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With the news of #JuliaHartleyBrewer appearing on @bbcquestiontime tonight, I’ve sent in my first-ever letter of complaint to the BBC. It’s brutal: (THREAD) #BoycottBBCQT
Dear BBC

I am disgusted that #JuliaHartleyBrewer is on @bbcquestiontime. I tune in to watch most weeks or catch up online, but I cannot watch tonight, out of principle.
My objection to Ms Hartley-Brewer isn’t for political reasons. She has a right to her opinion, and I respect that, even if I don’t agree with it. It’s not about Brexit either. #BoycottBBCQT
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Watching the BBC series Rise of the Nazis, and I am SHOCKED at how familiar this sounds...

#Brexit #Remain #StopTheCoup #StopBoris #StopBrexit
... and then...
... and again...
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Miller vs Odey: the Brexit crisis explained through the medium of fund managers, with a bonus survey… 🤓✊ (thread) #RuleOfLaw #StopTheCoup #StopBrexit 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Compare and contrast Gina Miller and Crispin Odey… Both are British fund managers, and both are wealthy, but their very different responses to Brexit are most illuminating. 🧐 #Brexit #StopBrexit 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Odey was born into a wealthy family of industrialists, and was educated at Harrow & Oxford. He set up Odey Asset Management in 1991, and it now has several billion pounds under management. He was briefly married to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. His net worth is c£775m. #StopBrexit
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⚠️Watch @ianCLucas' quiet calm testimony today about the contemptible conduct of VoteLeave.
They are now our government.
He shared very damning evidence from DCMS Sub-Committee on Disinformation, concerning our PM & his special adviser, along with others
@IanCLucas (Apologies for missing the lack of capital in your username Mr Lucas - thank you for speaking the truth for the record 🙏🏽) #StoptheCoup
@IanCLucas He also raised this very worrying evidence about Gove trying to escape scrutiny #StopTheCoup
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Brexit affects everyone and everything. Hear our #R4OR /thread

Employers and employees- you are all on the same side on this one. You all need a healthy economy and stable political environment to thrive. The Single Market is the biggest trading bloc in the world and its cold outside believe me #R4OR #StopBrexit
The care sector is already fragile as hurt EU27 citizens have headed for the door to somewhere they are wanted. Even the government says Brexit will damage the care of our elderly and vulnerable #R4OR #StopTheCoup
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Reaction to name-calling by making fun of it.....

A thread....


#stopthecoup #FBPE #Dangerous
By now - the #remain groups should have an agenda to win over the 45+million undecided voters to understanding the strengths of the EU.

Ask you local group what this is - and how you can help with it..... 😀

When the 23rd June 2016 referendum was written up - the biggest criticism of #remain, was that it was reactive.

It didn't have a policy of its own - but reacted and refuted things that the #Leave group said

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Just a reminder.

#StopTheCoup #bbcqt
"Proroguing parliament undermines parliamentary democracy."

"To suspend parliament explicitly to pursue a course of action against its wishes is not a serious policy of a prime minister in the 21st century."

"A policy on Brexit to prorogue parliament would mean the end of the Conservative party as a serious party of government."

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1/ A love letter from a Swede, no not the rootveg:

If you support Brexit stop reading this is not for you, sod off.

I grew up watching British programmes on TV, sometimes laughing so hard I could barely stand up. My hometown is Gothenburg often referred to as Little London in..
2/ Sweden, both because of the historic links but also because of a similarity in humour. Just like you we thrive on wordplay, sometimes to the annoyence of ppl outside Gothenburg.

I love your eccentricity, humour individuality, bonkersness. The way you want to try new sometimes
3/ weird, solutions/experiments just to see if it works. If it doesn't, well at least you tried. I admire you're "never give up" mentality. Now you need it more than ever. We have a lot of Brits living in Sweden and they're all a much appreciated addition. We want them to stay.
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[Thread] This is a follow-up analysis to the one I did on 1st September. Today @BorisJohnson tweeted once again on the hashtag #LeaveOct31 [See screenshot]. He sent an identical tweet on 10th September too. Here I analyse 5942 tweets sent both today (13th) and on the 10th.
In my original thread I found that around 8% of accounts retweeting Boris Johnson's #LeaveOct31 were accounts supporting Donald Trump. Three days later, I discovered that 25% of retweets of another Boris tweet were performed by MAGA Trump supporters #StopTheBrexitCoup
3/ But first up, here's a nice little animation of Boris' Retweet today. Boris is in the middle, and all the nodes around him are the retweets. The yellow nodes are accounts that mention Trump-related terms (#KAG, #MAGA etc). The blue nodes are ones that do not.
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Thread: I just wrote to and sent copies to media:
Reading the #yellowhammer leaked and redacted publicised versions, it is evident that #Brexit is the disaster the experts have been warning about. #
2/ We also know why the 31/10 date is so important as it will allow the people that donated their money to the Johnson campaign to recoup their investment by betting on the markets. The public can not be fooled anymore. #LiarJohnson #RevokeArticle50
3/ We would like to put it on record that if anyone dies because of no deal, we will hold the Government accountable and we will prosecute the Government for their death. #LeafAlliance #StopTheCoup
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Quick thought on the short Yellowhammer doc just released. It is of course extremely alarming, and exposes the sheer madness of Brexit... I think we also need to remember... [cont]
😠✊🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺 #StopTheCoup #YellowHammer
...that this document will have been compiled by earnest and professional civil servants, striving to choose their words carefully and to be measured in their tone. That means that there could be a great deal of BATSHIT CRAZINESS contained in some of the assessments. [cont]
For example, “significant electricity price increases” - already alarming, but is “significant” 10%? 20%? For anyone on a modest income, even a 5% increase in an electricity bill might be unmanageable. [cont]
😠✊ #StopTheCoup 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
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More chalked comments seen in a Northern city. Has the #GraffitiGranny of #Wakefield inspired Chalksy of Lancaster?

"Let's bin Brexit"

#Chalksy #LancasterChalksy #RebelAlliance #JustMakeItStop
2) Spotted tonight on my way home:

"Brexit is building walls not bridges"

#LancasterChalksy #StopTheCoup
#MoreInCommon #HeartsNotHate
3) Another message seen on some steps near the river:

"Brexit is wrong on so many levels"

#LancasterChalksy #StopBrexit JustMakeItStop #BrexitShambles
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Feel like you're in the Matrix? A world where the UK can have #stopthecoup?

I did too. Until #dominicsblog helped me see the lies bare. You can read them here verbatim, or verify them at his site

No retribution here. We want to #brexend this mess.
Were Single Market, Customs Union, Four Freedoms included in 2016?
No, and we know that because Dominic couldn't find anyone who understood them, not a politician, lawyer, journalist, or economist.
They were all "interpreted" later by Theresa May.
The way we triggered Article 50 was contrary to what was proposed in the referendum. The campaigns knew there was no plan, their advice was to wait. Ignored. And No Deal? Wasn't even a concept.
From the first moment, leave or remain, we handled this badly. We should #brexend it.
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Thread of Threads.

The Remain/Leave war is the most irresponsible act of political sabotage in history. Only enabled by a willing Press.

But worst, we're all so distracted...From what you ask?

So much.

But to get you going, if we're leaving, what are we joining?
The Popular Diary of a 47 3/4 Dominic Cummings.
Much requested.

And note. How much does his blog already call out the political lies told every day? Everyone who cares should read it.

Enter the Matrix

Probably the best place to start if you're just waking up to the fact we've all been manipulated, leavers and remainers alike.

No Deal doesn't deliver anything like Brexit

And Leavers are your friends. Embrace them while they stab you

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[Thread] 1) @StephanieCarvin asked a very important question. It is one that I have been trying to address, but one that will take time, but also one that probably underpins a lot of the troll/bot mystery. The question is...
2) Are the same Brexit trolls also active on other hashtags, such as #TrudeauMustGo, or Iran-related issues? In other words, are the same accounts roaming from divisive hashtag to divisive hashtag? If so, it could point to an organized, international influence campaign...
3) I will give my formative answer, showing some of the working. The short answer is 'yes, they are', the long answer is 'yes and what the, please no...!' #cdnpoli #StoptheCoup
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[Thread] 1) @Nigel_Farage, as hothead-in-chief, deserves a Twitter analysis. So I analysed a recent Tweet of his which has about 6,500 Retweets. The tweet in question is the one where Farage is obviously playing two truths and a lie [see screenshot]. #ٍStopTheCoup #Brexit
2) Why did I choose this tweet? It's because we are interested in what messages get amplified the most. So I downloaded Farage's TL to see which was the most retweeted. Twas the aforementioned ofc! The graph shows Nigel's recent RTs by number over time #StopTheCoup
3) As before, I will examine the biographical details of those who retweeted this tweet. A count of the most common words reveals that the most common biographical detail of those who amplified this tweet is MAGA, followed by Trump, followed by Brexit [See below]. #StopTheCoup
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Using hashtags and trending words - How not to make a hash of it on twitter - a thread.

#Stopbrexit #Stopthecoup #FBPE #FinalSay #PeoplesVote

Sadly I see too many people saying that they don't see the point of #hashtag ging - or that it is silly - or doesn't help....

So bear with me here...

#StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #LiarJohnson #DeathByBrexit

This couldn't be further from the truth, using tags well, in any situation on twitter, helps you reach further and link up with other people


Even people in other countries

#FBPE #HaveDemocracy #StopFascism #facciamorete #FBR

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🔊🔊SATURDAY 07/09
#StopTheCoup Protests (A-Z)

#ABERGAVENNY, Market Hall, 19.00
#BIRMINGHAM, Victoria Sq, 14.00
#BOURNEMOUTH, Square, 11.00
#BRISTOL, College Green, 12.00
#CHELTENHAM, The Prom, 12.00
#CHESTER, Bridge st (caffe Nero), 13.00

#CHIPPENHAM, Town Bridge, 11.00
#CIRENSESTER,Market Place, 14.00
#CINDENFORD,35 High street, 18.00
#CUPAR, Cupar Street, 10.00
#ELY, Lighthouse Auditorium, 14.00
#EXETER, Princesshay, 14.00
#FAVERSHAM, Market area(stall), 10.00

#GUILDFORD, high Street(Monsoon), 14.00
#GLOUCESTER, Eastgate Street, 10.00
#HARPENDEN, High Street, 10.00
#HEXHAM, Abbey, 11.00
#HITCHIN, Bancroft Park, 12.00
#HORSHAM,out Cafe Nero, 10.00
#HOVE, Peace statue, 19.30
#KENDAL, New road, 11.00
#LANCASTER, Town Hall, 13.00

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[Thread] Interesting phenomenon brought to my attention by @karamballes regarding pro-Brexit accounts trying to rally followers on Twitter today. Firstly if you type "need to increase my pro-Brexit followers" on Twitter you'll see a lot of similar tweets #StopTheCoup
@karamballes So I examined the accounts and the retweets of any of the accounts that mentioned the phrase "need to increase my pro-Brexit followers". I then did some basic corpus linguistics analysis on those accounts, and again I found a few things quite bizarre.
@karamballes Understandably, #Brexit is the top word featuring in most biographies of the accounts. It appears in around 603 of the 3256 accounts. That's a lot, and could suggest such a call to arms really gets the issue-based Twitter accounts together. 145 accounts contain the word Trump
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Calling all Conservatives... Lord Patten says this is no longer a Conservative government but is now English nationalist... You are therefore relieved of your obligations to support it...
😠✊🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺 #StopTheCoup #democracy

Your party has suffered a hostile takeover by Leave psychopaths and ERG nutjobs. Are you really happy that the party of Peel, Disraeli, Salisbury and Churchill is now the party of Johnson, Francois and Iain Duncan “Colonel Bogey” Smith...? 😖 #StopTheCoup #democracy
Do you really wish to follow these intellectual minnows off the cliff edge of Brexit..? Destroy the country because it’s what Cummings and his mysterious backers want? 😠 #StopTheCoup #democracy 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺
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