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A short #Thread to dispel doubts on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
Q) Does the Bill disallow citizenship for #Muslim migrants ?
A) NO , The bill merely mandates any #Muslim migrant to spend 11 yrs resident in #India before applying for citizenship.
Q) Does #CitizenAmendmentBill discriminate against #Muslims who are citizens of #India or remove any privilege of citizenship they hold?
A) No, the #CABBill makes no comment on the citizenship of existing #Muslim citizens.
Q) Why does the bill disallow #Muslim migrants from #Pakistan #Afghanistan & #Bangladesh from it's ambit.
A) The Bill is meant to provide a safety valve for minorities in adjoining nations who do not wish to live under a #Islamic regime. #Muslims are a majority in these nations.
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A short story on #Left, #Congress, #TMC and #MIM duplicity.
Author @taslimanasreen had to flee #Bangladesh after #Islamists / #Jamaatis called for her death for her book 'Lajja'. The book dealt with terrible attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh post-Babri demolition. #CAB 1/n
Taslima had to be literally smuggled out of Bangladesh to #Sweden. She wanted to live in #India, more specifically in #Kolkata , to be near her homeland. The ABV Govt gave her a long-term residence visa. Taslima set up home in Kolkata and lived on her writings. #CAB 2/n
Muslim leaders jn Kolkata were never comfortable with her presence. @cpimspeak then in power in #WestBengal banned her autobiography (courts later removed the ban). The #Left Front engineered anti-Taslima riots with the help of a #Congress Muslim leader (with TMC now). #CAB 3/n
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Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhury calls #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 regressive,anti-minority. @AmitShah hits back: says Bill not even .001%anti minority. Says will respond to every point raised by Congress but tells them not to `Walk Out' when he is responding. @IndiaToday
@AmitShah @IndiaToday TMC's Saugata Roy says #Constitution in danger. As MPs oppose, Prof Roy says: will you hit me now. Come hit me. Claims #CitizenshipAmendmentBill discriminatory. One Nation,one law BJP says but leaves Sixth schedule areas & inner line permit with citizenship Bill. TMC opposes bill
@AmitShah @IndiaToday AIMIM MP @asadowaisi comes out all guns blazing, says #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 violates Constitution, fundamental rights & SC order. Targets home minister @AmitShah says if this Bill is not stopped then his name will be taken along with Hitler & Ben Gurion (former Israel PM)
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Time for a thread:

Mehdi Hassan your research is weak, because there is no insurgency in #Balochistan.

As a Baloch myself, I’ll tell you how a tribal dispute b/w families of 2 Baloch friends blew up & it was used by #India to fan an insurgency like situation in #Pakistan.

Remember these two names:

It was a tribal dispute b/w families of these 2 friends that fell victim to intricacies of baloch tribal customs of honor & revenge. It’s this that led to current turmoil in Balochistan, not an insurgency against #Pakistan.

But first a little perspective:

70s-80s were decades of the Cold War, when Soviets invaded #Afghanistan & #Kabul was being used to sponsor Pashtunistan & Greater Balochistan separatist movements to gain access to the warm waters.

#Pakistan was resisting it with western help.
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Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — and chanted slogans against the media group and set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) What Mr #ImranKhan said on #PressFreedom when #TheNews & #JangGroup were under attack by Mr #NawazSharif (1997-1999)
Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — and chanted slogans against the media group and set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) What Ms Maleeha Lodhi
said on #PressFreedom when #TheNews & #JangGroup were under attack by Mr #NawazSharif (1997-1999)
Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — chanted slogans against the media group & set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) When #PervezMusharraf attacked #PressFreedom , PTI Leader Roedad Khan said Musharraf has to go or Pakistan won’t survive
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Let's talk #MediaConvergence #PR #Chatsessions
An outcome of tech advancements in #PR #SundayThoughts #PublicRelations #corporatecommunications #media #pakistan
- Reply, Likes and RT tweets in the thread and make sure to @PakistanPr
#Media convergence is the interlinking of computing and other information technologies, media content, media companies and communication networks @PakistanPr
It brings together the “three C's”—computing, communication, and content—and is a direct consequence of the digitization of media content and the popularisation of the Internet @PakistanPr
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4 Possible Outcomes - #BajwaExtension case

1. The apex court could accept the Govt’s steps to fix the legal weaknesses in the original notification & declare fresh notification as valid, reverting situation to the status quo & Bajwa would start his next 3-year term as the #COAS
2. The Supreme Court of #Pakistan could declare that the fresh notification is not valid & the extension of the #COAS #QamarJavedBajwa would not proceed, indicating that he would retire on November 29, 2019.
3. The Supreme Court of #Pakistan may not make a decision today & ask for more arguments. If the next hearing is scheduled for a date after Friday when Gen #QamarJavedBajwa retires, then the Govt will need to announce a new #COAS.
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Shashi Tharoor, lately known for his anti-British position has ironically been recruited by the son of a Pakistani British #spy in his firm CTD Advisors, heavily infested with former British intelligence chiefs advocating foreign intervention in #Kashmir.…
Isn’t providing "insider knowledge" for cracking business deals to former intelligence chiefs of a foreign country by serving member of Indian Parliament a conflict of interest, if not an economic offense and an act of #espionage?

Our exclusive report 》…
Shoaib Bajwa - son of Pakistani British spy & founder of CTD Advisors who wants to rebuild “Global Britain in modern times” since it lost influence in Commonwealth after WWII, by constructing new economic corridors through "insider knowledge" via his firm joined by Shashi Tharoor
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Global leaders pledge US$2.6 billion to #EndPolio at the #RLMForum in Abu Dhabi.

Countries & partners announce commitments to vaccinate 450 million children against #polio each year and to overcome barriers to reaching every child 👉
@DrTedros @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @antonioguterres @UN @UN_News_Centre This pledging event comes on the heels of a major announcement last month that the 🌍 has eradicated two of the three wild poliovirus strains, leaving only wild poliovirus type 1 still in circulation.

@DrTedros @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @antonioguterres @UN @UN_News_Centre #Nigeria – the last country in Africa to have cases of wild #polio – has not seen wild polio since 2016 and the entire @WHOAFRO region could be certified wild polio-free in 2020 👉
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"Thank God for Nawaz Sharif release. This is not a defeat for Imran Khan govt, but some in PTI want to make it their defeat," explains #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk in this #thread.
The government of Prime Minister #ImranKhan has an unprecedented mandate in #Pakistan electoral history. This mandate is to change governance in the country. This mandate must not be limited to #NawazSharif. #PTI govt could damage itself if it reduces its existence to NS.
The Supreme Court ousted #NawazSharif in a historic legal verdict. This is an issue between the ex-PM and #Pakistani law. PM #ImranKhan govt is turning it into a personal issue, with statements like the one in Washington.
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Pakistani serial rapist/pedophile employed by Save the children's org and world bank despite a long list of prior charges.

A descriptive thread on one of the perps by @misterzedpk…
Convicted serial child rapist and pedophile Sohail Ayaz went to the UK on a 2 year skilled workers visa to work for the well-known charity Save the Children - in 2009 he was sentenced to 4 years in jail for raping minors and for possession of child pornography & then deported
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Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years

A former high-level official from within the #UN has blown the whistle on the #UN #pedophilia network.

#Defund the #UN!…
Pakistani U.N. peacekeepers sentenced in Haiti rape case

#UN #Rape #Pakistan #Haiti #Hatian #DefundTheUN #Clinton…
#UN #rape, #pedophilia, enforced #prostitution in #Haiti

It is time that we defunded the #UN .
Every dollar we donate is a dollar more tgat allows the UN to #Rape , Pillage and Plunder the world.

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In response to #Pakistan’s blatant attack on India at the ongoing 40th General Conference of @UNESCO India delivered a strong reply to Pakistan stating that interference in #India’s internal affairs was unacceptable. #UNESCOGC @IndiaatUNESCO @MEAIndia
It stated that the Union Territories of #Jammu and #Kashmir and #Ladakh, have always been, are, and shall always be an integral part of #India, and this includes the territory that is currently under the illegal and forcible occupation of #Pakistan. @Indian_Embassy
In response to #Pakistan’s statement on protection of #ReligiousFreedom and protection of religious sites #India said that the Supreme Court judgement is about the rule of law and equal respect for all faiths, concepts that are alien to Pakistan and its ethos.
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At last, the #IndianSupremeCourt pronounces historic decision to settle #Ayodhya land dispute. The #RamMandir will be constructed on the same place and #Muslims will get 5 acres of alternate land for mosque.
Ideally, any alternate land for mosque should not have been allotted. However, it is justified if it reduces the communal tension. As this mosque was a symbol of oppression and illegal construction, the Indian government should ensure it is not named after #Babar again.
For this purpose, the government can also make good use of #Sunni_Shia dispute over this land.

The dispute was of local nature during the #British rule and the first reported clash happened in 1853.
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What is relationship between Prime Minister #ImranKhan of #Pakistan & #Rothschilds? Why did Kissinger refer to him as "Our Boy" to the Foreign Minister of Pakistan? Isn't it true that his wife wrote in her memoir that he owes his career to the #Goldsmiths?…
Its FAILED Kissinger policy of carpet-bombing nations backfiring in #Syria. They supported #Kurds later dumped them when they were of no use. Aligned with Pakistan to dismember #India AGAIN during 1971 War & dumped them as well. Now is it #India's turn?…
How #India became the target of Pakistan's Information Warfare after #Pulwama attack and during the #BalakotAirstrike…
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#Pakistan is all set to inaugurate the #KatarpurCorridor that will enable pilgrims from #India to come to Pak & pay their religious rites at the Shrine of Baba Guru Nanak. Inauguration is to take place on 9th Nob'19. This thread is a detailed explainer on the Kartarpur Corridor
Gurudwara Darbar Sahib is located at 4.5KMs from International Border in Distrcit Narowal, Pakistan. It is one of the holest places for Sikhs. The ground breaking of the #KartarpurCorridor project was done by Pak PM on 28th Nov'18.
The #KartapurCorridor project is expanded on a total area of 823 acres of land. It is spread over a total area of 6.5KMs. It has a Gurudwara complex that is spread over an area of currently 104 acres and likely to be increased to 330 acres. Cont
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Heres Aharon Almog-Assoulin, a retired Israeli security official who until recently served on the town council in a suburb of #TelAviv. He was one of the undercover agents used by #BlackCube hired by #NSOGroup to #spy on #CitizenLab journalists exposing #Pegasus among other jobs.
Heres a partial list of #cybersecurity firms linked directly to #cyber weapons dealer #NSOGroup that targeted Indian journalists and activists using #Pegasus. Almost all of them spawned out of Israeli intelligence #Unit8200. #WhatsApp #WhatsAppSpywareRow
Acc to 2016 price list, #NSOGroup charges customers $650,000 to hack 10 devices on top of $500,000 installation fee. If 41 Indians were targeted it will be 4 times the fee + installation. That comes to a whopping 31,00,000 USD equals 21,96,80,725.00 INR. Thanks to @Kodungolan737
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Good place to start my #KRQ thread Lets start by saying My thoughts are not a hot take , Ive been writing about Pakistani dramas for a good time ,since 2012/2013 as blogger/ critic & I know my subject , In fact 1st big interview was in partnership with Sadaf Siddiqui ..
as freelancers & which credit to him #Khalilurehmanqammar generously agreed to This was post #PyarayAfzal Which had got both of us Sadafs & public just crazy about #Hamzaliabbasi( actor not political activist)& KRQ dialogues & male centric dramas sans Usual Toxic drama “hero”
It helped that I hadnt watched Landa bazaar so it didn’t seem repetitive,We all sat spellbound thru reams of circular speechifying from Molvi Subhanullah etc & like most of the public wept my eyes out Over Afzals death . In the interview , KRQ didnt sound
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I'm seeing many folks draw comparisons between the Azadi March in #Pakistan with anti-government movements in Lebanon, Iraq, Chile, and Hong Kong, among other places.
I find that comparison to be wildly off the mark.
We're talking apples and elephants here, in my humble opinion.
The Azadi March appears rather opportunistic and short-lived: A political figure's desire to showcase the strength of his constituents and attract some attention before eventually calling it a day. The anti-gov't movements elsewhere appear more genuine, united, and committed.
In Lebanon, Chile, Hong Kong etc., protestors are focusing their ire on leaders who are under much more serious political pressure than is Imran Khan. IK's honeymoon may be long over, but is his grip on power in immediate jeopardy, as w/the leaders elsewhere? It doesn't seem so.
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Heres Kissinger's pioneering contribution. During 1971 War he sided with #Pakistan and planned to trisect #India with American 7th Fleet from East, Royal Navy from West & Chinese from North. Is it something to be glad about? Didnt our PMs advisors tell him about our history?
In 1974 US National Security Council under Kissinger completed classified 200-page study “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security & Overseas Interests” advocating #depopulation of #India…
Kissinger said “Control Oil and you control Nations; Control Food and you control People” . His strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in India leading to most grain reserves in world under control of 6 multinational agribusiness corporations.…
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The @HouseForeign Subcommittee on Asia's hearing on Human Rights in South Asia is about to begin. WPCION will offer live updates on this thread.
Opening statements; Entire world is focused on Kashmir
I regard this as the most dangerous geopolitical flashpoint in the world
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The plan to invade the Riyasat of #JammuAndKashmir wasn't born in #Lahore but in the residence of #Jinnah at #Aurangzeb road #NewDelhi . Here in the spring of 1947 Col. Akbar Khan & some #Muslim officers of the #British #Indian #Army hatched this plot .
It was only in October 1947 that Maj. Onkar Singh Kalkat of the Bannu Brigade #PakistanArmy who had not yet been repatriated to #India found files marked Operation Gulmarg Secret while looking for some other documents in the office of Brigadier Murray at NWFP.
Even though he was nearly arrested & sent to #Lahore , Maj.Onkar somehow made it out to #NewDelhi & told the #IndianArmy top brass about the file he had sern which detailed an invasion of #JammuKashmir by tribesmen. He wasn't taken seriously by the Brass .
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