ De l'importance du #Design dans la mise au point de tout capteur destiné à un usage corporel conscient et permanent... ex du proto #biostamp en 2015…
Recherche #IoB sur les Tattoos électroniques :
3/ Synthèse début 2022 sur les très nombreuses applications de bio capteurs de peau (non invasifs) : #Esanté bien sûr, suivi de soldats, pilotage par influx nerveux & Arts créatifs...
par @TheTecia…
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You would have read that Flipkart, InMobi, and many more #startups are incorporated in #Singapore 🇸🇬?

Ever thought why founders incorporate their companies and not in #India?

In this #thread🧵, we will share few benfits of setting up a companies in Singapore.

Let's Begin... Image
Every #business or #startup needs money to grow and one way for a business strive to do this is by saving money on taxes.

Likewise, Indian businesses have been choosing Singapore as a business destination.

Let's see what makes Singapore a promising business destination!

India and Singapore have been important trade alliances for a long time.

Both the nations have signed "The Double Taxation Avoidance Aggrement (DTA)", which aims to avoid double taxation of any income that may flow between the two nations. Image
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All set. Puh.
Auf in den Vortrag zu
"Menschzentrierte KI
für nachhaltige Mobilität"
So sieht unsere Agenda aus für den Workshop aus.
Mehr zum #KITransferHubSH gibt es hier:
Oh, lerne gerade dieses Wochenende ist das @waterkant_sh (!
@johann_olsen vom SH-#StartUp @iodynamics1 spricht damit heute direkt mit Vogelstimmen im Hintergrund. :-)
Richtig schön!
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Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact!

When it comes to people and #culture we tend to over engineer everything.

Sometimes it just needs to be simple and fun and creative!

So, I thought I'd share this simple hack from @OMERSVentures recent team offsite.
Last month, our team had an offsite - the first in over 3 yrs, and the first for all three of our regions (CAN, US, UK) to meet each other as a global team. It was a great week of connecting, collaborating!

#team #culture #connection Image
As our people & culture champion & w/ the dream team of @shawnchance & @MindOverMandi we collaborated on a session to help our team get to know each other in the face of continuing Covid-related work environments & the challenge of working in 3 countries, but operating as 1 team Image
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#VivaTech 🚀

Sur le stand @orange, on parle de souveraineté numérique avec @babgi (conseil national du numérique) et @huguesfoulon (PDG Orange Cyberdéfense).
“Être souverain, c’est avoir le choix et pleinement conscience de nos décisions en matière numérique” - @huguesfoulon

“Ne pas avoir une érosion de la valeur qui part à l’étranger” - @babgi
“Veut-on être une colonie américaine ad vitam ? La réponse d’@orange, c’est plutôt non mais ça ne se fait pas en un claquement de doigt” - @huguesfoulon

@OrangeCyberFR x @orange
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#VivaTech 🚀

C’est l’heure de découvrir les lauréats du concours #FrenchIoT. Les finalistes ont répondu à l’un des 4 challenges :

◾️ services de proximité
◾️ services aux entreprises
◾️ e-santé
◾️ service aux territoires

En savoir plus 👉🏻…
Depuis 2020 et encore cette année, la moitié des #startup sont fondées (ou co-fondées) par des femmes.

La directrice du programme, @VanessaChocteau veut « briser le plafond de verre en proposant des modèles de réussites inspirants pour tous et toutes. »

@GroupeLaPoste @Docapost
100 #startup sont déjà passés par le programme #FrenchIoT. C’est la 8eme édition du concours de l’innovation.
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@ClaraChappaz la directrice de la #Frenchtech est sur la scène de @VivaTech avec @_JohnChambers, l'ancien Chairman de Cisco Image
La France est leader européens sur l’explosion de licornes ces dernières années 🦄
La France est le lieu idéal pour créer une #startup en Europe, mais aussi pour promouvoir les scale up 🚀 #VivaTech Image
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How does a software engineering team determine the value of a feature? My answer in thread #startup #product #softwareengineering
The value of a feature can be determined by three variables:

Effort required (the lower, the better)
Alignment with company’s goals (the more aligned, the better)
Shelf life (the longer, the better)
Let’s compare two examples below:

A - A landing page that is going to take 5 weeks to build but will only be available for a week. The reason for the page is to announce a new product offering, as per company’s goals
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¿Quieres emprender una #startup y necesitar validar tu idea rápidamente tu idea de negocio?

Aquí te dejo 4 formas para que valides que pueden ayudarte

1️⃣ Identificar señales

No hace falta que valides con un MVP.

Puedes salir al mercado con una landing page y hacer A/B testing con tu propuesta de valor para ver la demanda del mercado.

Importante: tener una propuesta de valor muy clara y concisa para los mensajes.
2️⃣ Beta 0.1

Este enfoque requiere el lanzamiento de un producto Beta, que generalmente tiene errores y no es el mejor en términos de experiencia de usuario (tampoco buscamos que lo sea, no es el objetivo ahora).

Prioriza muy bien qué funcionalidades deben de entrar en el 0.1
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#YouTube channel to a billion dollar company — India’s first profitable #edtech unicorn is here


By @Krittiiii Image
Edtech company #PhysicsWallah, which is also known as PW, is the latest Indian #startup to enter the #unicorn club. The company has raised $100 million in a Series A round from Westbridge and GSV Ventures, at a valuation of $1.1 billion. Image
A #unicorn, in #startup parlance, is a company valued at over one billion dollars. #PhysicsWallah is the first edtech company to hit this milestone this year. Overall, it is the 101th company in India to achieve this distinction.
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Driver “shortage”: Truth Behind the Employee Shortage in the Trucking Industry - Jenny Macleod

Thread 🧵 [1/14]
2/ The trucking industry acts as a backbone of the economy, transporting up to 70% of freight
3/ Global disruptions in the supply chain triggered by the pandemic followed through into 2021; with stock shortages and price inflation of goods leading to a potential international recession.
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Wie kommt man so als #Wisskomm Angesteller in der Industrie unter?
Für alle, die nicht #Hanna sein wollen, aber auch die Wissenschaft lieben.

Ein kleiner 🧵:
Zuerst, meine Position.

Ich habe momentan eine Position als 'Scientific Marketing Specialist', und wie ihr schon erkennen könnt, hat #wisskomm in der Industrie oft mit Marketing zu tun.

Ich weiß nicht wie es euch geht, aber ich hasste immer Marketing wie die Pest.
Zum einen, da man natürlich verkaufen will und viele Marketing Tricks schlichtweg manipulativ, unehrlich oder so Klischee beladen sind, dass es einem das Herz zerreißt.

Zum anderen, da der 'Inhalt' so hohl ist und stinklangweilig. Immer ist alles 'super', man habe 'das Beste'
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Patel Brothers are the oldest & largest Indian grocery chain in the USA. Image
Founded in 1974, by 2 brothers - Mafat & Tulsi Patel, Patel Brothers is now valued at $140 Million (Rs 1090 Crores) Image
Mafat, Tulsi & Aruna Patel were born & raised in Mehsana, Gujarat. Mafat Travelled to the US in 1968 to pursue MBA from Indiana University and eventually settled in Chicago to work as an engineer.

#patelbros #indiana #business #startup Image
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🚨 Startup Founder of the Day 🚨

Meet the founder building the unified workspace to simplify your day

Today’s #startup founder of the day is @GFragin, Founder and CEO of @hq_loop 👇
@GFragin @hq_loop 2/ New York-based Greg Fragin is a former big law attorney who earned his JD and MBA from Columbia Law and Business Schools

He also spent time at a hedge fund and within a family office
@GFragin @hq_loop 3/ Having done deals as a lawyer, founder and an investor, he realized that the amount of information and number of apps was overwhelming

He knew someone needed to simplify digital workflow, so he set about finding a better solution
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🚨 Startup Founder of the Day 🚨

Meet the founder building the ultimate club for travel lovers

Today’s #startup founder of the day is @samframpatil, Co-Founder of @welltraveledco 👇
@samframpatil @welltraveledco 2/ Born to parents from NZ and England, Sam grew up flying around the world to visit family

She was able to take this love of travel that she’d cultivated from a young age and build a career out of it
@samframpatil @welltraveledco 3/ Prior to starting Well Traveled, Sam built her career in consumer tech and marketing

She led go-to-market strategies, international marketing and member monetization programs at brands such as Pandora Media, Snap, and most recently Dollar Shave Club
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🚨 Startup Founders of the Day 🚨

Meet the founders enabling influencers to monetize their following through the power of virtual product placement

Today’s #startup founders of the day are @RawleA, @kBlakeThomas, and Darwin, Co-Founders of @TychonApp 👇
@RawleA @kBlakeThomas @TychonApp 2/ Rawle, Kevin, and Darwin have a combined 50+ years of experience in their respective fields

They are based in Trinidad & Tobago and are building an international, diverse, and remote-first team
@RawleA @kBlakeThomas @TychonApp 3/ @TychonApp is a digital marketplace that connects brands with influencers seeking to monetize their audience.
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Markets has gone from one extreme ( Assuming fed won’t pull the trigger) in Jan 2022 to another extreme ( assuming fed would be unstoppable ) within a time span of 5 months . It’s pessimism all around with various articles / views being floating around for bad years ahead (1/n)
It is important to remember that market cycles have shortened . 2020 bear market was for 2 month and 2020-22 bull market was for 2 years ( 2/n)
Market participants tends to extrapolate the recent past and same is happening now . We saw winter coming in Jan 2022 and believe that this time too it will be short bear market with bottoming out process to be completed by Oct 2022 (3/n)
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As much as I love everyone FINALLY embracing remote work from anywhere, been in this game for a while now…

In 2016, I set out to build a globally competitive AI #startup from Sault Ste Marie, Canada.

Here’s how that went:
I had a vision.
I had a dream.

I wanted to revitalize a steeltown with tech.

I wanted to prove that you could build best-in-class tech from ANYWHERE in the world. In 2016.

I was proven wrong.
I was literally laughed at by Toronto investors.

Most Waterloo investors didn’t believe my dreams could be possible up “North”.

I ultimately determined that local Soo investors would have been more likely to fund a cupcake shop than deep tech AI; despite endless attempts.
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For the last 3 weeks, I didn't have any days off and usually got back home around midnight. The reason – a new #startup. It's tough, but it's fulfilling.

What is it like starting a fundraise when the market crashes and what mistakes I've made – read in a thread:
Being YC-alum with industry insights and a team behind me, I hugely underestimated how difficult it will be. It seems that everyone around raises money easily, others may tell you how easy it will be, but, in reality, it's never easy, man.
I had too much confidence in my connections and their power. What each friend can make, 3 intros? Should be enough to close a small round! In reality, it's 0.2, and more ghosting than intros.

(Appreciate all those who really tried to help 🙌 I value it more than ever)
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9 Things that help startups to improve their odds while facing Angel Investors. A 🧵 thread

#Angel #Investors
1) Explain your IDEA clearly
The inability to describe the business idea early is the biggest mistake startups make while meeting an angel investor. So grab them by the hook early if you want to seal a deal.
2) Highlight the problem & offer solutions
The core idea in your business plan about solving problems is something that angels are really interested in.
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#Zerodha CEO @Nithin0dha does not believe that there's an opportunity to build many businesses valued at $100 million in India.

Read his full interview with Moneycontrol's @PriyankaIyer to find out why 👇…

@zerodhaonline #Startup #Funding #Fintech
@Nithin0dha @PriyankaIyer @zerodhaonline @Nithin0dha says that "The problem with raising money at high valuations is that once you've set the wrong expectations to your investors, then you have to do whatever to meet those expectations."

Read the full interview at 👇…

@PriyankaIyer ✍️ Image
@Nithin0dha added, "There cannot be 1,000 companies with a $100 million valuation because that would mean them having at least $10 million revenue."

Full interview by @PriyankaIyer at 👇…

@zerodhaonline #StartupWithMC #Funding Image
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Rejection hurts. There's no denying it.

But just because your business pitch was rejected by a venture capitalist (VC) doesn't mean that your startup is doomed.

In fact, getting rejected can be a good thing. It can help you learn, grow, and become a stronger entrepreneur.

Here are three things to do when your business pitch is rejected by a VC:

1. Don't take it personally

It's easy to take rejection personally, but it's important to remember that it's not about you as a person. It's about your business pitch.
Maybe the VC didn't like your idea, or maybe they didn't think your startup was ready for investment.

Also remember,  VCs are bombarded with pitches every day. They can't invest in all of them, so it's not surprising that most pitches are rejected.
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