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Wall Street’s Failed 1934 Coup or The Banksters’ Fascist Coup against Franklin Delano Roosevelt by the Morgan and Du Pont families. And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for that meddling Smedley Butler and his talking dog.

It was all a fraud. #hoax
The plausibility of the Business Plot rests on the assumption that Roosevelt’s policies (especially in 1933 and 1934) went against the interests of bankers, industrialists and wall street financiers—or at least a very powerful subset of them
Butler defines a racket as “something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many.”
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The Great Harry #Potter #Hoax 1/14

Nigel Newton's mother was allegedly named Anne St. Aubyn. No doubt you will say, “What?” Who is Nigel Newton? He is the founder of Bloomsbury Publishing, the publisher of J. K. Rowling…
The Great Harry #Potter #Hoax 2/14

Bloomsbury Publishing has a relatively small author list, but we find a George Hoare on it…
The Great Harry #Potter #Hoax 3/14

Rowling is supposedly reconciling with her father. Notice how old she is in the article: 47…
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The Dunblane #Hoax: Lestrade Investigates 1/30

Thread 👇…
The Dunblane #Hoax: Lestrade Investigates 2/30

There we go. I present Dunblane: a small town outside of Stirling, the county town of Stirlingshire.
Population roughly 8,811 people as of the 2011 census according to Wikipedia
The Dunblane #Hoax: Lestrade Investigates 3/30

I’m primarily using the Cullen Report and Wikipedia:……
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The #Hungerford #Hoax. Lestrade Investigates 1/25

Thread 👇…
The Hungerford #Hoax. Lestrade Investigates 2/25

As you might expect, when it comes to gun ownership in the UK there were gradual restrictions that went into effect over time. You can see them in full here:…
The Hungerford #Hoax. Lestrade Investigates 3/25

The official narrative is that on the 19/08/1987 in a southern English market town a lone nut-job went crazy; shot a load of people, barricaded himself in a school and ended up shooting himself after a stand-off with the police.
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1/19 Voor het eerst in parlementaire geschiedenis importeert NL Amerikaanse wet: de #MagnitskyAct. Tweede Kamerleden noemen het een mensenrechtenwet, maar dat is het niet. Lees hieronder draadje over de zwendelaar die deze wet naar NL bracht, Bill Browder. Bizar verhaal. #HOAX
2/19 #MagnitskyAct die inmiddels door de Tweede Kamer is, is vernoemd naar een Russische accountant die om het leven kwam in een Russische cel, Sergei Magnitsky, en is zogenaamd bedoeld om overal ter wereld schenders van mensenrechten te kunnen straffen met sancties.
3/19 Werkgever van omgekomen Rus Magnitsky is Britse hedgefundmanager Bill Browder. Die beweert dat #Magnitsky is opgepakt en om het leven is gebracht omdat hij klokkenluider was. Hij zou op politiebureau aangifte hebben gedaan van belastingfraude door overheidsfunctionarissen.
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Today's stabbing in The Hague is close to the Dutch parliament building.
Today's stabbing on London Bridge may remind people to the Big Ben attack on March 22, 2017 (22-3: Skull&Bones), 3 km away.

A year later there was a related incident in the Dutch parliament. Then I tweeted:
BTW I think both stabbings may be hoaxes, but maybe these were more serious events. At least there are some odd aspects. The Big Ben attack of 2017 seems a genuine hoax to me.…

Another nonsense hoax again in #DenHaag. No agents who secure or investigate traces or evidence, but go through the nonsense script together. What a circus again!
#HOAX live from Pathé DenHaag 20.20

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@semprescettica @Blanter23 @WereldPijnCafe @buddendorf @dion_berkel @VolkersBram @DesegnistoR Nice #masonichandshake. Ik kan Mitchell Esajas' hele instagram wel voor jullie gaan duiden, maar het zit vol #vrijmetselaar symboliek. Agenten als Sylvana SiMANs en Esajas helpen de zwarte bevolking op te zetten tegen de blanke, in het luciferisch zwart-witte vrijmetselaar plan.
@semprescettica @Blanter23 @WereldPijnCafe @buddendorf @dion_berkel @VolkersBram @DesegnistoR Deze symboliek nog ff, voor de geïnteresseerden. De Jesus look, omhoog kijkend, naar naar de trap van de vrijmetselarij, naar verlichting van Lucifer. Links #JeffryAfriyie en rechts #MitchellEsajas, #vrijmetselaar #zwartepiet haters, om Nederland te verdelen. #TrapErNietIn
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FBI Intervened in Smollett Race Hoax Aft Kamala Harris Showed Up in Phones Records -& how many times did Smollett ring the Senator after his arrest by Chicago Police? Or did they speak BEFORE the #HOAX & staged assault? Did she call him? When & why?...…
..Many unanswered questions linger but that is normally the situation when the FBI is involved in a high-profile case. The buzz abt Kamala’s phones & Jussie has been circling in federal law enforcement circles & the beltway but has yet to go mainstream b/c Harris’ campaign for..
.. the Dem presidential nomination has sputtered & perhaps for good reason. If we are hearing this, there is little doubt DNC bosses are hearing it as well. Aft all-Harris & Smollett are close friends(SHE IS HIS AUNT?) Perhaps they just wanted to chat to CREATED RACE FALSE FLAG..
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1. President Trump to Nancy Pelosi as She Stormed Out of Meeting:

“Goodbye! We’ll See You at the Polls!”… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News
2. EXCLUSIVE: FBI Claims the DOJ Is Lying! Refuses to Locate Any Seth Rich Records in FOIA Request!… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News
3. 95% of Tested Baby Food in the United States Contains Toxic Metals: Report… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News #SaveTheChildren
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#TomSimpson, one of the most famous sports deaths in history. British world champion #cycling died allegedly in the #TourDeFrance of 1967, after collapsing on a scorching hot #MontVentoux. Allegedly. I have major doubts. Another #masonic sports #hoax? I start to think so. Thread
#Freemasons, and #TomSimpson was one (like most prominent professional sports players), shown here by this #masonichandshake with #Anquetil, are symbol fetishists. #Freemasonry is based on #Kabbalah, #numerology, other occultism. Check out this coincidental 13-repetition. #hoax
Meet the doctor who tried to save #TomSimpson, renowned #TourDeFrance dr. #PierreDumas, who was also involved in several well known #doping related stories back in the day. He has the serious #crisisactor look we know from faked shootings and terror. Right, in a #masonic pose.
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D's in Congress have eagerly anticipated Obama appointee, Georgetown U alum's second IG report complaining that President Trump’s appointees believe there exists a #DeepState among the unelected career staffers that is determined to thwart the president’s agenda. #CoupCabal
2. State Department IG holdover's "urgent" briefing on the Hill is currently said to be devised to set new alarm narrative of "retaliation" against #DeepState Department D's. Cong Staffers are starting to exit the "classified briefing" w #Linick IG. #Anon
3. @AdamSchiff @RepCummings are trying to bully & intimidate @StateDept workers contacting them directly & telling them to not have lawyers (right out of McCabe handbook). @SecPompeo also confirms phone call. The D's are unhinged. #DeepState #PresidentialHarassment. #Linick #Q
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FFS. I knew that the Greta story is much bigger than I first thought. Who is really pulling the strings? I will call this little dig #GretaGate 🐇

#ClimateHoax #FFF
(2) To say it mildly... the Thunbergs are a very suspicious family. Here you have Greta & her sister in something like a "Alice in Wonderland" dressing. MKU?

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2) Mystery Suitors behind Salon Media $5m revealed as techies.. who's behind techies?? CIA who finds CIA GS..…
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Het dagelijkse #fakenews. Nederlandse YouTubers #TiesGranzier en #GovertSweep (wat een namen ook) gearresteerd bij #Area51. Zogenaamd. Want Ties heeft de #illuminati symboliek al goed geleerd van pappie #vrijmetselaar waarschijnlijk. Net zoals het liegen waarschijnlijk.
Just googled the police officer in this fake #Area51 arrest, David Boruchowitz (guess the allegiance), was also involved in this crime case. - Guess the symbolism? - #Freemasons are really the least inventive people in the world. However, the masses are even dumber to not see it.
No surprises, Boruchowitz is a TV cop, who's been on #COPS. Yeah, just scripted Hollywood BS. This stuff is too easy once you know the tricks. The #POLICE is the MOST USELESS ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD, NEVER solving YOUR problems, ALWAYS solving fake crime & "trrrrorist attacks".
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Policeman shoots his family of 3 in #Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Based on the imagery that I see, I suspect it is a #hoax, or an #MKUltra-like operation.


- Heavily armed police (normalisation)
- Blurred vs sharp areas
- Police lint

See e.g.…
🤔Most hoaxy photos that I see are possibly not from today nor from #Dordrecht, and at least one is not from The Netherlands. Maybe old archives were used for convenience.
So a lot of fake news, but not necessarily a fake incident.
A hoax is close to impossible to arrange in the neighbourhood where this happened.
This seems to be a real and sad drama.
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RE: Mass shootings, esp since 2014. @DrREpstein @drawandstrike @davidwebbshow @NewRightNetwork @BreitbartNews

Inexplicable, unless, The #RussiaGate #hoax induced a sort of #masshysteria, in the form of #TDS (#TrumpderagementSyndrome)
Mass psychogenic illness and the social network: is it changing the pattern of outbreaks? (Written 2012)…
"There is increasing recognition that mass psychogenic illness (MPI) is underappreciated, under-reported and poses a significant health and social problem."
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1. #News ~ Fashion Notes: Gorgeous Melania Trump Ends G7 Trip in Nautical Alaïa, Michael Kors… #Trump @POTUS @FLOTUS #G7Summit #G7Biarritz #G7 #France
@POTUS @FLOTUS 2. #News ~ President Trump Teases "Very Big Trade Deal" with the UK Following Successful Brexit… #Trump @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @FLOTUS #G7Summit #G7Biarritz #G7 #France
@POTUS @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump 3. #News ~ Huawei engaged in talks w/ Russian government to install Russian operating system on 360,000 tablets to be used in next year's census in Russia, according to Reuters.…
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WhatsApp (Facebook owned) & YouTube formed a powerful, & dangerous, feedback loop of extremism & misinformation.

Together they had formed a pipeline of misinfo, spreading conspiracy theories, campaign material and political propaganda throughout Brazil [& US?]

Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto to Reveal Identity

Founder of Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings to disclose the origins of his iconic pseudonym and the word Bitcoin on Aug. 18, in the first installment of his three-part daily epiphany “My Reveal”

#Hoax? 🍯?

Google has quietly hired a key exec from controversial startup Palantir to be a VP of engineering

Trump official has talked about undoc’d immigrants as 'invaders' since at least 2007

Shell Workers Had To Attend Trump Speech To Be Paid, Were Ordered Not To Protest
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1. #News ~ FTC Prepared To Break Up Big Tech
– ‘If You Have To, You Do It’… #Trump #BigTech #TechBias
2. #News ~ Democrat Congressional Candidate Dan McCready of North Carolina Says Opponent Lacks Faith In Public Schools - Sends His Own Kids To $18,000 a year Private School…
3. #News ~ Randy Constant of Chillicothe, Missouri, Leader of Largest US Organic Food Scam Ever Gets 10-Plus Years in Priosn…
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1. #QAnon Maryland has second-most defendants charged in federal human trafficking cases. #Q
2. #QAnon The last 3 mayors of #Baltimore have all stepped down or been forced out of office for corruption.
All 3 were Democrats.
See the problem?
More you know.
3. #QAnon Who represents Maryland in the House/Senate?

See the problem?
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I got blocked on YouTube for haring this piece of #TheGreatHack
This miserable pesos Britany Kaiser lying. Did you know She worked for Obama? #FalseClaims being made by her. ANONS have proof.
@realDonaldTrump #GreatAwakening
Video chopped up
Britany Kaiser from #CA making false claims GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, TESLA HELPED @realDonaldTrump won 2016 election 😂😂😂
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D's are lying about Ukrainian businessman Kalimnik, a US State Department intelligence asset, as a "Russian agent", and having the senile Mueller affirm it.… to spin the #DeepState #SpyGate #RussiaHoax aimed at our electorate.
2. #FusionGPS's Glen Simpson, the #SpyGate perpetrator of #Steele's #FakeDossier used to deceive the #FISA COURT for the #RussiaHoax, was "outside of my purview", according to Mueller.…
3. The attempt to ensnare to the President of the United States into an obstruction of justice coup, using even his affectations rather than actions, was part of the #Comey's treason, and #Mueller wrote reams about the President's displeasure to that end.…
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#Thread 1/n

Mme @LaetitiaAvia

En tant que collectif de citoyens luttant contre la violence jihadiste en ligne depuis janvier 2015, nous tenons à vous alerter sur un cas emblématique de #hoax monté par des #identitaires pour pousser à la haine anti-#musulmans.

@LaetitiaAvia 2/n

Vous ne nous connaissez probablement pas mais pouvez vous renseigner sur notre engagement et notre sérieux, p.ex. auprès de @MurielDomenach ou consulter la page Wikipedia :…

Nous sommes spécialisés dans la veille sur les RS et l'analyse de profils.
@LaetitiaAvia @MurielDomenach 3/n

Cette affaire de #hoax #identitaire a été dévoilée par @KersimonIsa dans un fil détaillé :

Tout a été vérifié et recoupé de notre côté en trouvant d'autres éléments confirmant son analyse.

Ce #fake a généré des centaines de commentaires haineux.
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