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1/ The #HebronMassacre happened 90 years ago on Shabbat Ekev. This was no "ordinary" massacre, like maybe 10 minutes of #MassShootings leaving 67 dead. Each one was horribly tortured in unimaginable ways.
In this thread, I bring the GRAPHIC DETAILS, because the world should know.
2/ All the details were published at the time in the following newspapers: Haaretz Sep. 1st ; Doar Hayom Sep. 2nd +Sep. 6th, 1929 and so on on other papers like Davar.
More details were published later on in September when the victims were taken out of their graves to check them.
3/ Nobody escaped the #Arab terrorists cruelty. They used knives, daggers, clubs, swords. Starting with the babies, they cut their heads, gave them to their mothers until they were murdered too.
The 9 months old Abushdid baby was among them.
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Eid al Adaha prayer in #alAqsa mousqe in the old city of #Jerusalem , amid tension between #Palestinians with #Israeli security forces over Israeli settlers intention to storms al Aqsa mousqe
Thousands of #Palestinians in #alAqsa mousqe refusing to leave after the end of Eid al Adaha prayer and preventing #Israeli security forces from entering alAqsa mousqe compound
“ With our bloods and souls we will sacrifice and protect #alAqsa” Thousands of #Palestinians chanting in front of al Aqsa gates , where #Israeli settlers trying to storm the Mosque under the protection of Israeli Securty forces
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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#Israeli security forces allowed hundreds of #Israeli settlers to enter #alAqsa mousqe in #Jerusalem amid tension and clashes with #Palestinians in al Haram al sharif
Tension and clashes started when #Israeli settlers start singing inside the plaza of #alAqsa mousqe after being allowed to al haram al Shrif by #Israeli security forces, Shieak omar al Kaswani trying to stope them
The numbers of #Israeli settlers allowed was more than 700 settlers under the protection of Israeli security amid #Palestinians celebrating the last ten days of #Ramadan in #alAqsa mousqe in #Jerusalem
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#Israeli army shoot and killed #Palestinian teenager Abdallah Geith, 16 years old from Hebron who was trying to enter #Jerusalem to pray in #alAqsa mosque in Jerusalem for the last Friday in #Ramadan , where hundreds of thousands of Palestinian attend the the Friday prayer
A second #Palestinian was shot and killed after he stabbed two #Israeli security forces in the old city of #Jerusalem , the Israeli security took his body and his name & age are not known , Israeli police says one of the officer stabbed by the #Palestinian is in serious condition
Hundreds of thousands of #Palestinians to attend the last Friday prayer in #Ramadan at #alAqsa mosque in the old city of #Jerusalem , #Israeli security forces deployed hundreds of security officers in the city .
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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Sure hope @UNESCO is going to raise hell about ISIS’ latest act of iconoclastic destruction and ethnic cleansing — by which I mean China and the Uyghurs.

— Some human lives are more “human” than others.
— Some universal cultural heritage is more “universal” than others.

Give a moment of thought for what that means.

#China #Uyghurs #NotreDame #AlAqsa #Paris #Jerusalem
On NPR right now, the French billionaire funding Notre Dame’s reconstruction:

“I was in China when I heard...I woke up, crying.”

“I am so glad this was an accident and not terrorists.”

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Today #NotreDame, in flames.
Today #AlAqsa, in flames.

Today #Paris burns.
Today #Jerusalem burns.

Both accidental.

But the striking absence I do not need to point out is...glaringly apparent, with all of its implications.
Two cities close to my heart.
Two sacred spaces close to my soul.

Two parts ripped in half, my heart going up in smoke.

Speculation about the “real cause” of one, the entire world in mourning. But almost nothing about the other. At all.
Hyperbolic hysteria, the expected equation:
Cathedral/France + Destruction = Arab +/- Muslim

But Jesus was not Parisian.

Al-Aqsa in flames. But that’s normal - “for them,” after all.
Which “them,” then, was and is Jesus?
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¿Otra vez las llamas para Juana de Arco?
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