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Indiabulls Real Estate -

Turning into a Real Estate Behemoth

CMP - 144

Industry- Real Estate

#IBREALEST #Indiabulls #Embassy #RealEstate
Investment Rationale

> Strong Pipeline - Total Net Surplus from completed inventory and projects that are currently ongoing is ₹10,754 Cr
> Project Wise Breakup of Inventory - This inventory to be executed over next 3-5 years in the merged entity
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When purchasing property there are certain checks and balances that you need to do before finalising your purchase. #MFGTwitterSpace
You will need a land surveyor and a valuator, but why? #MFGTwitterSpace
The land surveyor will look on the certificate of title and entries like the restrictive covenants, easements and encumbrances and make checks to see whether there is anything to compromise your potential interest in the property #MFGTwitterSpace
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#RealEstate – story of structural reforms. Brand, Balance sheet, Execution and access to low cost funds will drive the value

Last 8-10 years, real estate sector faced multiple challenges with huge inventory build-up, demand slow down, liquidity crunch, drying source of funds..
Sector has given very lackluster performance for these years, but dynamics are now changing with reforms done by the government like GST and RERA. Demonetisation was actually negative for the sector in the short run but for long term, it proved to be a boon.
These structural reforms cleanup the sector with 70% competition gone, market share shifted from unorganized to organized players.

Brand, Balance sheet, Execution and access to low cost funds will drive the value in the sector henceforth.

Customer preference has shifted from
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/06/2021…
Particulate organic matter as a functional soil component for persistent soil organic carbon…

#ParticulateOrganicMatter #SoilCarbon #microorganisms
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☣️1/ Timeline proving UNC been constructing SARS #coronavirus chimeras since AT LEAST 2006 (!), bent on producing live attenuated vaccine (or offing us all, depends on how you see it). Thank you, Dr. #Fauci!

Please hold "Pandora's box" of public discussion wide open on this one.
2/ 2006:
a. Look at "we need a LAV because lab leaks of epidemic strains happen"
b. List of vaccine problems, including ADE (mentioning 1992 pub on fCoV)
c. Construction of pandemic-level chimeric icGDO3-S "challenge virus" with spike from 2003 SARS case… ImageImageImageImage
3/ This lab has a history of leaks. Like SARS mice escapes. Extremely humanised BLT-L were invented c. 2019, but we just don't know what those "simpler" 2014 mice were carrying - killler chimeras or live vaccine variants. Or if lab staff got infected.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/12/2021…
Persecution & Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom

#BookReviews #history #ReligiousFreedom
If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund…

#RealEstate #investment #HousingMarket #PensionFunds
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#MOUNTAIN #VILLAGE #NARAN - #GAME #CHANGER .....!!!! BY - MH IKHLAS #Investments #Realestate #Tourism ...

MVN is the 1st International Standard Tourist Resort of #Pakistan comprising #Modern #Villas, #Hotel #suits, #Foodstreet, #Adventure #Park and much more.
It is located on Main Saif-ul-Malook Jheel road Naran.

It is the 1st initiative of this magnitude and standard which shall remain as the #Industrial #Precedent of the Tourism Real Estate of Pakistan.
It has been conceived and initiated by MH IKHLAS Developers, #Pioneers and #leaders of Tourism Real Estate. The Project has been designed to remain the #Benchmark project for local and overseas investors giving the highest ever rental returns in Pakistan.
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#LetsTalkMoney by @monikahalan is all about US understanding OUR Needs & Wants, & constructing OUR Money Box.

It helps BUILD a system in place , rather than focusing on a (non existent ) single shot solution.



A 🧵 on it .
Firstly, build your own system to manage Cash Inflows & Outflows .
Find a way that's least troublesome but automatically separates the 2.

#Budgeting & #Allocation must not be a cumbersome task !

Easy bifurcation helps in Better mapping.

A bird's eye view on the same 👇
Moving onto Emergencies . This pandemic has made so many of us realise the importance of it .

Another interesting facet :
Unwillingness to take risks comes from the FEAR of not having money when needed - typically why Bank F.Ds are preferred.

Hence the EMERGENCY fund.
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Uh oh...

$AMC to Sell Video Games


$GME to Show Movies
Remember kids...

the Gamma Isn't Going to SQUEEZE itself

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#NYC is highly skilled at managing Inventory and controlling the media narrative

Realtors starting to slowly leak the Vacant Units onto the market

But the Post Vaccine Re-Opening will be challenging as Social Unrest and Violence Re-emerge this Summer
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Psychology to Dominate

People will be hesitant to return to "normal" until the City proves it can re-establish Law-and-Order

The next #NYCMayor has an enormous challenge ahead

Even the 2nd Coming of a Giuliani-type would take 1-2 years to turnaround
The young Student types are likely the 1st to return

The attraction of NYC's Social Night Life will draw them back. We are already seeing significant Street Night Life as the Weather Shifts to warmer Nights

But there will be Challenges this SUMMER

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It is a currently a buyer's market in #Singapore due to the #Covid19 crisis hence property developers have to price property conservatively.

If you're #Singaporean, here's a thread on why you might want to consider a new private property 🏘️ in Singapore:

2/ Prior to 2013, people could easily flip #property and make tens of thousands just by buying an option to purchase.

Fast forward to 2013, various measures were introduced (#TDSR, #ABSD, #SSD)

This curbed demand lead to - /3…
3/ How is the #Singapore #RealEstate market different today?

- Healthy demand and less speculative buying
- Ample liquidity & low interest rates
- Declining unsold supply
- People are upsizing due to Work From Home (#WFH) changes…
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This isn't an easy topic to address but I'll do my best to provide my thoughts via a simple generic🧵

#RealEstate isn't linear. It is multifactorial:

1) Country
2) Time period
3) Information asymmetry
4) Opportunity cost
5) Personality
6) Job security


2/ There is no guarantee for any gains in any investment vehicle. No guarantee in #RealEstate, #bitcoin, #Equities etc

As cliche as it sounds, the only constant is: Change.

History only provides a clue.

Simply put, yields are not guaranteed.

Back to factors 1 to 6
3/ #RealEstate differs from country to country.

In a jurisdiction where there are high capital gains tax or when the cost of borrowing is high, owning/investing in property might not make much sense.

In #Singapore, capital gains tax has been abolished
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{West Bengal HIRA vs RERA}

Supreme Court bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud to deliver judgment in plea challenging the constitutional validity of West Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Act, 2017 since it is similar to Central law RERA

#SupremeCourt @FightForRERAInd
The moot question of law in the case is:

Can a state, in the name of cooperative federalism, enact a legislation under the Concurrent List to occupy the same field that the Parliament has occupied?

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Years 2020-2024
Just remember, this number will be revised lower, but still, don't ever talk trash about demographics ever again 🇺🇸💪🏽📈🔥
If you want to stay away from the headline noise, this is what you want to track; as long as the 3-month average is running below 4.3%, everything is doing great. This did not happen once during the years 2008-2019. Today, 3MA 3.83 months Image
Even when you see some revisions to this headline print, you can still see how different things are for housing starting in 2020. This is mother demographics flexing her muscle. Image
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#personalfinance #Debt #Realestate Thread on my experiences with real estate as a primary home and investment -
Always dreamt of living in a bigger house as I had spent the better part of my life till My late twenties in a 250 sq ft rented house in mumbai
Bought my 1st house in 2001 a 3 bed apartment 1395 in a good locality in Hiranandani - in Thane - with the power of leverage - got 100% of property value + stamp duty + registration and insurance term cover for loan amount fully funded by HDFC - did not have to invest a pie 2/
Power of a branded property to get this level of leverage - and also loan to CTC at that point was 500% - but did not seem risky as asset backed the liability (cant say the same in today’s times) Got possession in 2006 and moved in ( got married too a year prior) - 3/
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1. I previously wrote about how to use #NFTs in real life, let's expand it a little bit! Let's use the same #RealEstate example, but it can apply to many many more ideas!

2. So we have oracles like @chainlink or @BandProtocol , so we can get the price of the real estate from them.

Let's say our house is worth 1.000.000$ worth for now, and let's say we own %100 of the house. And our kid wants to go to college.
3. College payment is 50.000$/year. And we don't want to sell our house. Instead, we want to take a loan from the bank.

FROM @AaveAave !
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Inflation $TLT worries=opportunity to invest in single family rental leader Invitation Homes $INVH. At $28/sh implies 4.8% 2021 cap rate. Trades at ~5-10% discount to NAV.
$AVB $EQR $CPT $MAA $ESS $VNQ $AMH $XLRE #reits #dividends
SHOULD trade at premium to NAV->Platform value:
2/While anyone can buy a home and become a landlord, this is a scale/density business. To effectively manage single family homes bigger is MUCH better. Scale allows for in-house provision of services (hire a plumber full time for $200/day rather than pay $150 for each visit).
3/Route density is also critical. On average, INVH owns at 5,000 homes per market. Can cluster maintenance jobs. This has lead to NOI margins of ~67%. Put simply, with scale INVH retains more of each rental $ as profit than competitors.
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#China #NPC #两会 #Twosessions
#China #unemployment #CPI #twosessions2021
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Lumber Prices Are Soaring. Why Are Tree Growers Miserable?
Sawmill operators harvest gains while Southern landowners struggle with tree surplus; ‘I’m not making anything’…
Mortgage Companies Want In on the IPO Boom. Investors Aren’t Convinced. 

Initial public offerings for mortgage lenders haven’t worked out the way all the companies were hoping… #realestate #rates #home #housing #credit
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#Singaporeans think #realestate makes for a great investment.

Many don't realise that taking a loan on a property is a form of leveraging.

It can work for OR against you.

Time for a thread 🧵👇
2/ 2nd property max loan you can take is 45%. Other 25% (cash), 30% (CPF/cash) = 100%

On a 1M property, that's $450k

If the property appreciates by $200k to $1.2M after misc fees, you've just made your money work for you.

In a recession, the reverse is true.
3/ Let's say the market crashes in a deep recession, the private property that you bought goes down by 30% from 1M to $700k.

You've lost your job and can't afford to service the loan.

You sell the property thinking "no worries".

Here's the truth 👇
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Canada Real Estate bubble (thread.)

Net demand is set to peak over the coming two years, as the millennials turn 28 this year. New demand typically peaks at the age of 29 (25-34). After that, new demand will fall off a cliff into 2030.

#RealEstate #Canada #creditbubble Image
The "Demand Model" is based on the annual number of 29-year-olds minus the number of annual deaths.
Why is this important? Japan never recovered from its real estate bubble prices are down 50%. It's occurring because the ageing population "supply" was meeting new demand. Image
New demand model.

I take the # of 29 years olds, minus new deaths, "supply." The model every year, which considers new immigration/emigration/births data.

This is a new phenomenon since Canada has an ageing populace with much of the world.

The model peaks in 2022. Image
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Real Estate: Value Play or Value Trap?

"$126 billion in commercial real estate will be forced to sell at distressed prices through 2022, more than the first 2 years after the global financial crisis" - Bloomberg

Time for a thread 👇👇👇
1/ Asset or Liability.

Investors believe REAL ESTATE is a never lose investment.

But what if something was brewing beneath the surface, that you and I & Harvard’s endowment fund couldn’t see coming?

When trillions of dollars move from being an ASSET to a LIABILITY?
2/ Physical Real Estate.

Let’s breakdown it down:

- Bonds ‘Holding the Bag’ 😳
- Bad vs Good 🕵️‍♀️
- Physical to Digital 📲
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The difference between #btc #Crypto and #Domains comes down to one word.


"A pile or piling is a vertical structural element of a deep foundation, driven or drilled deep into the ground at the building site."

#Domains #DomainNames

That's the "Bedrock" that @andrewrosener talks about.

With tides that come in and out 2x a day, everyday, EROSION is a real concern.

Every few years I have to have a couple truckloads of sand dumped into the area behind my seawall. It sinks!

But not the house itself.

The house itself (The DOMAIN) is steadied by a couple dozen huge pilings sunk deep down into the earth. The sand can go bye-bye, but the house will not budge.

Over 2 decades ago it was the final sticking point because w/o those foundational pilings, I would have not bought.
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