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The future of Philosophical Psychology is taking shape and I am thrilled to introduce the four new Associate Editors who will officially start in January 2022 1/6
Here is @AnnaCiaunica, Principal Investigator in the Center for Philosophy of Science (University of Lisbon) & Research Associate at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (University College London). Anna works on #selfconsciousness, #embodiment, human and artificial #agency 2/6
Here is @pablolopezsilva, Associate Professor of Philosophical Psychology (Universidad de Valparaíso). Pablo works at the intersection between philosophy of mind, psychology, and psychiatry with a special focus on #psychopathology and #cognition 3/6
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It's been over a week since @TedLasso Episode 6 for which I was asked to be a guest on the amazing #MedLasso podcast with @ETSshow and @TheRealDoctorT. While we covered quite a bit, there was SO much we couldn't get to. Sharing a brief 🧵 here.…
I mentioned at the beginning that I had major #ImplicitBias when we first met @TheKeeleyJones. Since then, she has become one of my FAVORITE characters, for many reasons.
There is so much more to her than what is on the surface. She epitomizes don't judge a book by its cover.
Funny I reacted to her initial entrance in that way as I have often been told I am too bubbly/ enthusiastic to be taken seriously or seen as a professional. Goes to show you how these unconscious stereotypes can influence all of us, even when we have been on the receiving end.
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Ensuring diversity -

Come listen to these wonderful talks in how we strengthen diversity -

I love the advice to have cross professional recruiting, e.g. include other #ACCCVT in recruiting physicians and vice-versa.

Make interprofessional practice a baseline. Implement this early and foundational to curricula.

Make it "a thing" to utilize the strengths of team members in care.

Respect the title! All have earned theirs. Introduce by title in front of the patient

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The only feelings to center on are those of black community
Wrong use of this quote during the week of #DerekChauvinTrial

Some people “feel” things if a white male faces accountability
Amy Cooper’s feelings: call cops
Racism & racism lite has always focused on “feelings” #BLM
When @ayshakhoury or @uche_blackstock were authentic in their feelings: ended careers

Black female physician #DrSusanMoore having “knowledge” or a “voice”
while DYING
made others
*feel* “intimidated.”

This is part of a known pattern for WOC
#BLM #BlackintheIvory
This is a repeating pattern of “feelings” used against tellers of uncomfortable truths that #MLK described in the letter from the Birmingham jail.

Seeking order > justice or overpolicing are all to protect only certain “feelings” of “security” while those like #adamtoledo die.
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Grady elevator

Her: "Is that my girl Dr. Manning?"
Me: "Heeeey! I haven't seen you in a minute!"

*elbow bump*

Her: "I ain't used to seeing you with scrubs on and not in your heels!"
Me: "Girrrrl. It's crushing my soul to not wear heels!"

Her: "At first I didn't even know that was you! And you grew your hair some."
Me: "And you changed your hair, too. I like it!"
Her: "Girl, this a wig."


Her: *patting head* "The #COVID makeover, chile."
Me: *nodding* "I know that's right."

Me: "Hey--you get the #COVIDVaccine yet?"
Her: "Nah."
Me: *raising eyebrows*
Her: "I decided to wait."

I jutted out my lip under my mask and nodded.

Her: "I'm in my 30's. And nobody older or sick live with me. So I'm waiting."
Me: *squinting* "Waiting for. . . ?"
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For my chief year grand rounds presentation, a mentor suggested that I use it as an opportunity to share my experience going through surgery training and having children. He suggested I share both the good the bad.
I loved this idea. It felt like we would be doing an M&M conference on our lived experiences as humans going through professional and personal challenges. I liked the idea that what was seen as a “problem” (pregnant surgery resident)...
became an opportunity for us to change our culture to be more inclusive. I wanted to include the fact that we were able to increase awareness of surgery boards accommods for pregnancy during training among our residents, and as a result more women were considering fam planning.
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#MedRacism continuing to uphold the status quo.

When we say minoritized and racialized people in medicine, regardless of position, are afraid to speak up because of #retaliation,
👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 is what we mean.
Academia will destroy someone’s career and livelihood before they even think about becoming introspective or take any responsibility for their bias and racism.
Dr. @ayshakhoury does not deserve this. Her students don’t deserve to lose their teacher. And her community doesn’t deserve losing a good physician.
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We are only a few days away from #WIMStrongerTogether #WIMSummit. Let's spotlight some of our incredible speakers. If you haven't registered yet, there is still time! If you can't attend all sessions live, they will be recorded and available for 1 year!
Let's start with ER Physician, regular @CNN and @MSNBC contributor and @researchaffirm and @BrownDigiHealth leader, researcher, advocate, and healthcare leader Dr. @meganranney. Come and hear her speak on How We Can Join Together to Make Change. #womeninleadership
Dr. @DrBonnieMason is the VP if Diversity and Inclusion @acgme, founder of @beyondtheexamroom, orthopedic surgeon and national healthcare leader will be speaking on leadership. She has decades of experience educating mentoring and sponsoring the next generation of clinicians.
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I don't know who needs to hear this, but providing examples of being nice or supportive to women in your own family does not make on a feminist or pro-woman nor does that make you anti-racist regarding POC or WOC or BIPOC. The "I am a good person" is at the root of much harm.
Okay, I do know who needs to hear this and this was not really a subtweet because the individuals who fit this description do not use Twitter. But there is more than one individual who may or may not need to have some deep reflection on what "I am a good person" says about ego.
This is from Australia. If in these times, as a not BIPOC, certainly as a not Black person in America, you are asking "Are you calling me a racist?!" (when that word not uttered but, yes, #implicitbias exists and racism is a #public health crisis)....…
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1/11 I, like so many others, was and am deeply troubled by the now-retracted JAHA "diversity" article and what it purports to represent, and what it does represent, which are entirely different. Kudos to @DrQuinnCapers4 for his leadership, and that of many others. 👏👏👏
2/11 Personally, the article—and more importantly, the mindset it reflects—is repugnant to me. As an Asian American physician, it is all the more painful and embarrassing for me to read. It’s like your racist relative ruining the big holiday happiness. 🦃🍷🥧🧧🧧
3/11 But clearly, there are people who think this way, that applaud the “data”, that feel that they are somehow exposing the elephant in the room that they think is inclusion efforts or affirmative action or any other means to ensure diversity in medicine . . . 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👩🏿‍⚕️👨🏿‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️😷
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So excited for the #NtlMtg20 to kick-off!!!

Ready to hear from @NASPADavid, Aimee, Courtney & so many other amazing people in our field!
Really awesome that @hecaod has Closed Captioning & an ASL interpreter on screen! #NtlMtg20 Image
And it's a GREAT time to say Happy 5th Year Anniversary to @hecaod!!! #NtlMtg20
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how many ways must it be shown?

is there still any question that

the system is biased

this hits close to home, as a black man serving in the software development field for 15+ years, and father of two boys

there is systemic bias in most existing (facial recognition) systems
these systems misidentify black people, at times with dire consequences,

and are far better at correctly identifying white people

because these systems were created by white people who were ignorant of or negligent towards

the presence and the full implications of their bias
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So grateful that @javeedsukhera accepted my invitation to speak on #bias #implicitbias #oppression to @MacAnesthesia

Live tweeting some pearls!

Stigma has a negative impact on clinical outcomes
Shame is not an effective pedagogic strategy in calling out stigma. Shaming and calling out may actually make problem worse

Education may be helpful but it also isn’t enough alone
We often have conversations about #equity that are blaming (“us” vs. “them”)

Blame has an inverse relationship with accountability
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In all places, particularly, in #Pakistan, extremely important for mothers, female role models & #HeforShe men to encourage young women and girls to be expressive, out of box, push boundaries, and never go silent.

Admire you on so many levels @ayesha_mian1
The only way to advocate for the voiceless and marginalized is to use any source of privilege one may have to create space, amplify others, and be willing to be told one is “too much” in myriad ways. What is the standard to measure too much, tho? If measure is status quo...
Who designed the metrics of “just right” vs “too much” and who defined “good” vs “bad”?

What gender, ethnicity/tribe, religion, etc wrote “the rules” - overt & unspoken?

What cultural triggers are there to invoke, anger, disgust, shame?

Who is in/out group?

Are others silent?
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It’s an interesting approach at @MITSloanFellows - placed into teams rather than allowed to select own team. The teams are formed so there is likely to be misalignment and conflict. And then we have to work together for grades. We cannot do usual bonding activities via Zoom
Teams are being coached & cautioned that it is easy to create “in” and “out” groups to exclude, marginalize, label some in group. Instead, keep open communication and pause prior to forming any conclusion.…
“Identify where on ladder you are.

Are you:
-Selecting your data or reality?
-Interpreting what it means?
-Making or testing assumptions?
-Forming or testing conclusions?
-Deciding what to do and why?”

Vet, verify, listen, consider

(This seems especially relevant for biases)
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The #LEADatStanfordMed is hosting our graduation event tonight! Our scholars from diverse backgrounds and specialties have spent 10 months with us focusing on leadership capacity building and developing educational materials to advance #diversityandinclusion.
We've even adapted to #COVID19, and showed activism on campus in solidarity against #RacismInAmerica

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #LEADatStanfordMed #SoMeDocs
One voice can create a unified message
Why don't we speak up?

Be part of the conversation. There are multiple ways to use your voice.

#LEADatStanfordMed #crucialconversations #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #BlackLivesMatter
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Thread for allies on #BlackintheIvory

Be this kind of a person. We know the existing level of power differential between faculty & students or trainees.

Now add #BlackintheIvory

Step up. Be an ally. Report on behalf even if not asked. If you see power abused, speak up.
As a doctor, need to be able to do one’s job. Also, a doctor is in a position to protect others, *if* role is recognized. #BlackintheIvory

Those prestige/hierarchy oriented, treat some people poorly

(I get mistaken for cleaning person or receptionist)

Reporting on black student, trainees, & faculty #SoMe and #SciComm posts is higher - due to #implicitbias or overt racism

Black culture often offends

Institutions need to screen OUT frivolous reporting on black ppl - NOT assume fault


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Let’s talk #safetyculture


It’s a framework for a harm reduction towards all: patients & families as well as all staff

growth mindset
instead of
fixed mindset

to have needed uncomfortable conversations

#MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #MedEd #NurseTwitter
This framework has been applied to reducing harm, mostly through medication error (though intended to achieve population health)

Then was expanded to patient experience

Also, cost of care

More recently we have added clinician wellbeing

=quadruple aim…
What has not been clearly stated in any of these #safety framework is disparities, structural inequity, or racism

The acute care side of the hospital - money maker - thinks of this as type of safety & #quality

but not #populationhealth

#Implicitbias elicits 🙄😡😴 response
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The @AmerMedicalAssn's stance on Taking care of our students: Preparing for the 2021 residency application cycle.

So far.. lots of #medstudents attending this sesh
Most programs are considering #virtualinterviews

#MedStudentTwitter #MedED #classof2021
Lots of important stakeholders represented in the Coalition for Physician Accountability.

Next month: watch out for the report on pathways for graduating medical students (#class2020) and their journey to residency.

"We anticipate stakeholders will commit to policies that prioritize these guiding principles yet recognize the necessity for innovation and flexibility in this new #COVID19 environment"
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Marketers hired by hospitals can be new source of exploitation

They know that the most credibility is with nurses & doctors

So will use employees for marketing & extension of hospital brand

But quick to penalize same employees for own, personal use of #SoMe

=Value extraction
I mean, personally, I built my reputation outside of hospital activities

I created, as volunteer, used no hospital or university resources, paid my own travel or obtained community grants, then yes, was recognized internally after creating external success, like this:
Or like this - I do all of this on own. No one trained me. I pay membership fees to LinkedIn

If I were to mess up, I’d need to deal with consequences from hospital, licensing bodies, etc

Wherever I go, I contribute to good optics & metrics…
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Did you post about the black man hunted down?

Are you yourself black or a minority where you have felt unsafe around authorities because of how you look, race, religion?

What outcome do you expect from the share?…

A thread on “performative allyship”
“But where are these white allies when the problems are less explicit than Nazis parading through the streets?”

Where are you when things that represent black culture are censured/shamed as inappropriate or unprofessional? A dancing TikTok or hairstyle…
Is this you? (In private, offer “empathy”?)

Would you use your position to protect? Would you go to bat? Would you accept risk or harm to yourself? Make others uncomfortable? When someone criticizes a POC do you assess for #implicitbias?
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My thread on bullying. Pediatricians are experts on identifying bullying. All healthcare professionals should be. Adult bullying is, arguably as prevalent and destructive. In modern age we now have cyberbullying with the opportunity for 24/7 attacks.…
First off, the bully will often play victim. So if you are a high empathy person, you need to move yourself to "rational compassion" in order to maintain equipoise and stay open minded. Your emotions can & will be manipulated so maintain healthy skepticm…
When we are talking about a child, of course, that's a different story. Pediatricians & child abuse experts can parse this out. That is often picked up by tummy aches, milestone regression, or somatic symptoms. My intention here is to focus on teen, young adult, & adult bullying
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In today's @ASALifeline MMO, learned about Dr Herman Barnett's accomplishments & strife. Thanks @marydahlen: "It’s clear that more needs to be done for equality, both in society overall and in medicine and anesthesiology specifically." #BlackMeninMedicine #BlackHistoryMonth

1/ Image
Dr. Barnett was a fighter pilot in WW2, followed by 1st African-American medical student in Texas, at UTMB...although not without controversy, prejudice, & discrimination. Graduated cum laude, pursued surgery residency, then anesthesiology residency.

A great leader & physician, he was appointed to Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, & elected president of Houston Independent School District (1st African-American in both positions). Sadly, his potential & life were cut short by a tragic plan accident at 47 y.

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(Thread) Another week and another @MedTwitThisWeek #medthread. As a reminder, this is not all inclusive. It's a jumping off point. A continuation of the discussions from the week that I found interesting including conferences, #Tweetiorials and tributes. #medttw #FOAMed
2/ Conference Bonanza! Since last week, several amazing conferences took place (or just started). Each conference has their own hashtags and flavors of #SoMe. Here are some highlights...
3/ @jenreadlynn was at #midwesthospmed and did a great job of distilling @MelBreggs' talk on inpatient management of alcohol withdrawal.
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