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Pray for all the passengers and their families 🙏

The death toll in the #Odisha #trainaccident involving two express trains - #Bengaluru-#Howrah Express and #Shalimar-#Chennai #Coromandel Express -- and a goods train in #Balasore has risen to 238 and around 900 were injured.
#IndianAirForce (IAF) deployed Mi-17 helicopters for the evacuation of deceased and injured in the Odisha triple train accident, informed Eastern Command.

IAF is coordinating the rescue efforts with the civil administration and #IndianRailways.
While #Muslims are busy #mocking the death of #Hindus in the #TrainAccident. Here's #Odiya Hindus of #Odisha queuing at midnight to #donate #blood for the surviving #victims of the train accident. Irrespective of victim's #religion. That's the difference..
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Hot Take: Strategic Bombers are obsolete!!
#USAF & #Indianairforce engaged in #Copeindia2023 & the former bought #B1B and are making #B21. The #Chinese are building new H-6Ks. The #Russians are building new #Tu160. You ask, #εpsilon why do you think bombers are obsolete? Image
Coz, in a peer conflict, none of these will be used as strategic bombers as that role is behind them. These will be used as #Cruisemissile carriers that will never do old school bombing until all enemy AD is down. Pic credits: #Indianairforce Image
Look at #Russians for eg. In #Syria, they used #Tu22M as old school bombers as the AD threat was very low. In #Ukraine, these are launching missiles from well inside #Russian and #Belarussian territories. Image
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LCA Tejas Mk-1A Production is Set to Increase from 16 to 24 every Yr, as HAL Unveils New Assembly Line

Many countries, including Egypt, Argentina, the US, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia & the Philippines, have shown interest in the aircraft,
🧵 Image
and in February 2021 the defense ministry sealed a Rs 48,000 crore deal with HAL for the acquisition of 83 Tejas jets for the Indian Air Force.
◆Maiden flight of LCA Trainer – a major milestone in India’s Aerospace industry
◆HAL also handed over the 100th Sukhoi-30 MKI ROH
(Repair & Overhaul) aircraft to the #IndianAirForce
◆Tejas is a highly agile multi-role supersonic fighter aircraft capable of operating in high-threat air environments.
The HAL has opened a new production line at Nashik to manufacture Light Combat Aircraft Tejas, with the
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Looks like my #IndianNavy missile test thread blew up so, a follow on thread on its sister force #IndianAirForce . The collective west, coming out of the Cold War expected the #IAF to be a more Soviet aligned force. #Su30MKI #F35B #TROPEX #εpsilon #MiG21 #MiG21Bison #Mirage2000 Image
The #IAF however has the unique perspective of operating the top western and the top #Russian of alternate &/or every generation egs Hawker Hunter (credits on pic), #MiG21, #MiG29, #Su30MKI, #Mirage2000 #Harrier ImageImage
Each fighter brings in with it, performance numbers but also tactics and maintenance regimen and India can tap into #Russian or #British ideas and pick and choose what works the best. Image
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Read this thread and feel proud to be an Indian

200 Achievements of PM Modi which is driving India towards “Being a Superpower”

Data and facts given are true to best of my knowledge and ready to argue on any of the point given, Criticism welcome too

#ModiHaiToMumkinHai Image
First read PM Modi Mantra & Initiatives for India and World which are inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented and decisive

One Nation One Tax-2016
One sun One world one Grid-2018
One Nation One Ration card-2019
Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas Sabka Prayas Sabka Viswas-2019

#OneIndia Image
One Nation One address-2020

One Nation One Market-2020

One Nation One Exam-2020

One Nation One Poll-2020

Vocal for Local-2020

Aatmanirbhar Bharat-2020

One Nation One Legislative Platform-2021

One Nation One Police Uniform-2022

One Nation One Digital Platform-2022
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1: Wg Cdr Karun Krishna "Jumbo" Majumdar, DFC & Bar:

One of the great role models of the early #IndianAirForce, he was in the third batch of Indian cadets trained at the RAF College Cranwell - which itself makes him part of a tiny, select elite ... /2
2: Back in India, he flew Westland Wapitis with the sole IAF unit, No 1 Sqn - seen 2nd from right in the first photo below. His leadership qualities were recognised early; with flight command as a Flying Officer ... /3
3: No 1 Sqn's time in the NWFP is often overlooked; but it should be better-studied; there are lessons which apply to many 21st-century conflicts. There is some evidence that Jumbo Majumdar, and other early IAF leaders, attempted innovative solutions to "air policing" ... /4
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Some Armour Vehicles used by #Indian Army& Paramilitary Forces 😎🔥🇮🇳

#India use many armour vehicle in diff area for diff requirements.

Most R indigenous #MadeInIndia & some Licenses Produce.

Thread 🧵 👇👇
@DfIlite @Sandeep_Mave @Kunal_Biswas707 @DefenceDecode
1) Kalyani M4 MRAP 😎

⭐ 16ton Beast with all Armament
⭐ 18Kg TNT blast under Hull,10kg for tyre & 50Kg frm side.
⭐ 2.3Ton Payload capacity,4×4
465HP Engine Power.
⭐ 10People's (8 crew+2 in Front)
⭐ 800Km range with Internal Fuel.

Deployed against #China 🇨🇳
Made in India 🇮🇳 by TATA Group

⭐ 14 Ton Beast with 2ton Payload
⭐ 240 HP Engine
⭐Stanag Level 4 Protection,14 Kg Blast under Hull.
⭐ 360° Turret on Top
⭐14 Crew Capacity
⭐ Run Flat Tyre
Deployed against #China 🇨🇳 in Ladakh & Sikkim.
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A thread on the new recruitment scheme, #Agniveer, which is about to be adopted by the #IndianArmy.

Long detailed #Thread.
Before reading this thread, I request you to give a conscious read to this excellent piece by @realkaypius…
The entire ideology of the #IndianArmy (#indianairforce and #IndianNavy) is based on three words, 'Naam-Namak-Nishaan'.
'Naam' of the regiment;
'Namak' of the country; &
'Nishaan' of Bharat.
This invokes the sense of esprit de corps, loyalty and cohesion between the troops.
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My small edit dedication to
🇮🇳 Indian Armed Forces ⚔️🛳️🛫
© Credits:…
KGF 1 & 2

#IndianArmedForces #KGF #PIB
#IndianArmy #IndianNavy #IndianAirForce #KGFChpater2 #CEOofIndia
Also the same me (previously tweeted), if all countries in world strive for peace. But practically none ready to give up weapons, so it's Necessary to safeguard & Strengthen our India 🇮🇳
2:35 Mins i edited, but Twitter allowed me 2:20 mins for uploading. So actual edit is uploading as two parts. #SaluteTheMartyrs
Music Credits Ft : KGF 1 #RaviBasrur #KGFChapter1 #இந்தியராணுவம் #இந்தியவிமானப்படை #இந்தியகடற்படை
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Career opportunities in armed forces & other institutes after +12.
A detailed thread on it. Do pass it on to the students
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-#UkraineUnderAttack a #Thread
-#Russian ground forces have bogged down outside #Ukrainian #Kharkiv & #Kyiv
-Why mighty #Russia struggling in front of relatively weaker #Ukraine
-All experts went wrong in their assessment that Ukraine will fall in 3-4 days
-An assessment
-1st & foremost after initial 1-2 days #Russia failed to establish air superiority & air support to ground forces
-Battle for Antonov Apt 10km NW of #Kyiv was failure
-Russia took 2 days to capture
-18 IL-76 fm Russian Pskov Airport had to go back since airfield was damaged
-Russia suffering large aircraft & helo losses(31 & 30) in 1 week
-Russia doesn't hv even localized air superiority
-Aircraft & helo losses unsustainable
-Attack aircraft & helo unable to provide close air support to mechanized forces
-Ukraine using UAVs inflicted huge damage
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⚠️Fake news alert!!!
#FactCheck: Irrelevant images passed as from #BalakotAirStrike.

We did a fact check on the claimed images and found those images on stock image hosting websites having no connection with any "Air Strike".

Claim: A collage of broken trees is claimed to be from Balakot and alleged #IndianAirForce for destroying them.

Fact: The images being shared have no connection with any Air Strike. The images are old and are present on stock images hosting websites.
On Feb 26-27, 2022, several social media handles shared a collage of broken trees and claimed it to be from Balakot where on Feb 26, 2019 #India claims to successfully carry out air strikes in Jabba, Balakot.
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😎 Lul! Jaane meri jaaneman.... 🤣
#IPL in India ? 🤔 OK 😁
Here is another video ⚡🔥
सीमा पार खड़े दुश्मन को जाटों ने ललकारा है!
Jat Balwan Jai bhagwan ! 😎
@Sandeep_Mave tweet this
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The grandest flypast ever to take place over Rajpath during the #RepublicDay parade with 75 aircraft including the planes from IAF, Army, & the Navy. This is in line with the #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav celebrations: IAF PRO Wing Commander Indranil Nandi

@anishsingh21 @IAF_MCC
#IndianAirForce unveils its Republic Day tableau with assets like MiG-21, LCH armed with AT Dhruvastra missile, Ashlesha Mk1 radar, Gnat, and Rafale.
Five Rafale to fly over the Rajpath in the Vinaash formation. Navy’s MiG29K and P-8I surveillance aircraft will fly in the Varuna formation. 17 Jaguar fighter aircraft will fly in the shape of 75 to celebrate Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav: #IAF PRO Wing Commander Indranil Nandi
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Today is 60th year of celebration of Operation Vijay

Operation Vijay (1961) was the successful operation conducted by Indian Armed Forces to end 450 years of #Portuguese’ colonial rule in #Goa
When the Portuguese refused to give up control of the state in 1947 India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, started trying different non-violent ways to resolve the issue. But all his efforts of peaceful and diplomatic negotiations were rendered useless. #GoaLiberationDay
In 1955, he imposed an economic blockade on #Goa but even that did not deter the #Portuguese power to leave the #Indian soil. So in 1961, Mr Nehru decided that there was no alternative option left for military intervention.
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#November 1961 - in a display of its #maritime supremacy in the region Portuguese contingent based at #Anjadip Island fires at #Indian merchant ship Sabarmati. Portuguese garrisons also fire indiscriminately on Indian fishing boats off #Karwar & South #Goa (1/n)
These acts of aggression by the Portuguese forced #GovernmentofIndia to evict them from Indian soil & #IndianNavy executed #OpVijay to achieve this aim.

Two warships #Rajput & #Kirpan are deployed to escort merchant ships & ensure safety of fishermen (2/n)
#01Dec 1961

Naval Headquarters #NHQ initiates #OpChutney, a precursor to #OpVijay, to capture Anjadip Island.
#INSBetwa & #INSBeas are deployed on patrol off Goa, #INSMysore & #INSTrishul prepare to carry out an amphibious landing (3/n)


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Operation Trident (4th Dec 1971): Decoding Indian Navy's boldest operation to decimate Pakistan's Karachi port and destroy fuel & ammunition. With 0 casualties for India and overwhelming success, India celebrates 4th of December as Navy Day in memory of this operation. (1/n)
In the 1965 war, Indian Armed Forces weren’t organized properly. Air Force and Navy were considered as extensions of army.

Indian Navy didn't participate & silently watched as the Pak Navy attacked Dwarka with impunity.

Having learned the lessons, it was prepared in 1971.(2/n)
Karachi port was Pak's most valuable asset & was heavily defended; attacking it was going to be very risky move. Admiral SM Nanda, Vice-Admiral SN Kohli, and Cmdr BB Yadav were the trio that masterminded and executed the most ambitious naval attack after WW2. (3/n)
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Starting off with the famous yet wildly misrepresented Battle of Longewala. In this thread I will break down the tactics and weapons used in this epic battle. (1/n)
The battle took place on the night of 4th December 1971 and continued on till 7th December.

Pakistan's objective was to march on from Longewala to Ramgarh and capture Jaisalmer. This would cut off the salient and put India on the defensive on the Western front. (2/n)
For this long march, the Pakistani tanks were carrying extra fuel tanks and with their massive superiority in numbers, weren't expecting strong resistance at Longewala.

The Longewala post sat on a dune offering good defensive positioning and was surrounded by barbed wires. (3/n)
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-Latest info indicates massive infrastructure drive along #China coast facing #Taiwan
-#Chinese air force bases in Fujian province undergoing major upgrades
-Military expert Antony Wong: Airbases will play major roles in PLA’s plans in Taiwan invasion
#IndianAirForce #IndianNavy
-Reinforced air defence facilities at Zhangzhou airbase
-It is PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command air force headquarters also
-Ground-to-air missile defence site has also been added
-Longtian Airbase could be used as an alternate airbase after massive refurbishment
-4 new hardened aircraft shelters
-24 aircraft sunshade shelters can take a full Sqn
-Upgrades for air defence sites, runway, apron & bunkers

#IndianAirForce #IndianNavy @Chellaney @MD_Nalapat
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-History is full of situations in which smaller forces have won against larger Nos–#Hitler defeated #France in World War II
-There were many factors, but superior weaponry was 1 major factor
-Who would dominate future wars
-Question is fascinating

#IndianArmy #IndianAirForce
-Change in futuristic weaponry is driven by:
-3D #technology
-#India has largest pool of AI-ready talent in the world
-India ranks 3rd among countries with highest penetration of AI skills, among its workforce, after #USA & #China
-Futuristic weapon systems for #Indian Armed Forces:
-HAL’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
-Super-maneuverable multirole combat stealth 5th-generation ac
-Air superiority, ground attack, bombing, intercepting, strike
-Speed Mach 2.5
-Service ceiling 60k ft

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Air Marshal Sandeep Singh has been appointed as the next Vice Chief of the #IndianAirForce.
Air Marshal Sandeep Singh will be succeeding Air Marshal VR Chaudhari who will take over as Chief of Air Staff on September 30. Image
Air Marshal Balabhadra Radha Krishna has been appointed as the new Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee. Image
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-#IndianAirForce & teams developing Tejas Mk2 hv to put in lot of effort to beat #Chinese J-10C
-Thanks to stolen #tech fm #Israeli Lavi program J-10 accelerated much faster with 468 in service
-Homegrown LCA faced severe #technology denials except small help fm Dassaultin in 80s
-#IndianAirForce in Jan ordered 83 Tejas Mk 1A
-1st ac will reach by 2023
-J-10B is thrust vectoring variant
-Tejas with low wing loading hs edge in high altitude, sustained turn rate, climb rate & cruising speed need lesser thrust
-Smaller airframe has smaller radar sign too
-Tejas Mk2 likely to reduce drag by 8% & improve transonic acceleration by 20%
-Likely to have Uttam Mk2 radar,>150km range BVR Astra Mk2 missile
-J-10B already has 300 km range BVR PL-15
-J-10C has dumped #Russian AL-31 engine for indigenous WS-10 Taihang, not proven though
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Here are some mind-blowing facts about the Indian Air Force.

Interesting Facts | A Thread 🧵⬇️

#TestbookTalks #IndianAirForce #IAF #IndianArmy #Testbook
The Indian Air Force is the air division of the Indian Armed Forces whose prime role is to protect Indian skies and execute aerial fights during times of war.
It was formally created on October 8, 1932, as an imperial air force of the British Empire, with the prefix Royal honoring India's airspace service during World War II.
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The #IndianAirForce deploys one C17 Globemaster and two C130 Super Hercules to ferry 170 personnel & 21 ton of load for @NDRFHQ from Bhubaneswar to Pune, Ratnagiri & Goa in preparation for Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief in Maharashtra and Goa floods. @IAF_MCC
Western Naval Command of @indiannavy mobilises resources to provide assistance to State and District administrations of affected areas in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa.
#Maharashtra: On civil authorities' request, 7 Naval Flood Rescue Teams from Mumbai deployed to Ratnagiri & Raigad dists. One Seaking 42C Helicopter from Mumbai deployed for aerial reconnaissance at Poladpur/Raigad. One ALH helo from Goa positioned at Ratnagiri for relief/rescue.
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