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Recent Q post Told Us to 'Follow The Pen' And Asked Us If we Were not 'Following' ??

Meaning We Should Know Their 'Playbook' By Now

Q is Asking Us to see the 'SMEAR' Campaign that's going to Start(Already Started) On POTUS Now...!! ImageImage
6 Q posts with SMEAR #BarrComing
#B2equalsBillBarr ? #Senate ImageImage
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Obama, Democrats, Judge Sullivan, Comey's FBI are stalling for time, trying to run up defying DOJ orders to drop @GenFlynn's case until after the 2020 election hoping they'll still win so Americans won't know Obama set him up. They'd then prosecute Flynn for political purposes...
Beth Wilkinson:
She's the lawyer who got each of Hillary's assistants total immunity during the email scandal, even tho not one of them was made to testify about anything she knew!
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Consumers Energy evacuated construction project near the Sanford Dam [1]
One day after dam break Consumer Energy announces:
1. Sale of $134,349,000 in bonds [2]
2. Partnership with Google [3]

Consumers Energy also owns the substation for the 6,600 foot Edenville Dam to carry the power generated by the dam.……
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"I have today." - Barr
Q 4280
This one really sticks out..
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Chuck Grassley: Letter to AG Barr and DNI Director Grenell.

The only way forward is through FULL transparency!

Patriots get ready!
#Declas #ObamaGate #QAnon
#WWG1WGA #PanicInDC…
On Flynn:

"info & records that have not yet been produced to Congress relating to the Flynn case are still produced. While the court case may be nearing its end, the public still expects accountability, which can only be effectively delivered through add'l transparency."
On Susan Rice:

"That email described a January 5, 2017, meeting between President Obama, Vice President Biden, Director Comey, Deputy Attorney General Yates, and Rice where they discussed the Russia investigation."
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #ObamaGate #TheGreatAwakening #Declas
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Listen carefully to the names Gowdy asks Comey about.
#QAnon #DECLAS #Unmasking #SpyGate Image
2) 3Listen carefully to the names Gowdy mentions and remember them well.…
3) James Clapper4 Image
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Q drops March 18th 2018
1) Q drop 3116
#ObamaGate #DECLAS #QAnon
2) Q drop 3117
#ObamaGate #DECLAS #QAnon
3) Q drop 3118
#ObamaGate #DECLAS #QAnon
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Q !!
May 9 2020 01:10:25 (EST)
"We identified numerous FBI employees at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters".
#QAnon2020 @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #AmericaStrong
IG report finds FBI agents have cozy relationships with reporters
"Some of those media contacts were social in nature too, including drinks and meals after work, going to sporting events and playing golf."
#QAnon2020 @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA…
An Anon research words down here!
"Interesting time for drops.
3:13 and 24 post deltas
9:15 and 120 post deltas
12:44 and 169 post deltas
I see much JFK, on 59, his current age".
#QAnon2020 @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #AmericaStrong #FISA #DECLAS #D5 #AmericaWorksTogether
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1. #QAnon "These are dirty politicians and dirty cops and some horrible people and hopefully they're going to pay a big price in the not too distant future." #Treason #Q
2. #QAnon "..documents, and there's more to come from what I understand, and they're going to be far greater than what you've seen so far, and what you've seen so far is incredible, especially as it relates to President Obama.." #Q
3. #QAnon Sally Yates shocked to learn of [Hussein] spying on American citizen (Flynn) to undo election .... #Q
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Today is Prayer's Day!!!
God gave wisdom to our PRESIDENT!!!
The boss has spoken!!!
Q !!
May 7 2020 19:29:53 (EST) NEW
Stealth Bomber.
Date of 1st flight? 17 July 1989; 30 years ago
Date of Mueller's testimony? Jul 24, 2019; 288 days ago
A, B, C, D, E…. (H)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5….. (5)
Date difference from B2 1st flight to Muller's testimony = 30 years, 7 days
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**************** BREAKING *****************
Sources say Russia probe transcripts affirm officials came up empty on collusion: 'Schiff is in panic mode'…
#AdamSchiff #Knowingly #Treason #DeepState #PanicInDC #QAnon Image
2) Target is acquired [painted].
Planned and immediate.
#AdamSchiff #Knowingly #Treason #DeepState #PanicInDC #QAnon Image
3) Adam Schiff memo was FALSE. If AS what is privy to gang of eight classified material would he not be privy to the same facts as Devin Nunes & others? WE CAUGHT YOU, TRAITOR!
#AdamSchiff #Knowingly #Treason #DeepState #DECLAS #PanicInDC #QAnon #DevinNunes Image
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DOJ releases long-awaited Mueller scope memo, revealing the probe went beyond previously known mandate…

Q drop #2478 11/11/18:
Let the unsealing begin.
Let the DEC[L]AS begin.
Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH.
We, the PEOPLE.
2) If version 2 of the Scope Memo wasn't declassified until today, how did Democrats make definitive statements about it being "narrow"?
#FactsMatter #QAnon
3) Roadmap to DECLAS and much, MUCH more:

- Barr executes order to DECLAS + provide members of H Committee long requested supplemental documentation in C setting [scope memo + CLAS] as required by US Law.
- Public Awakening
-Narrative damage control
-Placeholders active
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Sources say Russia probe transcripts affirm officials came up empty on collusion: 'Schiff is in panic mode'…
Q !!
May 6 2020 10:22:41 (EST) NEW
Sorry, Adam, but the game is now over [it doesn't end here].
Locked on target.
[it takes time to remove/install the right people [sleepers]]
We are ready.
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Feed. Slide 1). Fun pain is here get the #popcorn Slide one through 4. #DECLAS is now @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump @Inevitable_ET @BarackObama @RedPill78 @cjtruth @FaytheJMM7 the truth
Slide 2. #PainIsHere
Slide 3. 💥
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@The1010Guy1 I’m sorry. 👍🏻 I was originally on my cell & was trying to be fast. Here’s what I saw. Doesn’t mean it’s right, just what I see.

Also don’t know what the 3 flags and 3 asterisks mean yet...
I need to check other QDrops.
@The1010Guy1 Oh my gosh! Follow this thought...
3 & 3 on the flag QDrop right. @The1010Guy1 found 21 pics 2+1=3. 👉🏻333.
I’m searching go for asterisks. Can’t find. Look by date range of now👉🏻 last year BOOM 💥 QDrop 333💥 “Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr-SDNY) FREE FLYNN?”
@The1010Guy1 I meant to say QDrop “3330” But I’m sure everyone will get the point. Lol 👍🏻
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"So the next morning on April 19, 1775, when the 700 British troops arrived in Lexington, they did not find the sleeping village they had hoped, instead they found an armed and waiting militia".
"The shots that were fired that morning became the first of the American Revolutionary War".
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2 Cell phones 📱📱
Top phone 📱 on a call to a 313 Area Code = Michigan. Hand sign 👈🏻
Address total = 19. (1+5+8+2+3=19)
2. Oh @LovesTheLight’s decode is much better! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂😂🤣🤣. 1 minute delta from each other. Lol 😂. Luv ya girl!
3. Oh. Looks like he deleted the one in #1! And replaced with this. Phones 📱📱 are gone.
Note “88”. Ivanka gave an 88 today as well. Hers lead to 911. I’ll drop below.
Note his thumb 👍🏻 Almost Pointing to the sign “Delivery Pickup” behind him. 🧐💭.
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1. News: Judiciary Committee , chaired by Senator Lindsey Graham, RELEASES KEY MATERIAL Related to FISA Abuse Investigation - #TheStart [News Thread 4.17.20]

READ DOCS >…< #Trump #News @realDonaldTrump #Declas #FISA #Spygate #JusticeComing
2. FOLLOW THREAD BY 'Undercover Huber' for some Clips & Brief Description of Key Material Related to FISA Abuse Investigation Released by Lindsey Graham #Trump #News @realDonaldTrump #Declas #FISA #Spygate #JusticeComing
3. News: Senate Judiciary Committee Releases Transcripts of George Papadopoulos and FBI Spies — The FBI Spies Were Recording Their Conversations… #Trump #News #ShareTheNews #SpyGate
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Q spelled [DECLAS] as [DELCAS] 🤔💭 Did anyone else catch that yesterday?? Now the question is whether it was meant to be or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I find a “Delcas” Hotel in Brazil.
2. #DELCAS 😲. #WatchTheWater 💦! GHWB purchased land in reported Paso de Patria PARAGUAY. On an AQUIFER! Aquifer Guarani GRADE A “Blue Gold”.
He sent Jenna Bush down to do it. #RedCross #UN #UNICEF ....
3. #DELCAS #GHWB Buys over Aquifer Guarani in Paraguay.
#WatchTheWater 💦 Runs 60,000 square miles under parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, & Argentina. Jenna Bush hides under #UN #UNICEF & #RedCross of course! 🤨
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Time: 2:53 PM · Apr 11, 2020
[6] Delta
#QPost 1453 & 6
There will be many redactions.
Why was the EO put on ice?
The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed. These people are evil.
Capital letters: "WE WILL BUILD IT AGAIN!"
JG = 2256 = Enjoy The Show
This is getting real!
Thank you Mr. President 💕
Turley: Sessions’ Appointing Utah Federal Prosecutor Much Better for Trump than 2nd Special Counsel
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1/10 Today we are going to talk about #PAIN Not pain for Patriots, pain for the bad guys. How do we know there is going to ever be pain for them? #TrustThePlan Let’s take a look… #TheStormIsUponUs ThankQ @realdonaldTrump CQmfort4Us=GITMO4Them
2/10 When is POTUS 30 day travel ban over? Starts Friday the 13th of March, ends Good Friday. #Dark2Light 4/10/20 Donald J Trump. D-J-T alphanumeric = 4-10-20
3/10 When is PAIN coming? I believe it has already started for Black Hats but lets look at some interesting #Qposts…9,10,11 #PAINCOMING
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Something big appears to be queued for 04/04/2020 - & this tweet from official account of the U.S. Marine Corps likely alludes to it.

I decoded this earlier in the month but that thread got far off-topic so I'll redo it now with actual conclusions
4 seconds in date 04/04/2020 appears. Altimeter at "0" possibly a "Time's up" symbolism
at exactly 17/Q seconds in a man jumps into the water.

Q is a comm implying highest classification - and water is a comm I go over all the time as it's symbolism for information. So are we diving into #DECLAS? Not necessarily...
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Something big has been predicted since at least last June to happen 04/04/2020 - & this tweet from official account of the U.S. Marine Corps likely alludes to it.
Let's dig into some symbolism comms
4 seconds in date 04/04/2020 appears. At rest at "0"

A "times up" perhaps?
at exactly 17/Q seconds in a man jumps into the water.

Q is a comm implying highest classification - and water is a comm I go over all the time as it's symbolism for information. So we are diving into info #DECLAS
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