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Q is posting about Foreign assets in the media and alt media.

@PatriotsSoapbox let's look at some past posts that highlight this!

#QAnon #FakeNewsMedia #FakeNews
@PatriotsSoapbox Post 1751
@PatriotsSoapbox We have CIA/Mossad attacking 8chan and Q...
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Q knew there would be FFs carried out on Dec. 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.
Q 3654
How many shootings [D][1-6]?
Warning us about more coming.
See something.
Say something.
What's inevitable at this point is Q2460.
Martial Law and Posse Comitatus Act.
Be aware at the next #TrumpRally.
Q tells us to "maintain" situational awareness at all times.
These attacks on our military and our bases will NOT be tolerated! The latest FFs are being carried out against our military & military training facilities.
POTUS warned them.
Q 3089
3) DS attacks also being carried out on our #Leos.
This will not be tolerated!
POTUS has the support of our Military, Leos, and Bikers for Trump.
They've gone too far. They went to that "certain point" POTUS warned them about.
Armor of God Prayer.
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@cspanwj #QAnon
Were you wondering why SO MANY R's in the House about a year and a half ago suddenly went OH HEY I THINK I'M GONNA RETIRE AND SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY!

There is a reason
There are as many DEMS
@cspanwj #WeAreTheNewsNow
Did that cause us to lose the House? Well too bad. Look on the bright side: when the rest of this goes public, MOST of the R's who were involved are gone. The D's involved?

Ha ha....muwhahaaaahaaaa. AAAAAH HAAAA HAAA HAAAA!

I'm laughing just thinking about it.
@cspanwj #WeAreTheNewsNow
Did that cause us to lose the House? Well too bad. Look on the bright side: when the rest of this goes public, MOST of the R's who were involved are gone. The D's involved?

Ha ha....muwhahaaaahaaaa. AAAAAH HAAAA HAAA HAAAA!

I'm laughing just thinking about it
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@OANN Since day 1, #QAnon has tried to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for our own military attacking the World Trade Center. This is why I keep insisting Julian Assange is a fraud. Why do you think every media outlet says in unison he's being tortured.

Martyrs are belief technology.
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#QAnon drops crumbs to tell us what books to read. It has NOTHING to do with the trip codes. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump Other good books that will make your ears perk up to the #QAnon crumbs:
Other good books that will make your ears perk up to the #QAnon crumbs:
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12/06/2019 #Qpost 3654
Q lists 6 Shootings from December 1st-6th

Q connects it to Qpost 3604

Enjoy the show!

Reconcile posts:
Bad guys were expecting pain on Dec 1st-6th thus set up distractions. #Qanon #8kun
Note last year "D5" specifically related to December 5th twice so there there is little ambiguity for those being days referenced. #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
12/01/2019 10 people shot in New Orleans, police say…
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No person on this planet can completely debunk the claim that #Qanon is at the very least a Military/Civilian Information Operation, hosted on an open source information platform with the mission of bringing the general public's overall awareness to new heights.

Good Luck.
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12/05/2019 BREAKING: Bomb Squad Investigating Report of a Possible Small Nuclear Reactor Inside a Garage in Columbus, Ohio

Ok, so let's try and decode this one.…
#Qanon #GreatAwakening
In article it says he got "Radio frequency burns” while working on a “(q)uantum physics generator”

Sounds like he was trying to get in contact with people. Possibly real or even an animator working on #Deepfakes trying to get it published by MSM
That sound strange? In Symbolism comms:
Q=Top Secret
Nuclear = Blackmail. Or at least something really secret and damaging to be made public.
- Have to dig deep into this thread for those comms but I link the start of thread due to complexity.
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10/15/2019 Pelosi’s New ‘Bullet Bracelet’ Runs Afoul Of DC Gun Laws?…
A bracelet with a bullet + orange Pelosi sometimes wears, supposedly to promote gun control legislation. Is there more to it? #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall #Qanon #GreatAwakening
You can see she wore it yesterday and she rolled up her sleeve and specifically again called attention to it and "gun violence".
And today we have a deadly classroom shooting, so what to make of it

At least two gentlemen seem to have concluded there is a connection - a "message" #Qanon
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12/06/2019 For 2+ Years Now Trump's Salt And Pepper Shakers Have Towered Over Everyone Else's…
Symbolism comms:
Dark Classified (Pepper)
Light #DECLAS (Salt)
Trump reminds people he has the ultimate power to keep things secret or expose them. #Qanon
There are occasions link above shows when all the shakers were equal size (even in the same room where they weren't other times) Thus it's contextual per situation. The message being sent atm. Also the odd spacing is also noted #Qanon2019
The link also mentions that Obama/Clinton didn't have massive shakers - they just enjoyed coffee. So clearly whoever is writing that piece knows the comms. Not that that's surprising mind you, just pointing it out. #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
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New Eyes Education Time

False Flag (FF):

"A False Flag attack is a covert operation designed to deceive so that it appears as though it has been carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed it"

#TheGreatAwakening Opinion Thread
BUT Are False Flags Real?

Logic says YES;
But the controlled MSM will say NO.
(unless it fits their narrative)

Conspiracy Theory?
Why don't you decide for yourself. Plenty of data out there on the web.

Like Spock, I'm a logical alien 🖖…
So what is happening this week?

Well, the unconstitutional Impeachment Hoax is falling apart for the Left again after going from Schiff to Nadler.

Another Failure, exactly like the Mueller report.

BUT something else....

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#QAnon Q Post #3654

How many shootings [D][1-6]?
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New Q. There have been 6 “mass” shootings since this November 19 Q post. Q designates them as D[1-6]. Detractors will say there were other shootings in various cities throughout the US, but Q is referencing these 6 specific shootings as related to the Deep State. #Qanon
The logical question that arises is why can’t Q team prevent these shootings i they have foreknowledge that there will be 6 shootings arranged by the Cabal. Simply stated, Q team can’t predict exactly where the shootings will occur or when they will occur. Q team likely
Intercepted the comms from the Deep State indicating there would be 6 Deep State sponsored shootings. These murderers carrying out the shootings operate essentially as terrorist sleeper cells. They know what the trigger words are from their handlers but Q team does not always
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Q is confirming the lists of FF


I’ll thread links
[D1] (This one I'd like to point out Mika B. signaled for it with her tweet of Dog "Cajun" passing

[D2] One of the DS favorite targets schools

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Symbolism Comms Expensive Art:
Most of those incomprehensible 100K+ art buys you've heard of are symbolism comms.
Oh I'd love to spend over a million on a picture that destroys itself after purchase. No, there's something else going on. #Qanon
Jeff Koons ‘Rabbit’ goes for record $91.1 Million
- He sells (mostly) balloon animal dogs for tens of millions of dollars.

A balloon animal requires a man to breathe into them. Thus you could say they are buying "hot air" so MSM coverage. #Qanon
Here's a big thread involving an art piece- a golden toilet that was offered to President Trump and then was stolen. It's a decode set over months as it kept getting updated (relating new comms to news). If you are interested dive in. #WWG1GWA
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for December 6, 2019

Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My Theme: Think Timing
2) Q posted links to twitter accounts that all shared the same article on the same day.

Panic in DC?

Think Timing
3) The New York Times posted a link to an article claiming Anthony Comello, the accused killer of a New York mob boss, was a Q follower.

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Consider the following:
This week at Art Basel Miami Beach, a banana duct-taped to a wall sold for $120,000 a 2nd sold for $120k. A 3rd has two institutions interested & is expected to sell for $150k

Why? I will explain #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall…
Note in the article the banana's themselves are irrelevant and thrown out. It's the sale that matters.

So what's going on?

It's symbolism comms: A banana is famously phallic and is "taped" - i.e. a taped sexual act… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
We take the first pic and apply symbolism comms:
Red + Tiffany Blue fingernail polish.
Black lid white drink
Context of girls getting a taped banana on their Orange/Black phones + a list. (look closely at her left hand)
#Qanon #GreatAwakening #8kun
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NEW #Q 3650 🐸 #PanicInDC
🐀😱 Thread for Dec 6th👇🎥
Some links from #Q 3650..
Interesting timing huh??⌚
👀Look at all those blue checkmarks.. Fake News MSM's and Fmr Campaign advisors...🤔
#Qanon 🐸 😂😱
NEW #Q #3651 🐸🎥
People actually believe those responsible for the attempted coup [coup attempt] of a duly elected sitting US President will go unpunished? End to our Constitutional Republic? No equal justice under the law? No accountability? Escape unscathed? Enjoy the show! Q
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