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Here is the rescue story I heard about last Sunday when the fires started in #HammondsPlains #NovaScotia

#Halifax fire captain describes risking own life to save elderly man during wildfire. /1…
/2 "As we pulled up, everything around the house was on fire. There were trees on two sides, maybe 20 to 30 feet away, and everything was on fire," he said.

Corkum, who was driving, instructed Scott that he had 30 seconds to check the house for the man. Both doors were
/3 locked, so Scott ended up kicking in the front door.

"The elderly gentleman was in his chair unaware of what was going on, unaware of the danger," Corkum said.
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Local Business Consulting Services Catalytic Consulting Inc…
More #about "#Local Business #ConsultingServices Catalytic Consulting Inc:

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Suite 200 D116 Marlborough, MA 01752
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Find additional information #about our independent company #providing business consulting services, in Massachusetts, online today, at "Catalytic Consulting":…
#CatalyticConsulting #MA
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wer hat es genutzt?

bei @SRF @SRFnews @retolipp @SandroBrotz @BarbaraLuethi schien es ein im #redaktionsstatut festgelegter rhetorischer kniff gewesen zu sein.… @persoenlichcom #Tschanz
auch das #narrativ #grounding narrt die narren.

es wurde mehrfach ausgesprochen:

eine globale #TooBigToFail-bank, wurde einer anderen bank - welche zufällig auch den sitz am gleich #Paradeplatz @InsideParade hatte - zum schnäppchenpreis weitergereicht.

das ist ein deal (so?)

"Für das grosse Publikum ist erneut etwas im Eimer."

das narrativ des #publikums
- brot und spiele
- wir machen die show, ihr bezahlt den eintritt
- ...

#tschanz verrechnet sich selbst, selbstverständlich nicht auf der seite #publikum, sondern... ?!?
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“We’re basically going back to everyone who criticized us for the long period of Moving Forward and saying, ‘Yeah you were right, you really can’t trust us to do what we say we’re going to do with our plans,'” @SamAustinD5

Story @zwoodford. #PublicTransit…
The cte. heard from @ATU_508 Prez Shane O'Leary on those staffing issues. He told councillors transit operators are burnt out, underpaid, and unappreciated.

“Our city needs transit and transit is not being treated like it’s needed." #ATU @atu_canada
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Now I'm wondering if @TimHoustonNS got a heads up on this before he announced the housing shakeup?

@larochecbc @OAG_NS has found multiple instances where a senior official at former Metropolitan Reg. Housing Authority was in conflict of interest. #nspoli…
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December 1917 - Fully embroiled in the First World War #Halifax was quickly evolving into a world class port and major base of naval operations. /thread #HalifaxExplosion Image of sailors on the Halifax waterfront.
On the morning of December 6, 1917, railway dispatcher Vincent Coleman goes to work from his home on Russell St in Halifax's North End. He left his wife Frances & their 2 year old daughter Eileen, dressed in a cheerful blue dress handmade by Frances. #HalifaxExplosion Image of Vincent Coleman.
Halifax was a hub of activity. Troops bound for battle swept in & out of the city. The First World War brought activity & prosperity to the port #HalifaxExplosion…
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@capebretonpost Typos in a headline are a BIG no-no. #CBPost Image
MEMO TO: @hfxgov councillors.

Can surplus land be sold for $1.00 to accommodate #AffordableHousing? Can permit fees, subdivision fees, and zone amendment fees be waived when affordable housing projects are in the making? #CBRM #HRM #Halifax @CBRMGov…
We are grateful to Coun. Gordon MacDonald @tobinroader for keeping affordable housing on council agenda. As has been pointed out around the council table, affordable housing is not a municipal responsibility.

Thankfully though this doesn’t mean it can’t be a municipal priority. Image
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Will ⁦@GeoffMacLellan⁩’s #affordablehousing task force do anything about #REIT’s?

REIT’s own or invest in income-producing real estate & distribute profits to their shareholders. Many are traded publicly on the stock market. #nspoli #Halifax…
2) @MichaelTGorman Nova Scotia's DM of housing said Wed. that non-profit housing will have to be "dramatically" expanded to address the province's housing crunch.

(Thus far both Geoff MacLellan and Tim Houston only seem interested in ‘market’ solutions.)…
3) One of the benefits of non-market housing is that the units remain affordable for the long term.

That's a key difference from many private developments that get govt. funding to include a handful of affordable units. #HRM @hfxgov @MikeSavageHFX @dubehalifax1 @HRMLovelace Image
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After several comments on #TheLakerNews FB page and in my own personal FB inbox that I was not telling the truth on the child dying related to COVID19, I reached out to the province Sunday afternoon (a weekend but wanted to get it asked). #FallRiverNS #Halifax 1/5
Here is what the spokeswoman told me: "The death of a child is unimaginable, no matter the circumstance. A family is grieving and our hearts are with them. We do not discuss the specifics of any individual case. What we can talk about is process. #FallRiverNS #Halifax 2/5
"When we report a COVID death, we capture both those who died due to their COVID infection or where COVID was a contributing factor." #FallRiverNS #Halifax 3/5
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I'm on the ground in Halifax, observing the #FluTruxKlan temper tantrum. Already I've observed police arresting a lone counter-demonstrator, and was literally told by a cop to "join the group".
I'm monitoring their Zello channel (Halifax Convoy 2022) and appears the convoy is a bit fragmented: Image
They caused an accident on Quinpool, emergency vehicles struggled to get through: Image
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Thread: I see some in other provinces talking about #NovaScotia rapid test kits coming home for elementary kids. There’s been comparisons about other places and why Gov’s did or did not do this. A few points about this whole thing we shouldn’t forget 1/…
The effort has been spearheaded by some excellent folks who are outside of gov. It started with local university during our 2nd wave that was hitting restaurant/bar crowd in Halifax. They were testing to see if rapid testing could help stop spread. 2/…
The success and the leadership of @LisaBarrettID et all. meant that our public health officials could do their thing. But they also stayed out of the way and let community lead the pop ups as they grew. This meant no additional strain on pub resources. /3…
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Halifax Mutual Aid has heard many misrepresentations & outright lies originate from #Halifax Council. Some are so strange they’re funny. Most are just frustrating & disappointing. And a few have been so outrageously harmful & mean-spirited that we need to address them directly. 1
On Friday, our community learned about @hfxgov’s surprise removal & destruction of three crisis shelters, rewriting the timeline for removal that they committed to earlier in the week. Halifax Mutual Aid & numerous shelter occupants were taken by surprise. But there were clues. 2
Mid-week, the shelter occupant at Victoria Park told HMA they were locked out because of a new padlock & hasp on their door. It was news to HMA. Because @hfxgov said demolishing would start on the 13th, it never occurred to us that the city might have installed the lock & hasp. 3
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So, yes, today was bad. Objectively it was bad as every death at this point was preventable, and 400+ cases (in and not yet in the system), so this is a lot to sit with. But I am hopeful! The only way out is through. We can do this!

Here is why (a thread):
The province-wide lockdown came into effect 10 days ago, and there is a 14 day incubation period. Between the backlog of data entry and the fact that we still have 4 days to go, it's ok to not see a trend down yet.…
Right now, around 310k people in NS have gotten 1 or more shots in the arm. The province is getting around 79K doses a week from the Feds. This *should* ramp up in 2 weeks, but even if it doesn't 60% 1 shot in arms 16+ may 27ish, 70% June 4ish, 80% June 12ish.
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@RcuthbertsonCBC Five of the six apartment buildings are run by Toronto-headquartered @MetCapLivingMgt, a property management firm that operates thousands of multi-family units in five provinces. #Halifax #AffordableHousing #Metcap #Telus #REIT #nspoli…
@Tim_Bousquet has been reporting on the diabolical nature of REITs, Real Estate Investment Trusts, for some time now.

Here's a bit of a THREAD from Dec. 2019. #RentControl
CUTHBERTSON: An analysis of records compiled for @CBCNS by Nova Scotia Courts shows that between 2015 & 2019, more than 550 residential tenancy orders were filed in court against renters living in 1,200 apt. units run by Metcap, 3/4's of them currently owned by Telus.

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Gyasi Symonds jaywalked on his way to The Nook and wasn’t the only one to do so, as he trailed behind 4 White women who did the same.

But it was only Symonds, a visibly Black man, that was approached by two #HRP police officers for jaywalking. #Halifax…
@nziafati @Nicole__Munro Constables Steve Logan & Pierre-Paul Cadieux blocked Symonds when he approached the coffee shop and questioned him about jaywalking, but didn't issue him a ticket.

Symonds was later called down to his office's lobby, where the two were waiting for him. Image
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“As Nova Scotia reports *38* new cases of #COVID19–the largest single-day case increase in nearly one year—NS's premier announced tighter restrictions in the #Halifax area...”

**cries in Alberta**

#nspoli #cdnpoli #onpoli…
For the record, “Alberta reported 1,699 new cases of COVID-19 [yesterday]” more than 10x the per capita infection rate of NS.

#ableg #nspoli…
Yesterday, as cases rose again, the Premier tweeted about how great this summer will be.

Over 2,000 Albertans have died from #COVID19AB with just 10 people being allowed at their funerals. #ableg #FiretheUCP

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@zwoodford @HRMLovelace @hfxgov @WayeMason @LindellSmithHFX @HalifaxLabour So these private contractors will continue to be able to avoid paying their employees a living wage.

This new policy is looking less and less impressive.

@CUPELocal108 @cupenovascotia @Tim_Bousquet
@zwoodford @HRMLovelace @hfxgov @WayeMason @LindellSmithHFX @HalifaxLabour @CUPELocal108 @cupenovascotia @Tim_Bousquet @communitycathy just asked the staffer (Andrew ?) about the living wage policy.

Conveniently, it doesn't apply to these multi-year contracts.
@zwoodford @HRMLovelace @hfxgov @WayeMason @LindellSmithHFX @HalifaxLabour @CUPELocal108 @cupenovascotia @Tim_Bousquet @communitycathy Turns out #Halifax’s much ballyhooed #LivingWage policy won’t affect #ContractedOut solid waste services for next several years.

@hfxgov staff were successful with their end-run around the policy.

How incredibly disappointing.
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1917 - Fully embroiled in the First World War #Halifax was quickly evolving into a world class port and major base of naval operations. #HalifaxExplosion
December 6, 1917, Railway Dispatcher Vincent Coleman goes to work from his home on Russell St in Halifax's North End. He left his wife Frances & their 2 year old daughter Eileen, dressed in a cheerful blue dress handmade by Frances.
#Halifax was a hub of activity. Troops bound for battle swept in & out of the city. The First World War brought activity & prosperity to the port #HalifaxExplosion
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Five new cases of COVID-19 for #NS That includes the two school-based cases announced late yesterday. The other three are close contacts of previously recorded cases. Briefing with @StephenMcNeil and @StrangRobert should start soon.
Briefing now underway. Premier McNeil starts by going over process to work with schools that now have positive COVID cases - Auburn HS and Graham Creighton JH. Calls this a "wakeup call". Says the virus is creeping into neighbourhoods.
Dr. Strang says there have been 15 new cases of COVID since Friday. Now 24 active cases. So far in November, we've had 42 cases, and "it's a trajectory we can't continue to follow." (Compare that to three in September.)
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