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.#INSOMNIA! We are here at Dreamcatcher’s showcase for “Apocalypse : From us,” about to start any moment. Stay tuned as we share all the details and what members say! 🤩✨

#드림캐쳐 #Dreamcatcher #8th_Mini_Album #Apocalypse #From_us #BONVOYAGE @hf_dreamcatcher ImageImage
@hf_dreamcatcher #Jiu: This is the first album released after we all extended our exclusive contract with the company. I'm nervous yet excited right now; I hope people enjoy our album!

#드림캐쳐 #Dreamcatcher #8th_Mini_Album #Apocalypse #From_us #BONVOYAGE #드캐_BONVOYAGE_봐야지
@hf_dreamcatcher Image
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Supongo q ya has marcado en tu calendario 2⃣1⃣-0⃣7⃣-2⃣0⃣2⃣3⃣, día estreno #Oppenheimer (Christopher Nolan):
Buen momento para repasar su filmografía como director en formato #hilo, ordenadas de manera creciente, según mi ránking: Image
Puesto número 1⃣1⃣: #Insomnia (Insomnio) (2002)
Puesto número🔟: #TheFollowing (1998)
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#longcovid: I got sick in March 2020 and two weeks later my immune system failed me. I got very tired, couldnt concentrate anymore and suffered from #fatigue and #brainfog. I have have ekszeme on hands and feet with #itching and #insomnia. …“
- @ADubbelhuis

„Due to #LongCovid and the related health issues I couldn’t work anymore as a sales-excecutive at my new job. I lost my career, gave up most of the social activities, hardly see friends and family anymore and get #fatigue by reading, music and tv. …“
- @ADubbelhuis

„It’s hard to find activities which are realizable with #longcovid. No idea how I can find a new job and live like before. I visited Ergo- & physiotherapist, dermatologist and will need psychological help. We need more understanding,research and treatment.“
- @ADubbelhuis

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"Retirement" from work as a risk factor for #Dementia: experience of 5 recent patients

1. I saw 5 new cases of dementia last month, which apparently started within 6 to 18 months after retirement from work. All were cognitively normal until retirement.

#MedTwitter #Alzheimer
2. Memory impairment was the most prominent symptom. Over a period of time, other symptoms such as impaired calculation, speech impairment, losing sense of direction, poor judgement and inability to do daily activities without assistance, also started. Symptoms were progressive.
3. A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease was made on the basis of detailed neuro-psychological assessment, brain scans and other appropriate investigations.
Two patients had comorbid #depression. Three patients had #sleep disorders- two had #insomnia and one had excessive sleep.
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Simple to understand, difficult to implement.

Lack of sleep is dangerous.

This is how much you should be getting across age groups.

The study of science must be wedded to knowledge of the great personalities that have advanced its cause.

Sleep medicine is incomplete without knowing its father --> Dr William C. Dement

Here is his obituary.…
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Robert Bransfield, MD: Thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrate the causal association between infections and #mentalillness 400+ peer reviewed scientific articles demonstrate the causal association between tick-borne disease and mental illness. #ILADS2022 #Lyme
2/Bransfield: Up to 40% of patients w/ #Lyme develop peripheral or central nervous system involvement. Psychiatric reactions include: #paranoia #dementia #schizophrenia #bipolar #panicattacks #depression #anorexianervosa, and #ODC #ILADS2022
3/Bransfield: Lyme is over represented in psychiatric patients. #ILADS2022
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Can insufficient sleep increase the chance of developing a common cold?

A thread 🧵👇

#sleep #sick #insomnia
Poor sleep is associated with susceptibility to acute infectious illness. In addition, sleep deprivation has been shown to negatively affect immune system functioning. Does this mean that you have a higher chance of getting sick when getting insufficient sleep?

This study investigated whether sleep duration affects the development of the common cold. Sleep duration was objectively measured for 7 days/nights with a sleep watch.

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[Apocalypse : Save us] event🇺🇲

🗽[New York, NY]🗽
#InSomnia! If you purchased a ticket to the special hi-wave event w/ #Dreamcatcher in New York, an email📧 will be sent soon! In the meantime, please check the info below!

Updates will be made using this thread for the event!🔊
🗽[New York, NY]🗽
Guide for the QR code check-in:

*Bring your QR code, a valid photo ID and proof of your show ticket to receive your wristband!

[Apocalypse : Save us] event in New York check-in
📍Location: Upper lobby by escalator
🕑Time: 2PM EDT (for approx. 2 hours)
NOTE: Due to time constraints and artist setup, check-in for the special event will not be available/limited outside of the time listed above. We ask for your kind cooperation so that it can run as smoothly as possible and you can have the best experience with Dreamcatcher!
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Chak dimanche à Kin, ezala Catho, protestant, de réveil, Kimbanguiste, #Vuvamu kutu koloba te, chacun fait son plein. Veut dire, Yankee na bordeau na ye, Yuma pe plancus na ye. Mutu abangisa yo te. Alors, masta, tika complexe. Kin oyo, Zala focus. Tia molende, okozua!
2. Dans nos cours communes, force ezalaka diplôme ou prestance te. Mais plutôt pour les hommes, "Papa aye na sachet". Pour les femmes, "essentiel adresse". N'a système wana, loyenge eza ndeko milelo. Soki olandi influence ya coup d'oeil ya ba masta, okolela na munoko ya mboka.
3. Enfant, nabotama na Ricelle moko na ba ndingari musulmans. Adulte, j'ai vécu et travaillé en Afrique de l'ouest. La conclusion? Pas besoin de prier le même Dieu. Mais le + important, est de respecter l'humain, créature de Dieu, au delà de nos divergences et contradictions.
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Quand les baffles s'éteignent, #Barumbu a qlq choz de rassurant. Un car qui passe. Une veillée de prière au loin... On se sent en sécurité au milieu de désordre ambiant. De loin, on se sent moins seul. On pense aux siens loin de soi. A la chaleur de son lit. La vie...
2. A un moment, faudrait bien se demander si cela en vaut la peine? Si tous ces moments perdus à chercher des pierres pour bâtir aujourd'hui les fondations de demain pour sa famille, valent bien le sacrifice? Si comment cette chaleur familiale réchauffera t elle encore le coeur?
3. Enfant, je voulais tout être. Le gendarme qui inspirait crainte à son passage. Le philosophe qu'était ma mère, éclairant mes obscurités. Le pragmatique qu'était mon père qui savait capitaliser les opportunités... Devenu grand, mon seul souci est d'être "utile" aux miens.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/01/2021…
Drinking tea and coffee could lower your risk of stroke and dementia, study suggests…

#caffeine #consumption #coffee #tea #dementia #stroke #ResearchStudy
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I have heard so many people talk about new or worsened #insomnia during #COVID19.

My PSA for today. Do not lay in bed if you are not sleeping! #sleep #sleeping #CBTi @nytimes (1/6)…
I know that with disrupted schedules, and sky high anxiety, this can be tough, but it is the #1 sleep advice I have given clinically this year. You want your bed to be a place associated with sleep and comfort, not worry and frustration (2/6).
Create a safe and cozy space for yourself somewhere outside your bedroom, and if you can't fall asleep within 15 minutes (you know that feeling!) get up and read/do a puzzle/listen to a podcast, until you're sleepy and then try again (3/6).
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1) Welcome to all our new followers 🤗
#LongCovidKids runs on goodwill and support, so thank you for being here. #gratitude
What does LCK do though? If you are new, you might be wondering, so we thought we would a tweet thread might help!
We started ⬇️
2) This brought lots of #longcovidkids families to our door, so we set up a place to connect & now support over 2000 families all facing the same challenges. Since December we have been welcoming about 100 families, often with multiple #longcovid kids.…
3) We realised #longcovidkids was different to #longcovid so we set up the #LongCovidKidsStudy with @PeopleWithApp to learn more & support researchers & Drs.
Download the app to get involved & select Long Covid Kids to be involved.…
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a) ich nicht Schlafen kann, und
b) hier nach ca 26 Std Ausfall endlich wieder Internet zugänglich ist,

hole ich ein paar Info-Sendungen in der #TVthek des #ORF nach.

Und wie üblich finde ich was zum Möckern:

#Insomnia #Chemotherapie

Warum werden bei diesen Straßenumfragen bloß immer die "verkehrten" Fragen gestellt. Auch so richtig im Sinne von "leading questions", also da wird bereits eine Denkrichtung unauffällig mitgegeben.

In diesem Beispiel geht es um die Diskussion, inwieweit es OK ist, wenn
Leute durch die #Corona-Impfung Vorteile haben dürfen.

Klar, so löst das gleich einmal einen Neid-Reflex aus!

Die richtige Frage wäre natürlich, ob Leute ohne Impfung Nachteile (wie Zugangsbeschränkungen) erfahren dürfen.
(unter Voraussetzung der Verfügbarkeit der Impfung)
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I deeply relate to this. After almost dying of ❤️ failure from #Lyme & being told by 11 “top” docs that in spite of my tick bite, bullseye, & classic symptoms, I could not poss still have it after a short course of doxy. Well, I did. 1/
And after the 12th doc saved my life (thx @StevePhillipsMD), I wrote my story in @HuffPost. I didn’t think anyone would care. But they did. The editor called & asked me to keep writing about this scandal as so many ppl were reading my story. 2/…
So I kept writing and began hearing from people all over the world, including a nurse from Ghana, who used my story to guide them back to health. I even interviewed celebrities who had gone through it like Daryl Hall. 3/…
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For all of you out there with #heatwaveuk related #insomnia here is a brief #history of the houses of the British monachy since 1066 in the form of #lightbulb jokes. 🧵 1/11
How many "of Normandys" does it take to change a lightbulb?

One, but the North will never accept the new lightbulb!

2/11 Image
How many "of Blois" does it take to change a light bulb?

One, but it will take 18 years, will never be completely changed, and there's a woman looking on who could have done it perfectly competently but wasn't allowed to.

3/11 Image
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.@AmerMedicalAssn STILL hasn't read a study they published in 2019 showing rx #opioid limits "have failed" to reduce #ODs.

@AmericanCancer Society explains: People "very rarely" become addicted from medical use. Thread: Research shows pushing patients off opioids can kill them.
"#Addiction is very rare" when #opioid pain meds are taken as prescribed (American Cancer Society). Large studies have put the rate of addiction in medical use at under 1%. #cpp

Chen et al: Restrictions on rx #opioids "have failed" to reduce ODs. Complex mathematical modeling shows they'll likely have a "modest effect, at best" on expected rises in ODs, which are fueled by illegal drugs.…
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1-I came across this #Wonderful, Gem of a #Story – many years back!

And since then, it has grown within me – even possessing me at times!

Such is its sheer #Power!

Sharing the same with you (1/16)

@shashankupadhy_ @ijyotish
2-This #Story is a beacon of #Light for anyone pursuing any kind of #Sadhana

Don't know if it is from the Upanishads, but the one crafted it - must have been a #Spiritual #Genius (2/16)


3-Once there was a #King who couldn't sleep.

It's not uncommon for kings have so many things to worry about.

Most rulers even today will look for a woman, or a drink, or some amusement to divert themselves when they have #Insomnia. (3/16)

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Always wary of whinging on here, but I haven’t had more than 3/4 hrs broken sleep in over a week and it’s beyond a joke at this stage. 😩 #insomnia
Also, thanks to the lovely people offering advice, but I've tried everything over the last 25 years. It's just the way it is. Only posted it as it's important to share shit stuff too. Wait, what? It's NOT important to share shit stuff?? #delete
Anyone who suffers from chronic insomnia will know it gets to a point where it’s untenable. You bump into things, can’t find words, burn yourself on the oven. 😢
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1. St Vitus appears in early lists of Christian martyrs, and probably died during the persecution of Diocletian, which reached its climax in 303.

He is a patron saint of Prague, actors,

#StVitus #Christianity #FourteenHolyHelpers Image
2. and his intercession has been invoked against snake bites and sleeplessness. Chiefly, though, he has been associated with St Vitus’s Dance.

Historically this term has been used to describe nervous disorders involving rapid, jerky, involuntary movements;
#insomnia #sleep
3. it has also been applied to epilepsy. Today, St Vitus’s Dance is more austerely defined as Sydenham’s Chorea, a disease which induces grimacing and jerking in children and pregnant women, and which is often linked to rheumatic fever.

Tradition relates that Vitus
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World Economic Forum: "Lockdown is the world's biggest #psychological #experiment - & we will pay the price"

Apr 9 2020 "With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of #lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever"

"Unfortunately, we already have a good idea of its results. In late Feb 2020, right before EU countries mandated various forms of lockdowns, The Lancet published a review of 24 studies documenting the #psychological impact of quarantine."

"The findings offer a glimpse of what is brewing in hundreds of millions of households around the world...

people who are #quarantined are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of #psychological #stress and #disorder..."

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I've had a chance to think more about the £330 billion being loaned to firms #insomnia

While it's vital they get help, I fear it will result in most of that money just being handed to the banks one way or another. If the businesses fold anyway, will the loans have priority?
In other words, will the banks that made the loans get first dibs on the assets of the business? (Or the Government, if it makes the loans directly - could we be about to see a step change in the number of properties and businesses it owns.)
If so that hurts creditors who will already be hurting. Suppliers who haven't been paid will find a bank or the Government in line ahead of them for whatever assets are left.

I genuinely don't know. Something truly drastic has to be done, but I worry that *something* isn't this.
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