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Thread for #infographics showing consolidation of #industry & corporate brand families:
Consolidation of #banks 1996-2009
#Food brand ownership
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@rlefraim wrote, " IN RESPONSE TO THE MURDER OF ARI FULD.....

#AriFuld #ZichronaLVracha #Israel #Terrorists
I know, this title seems harsh. It’s meant to seem harsh. Something has to wake people up to the scale of the problem – a problem that is getting worse by the day, in Israel as well as in other parts of the world.
2) #Terrorism #WakeUp
In my opinion, if Terrorism is not ending, if terrorism continues, it’s because the methods used to deal with it are as ineffective as if playing games with it. 3) #terrorism #newmethods
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Since January, nine places owe me money for my work. This includes public universities and media organizations. Both, temples of learning. More than not getting paid, my disappointment emanates from the radio silence to the email, text, phone reminders. #FreelancersInIndia
And trust me, it is very humiliating to keep sending reminders for petty amounts. When you talk about press freedom, do give a thought to the self respect and integrity of the journalists you are engaging for work. #IndependentJournalists
There have been instances in the past when freelancers who demanded timely payments were labelled as troublemakers and not commissioned work again. Do think of the caste-class-gender hierarchies you are building when you expect the freelancers to not remind you of payments #Media
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Breaking news: sources say @fayedsouza was asked to resign since @PiyushGoyal did like her asking questions on the government. unelectable @PiyushGoyal pressurized @vineetjaintimes to remove her from mirror now.
#media #msm #opmsm
@fayedsouza @PiyushGoyal @vineetjaintimes Shortly after govt formation in May 2019, Piyush Goyal had a conversation with Vineet Jain. Abt clipping Faye’s wings as she debated vigorously on key issues - Like Aadhaar, fuel price hike, economy, RTI adulteration etc
@fayedsouza @PiyushGoyal @vineetjaintimes After that conversation ball was set rolling and Faye has been divested of all editorial control at mirror now
Past Friday was d last urban debate she hosted
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Interesting. #UnsealEpstein

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret - CNN…
#Epstein = 'Voldemort'? 🤔 5:5?
#UnsealEpstein MIT has some 'splaining to do...
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There is a saying in Bengali which means the house owner starts taking precautions once the robbery is over. For last three weeks @RahulGandhi became a poster boy of #Pakistan by his immature acts on #Kashmir issue. The realization now dawns that he must change track. 1/n
It is not known what prompted #RahulGandhi 2 try visiting #Kashmir last week, knowing fully well that the #Modi government got moral/legal sanction from the Supreme Court 2 take all preventive measures 2 stop blood spill and, that Gandhi would be returned like other leaders. 2/n
One may see the shadow of #Wayanad in #RahulGandhi's desperation but, to me his acts only helped the politically irrelevant #Left to stay in news. Left has a history of opposing Congress in States while joining hands hands in d Centre. #Congress's gains were short term. 3/n
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Trump’s “head-spinning about-face” at #G7. Officials call his comments “misinterpreted.” That’s a nice way to say the President of the United States is an incompetent ass & everyone has to lie for him. Why are we still being polite about this catastrophe??…
“Head-spinning” is too often journalese euphemism for “mind-f*cking.” Perhaps it applies to Trump at times, but when advisors & surrogates rush in to cover, confuse, gaslight & “re-interpret,” that’s deliberate. Manipulative propaganda must be called out in clear language.
In 2016 I wrote America was drowning in a #propaganda swamp: “Trump and his surrogates, appearing daily on every news program to ‘balance’ coverage, have inundated our media w so much hate…ignorance…lies…twisted facts…conspiracy theories.” Little has changed & not for better.
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It’s as if those who could do something are all just clueless, incompetent, or compromised! Because no sane person who could do something to stop this would let it continue without trying to fix it. Makes no sense whatsoever. So WTF is really going on?! Any ideas? <thread> 1/
2/ Think about what we actually no, just the facts. Forget supposition or wild ass theories, let’s just consider the facts.

trump’s America and his Republican Party supporters are all climate change deniers. Why? Trying to fix the problem will cost them and their businesses....
3/ a great deal of money; billions of dollars, possibly more. So they deny the science, erase websites, just outright lie about the facts. Yet the fact is the planet is heating up and doing so like no other time in history, while the rain forests in Brazil are on fire. They....
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#Media #MarketManipulation
By talking about "recession" . based on one small measure that historically, other than one time in 2007 when it did precede a recession, never had done so before in US History. 2) #mediainfluence #markets #recession
In fact, out of 37 times that the same phenomena appeared in the last 50 years, only one time, in 2007, was followed by a recession & that was under conditions that have zero comparisons to the conditions of the US economy today. 3) #falsecomparison #MediaBias #marketmanipulation
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#Charlottesville 2 yrs old, myths live on. Is it time to consider charging #JasonKessler #UniteTheRight for sedition? His impractical #racist political strategy rejected by vast majority of #Republicans #Democrats, minority groups. "Fire in a crowded theater" is not free speech.
1. The case for sedition rests on premise that #JasonKessler was well aware, by virtue of education, that #UniteTheRight would fail. Motive obscure, but permit was obtained under false pretense. Recent history as #Democrat and #Occupy operative suspicious.
2. Damage to life and property in #Charlottesville rises to the level of a severe disturbance, 3 dead, 19 injured, property damage. #AntifaTerrorists arrival on day 2, not unexpected, showed callous disregard for public safety. Kessler UVA Charlottesville grad knew limitations
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With #Election2016 victory #DonaldTrump crashed headlong into a developing technological #SocialEngineering power play spearheaded by #BigTech #EU, multi-generational #foundation wealth #media and #DARPA vet #ReginaDugan, #ClintonFoundation ally:
Tech world rock star of the time, #ReginaDugan #DARPA, later #Google #Facebook, addresses #ClintonGlobalInitiative 2013 Annual Meeting with the #SocialEnginering mantra: "The future is a story that is collectively written, with US AS ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS IN IT'S BUILDING."
#BREXIT and #DonaldTrump election created panic in #Globalist #DeeperState #EU, foundation governance structure. Ignoring military containment of #Russian aggression to continue in #populist regimes, fake fear of #Russia fueled US imports like the #SteeleDossier #RussiaHoax
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#Baudet blaast de laatste dagen weer hoog van de toren. Misschien ook wel om de interne strubbelingen in de #fvd te overschreven. Een van zijn terugkerende thema’s is dat hij en zijn partij niet eerlijk behandeld worden, door het publiek, de #media, of nu Otten.
Wie herinnert zich nog de klacht dat #fvd negatief geframed wordt, dat er labels en negatieve stempels op de partij geplakt worden.….
De #fvd: “Het moet nu een keertje klaar zijn. Daarom lopen we ze voor ééns en voor altijd stuk voor stuk langs. Met uitleg waarom de beeldvorming in de media niet klopt.” De 21 ‘frames’ staan tussen aanhalingstekens. Dat wekt de indruk dat het letterlijke citaten zijn. 4/40
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@aaronjmate @TYT @MotherJones @theintercept @democracynow But Aaron, there is a price to pay for pushing fiction, rather than facts: And that is that most of these (fake-) news outlets lost all or at least a lot of credibility and what is #journalism without credibilty?
@aaronjmate @TYT @MotherJones @theintercept @democracynow 2. I recall a time when #CNN was "first for breaking news", the go-to channel when big news broke (from the passing of Princess Diana to 9/11), since #Election2016 many rightly called it "The Clinton News Network" & I hardly tune in.
#TrumpRussia #Media
@aaronjmate @TYT @MotherJones @theintercept @democracynow 3. Many great papers made the same mistake: The #NewYorkTimes, with 127 Pulitzer Prizes, suddenly allowed opinion pieces to be written by conspiracy nut #LouiseMensch. You can damage your good reputation with just one lousy piece.
The #NYT:Not completely fallen yet, but weakened!
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1/Sunday July 14-
In my research since the #NXIVMtrial ended almost 4 weeks ago, I discovered that #NXIVM #Mexico was/is MASSIVE, with ties to
#Hollywood (JamesBond?!)
and #Media
They HAD (still HAVE?) big plans…
2/ During the trial, Mark Vicente testified that Keith Raniere bragged that #NXIVM was so massive, with so many interconnected companies under the NXIVM umbrella, that it couldn’t be taken down.
Well, even the US Gov’t said it was big…
Much discovery evidence>sealed.
3/ So how big was (is) it?
Remember the Sony Hacks(?!)
In 2015, it was revealed via those leaked emails that the Mexican government paid $20 million (in form of tax breaks etc) to Sony/MGM for a script rewrite on the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre:…
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Look Ryan @ProudResister it’s simple. @SpeakerPelosi has something to hide or she would #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW So, she’s compromised, she’s protecting some who’s compromised, she agrees with trump’s agenda (she is rich) OR, and this is a long shot, she’s stalling to 1/ <thread>
2/ aid an ongoing investigation. Imagine, that the @FBI who have obviously been investigating trump and his criminal connections for years, see @LincolnsBible @ninaandtito or @gregolear and others for more details, imagine that he is either a willing informant, which fits the....
3/ Comey dropping a dime on HRC and throwing the election to trump scenario, remember it took two times. Also, as soon as trump was elected, the first arrests were crime family members in New York, the mob! So trump is this willing, as in wears wires and cooperates, kind of....
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In de #NWO zal geen onafhankelijkheid bestaan, geen overheden, koninklijke families, republieken, staten of provincies. De heersende macht achter de NWO beheerst al de globale geldstroom, de centrale banken en de grootste multinationals
Die macht bepaalt ook wie de “ democratische” landen regeert door controle over de pers en de #media. Door op grote schaal leningen te verschaffen worden bijna alle landen daarvan afhankelijk
Overheden die zelfstandig wensen te blijven, zullen daadkrachtig op hun knieën worden gedwongen; hun leiders ten val gebracht. Wanneer dit niet lukt via politieke #propaganda, zal het worden geprobeerd dmv economische sancties of geweld. Lees de 13 Satanische bloedlijnen
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#ArtKunkin founder of the #LAFreePress, was the most visionary, most influential journalist in the history of SoCal since Lincoln Steffens.… #RestInPowers #Freep #Journalism #Media #LosAngeles #InMemoriam
In 1965, #ArtKunkin founded the #LAFreePress as an antidote to the Enslaved Press. In the midst of the #VietnamWar and the #CivilRights Movement, only #TheFreep gave us raw news and photos banished from the LA Times and TV network boob tube news.…
Memorial for #ArtKunkin of #LAFreePress

Saturday, July 6 – 2pm (open to public)

Echo Park United Methodist Church,
1226 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles

Read more:…

#RestInPower #Freep #Journalism #Media #LosAngeles #InMemoriam
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In bombshell revelation, former Prosecutor General of #Ukraine suggests that member of #Ukrainian #Parliament ordered assassination by car bomb of Pavlo Sheremet. Sheremet was prominent #Belarusian émigré journalist & wrote for Ukrainska pravda in Ukraine.…
Court decisions suggested that prosecution investigated involvement of neo-Nazi led Azov regiment members in his assassination. Failure to solve murder of prominet #journalist in #Ukraine indicates cover-up, and ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine openly admits that.
Based on its track record of #Ukraine coverage, Western mainstream #media is unlikely to report this bombshell revelation by ex-Prosecutor General that #Ukrainian #Parliament member, possibly linked to neo-Nazi Azov, is involved in ordering assassination of prominent #journalist
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Palast Investigations team member, and photojournalist nonpareil, @ZDRoberts marks the 38th year of his birth and the 13th year of his waiting for a raise. We celebrate his patience and accomplishments. #Journalism #Photography #Media
Besides shooting photos from #Charlottesville to #OccupyWallStreet, hitting front pages around the world, it was @ZDRoberts who first sniffed out the sulfurous vote schemes of the Grand Wizard of #Crosscheck, Kris Kobach. #Journalism #Photography #Kobach
Here is @ZDRoberts shooting selfie of the lump on his head from a cop’s baton at #OccupyWallStreet. Support his work by becoming a @Patreon: #Journalism #Photography #Media
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Le journal belge @lavenir_net parvient à parler de politique de façon plus engageante en utilisant les ressorts du jeu. Un moyen + immersif de faire saisir les enjeu d’une élection locale. @arnaudwery dévoile les coulisses du #Weblab d’un #média local…
La recette pour concevoir un newsgame d'#infolocale :
1️⃣ Identification : des personnages auxquels on peut s'identifier parce qu'on les connaît bien, tel le maire
2️⃣ Du concret : des sujets et des situations du quotidien
3️⃣ Connaissance du terrain : mobiliser toute la rédaction
L'équipe projet du newsgame 'Dans la peau d'un bourgmestre'
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#Ytringsfrihet skaper et ikke-voldelig #samfunn. Jo større ytringsfrihet, desto mindre vold og #maktovergrep.
Å begrense #ytringsfriheten er i seg selv en "voldelig" handling, et #maktovergrep. Man legaliserer dermed maktovergrep, #vold og #krig - når man undertrykker og avgrenser ytringsfriheten.
I et #samfunn hvor det er full #ytringsfrihet, vil man se på vold som helt uakseptabelt. For det er ikke slik man løser problemer - man #ytrer seg!
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#Turkey: President #Erdogan has made new pledges, including sweeping #reforms and some changes in the cabinet. I hope the coming #Reforms include the #Media in #Turkey- especially the new highly-budgeted #TRTWorld. I can only hope.
A strong, journalistically ethical, and effective multi-language #media is greatly needed for not only #Turkey, but for the rest of the world to obtain multi-sided information and news on Turkey. This is the age of #InformationWarfare and so far Turkey is light years behind.
Well, my message to #Turkey #President is here on the record; currently Pinned- should Read all in Bold.- - - “After Istanbul loss, Turkey's Erdogan vows to listen to people's 'messages' | The Japan Times”…
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11. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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