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BREAKING: #BNNAustralia Reports.

@AlboMP and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a "warm" and "pleasant" first encounter, which he describes as a crucial first step toward mending the frayed relations between the two nations. #Australia #China #Diplomacy #Meeting
@AlboMP claimed that during the relatively brief conversation, which lasted just over 30 minutes, he brought up a wide range of subjects, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and China's trade boycott on Australian goods.
Nothing should be inferred from the meeting's brief duration, which actually lasted over time and "was extremely constructive, a friendly discussion," @AlboMP said in a news conference afterward.
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JUST IN: #BNNUK Reports.

Later today, politicians from Britain and Ireland are scheduled to meet in County Cavan. #MichealMartin #SteveBaker #RishiSunak #Ireland #Meeting #CountyCavan Image
The Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), @MichealMartinTD, and Minister of the Northern Ireland Office, @SteveBakerHW, will speak to the backbenchers. Paul Johnson, the British ambassador to Ireland, is also scheduled to speak.
Twice yearly meetings of the British Irish Interparliamentary Association are likely to centre on trade and the effects of Brexit on the economy. Karen Bradley, a former secretary for Northern Ireland, serves as the organization's co-chair.
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1/ A lot has been said about @tana_inc in the last week.

I've been playing around with it for a few days, and the hype is not unfounded.

I scratched together my first impressions & comparisons, along with musings from older tweets on what this means for knowledge work in teams.
2/ First, a word on sticking with your current tool.

There's a lot to be gained from doubling down on one tool, but there's no harm in play 😉 I'm already seeing benefits cross-pollinating into Logseq - the tools complement each other well.

3/ Let's start with problems rather than tools, as software exists to solve user challenges.

PKM users require frictionless input, organisation & retrieval of information to gain mental clarity, generate original output or improve outcomes in their field

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1. credo che sia rilevante leggere questo cablo della diplomazia americana rivelato da #WikiLeaks su #Cartabia. E' l'unico su #Cartabia presente nel database di 251.287 cablo (inglese):…
2. nel 2008,#Cartabia partecipò con l'allora ambasciatrice americana al Vaticano,#Glendon, al #Meeting di #CL a Rimini, e l'ambasciatrice riferisce a #Washington (inglese):…
3. ovviamente NON c'è nulla di male partecipare al #Meeting di #CL con l'ambasciatrice americana al #Vaticano.Ma leggete come ideologia di #Cartabia si allinea perfettamente agli oltranzisti di #Bush contro #aborto,#MatrimoniLGBT e #eutanasia:…
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And we are live with the first meeting of 2021 with TM Shilpa Gupta. (A #Live Tweet Thread) Theme: Year 2021: Every Cloud has a #silverlining

SAA TM Shilpa begins with a pleasant welcome and New Year wishes.
She congratulates the new EC, states the mission of #Toastmasters, and states the rules of a general #meeting
The newly elected President (TM Sanjeev Gupta) is on the Virtual Stage
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One tweet summary of @RoamResearch.

Type a sentence like:
- Had #meeting with #JohnSmith about #defi

You get:
- a page with all meetings (#meeting)
- a page with all mentions of a person (#JohnSmith)
- a page with all mentions of a concept (#defi)

It indexes your text.
Some common questions:

- You can use either #foo or [[foo]] to designate a page
- You can collapse #john and #JohnSmith into one page
- You can autodetect old mentions of #foo
- You can build up tags for people, places, ideas
- You can, in theory, link these tags across repos
People often name "bidirectional links" as the core concept behind @roamresearch, but it's more like semantic annotation of text.

Next step would be to make this even more automatic. Ideally: paste in text, get automatic tag recommendations, and then manually approve.
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#NewNormal" continues. After #CentralBank of #Yemen and #Iraq, we are having mission with #CentralBank of #Libya. Concluded a very productive #meeting with colleagues from #CentralBank and #IMF for a #Islamicfinance IMF mission through #Cisco #webmex. #riskmanagement #Libya Image
Other than #Sudan and #Iran, #Libya is going to be #third #country in the world to have full-fledged #Islamicfinance system after #transition is completed. It requires a significant progress on Islamic finance #regulation and #supervision, which is #underway.
Happy to be part of last three years engagement, through IMF, with them on various topics. Many thanks to my good friends supervisors Haithem Elyacoubi, anwar tantoush, Hatem Salem, Abdulhamid, Dr. Mukhtar for excellent discussion. I hope this will be a very good #IMF mission.
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1/20 unfinished thoughts...#online Church has been dismissed for years: a ‘last resort’, a ‘pale imitation’, ‘only just better than nothing’ are 3 verdicts I've heard. Some say how much they #mourn the loss of meeting in church buildings. It's a heavy loss, a significant sorrow.
2/20 But, as with many who #grieve, in our sorrow we must be careful not to #wound others, as #mainstream #church struggles to inhabit what has been the lived, continuous (sometimes total) experience of #disabled #christians, Christians with #mentalhealth struggles...
3/20 ...Christians who are #carers for those who can't #access #Church as we knew it & Christians who work shifts. In our thrashing about in this new arena, we should be careful not to push out those whose #spiritual #home this has been for a long time...
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Highrise is a 30-person fully remote team. I'm sharing our Slack best practices to stay connected without distractions. Thread: 1/12
We thread absolutely everything. We work in 7 different timezones, and nobody wants to wake up to a channel with 100+ messages. Threads reduce message clutter by 10x. 2/12
We use an #update-daily channel to share what we did yesterday and what we'll do today. We also share when we hop offline or online, which makes our virtual office feel "alive". 3/12
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Let us briefly #Reflect on the #SARB's first #MPC #Meeting of 2020 and their #MonetaryPolicy decision to cut rates by 25bps from 6.5% to 6.25%...
Everyone with some interest in such matters is without a doubt already aware that the #SouthAfricanReserveBank's #MonetaryPolicyCommittee cut its key #PolicyRate, the #Repo by 25 basis points from 6.5% to 6.25%. The move can perhaps best be summarised by the following statement:
It is clear from the statement above that the SARB moved on the back of a growth story. They would want to see the level of #inflation creep closer to 4.5% but they didnt tighten to achieve this end. Rather, they provided more accommodation for growth & inflation might pick up...
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This will be unpopular. Please read full thread before telling me off. #transit #octranspo #meeting #ottpoli 1/n
The Nov 6th #Transit Commission will be extraordinary meeting and should be treated as such. #ottpoli
This #transit meeting should NOT include public delegations. It should be committee of whole with all active councillors and the citizen commissioners. #ottpoli
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There are 55 million meetings EVERY day according to a recent @Freakonomics podcast. That's madness! If you've ever attended an awful #meeting, this is worth a listen.…
#behavioral #economics #psychology #timemanagement

A few strategies to run a better meeting discussed in the podcast:
1. Open meeting with 5-10min of connecting people

2. Dedicate the first few minutes for people to review the notes that are circulated (that no one usually reads)

3. Design meeting content to focus on conflict of ideas (stuff that couldn't happen via email). Cultivate discussion, not reviewing content.

4. Acknowledge Parkinson's Law - work expands to the time allotted to it. Stop making meetings 1hr. Make them less.

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1. Here's a #rundown of what has happened thus far on Friday 13th June 1️⃣9️⃣1️⃣9️⃣:

2. At two pm 🕑 this afternoon, an argument broke out between a French man 🇫🇷 and an Algerian man 🇩🇿 somewhere in #Cardiff

3. Three hours on, I'm uncertain as to what happened next. I'll check twitter and Facebook and that.

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#FinalVote #SaveOregon #HERC #Oregon #Meeting #JoinTogether #teamwork #CivilRights #Pain #medicalcare If you are in Oregon and care about the path Oregon officials have been taking against pain patient rights, PLEASE attend this meeting. This is not just about medicaid. Image…
March 14th HERC Oregon Health Authority public meeting. Chronic Pain Task Force proposal.
Meeting materials:…
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