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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
26 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
27 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
28 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
29 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
30 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
31 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
32 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼
By @21WIRE
Only 4 months ago, 'Feed the world!’ was the clarion call of Sir @richardbranson and others. But their synthetic media fairy tale would be short lived. Exactly as we predicted at the time...
#Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela
By @FortRussNews
#Venezuela considers Moscow key ally in fight against hybrid attacks is.gd/uzF2oN #Maduro #Russia
By @FortRussNews
#Maduro reveals astronomical amount U.S has spent failing to assassinate him is.gd/B159bR #Drone #Venezuela
By @FortRussNews
#Gold is Money: Why is America opposing the use of #Gold but steals #Venezuela's? is.gd/0TAyow #US
"An opposition-oriented website uncovered a $125,000 corruption scandal involving associates of Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaidó. Independent journalist @dancohen3000 tracked down the details of this story"
"2 senior staffers for the🇻🇪opposition behind #Usa-backed Juan Guaido are accused of misusing aid funds. They squandered money intended for housing opposition-aligned soldiers on lavish parties at nightclubs & other luxuries..."
By @telesurenglish
#UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet met with senior members of #Venezuela’s Bolivarian government as part of her official visit, following an invitation from President Nicolas Maduro.
Via @bodhibrian
more fall out from US backing Guaido the Guided One
By @camilateleSUR
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet meets with the President of Venezuela, @NicolasMaduro today at the Palacio de Miraflores.
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela | President @NicolasMaduro celebrated the conclusion an official state visit to the country by #UnitedNations High Commissioner for Human Rights @mbachelet.
By @NicolasMaduro
Nuestra prioridad es la felicidad del pueblo venezolano, por ello seguiremos trabajando para atenderlo con nuestro propio esfuerzo y en cooperación permanente con todo el Sistema de la Naciones Unidas. ¡Avancemos!
🤬@realDonaldTrump @VP @SecPompeo @AmbJohnBolton @marcorubio Is this freedom? Is this democracy? Is this what you stand for? Let the leaders be killed in front of the children? This is in #Colombia
By @Mippcivzla
#EnVideo 📹 | The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, @mbachelet, acknowledges that the sanctions (imposed by the US government) aggravate the economic crisis in #Venezuela #ProtectionEsInclusión
By @AhmedKaballo
"This scandal...has barely received any coverage in the UK corporate press. Given the UK media’s fawning coverage of #Guaidó..this is quite remarkable"

By my chum from Brum @jmcevoy_2 who was in🇻🇪with me.We discussed this topic at length
By @Bob_cart124
18 de jun
"You are not a journalist, Jorge. you know this."

Venezuelan President @maduro_en calls out a "journalist" over his bias approach to the interview and for peddling fake news.

#Maduro #Venezuela
By @ApesarDeINTER
MILLIONS around the🌍are raising their voices
Let's keep at it #HandsOffVenezuela until the #USA Govt STOP attacking #Venezuela
Their criminal actions are against HUMANITY
The @UN @UNHumanRights @mbachelet MUST put an END t it. Period. We ALL want PEACE FOR ALL
By @NilsMelzer
Statement of #HCHR after visiting #Venezuela: Call for de-escalation and compromise, and focus on human rights, cooperation and monitoring. Well done @mbachelet - this is what leadership looks like! bit.ly/2L74Fzh
By @MaxBlumenthal
Am I missing something or is the entire🇺🇸media that zeroes in on any negative situation in🇻🇪totally ignoring the gigantic corruption scandal that exposes Guaido's Popular Will party as a🇺🇸-backed mafia comprised of white collar criminals? thegrayzone.com/2019/06/17/fro…
By @MaxBlumenthal
The humanitarian aid fraud scandal consuming Guaido and the Popular Will mafia has been totally ignored in UK media, where center-left papers like the Guardian function as megaphones for coups in Venezuela and Nicaragua thecanary.co/global/world-a…
By @MaxBlumenthal
While we're on the topic of corruption, did Washington's hand-picked Venezuelan coup leaders pocket $70 million from Citgo?Where are all the"frozen assets"going & what's paying for the growing Beltway lobbying operation of @carlosvecchio? thegrayzone.com/2019/06/19/gua…
By @MaxBlumenthal
Read @anyaparampil & @QueraElse's on the🇺🇸-cultivated🇻🇪regime change lobbyist who functions as the real power behind the coup.

Their investigative profile reveals how @carlosvecchio only entered politics after his career at Exxon ended: thegrayzone.com/2019/06/18/exx…
"The economic sanctions have severely affected Venezuela's ability to import life-saving medicines. At least one community,however, is responding by creating their own solidarity pharmacies."

🇻🇪 Community Builds Solidarity Pharmacy to Counter US Sanctions
Via @madeleintlSUR
#IMPERDIBLE| los medios #españoles vs medios #españoles lo que debes ver para entender cómo titulan sobre #Venezuela
By @fundalatin
Isabella is already 22 months old. Has complications post-liver transplant. His condition is very delicate & he needs to continue his treatment in Argentina, without delays. The financial persecution against Venezuela must cease.
By @fundalatin
"Put your hand on your❤️because we need this to keep working"says Lisbelly Molina,diagnosed w Hodgkin's Lymphoma.PDVSA has financed all its treatment but now the banks refuse to receive their money for fear of being sanctioned
By @fundalatin
FUNDALATIN visited 20 Venezuelan patients who are in Italy receiving specialized bone marrow transplant treatments.
The economic blockade is putting their lives at risk. #ElBloqueoMata
By @fundalatin
From FUNDALATIN we present the faces of those affected after the measures imposed by the United States to Venezuela.
Mr. Daniel urgently needs a bone marrow transplant.
By @RedRadioVe
#VÍDEO 🎥 Rossana Barrera, delegada de #Guaidó en Cúcuta implicada en caso de corrupción, se le olvida el guión preparado en plena entrevista para @BluRadioCo
By @madeleintlSUR
Hablan las víctimas de las guarimbas en #Venezuela “quien mata a otra persona, no es un preso político, es un asesino y debe pagar por sus crímenes”. Reunión con @mbachelet
By @venanalysis
Venezuela's #housing mission has delivered 2.6M homes mostly to low income families. What's more impressive? 37% of those have been built by popular movements themselves.

Find out more in VA's latest interview: venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/14551
By @RT_com
#US sanctions continue to strangle #Venezuela’s economy

By @RT_com
Russian ‘military plane’ lands in Venezuela (PHOTOS) on.rt.com/9wxz
Via @bodhibrian
one role of vicious US sanctions is to pressure people betray others...its what US calls 'diplomacy'
By @21WIRE
Did #Venezuelan🇻🇪 Opposition Leaders Pocket $70 Million From Citgo’s Stolen #USA Assets? 21stcenturywire.com/2019/06/22/did…
By @telesurenglish
#UnitedStates | #ElliottAbrams seems to be in denial about his failed campaign in #Venezuela. #TrumpUnlockVenezuela
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela | Foreign Minister @jaarreaza assured that the govt of @NicolasMaduro has placed agriculture as a priority in an effort to reduce Venezuela’s dependence on oil. #FAOConference
By @dancohen3000
My latest: How @SenRickScott became Big Oil’s point man on Venezuelan regime change thegrayzone.com/2019/06/25/how… … via @GrayzoneProject
By @dancohen3000
Venezuela is considering establishing an absolute monarchy like Saudi Arabia to avoid interference from foreign countries eljueves.es/news/venezuela…
Via @bodhibrian
Venezuela and the economic blockade...blockades were used in time of war, now they are used in times of peace to stoke war
By @bodhibrian
#guaido the Guided Onesteals his best ideas from Chavez
Via @CMAGracias
#Venezuela coup attempt
The attempted #coup reportedly included a plan to #assassinate President Nicolas #Maduro, according to #Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Culture Jorge Rodríguez.
Thanks for this @TheDevonStg
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv: "Duque [Colombia] and Piñera [Chile] anticipated violent acts against Venezuela because they sponsor it"
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv: "Ivan Duque [President of Colombia] is promoting a coup in Venezuela, he is at the service of imperialism"
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv: "What Guaido doesn't know, is that we had people in all the meetings where they planned hits on members of the government; we have all the recordings, videos & information necessary to face down a coup."
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv reveals details of the foiled coup attempt in which 140, 000 bullet cartridges were found, as part of a plan to assassinate President @NicolasMaduro & @dcabellor & seize control of the presidential palace.
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv reveals that during the most recent coup attempt, there were also plans for a coup within the opposition leadership against Juan Guaido.
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Senior figure within the coup, known as 'Marina' "I told them, the support of the gringos and an intervention is necessary"
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv reveals the plan for the April 30th coup:
- Seize Carlota military base
- Release former general Baduel
- Take him to state TV and proclaim him as president (not Guaido)
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE (2/2)
- Seize weapons stored at the Central Bank
- Seize Presidential Palace
- Separate team tasked with murdering key leaders and generals
- Murder President Maduro and Diosdado Cabello
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv reveals that Juan Guaido had paid another opposition figure to ensure that former general Baduel not be released, as Baduel was head of a rival opposition faction.
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | A solider who was part of the April 30th coup attempt in Venezuela has revealed the involvement of two foreigners in the operation, one from Panama, one from Israel.
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Leaked phone call between figures behind the coup reveal details of plans to buy arms abroad so as to assassinate Cuban doctors in Venezuela, as well as assassinating President @NicolasMaduro.
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela's Minister of Communication, Tourism, and Culture @jorgerpsuv revealed videos and evidence providing more details about the April 30 failed attempted coup. #NicolasMaduro #JuanGuaido
By @telesurenglish
#FromTheSouth News Bits | #Venezuela's Minister of Communication presented new evidence on the opposition's extensive coup-plotting and assassination plans which were to be carried out against the President and high-level authorities.
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela is making great efforts to carry out the distribution of food to its population, @jaarreaza said during the #FAOConference.
Operation "Vuelvan Faces" REVEALED: One of Raúl Baduel's sons would have in his plans to bring 100 Israeli soldiers who would be responsible for murdering the pdte @NicolasMaduro, the first combatant of @ConCiliaFlores & the president. from ANC @dcabellor
#Colombia | #HumanRights organizations denounced the current administration’s blatant disregard for the sanctioned violence raging across the country & overbearing presence in international affairs, particularly concerning #Nicaragua & #Venezuela.
By @Alfreddezayas
Briefing: The Effects of the Economic Blockade of Venezuela dezayasalfred.wordpress.com/2019/06/26/bri…
Via @ONUVEGinebra
"The @IntlCrimCourt must sanction & investigate the unilateral sanctions & typify them now as NewCrimes & geopolitical crimes,as I qualify these measures" @Alfreddezayas said during the International Seminar on UCMs
By @CancilleriaVE
"En el asedio de Leningrado por los nazis en la"WW II"murieron de 700.000 o 1.000.000 de personas. Es el tipo de castigo colectivo que representan las sanciones" @Alfreddezayas en Seminario "MedidasCoercitivas Unilaterales y sus Impactos" periscope.tv/CancilleriaVE/…
By @FortRussNews
Dead on Arrival – A Brief Post-Mortem on the US’ Regime-Change Operation in #Venezuela is.gd/6FAY52 #Coup #Failure #Guaido #Maduro #RegimeChange #SCF #StrategicCulture #USImperialism
By @FortRussNews
Deputy Foreign Minister reveals why Russian #Military arrived in #Venezuela is.gd/JhD1BI #Russia
By @FortRussNews
BREAKING: Fresh Coup Attempt in Venezuela Just Foiled @FortRussNews fort-russ.com/2019/06/breaki…
#LIVE | Venezuela's @jorgerpsuv plays audio recordings of terrorist plans to assassinate not just President Maduro, but also his wife. The Govt announce that they have more than 59 hours of video from 7 opposition meetings discussing terrorist activities.
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | @jorgerpsuv says the government has identified the military figure, known as "Simón" who coordinated with Israeli nationals prior to the April 30th coup.
#LIVE | @jorgerpsuv: One part of the plan during the April 30th coup was to steal armored vehicles & machine guns from Carlota military base & fire on anyone on Sucre Avenue resisting the coup. Though, on the day, the coup plotters were unable to penetrate the military base.
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | @jorgerpsuv shows those who have been detained for involvement in the April 30th coup. One of them, José Gregorio Valladares, is known as a torturer and drug trafficker during the neoliberal period.
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Venezuela asks the public for information on the whereabouts of Ilich Canchez Farias, wanted for involvement in the April 30th coup, and recorded calling for the murder of Cuban doctors in Venezuela.
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela’s Foreign Minister @jaarreaza condemned the #UnitedStates for wanting to colonize the Bolivarian country, and for trying to starve the country out using economic war to oust President @NicolasMaduro.
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela | The same right-wing would be trying to sabotage #JuanGuaido planning to carry out a coup within the opposition.
#NicolasMaduro #HandsOffVenezuela
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela’s communications minister @jorgerpsuv gave a press conference, providing more evidence gathered about a new coup and violent attacks planned by the right-wing opposition.
By @timand2037
#Mexico, Bolivia, Nicaragua , Uruguay & 6 Caribbean countries withdraw from 49th Assembly of the Organisation of American States (#OEA / #OAS OAS) because of the inclusion of US puppet #Guaido - #Venezuela already withdrew, #Cuba not there - nodal.am/2019/06/crisis…
By @ScottWFaya
Venezuelan govt on Wednesday foiled an AssassinationAttempt against the DemocraticallyElected President Nicolas Maduro,which envisioned a group of rogue officers storming the PresidentialPalace & installing an imprisoned general in his stead
By @SputnikInt
#Russia's presence in #Venezuela helped scale down US aggression - senior Bolivian official sptnkne.ws/mKAe
Venezuelan Authorities Capture Participants of Latest Coup Attempt, Maduro Says: sputniknews.com/latam/20190627…
By @telesurenglish
#Uruguay withdrew from a meeting of the Organization of American States being held in Medellin, Colombia to protest the #JuanGuaido representatives at the meeting.
By @telesurenglish
Venezuelan President @NicolasMaduro reasserts that the #Norway-mediated dialogue with opposition are continuing and affirmed "verifiable agreements" will be reached.
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