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A summary thread of the latest #REACT survey from @imperialcollege on England infectivity.

The headline is very good news, prevalence has halved since the last round, falling from 0.20% to 0.10%, with R at 0.9 between the rounds.

Round 11 is between April 15 and May 3.

115 positive samples were obtained from 127k tests. Note the slightly lower number of tests this round, which the report notes is due to a lower response rate, suggesting a lower interest in participants as the situation improves.

Between rounds, R is put at 0.9, though slightly higher at 0.94 within the round. This is consistent with recent SAGE views, and not unexpected as the lockdown restrictions are gradually eased.

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Listed few React/Redux interview question 🚀

Soon will be adding answers for all the questions.

#100DaysOfCode #code #CodeNewbie #Dev #womenintech #programming #React #Redux #javascript
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Roadmap for becoming Full Stack Developer in 2021

🧵A Thread🧵
Step 1: Choose the best Operating System.

You can choose Either Linux or Mac which are really awesome for developers.

Or can still go with Windows 10, what you will need to do is enable wsl and that is really helpful, but windows is also highly recommended.
Step 2: Get Yourself the Best Text Editor.

You will find people using Vs code in most of their courses, so I would recommend getting started with Vs code which is obviously free and have the best features and a large community.
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And we're here with our own top 5 selection of last month's most interesting #React and #ReactNative meetup videos too!

You can either check it out here or choose the ones you're interested in below.…
First up: @geekyants' #React + #ReactNative meetup video with @digvijaywanchoo, @plabanj_jr, @nishanbende, @_vinaysharma_ & @GeekJamuar talking about #Firebase, React Native Aria, Rapid React and building a Form Library for React.…
Here's @rachitaabansal talking about #React Hooks at @WomenWhoCode demonstrating how they work and much more!…
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The latest @imperialcollege #REACT study shows a sharp fall since the last report, with infection levels falling by 60% from 0.49% to 0.20% (0.17%, 0.23%).

It suggests that within the round the decline has levelled, and puts R at 1.0 for the period.…

Round 10 (11/3 to 30/3) saw 227 positive tests out of 141k swabs, and the central estimate is now at its lowest since early September. It's slightly below the latest ONS figure for England too, of 0.27% (for the week to 27th March).

The movement between Rd 9 and 10 suggests an R of 0.84 , but samples collected within the round indicate that the fall has levelled off.

Notice though that there is a wide CI (0.81% to 1.21%), reflecting uncertainty as to whether there is still some fall or even a rise.
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We're back with the second part of our top 10 #Svelte meetup video selection of 2020.

Remember, you can read the entire article here, but if you want to scroll through the separate instead, just keep reading. 👇…
@WixEng's podcast featured both @Rich_Harris and Eliran Hezkia talking about why #Svelte is better than #React. However, convincing a team to switch frameworks isn't easy, and the guys are discussing that topic too.…
What to do if need to build a web component that can be used in two different places, but still has a standalone development and deployment process? You'll need #Microfrontends, and why not use #Svelte while you're at it? Evan Payne's got you covered.…
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So, what happened with @sveltejs last year? Our latest hand-picked top 10 selection will answer that question. You can check the videos here or by clicking on this link.

Below you'll find the first 5 videos in details.…
First up: @John_Papa's introduction to #Svelte. You’ll get tips and tricks for building blazing fast apps, and learn how it compares to #Vue, #Angular and #React.…
Here's @digitalix, a mobile developer, trying out #Svelte Native for the first time. He has some exciting insights to share with you.…
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So, what happened to #NodeJS in 2020? Our top 5 meetup video selection will have the answer you're probably looking for. You can check our roundup here and under this tweet as well.…
First up: @jotadeveloper at @GitNationOrg talked about building a #NodeJS registry with the help of #React. You can check it out below.…
together? This talk will highlight opportunities by bringing #MachineLearning, #linearalgebra and #NodeJS with #TensorFlowJS. Learn more about using pre-trained models, training your own models, and running TensorFlow.js in various Node environments.…
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,The latest #REACT study (Round 9b) on infectivity from @imperialcollege suggests continuing falls but at a slower rate in the second half of Feb, with R around 0.86 by the end of the period. (4th to 23rd Feb), having been 0.73 earlier a few weeks earlier.

A thread....

Starting with the summary details.

Prevalence is put at 0.49% (0.44%, 0.55%) for Rd 9, although slightly lower in the second half at 0.47%. These rates are less than a third of those seen in Rd 8 just a month earlier. That's great news!

The results suggest that R was around 0.73 during the fastest period of the fall (halving time 15 days), but has now eased off to 0.86 (31days), with notable regional variations causing the increase in R.

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Variants – a quick tip for better React components

A pattern I've seen lots is adding a bunch of booleans to cover different use-cases of a reusable #React component. This makes components hard to use

A variant prop has worked great so far 🧵…
You start with a smol reusable component

Then it grows, you boolean all the things ImageImage
And your component blows up in complexity. At 3 bools you have 8 different ways to hold your component.

You think you'll get it right every time? Debugging becomes into a game of whack-a-mole Image
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A lib JS #react tem sua natureza o fato de ter isolamentos bem definidos e maleável quanto aos estados dos componentes. Por isso a ideia de juntar no mesmo trecho JS, HTML (JSX) e CSS (Styled), e os valores entre eles são gerenciados por terceiros (pq usar props é tiro no pé).
Isolamento e troca de informações entre pontas distantes é o poder do #react. Por essa característica, ele é massa onde por exemplo vc tem um componente chat ISOLADO na pagina, atualizando um icone DO OUTRO LADO na head da tela.

Dá muito bom nesse tipo de situação!
A critica de muitos é pessoal usando isso pra todo CRUD. Algo simples de fazer com outra tecnologia, acaba ficando ora complexo ora estranho com react.

#Angular por exemplo foi feito pra formulários. Usar as coisas para oq elas foram feitas mostra profissionalismo do(a) dev.
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¿Clases o funciones al escribir tus componentes en #React?
Esta es una pregunta bastante común entre quienes están comenzando o retomando el desarrollo web con React.
¿Cuál es el approach correcto o el mejor?

¿Que prefieres tu y por que?
Sigue un hilo 🧵
Hoy el uso de componentes funcionales es la forma "aconsejada" o preferida de escribir tus componentes, pero las clases aún siguen ahí y no se irán por un buen tiempo. Incluso hay muchas app en producción que aún usan componentes de clase ya q fueron escritas hace un tiempo...
¿Entonces como decidir que usar o que aprender?
Como siempre la respuesta depende.
Depende de tus objetivos y el ambiente en que desarrollarás.
Si estás comenzando deberías comenzar por aprender la forma "moderna" de escribir componentes, es decir usando funciones..
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The hiring landscape in #tech (#html #react #javascript #php) isn't what it was 10 years ago. Lots of advice is outdated.

I help diverse groups of people land jobs in tech.

Here's what you need to know in 2021.
Space out your initial interviews

Give yourself time to learn from and grow after each interview. Missed specific technical questions? First interview didn't go so well?

Use the break to be better prepared for the next interview.
Improve every week.

No one "finishes" learning how to code. Even when you're ready, keep practicing. With continued practice, you will be a more senior developer during later interviews than you were on day 1 of interviewing.
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#favicons are #SVG with #XML payloads easily injected by malicious programs. #KHTML has been around for a very long time and this methodology of obfuscation has been in development since #NetscapeNavigator
whats a #favicon?
😉😄😆😅😌🥰😀😅😌🥰 lol dunno, sry bruh
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🧵 M E G A T H R E A D

Check out all of my amazing threads that cover various topics like #JavaScript, #React, my favourite podcasts and many more...

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Thread #1: This is the place where you can find most of the amazing resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks about #JavaScript. Happy Coding Days 😎

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #React
Thread #2: This is the place where you can learn most of the thing about #React. Find out some of the best resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks to enhance your React skills.

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #JavaScript #ReactHooks
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Hey there! I'm excited to announce that my 🚀 Full Stack JS course 🚀 is LIVE!

There are 13 free lectures and 43 practical tasks that you can try without any commitment.

You can find the course at

THREAD👇 1/10

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #javascript
We’ll start by building a strong core JS knowledge.

You can start here if you have zero prior programming experience as we’ll work very carefully to now overload you with new material.

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #javascript

Then we move on to building backends in Node.js and Express.js, deploying them to the remote servers with Docker.

You’ll also learn to operate on a Linux operating system as most web servers run on it.

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #javascript

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¿Cuál es la diferencia entre los hooks useEffect y useLayoutEffect?

¿Cuándo usar useLayoutEffect?

Lo descubriremos en un nuevo hilo sobre #React #hooks 🧵
useLayoutEffect es similar en casi TODO a useEffect, solo tiene pequeñas diferencias.

TLDR: useEffect es lo que quieres usar el 99% del tiempo.

Ambos reciben dos argumentos, un callback que define el efecto y una lista de dependencias.…
La diferencia entre ambos radica en el momento en que el efecto definido en el callback es ejecutado.

useEffectes ASINCRONO. y ejecuta el efecto después que tu componente se renderiza asegurando así que tu efecto no bloquerá el proceso principal.
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Here’s a roundup of some of the material we have produced or highlighted during this extraordinary week.

1. A short thread from @john_actuary examining the @imperialcollege #REACT antibody study. Antibody prevalence is decreasing, which might imply falling immunity.
2. There was no Mortality Monitor from the CMI this week (though one is due this Tuesday) but @ActuaryByDay analysed the latest @ONS weekly death statistics noting that deaths are above the five-year average.
3. We published a bulletin from @john_actuary on Tuesday, looking at hospital admissions. He estimates that just under 1-in-5 COVID-19 admissions is acquired in the hospital setting. He also concludes that the vast majority of admissions are “from COVID” not just “with COVID”.
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useEffect y los estados del ciclo de vida de un componente.
Son comparables? Funcionan igual? Es uno del reemplazo del otro?.
No, no, y no, pero ¿por qué?
Intentaré resumirlo en este breve nuevo hilo 🧵
Primero, creo que este post de @dan_abramov lo explica completamente…

Los estados del ciclo de vida son una definición y concepto utilizados en los componentes de clase, esos definidos antes del advenimiento de hooks utilizando la sintaxis `class`
Estos componentes implementan algunos métodos que te permiten ejecutar lógica en ciertos "momentos". Y esto es importante. La ejecución de esta lógica esta relacionada con un momento particular del proceso de renderizado de un componente.
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Cuál es la diferencia entre #React y #ReactNative?
Una pregunta completamente valida sobre todo si estás comenzando.
Bueno, son conceptualmente lo mismo, pero... 🧵
Ambos nacen de la misma idea de utilizar un modelo de componentes como abstracción para definir una interfaz de usuario.
Ambos utilizan la misma "tecnología" base que es el "core" de #React., el "reconciler"…, manejo de estado, props, etc.
Similares en sintaxis: ambos son "solo javascript" y utilizan JSX para definir sus componentes (y evitar tener que escribir React.createElement cada vez).

Pero se diferencian en el "engine" en donde se ejecutan.
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The interim report of Round 6 of @imperialcollege's #REACT study makes grim reading. It estimates 96,000 new infections a day, with an R of 1.56, and doubling every 9 days. Nearly 1m are estimated to be infected. Covering 16-25 Oct, it's very up to date. Here's some detail. 1/8
Regionally, Yorks/Humber has overtaken the NW, consistent with admissions data @COVID19actuary has been reporting recently. Lower prevalence areas have higher growth rates, with R over 2, so there should be no complacency elsewhere, with short doubling times. 2/8
Similarly for age, although 18-24 is highest the most rapid growth is now at older ages, with a threefold increase at 55-64, and doubling above 65. It's these groups which will be driving the increases in admissions we've already seen (and sadly, subsequent deaths). 3/8
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The latest #REACT study by @imperialcollege shows decreasing levels of antibody prevalence. Overall levels fell by 24% over a 12 week period, from 6% to 4.8% in Round 2, and now 4.4%. Let's take a closer look in this short thread. 1/6
By age the % fall was greatest in the oldest groups, with an increasing trend from age 45. There is some variability though, eg in the data table in the report we see 75+ increased in Rd 3 by 25%, reflecting some wide CI's. 2/6
Showing the wide regional variation, London fell 27% from 13% to 9.5%, whereas at the other end of the spectrum, the SW fell 42% from 2.8% to 1.6%. Note again the increase in Rd 3 for the SW, with a very wide CI for the change we shouldn't read too much into this. 3/6
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A thread on #HeadlessCMS where you will know most of things about what it is, how is it different to traditional #CMS, why it matters, pros & con's, and the most popular Headless CMS.

👇 #100DaysOfCode
So before you understand what this #HeadlessCMS is all about, in the first place you should know need to understand the difference between a Headless CMS and a conventional (or traditional) #CMS.

👇 #100DaysOfCode
Traditional #CMS platforms, like Joomla for instance, come with a front-end delivery layer, otherwise known as the “head” — that dictates how the content is presented to the end-user (1/3).

,👇 #HeadlessCMS #100DaysOfCode
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