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1. And now I'm going to tell a story. Another false flag. This time is to force @POTUS not to take the US army out of #Syria.
They already have a lot of experience (8 years) to make chemical attacks to accuse the Syrian government.
OH, and they even have a manual.🧐😲🤨
2. ISIS terrorist? 😲Seriously?🤨 Have they investigated? 🤓And they already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

Preliminary reports say at least six people were killed & 19 injured by the explosion. US official: 4 US army Killed & 3 US army wounded.
3. ISIS took responsability?😲Seriously?🤨Have they investigated?🤓They already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) took responsibility for the attack that reportedly targeted the US-led coalition’s patrol.
4. US troops on high alert after deadly attack in Manbij (video) aml.ink/xi-Bf
5. In this video📹 we can see that the street had a lot of movement. Several citizens were about to pass when the terrorist blow himself up in #Manbij

Preliminary reports: 6 people killed & 19 injured. US official: 4 US army Killed & 3 US army wounded.
6. Preliminary reports said at least 6 people were killed & 19 injured by the explosion. However, the death significantly increased over the last few hours, with some reports claiming that over 25 were killed. RIP 🙏🏼
7. Who is behind this false flag?
- Turkey?
- Kurds?
- Israel?
- or US?
8. ISIS?
By @sahouraxo: So let me get this straight: Just as the 🇺🇸withdrawal from 🇸🇾begins, ISIS shows up in Manbij, a city it was kicked out from 2 years ago & kills at least 5 US army. Can the warmongers who want to maintain the perpetual occupation of 🇸🇾be any less obvious?🙄
9. ISIS?
By @Partisangirl: Manbij has been free of ISIS for 2 years why & how could ISIS be behind an attack in Manbij? If ISIS wanted to attack🇺🇸army wouldn't they attack in Al-Tanf where there's actually an ISIS pocket? No, because🇺🇸was going to pull out of Manbij first.Get it?
11. Turkey?
Erdogan says terror attack in Manbij may influence US to stay

US to stay?🤔 Way?🤨
13. Turkey?
Do you remember this other news?
14. Turkey?
But, the Syrian Foreign & Expatriates Ministry responded in this way to 🇹🇷: “Turkish regime couldn’t be but an irresponsible, reckless regime that behaves in a way which contradicts with the simplest principles of the UN charter.” 🇸🇾👏🏼✊🏼👊🏼🤛🏼💯
15. Turkey?
Here is Russia's answer on this subject: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: "all the territories in the newly proposed safe zone by Turkey should be returned to the Syrian government."🇷🇺👏🏼✊🏼👊🏼🤛🏼💯
16. Turkey?
There is much evidence that the Turkish MIT intelligence agency worked with a jihadists in Syria. 🚨🧐🤬
Turkish intelligence agency MIT worked with a cutthroat jihadist in Syria nordicmonitor.com/2019/01/turkis…
17. Turkey?
There is much evidence that the Turkish MIT intelligence agency worked with a jihadists in Syria. 🚨🧐🤬
Turkey hushed up the case of intelligence agency MIT arming jihadists in Syria nordicmonitor.com/2019/01/turkey…
18. Turkey?
But what does Turkey lose with peace in Syria?

Swiss MP claims Turkey selling looted Syrian olive oil to fund militia - media aml.ink/jb7Q2
19. Turkey?
But what does Turkey lose with peace in Syria?

🇪🇺Facility for Refugees in 🇹🇷is the answer to the 🇪🇺Member States’ call for signifi cant additional funding to support refugees in the country & manages a TOTAL €6 BILLION=€3 billion(2016-2017)+€3 billion(2018-2019).
20. Turkey?
But what does Turkey lose with peace in Syria?

Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade — RT World News rt.com/news/324263-ru…
21. Turkey? Attack in #Manbij may have come from #Turkey. Hypothesis 1✔️
22. Kurds?
By @Partisangirl
If you would like to learn + about how the Kurdish YPG botched the assassination of a Christian leader which they had tried to pin on #ISIS, Watch this video. For anyone that thinks Kurdish groups aren't capable of #FalseFlags
23. Kurds?
By @Partisangirl
Recall: Kurdish Groups threatened 🇺🇸with releasing 3,000 ISIS militants if they pull out of Syria. Just as🇺🇸was pulling out of Manbij, an ISIS attack happens in Manbij, even though it has been peaceful for 2 years. Coincidence? nytimes.com/2018/12/20/wor…
26. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
The #Kurds of the ME, tho' embraced by much of the West as idealistic freedom fighters, have committed a range of #HumanRights abuses,mainly targeting #Christians & other non-Muslim minorities
27. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Turkey does has valid concerns about the YPG Syrian Kurds' direct links to the PKK – listed as a terrorist org by Turkey, US & EU
For some insight, see some well documented facts
Note: many Kurds in Syria aren’t aligned to YPG
28. Kurds?
Founded in 1978, PKK/PYD is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, EU and US.
PKK conducted its first attacks in 1984.
Massacre of civillians, suicide attacks & bomb-laden car attacks committed by the terror groups PKK/PYD in Turkey.
29. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Kurds are not indigenous to Raqqa nor DeirEzzor,in Syria
Since 2015 thousands of Sunni Arabs were driven out by US backed YPG Kurds’ ethnic cleansing
Kurdish geography:#Turkey 22.5 m #Iran 6 m #Iraq 5/6 m #Syria less than 2 m
30. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Before greed made Kurds stab fellow Syrians in the back & join the US take over Syria's oil fields
Aug, 2012
Syria's Kurds Against FSATerrorists Enjoy Assad's Freedom/Prosperty in their new semi-autonomous region setup by Assad
31. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#EthnicCleansing is exactly what the #US Coalition have done in #Raqqa 🤬
The Kurds are not indigenous to #Raqqa nor #DeirEzzor, in #Syria.
Geo-Information retrieved from Kurdish Cultural Center Of America 😡
32. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Syria 2015 Thousands of Sunni Arabs were driven out by #YPG #Kurds’ ethnic cleansing.
32. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Syria June 1, 2015 A report in The Times newspaper, said that #SDF #YPG Kurdish fighters have been "burning Arab villages" in areas they control around Kobane as part of a campaign against local Arabs.
32. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#US-backed #SDF (#YPG) Kurdish forces have forcefully displaced thousands of Syrian civilians, mostly Arabs, and demolished villages in northern #Syria
The victims were mainly Arab, but also included #Turkmens & other #Kurds theguardian.com/world/2015/oct…
33. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
May, 2016 CNN MSNBC etc. never report any of this
“In some cases, Syria-n refugees flee & don't go towards the Kurdish areas, they run away from them & into Islamic State territory,” Mr Ford told a US Senate committee hearing👇🏼
33. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Oct 2015, Amnesty reveal evidence of alarming abuses,inc eyewitness accounts & satellite images,detailing the deliberate displacement of thousands of civilians & the razing of entire villages by US-backed Kurdish SDF in 🇸🇾
33. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
"A fact-finding mission to northern Syria has uncovered a wave of forced displacement & home demolitions amounting to war crimes carried out by the US-backed Syrian YPG/SDF Kurds controlling the area".
-Amnesty International-
34. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Syria 2015 Thousands of Sunni Arabs were driven out by #US-backed #YPG #Kurds#EthnicCleansing
35. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Every-time The #US Announces Withdrawing Troops From #Syria,The Kurds Tell #Damascus "We're Ready For Negotiations"
Syrian War Report – Dec 20, 2018: US Is Withdrawing Troops From Syria
36. Kurds?
By @Partisangirl
ManbijAttack wasn’t a suicide bombing that amount of explosives won't fit on just one person & no car was involved. Explosives were already inside the cafe The bombing was pre-planned by ppl who knew a meeting between CIA/YPG would take place there🤔🤨
36. Kurds?
Think about it⁉️ 🤔🧐😔
Who knew there was a secret CIA/YPG meeting in the cafe, in Manjib, Syria, where the bomb exploded? 🤨😏🙄
👉🏼Manjib is controlled by a militia allied to US-backed Kurdish forces👈🏼🧐🤨😏
37. Kurds?
Do you remember this?🧐🤨
Fighters from US-backed SDF describe unimpeded ISIS exodus from Raqqa on their watch😲🤨😏🙄
38. Kurds?
Do you remember this?🧐🤨
Hundreds of Islamic State fighters, both Syrian & foreign, were covertly evacuated by US, UK & Kurdish forces from the besieged city of Raqqa last month & freed to “spread out far & wide across Syria & beyond”.😲🤨😡
39. Kurds?
Saudi Arabia contributed $100 million to northeast Syria for "stabilization projects" in areas once held by the ISIS & now controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.
🇸🇦sends money to the SDF?😲 Way?🤔The president of 🇸🇾was informed?😡
40. Kurds?
Did you know this?😠😡🤬
Syria: Kurdish SDF and ISIS-Daesh, An Unholy Alliance Consecrated by the U.S. shar.es/aaNpy2
41. Kurds?

Kurds Of The Caliphate😲🤨😏😠
Why Are Kurds Joining Up With ISIS?
42. Kurds?
Syrian Kurds claim to be fighting against terror. But their efforts are being co-opted by Western powers that are using them to achieve their own ends in the Middle East
The Kurdish Connection: Israel, ISIS & US Efforts to Destabilize Iran 😲🤨😏shar.es/aaNrEz
43. Kurds?

"The Kurds have no other friends in the Middle East except Israel. 😲🤢🤮
We believe that if Israel helps the Kurds in Syria, it will be a formula for a safer future for both sides."🤨🤥😏😈💀☠️
- one of the leaders of the Kurds in Syria-
44. Kurds?

Turkey is right.🧐
US-backed SDF Kurdish forces are the same or worse than ISIS. 😠😡🤬
45. Kurds?
Do you remember this?🧐🤨
US confirms Kurdish forces made a deal with Islamic State over Tabqa surrender 😲🤨😡🤬
46. Kurds?

Did you know this?😠😡🤬
228 men in northern Raqqa forced to join Kurdish ranks
47. Kurds?
Salih Muslim, ex-PYD chief (Party of the Kurdish Democratic Union):"🇹🇷is beneficiary of Manbij attack. It seems everyone agrees that 🇹🇷is the beneficiary of the Manbij attack."😲
Do they all agree? 🤔Who?🤨I still don’t know🧐⁉️Super efficient🙃
48. Kurds?
By @SoniaKatiMota
US-backed Kurds took over Syrian largest oil fields, claimed to have fought ISIS but caused zero damage & there's no evidence of clashes 🤨😠😡🤬 #Syria
49. Kurds?

👉🏼Assyrian Expert: Kurdish Self-Governance in Syria Will ‘Kill Christianity’ 👈🏼bit.ly/2EHPdXp
50. Kurds?
But what does Kurds lose with peace in Syria?

By @SoniaKatiMota
The Kurds in Syria are not indigenous to Raqqa nor DeirEzzor😲🤨😏😉
Since 2015 US Intervention thousands of Sunni Arabs were driven out of those oil rich areas out by YPG Kurds’#EthnicCleansing
51. Kurds?
But what does Kurds lose with peace in Syria?

🇺🇸was backing an independent state north of the Euphrates River, one that controls a large portion of Syria’s oil & gas reserves & its main electric dam & that has its own army 🤨😏🙄☹️😠😡🤬
52. Kurds?
But what does Kurds lose with peace in Syria?

Syrian Kurds attempt to stimulate their economy through oil trade 🙄🤨😉😏😠😡🤬
53. Kurds?
But what does Kurds lose with peace in Syria?

US-backed Kurdish Forces Benefiting From Oil in Syria 😉😏☹️😠😡🤬
54. Kurds?
But what does Kurds lose with peace in Syria?

With US departure their dream of Rojava, the long awaited Kurdish state, evaporates😉😏

“Syria belongs to all Syrians and the Kurds are part of Syria"💓🇸🇾💓
-President Bashar al-Assad- 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼✊🏼👊🏼💯
55. Kurds? Attack in #Manbij may have come from #Kurds. Hypothesis 2✔️High probability
56. US?
Who created Al-Qaeda?🤔😔🧐
Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda 😲🤨😏😠😡
57. US?
Who created ISIS?🤔😔🧐
Obama Admits US Gov't Created ISIS 😲🤨😏😠😡
58. US?
It's true?🤔😔 🧐
Obama: "there are none inSyria & we don’t have Ground Forces to simply march to Raqqa & Syria & clane the hole out...that our goal has to be miliyarily constraining ISIS capabilities cutting off their suply lines"😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
59. US?
This is the truth. The pure and raw truth!
Obama Admits US Gov't Created ISIS 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
60. US?
How did all this start? 🤔😔🧐
What really happened on September 11, 2001 in the US? 🤔😔🧐
Humanitarian Wars for democracy and freedom held by the US-led coalition is it true?🤔😔🧐
61. US?
More proof that the real story of September 11, 2001: It was an internal work, it was a "controlled demolition"
See with great attention this video:
Visible Explosions at World Trade Center building 7 before collapsing😲🤨😡🤬
62. US?
There was no Arab Spring. 😲
This is the biggest lie of all.😲
US-led coalition did the same as they did for decades with other countries in Asia, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
see here
63. US?
US-led coalition create the chaos to be able to rob the natural wealth of these countries at will, to appropriate what is not theirs😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
64. US?
The people of those countries who really believed that these wars organized by US-led coalition were for their country to become more free & democrat, in the end, verify that these wars only destroyed their nations & that now they live much worse of what they lived before
65. US?
US-led coalition aren’t real friends of anyone. Friendship has no value. For US-led coalition is what matters is what they can win, only fight for their geopolitical interests, which are not in accordance with the UN Charter & human rights. 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
66. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
There has never been a civil war in Syria. What happened in Syria was an invasion by US-led coalition😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
67. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬gowans.wordpress.com/2016/10/22/the…
68. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
"Some youngsters printing some graffiti on the wall". This event never existed. This story was invented! 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
69. US?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
According to a disqualified CIA file, the US was planning to overthrow the government of then-Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad in 1983.😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
70. US?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
According to a disqualified CIA file, the US was planning again to overthrow the government of then-Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad in 1986. 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
71. US?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
By Stephen Gowans: "Plans to oust Assad-based in part on his failure to embrace Washington’s neo-liberalism-were already in preparation in Washington by 2003, if not earlier". 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
72. US?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
By Stephen Gowans: "The Brotherhood’s leaders, beginning in 2007, met frequently with the US State Department & the US National Security Council, as well as with the US government-funded Middle East Partnership Initiative." 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
73. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
The truth about the invasion of Syria by the US-led coalition. The Dirty War on Syria: Secret Cables & reports by the US, Saudi & Israel Intelligences."😲😏😠😡🤬
74. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
US who authorized you to build 17 military bases in Syria?😲😏😠😡🤬
74. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
No more lies. No more sanctions. Enough is Enough !!! US-led coalition, Out of Syria Now !!! #USlies #USsanctions #US_LedCoalitionOUtOfSyria #Enough #USwarcrimes #USTerrorism?😲😏😠😡🤬
See here
75. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
James Jeffrey, US aren’t in Syria based on the congressional authorization in 2001 against terror post-9/11. This is a lie. Who took the terrorists to Syria were US. 😲😏😠😡🤬
See here
76. US?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
The Destabilization of Syria & the Broader Middle East War. 😲😏😠😡🤬
See here
77. US
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
🇺🇸are illegal in Syria.🇺🇸haven't been invited by President Assad nor do they have any UN mandate. 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
77. US
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
🇺🇸created & financed terrorism in #Syria.🇺🇸bombing #Syria 🇺🇸helped jihadists make chemical attacks to blame President Assad🇺🇸out of Syria NOW!. 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
78. US
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
Further proof. The truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the government of Syria & Syrian army?
As you can see, they are Not Syrians!
Any questions?😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
79. US
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
Why @CENTCOM & @CJTFOIR have so much need to lie?
You should know that now with the internet the lies are quickly unmasked.
Your statement is a lie!!!?😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
80. US
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
#US is illegal in #Syria. US has no authorization from the Syrian president or even a UN mandate. The invasion of Syria by the US-led coalition was based on lies. 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
81. US?
But what does US lose with peace in Syria?

The US is at war with Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia, All to protect the Petrodollar — Steemit steemit.com/petrodollar/@f…
82. US?
But what does US lose with peace in Syria?

Photos show terrorists’ tanker trucks smuggling Syrian oil to Turkey and Iraq under US protection sana.sy/en/?p=153774
83. US?
But what does US lose with peace in Syria?

Where the Insurgent Groups of the World Get Their Weapons
84. US?
But what does US lose with peace in Syria?

The United States is extending its lead as the globe's number one arms exporter.
BBC News - Which country dominates the global arms trade? bbc.com/news/business-…
85. US?
But what does US lose with peace in Syria?

How the US Occupied the 30% of Syria Containing Most of its Oil, Water and Gas mintpressnews.com/how-the-us-occ….
86. US?
But what does US lose with peace in Syria?

The Black Sea Route to Syria occrp.org/en/makingakill…
86. US?
But what does US lose with peace in Syria?

In 2000 there were 8 countries without a Rothschild owned or controlled Central Bank: 🇦🇫🇸🇩🇱🇾🇨🇺🇰🇵🇮🇶🇸🇾. In 2018 Only 4 Countries Left Without a ROTHSCHILD Central Bank are: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria
87. US? Attack in #Manbij may have come from #US. Hypothesis 3✔️High probability
88. Israel?
In this Thread I approach the🇺🇸plan to overthrow the government of 🇸🇾leader in 1983 & the🇸🇾invasion in 2011, evidence John McCain's active participation in the creation terrorist & evidence of 3 countries involved:🇺🇸🇹🇷& Israel🇮🇱. 🧐😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
89. Israel?
In this Thread I approach the invasion of Syria in 2011, evidence of the ISIS, Mossad, CIA & MI6 involvement, evidence of 10 countries that were involved: US, Israel 🇮🇱, ...🧐😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
90. Israel?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
US and Israel has commited war crimes in Syria😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
See here
91. Israel?
All that has been said, over a number of years, about Israel's involvement in the Syrian invasion, is a conspiracy theory? 🤔😔🧐
NO, it's true.😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
92. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
CONFIRMED: Israel supports the creation of a Kurdish state 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬 theduran.com/confirmed-isra…
93. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
The Syrian Kurds: Israel's forgotten ally-"In Syria, where chaos reigns and there are no moderates among the Sunni Arab opposition, the “enemy of my enemy” principle may apply. Israel should act quickly".😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
94. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: “Break Syria into Pieces”😲🤨😏😠😡🤬 globalresearch.ca/hidden-us-isra…
95. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East😲🤨😏😠😡🤬 globalresearch.ca/greater-israel…
96. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
Alliance of Convenience: Israel Supports Syria’s ISIS Terror Group😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
97. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
By @TheAesculapius
Israhell wants to steal Syrian real state, water & other resources.😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
98. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔🧐
Israeli made weapons among arms handed over by militants in Damascus
Ahead of the evacuation in the towns of Yelda Babila & Beit Sahem, militants relinquished hundreds of weapons & munitions, including 🇮🇱made landmines🤬
99. Israel?
By @cynthiamckinney
Funny that: ISIS always seems to show up just when the ZioCon, Israel-first US Deep State needs them. france24.com/en/20190116-is…
100. Israel?
Israeli Strikes On Syria In 2018 (Map) dlvr.it/QwjVk9
102. Israel?
By @MintPressNews
EXCLUSIVE: That Israel was assisting rebel groups with extremist ideologies in Syria has been widely believed by a number of observers, who were often derided as “conspiracy theorists” for floating the notion.
103. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
‼️#Syria-n Army seizes large cache of #Israel-i-made weapons in former #ISIS stronghold (photos)👇🤨‼️
104. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#JC4PM #AntisemitismSmears #Hamas #PeaceWillPrevail #Labour jpost.com/Middle-East/Re…
105. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Dec 20, 2016: #Syria-n Ambassador names foreign agents captured in #Aleppo -American, Saudis, #Israel-i etc. 👇🤨‼️
#JC4PM #AntisemitismSmears
106. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Mossad Chief admits #Israel is helping #ISIS (#AlNusra) and #AlQaeda in #Syria. VIDEO Jun 22, 2016👇😡‼️‼️
#JC4PM #Labour #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #BDS
107. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Israel-i Intelligence Chief: We Don’t Want #ISIS Defeated in #Syria.
Jun 24, 2016👇😡⁉️
#JC4PM #Labour #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #BDS
108. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Israeli Ex-Defense Minister says #ISIS/ISIL ‘apologized’ to #Israel for November clash. - 24 April 2017👇🤨⁉️ #Syria #Russia #Iran
#JC4PM #Labour #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #BDS
110. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Going Underground: Is #Israel paying #AlQaeda fighters? Jul 12, 2017
#Syria #Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
111. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Israel's ExDefense Minister confirms Israeli collaboration with #ISIS in #Syria
#Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
112. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
25 April 2017 - #Isis fighters ‘attacked #Israel Defense Forces unit, then said sorry' It was a mistake.
#Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
113. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
What the hell⁉️Jun 24, 2017 - #Israel bombed a #Syria-n army tank fighting #AlNusra #ISIS TERRORISTS‼️😡
#Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
114. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Israel Joins The Scramble To Wreck #Syria and helping #ISIS – Investigative journalist and author #MaxBlumenthal - Apr 28, 2017
#Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
115. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Israel is ‘acting as air power for #ISIS’ in #Syria – investigative journalist #RaniaKhalek - Mar 17, 2017
#Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
116. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
#UN Report Reveals How #Israel is Coordinating with #ISIS Militants Inside #Syria since May of 2013.‼️
#Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
117. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Mar 21, 2017 - "#Israel in de facto coalition with #AlQaeda & #ISIS" – with Author & Journalist #MaxBlumenthal.
#Hezbollah #AntisemitismSmears #HamasSmears #JC4PM #Labour
118. Israel?
By @SoniaKatiMota
Jan 15, 2019
Fmr Pentagon Official Talks About The Admission By Outgoing Israeli Defense Forces Chief.
119. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
ISIS = Israëli Secret Intelligence Service😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
120. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
121. Israel?
By @ifamericansknew
The Six-Day War & Israeli Lies. Former CIA officer Melvin Goodman reveals the questionable role played by presidential advisor Walt Rostow & describes how Israeli leaders lied to the WhiteHouse about the start of the war
122. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
The Debate - Israel - Saudi Arabia Alliance 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
123. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
Netanyahu Regime Secretly Arming and Funding Twelve or More Terrorist Groups in Syria😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
123. Israel?
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐
Israel pushes US officials to recognize occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
124. Isreal?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
Greter Israel - 1982 Plan for Mideast Aided by ISIS😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
125. Israel?
Did you know this?🤔🧐
Oded Yinon, whose 1982, paper for Kivunim (Directions) entitled “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s”, proves that Israeli aim to balkanise the surrounding Arab & Muslim world into ethnic & sectarian mini-states😲😠😡🤬
126. Isreal?
By @fdejahang
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East🧐
15 Apr 2018 - The following document pertaining to the formation of “Greater Israel” constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu🤬
127. Isreal?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
Oded Yinon Full Interview😲🤨😏😠😡🤬
128. Israel?
#Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Sudan #Syria #Yemen #Palestine and smack bang in the middle #Israel and the greater Israel project🤨😏😠😡🤬🤬🤬
129. Israel?
It's all about this...and the Greater Israel Project🧐😲🤨😏😠😡🤬🤬
130. Israel?
How much do each of these US politicians receive in dollars from Israel lobby group?🤔😔🧐
131. Israel?
List of US Politicians Who Hold Dual US/Israeli Citizenship and What is the PNAC Doctrine?🤔😔🧐
132. Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
133 Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
Hillary Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel: “The Best Way to Help Israel” globalresearch.ca/hillary-clinto…
134. Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
"If the Assad regime topples, Iran would lose its only ally in the M.E... the fall of the House of Assad could well ignite a sectarian war..would not be a bad thing for Israel & allies"-Hillary-
135. Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
Greater Israel Project | Oded Yinon Plan | Sheikh Imran Hosein
136. Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
WHISTLEBLOWERS!: 'The Greater Israel Project' Explained by Ken O'Keefe
137 Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
The Oded Yinon Plan : Greater Israel in never seen before detail
138. Israel?
But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
The Greater Israel Project
139. Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
Russia is stopping USA's Secret Mideast Strategy "Greater Israel"
136. Israel?

But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
Israel Is the Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking Capital of the World
Israel harvested 18,000 organs from dead Syrians during the war
137. Israel?
But what does Israel lose with peace in Syria?
Do Americans and US politicians know about this?🧐
138. Israel? Attack in #Manbij may have come from #Israel . Hypothesis 4✔️High probability
Therefore, we have been able to identify three groups, with a high probability, that they may be behind this false flag:
- Kurds
- US
- and Israel
If you pay attention to the video you will see that the bomb didn’t burst out but inside the cafe. Look at the people who are going to pass & fall to the ground when the bomb explodes. They get out & leave If it had been out those people would be dead
After the attack, witnesses on the ground also spotted a gray S-92 helicopter arriving to evacuate casualties. This chopper is similar if not identical to one that has previously appeared in areas where US-led coaliation operate in Síria.
Suicide Bombing Kills U.S. Troops In Syria, Mysterious S-92 Helicopter Seen Evacuating Casualties
By @smmsyria
The building on is Qasr al Omara restaurant frequented by the Coalition soldiers, including French and American servicemen.
By @smmsyria
🇺🇸A few minutes after the explosion another #US vehicle arrived at the site
By @smmsyria
This is only to start with, guys. Local socials and voices carry that Thamer al Sabhan, the #Saudi State Minister for Gulf Affairs was around and could be the victim of the attack in #Manbij. However we have no trust in such #rumors.
Saudi Arabia’s Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al-Sabhan was killed in a bombing, in the town of #Manbij on January 16, the Arab media outlet Eldyar reported.
By @smmsyria
This is Shannon M. Kent, the #USNavy service member. She acted as a cryptographer in the #US mission in #Manbij. She died in the terror attack there on Wednesday. She was 35.
By @smmsyria
The 2nd victim of #Manbij is 37 yo CW3 Jonathan Farmer, 3rd BTN of 5th SSG. He was enlisted in 2005 & had 5 battle trips before🇸🇾He was awarded the Bronze star medal with 2oak leaves & the Purple heart medal. He left his wife & 4 children
By @smmsyria
The 3rd killed in #Manbij attack is 35 yo #USDoD civilian contractor Scott A. Wirtz of St.Louis. American media report him previously serving as a #USNavy #SEAL, then he became an agent for #US Defense #Intelligence Agency.
By @smmsyria
The fourth American citizen killed in #Manbij explosion was identified as 27-years-old female Arabic interpreter Ghadir Taher. She was a Syrian national who immigrated to the #US with her family in 2001.
By @smmsyria
Local media Hierapolis published a list of 11 #SDF members killed:
- Ahmad Ibrahim
- Khalaf Abdullah
- Khaled al Karak
- Shujaa al Mosleh
- Hamad al Amlah
- Mahmoud al Mhaysin
- Marwan al Braysh
- Muhammad al Nazal
- Ahmad Khalaf
- Hamza Shayar
- Wiso Fares
By @smmsyria
In accordance with @OIRSpox statement: 1Special Forces engineer WO3, 1cryptography technician,1Defense Intelligence agent,1Arab interpreter went on a routine patrol in Manbij to be killed in a suicide attack. Thanks Lord they don't refer to us as idiots out loud
By @eha_news
• December 19th- Trump: We are withdrawing from Syria
• December 21st- YPG: If US withdraws we will release ISIS prisoners
• January 14th- Some ISIS prisoners in Manbij were released by YPG
• January 16th- DAESH attacks Manbij, 4 US soldiers dead, 3 wounded
If the bomb had exploded out of the cafe, with the official news reports, the cars that are parked would be much more spoiled. See the video.
By @Ozkok_
Exclusive: Footage after the attack against US soldiers in #Manbij
By @Partisangirl
🇺🇸'service members'weren't on 'patrol' there were inside a cafe. They are being called 'service members' because only 3 were soldiers the other 2 were CIA agents Either they are in🇸🇾wasting time or were in a pre-planned secret meeting
By @HarbiehNadie
Regarding the blast in #Manbij
1. It wasn't a routine patrol as @OIRSpox claimed (LC 200 instead of Humvee)
2. #Erdogan mentioned about 5 dead, he knew better (3 injured US service members including 1 seriously wounded were transferred to Turkey Incirlik AB)
Think about it⁉️ 🤔🧐😔
1. Who knew there was a secret CIA/YPG meeting in the cafe, in #Manjib, where the bomb exploded?
- US/CIA ✔️
- YPG ✔️
Think about it⁉️ 🤔🧐😔
2. A mysterious gray Sikorsky S-92 helicopter linked to🇺🇸special operations forces in the region swooped in afterward to evacuate casualties.
This man was seen 'briskly' walking away from #Manbij Cafe, just before the blast.

He appears to be holding a wire on one hand & a remote on the other?
- CIA?
- Mossad?
Do you remember the reaction of the warlords and Pro-Israel Groups (Deep State and Shadow Goverment) when Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria?😉
By @KevorkAlmassian
the beneficiaries behind the suicide attack against the #USA soldiers in #Syria's #Manbij are the ones resisting @realDonaldTrump decision to withdraw from Syria and they could be found in the US itself.
#ISIS is just a tool, search for the master.
Since the Ghouta chemical weapons attack in August 2013, numerous false flag attacks have been staged in Syria by the militants and their regional and global patrons in order to cross then-President Obama’s purported “Red Line in Syria.”
Do you remember the attack on Syria on April 2017, by US? This attack was provoked by a False Flag carried out by the White Helmets. Is what Bolivian Ambassador to UN Sacha Llorenti said at the UN about the US attack on 🇸🇾A little history lesson💯👌🏼
The #manbij attack wasn’t a suicide bombing, that amount of explosives won't fit on just 1 person & no car was involved. The explosives were already inside the cafe, the bombing was pre-planned by ppl who knew a meeting between CIA & YPG would take place there.
By Finian Cunningham
As always, the key question arises: who stands to benefit from the killing of the American troops? The scale of the attack suggests it was carried out with a sharp political message intended for @POTUS
By Finian Cunningham
One potential beneficiary are the Kurdish militants.
A Machiavellian Kurdish calculation could be to “disprove” Trump about “ISIS being defeated”, and that US forces are needed to prevent any resurgence of the terror group in Manbij & northeast Syria.
By Finian Cunningham
Another sinister player is the CIA or some other element of US military intelligence. It is certainly not beyond the realm of plausibility that the CIA could facilitate such an atrocity against US personnel in order to discredit Trump’s withdrawal plan.
By Finian Cunningham
Certainly, the way the anti-Trump media in the US reacted with such alacrity and concerted talking points suggests there was something a bit too convenient about the massacre.
By Finian Cunningham
It would in fact be naive to not suspect that the CIA could have pulled off such a false flag in #Manbij.
The CIA/Mossad have been doing such dirty tricks with bombing & assassinations for decades in order to precipitate wars in foreign countries that the CIA calculates are in US’s geopolitical interests.
False Flag in #Manbij because the Greater Israel?
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
Isis, Mossad, CIA a family affair 😲😏🤨🙄😠😡🤬
Did you know this?🤔😔🧐
ISIS is a Israeli Mossad/CIA Operation 😲😏🤨🙄😠😡🤬
Think about it⁉️ 🤔🧐😔
In December 19, US President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw roughly 2,000 US troops from Syria over the next several months, insisting that Washington can pull out as Daesh* had been defeated in the Arab country.
#Manjib is controlled by US-backed Kurdish forces & US-led coliation. Manbij has been free of ISIS for 2 years why & how could ISIS be behind an attack in Manbij? If ISIS wanted to attack🇺🇸army wouldn't they attack in Al-Tanf where there's actually an ISIS pocket?
According to analysis of the data to which I had access, the recent terror attack (January 16) on #US military in #Manjib was plotted by #CIA (Deep state and Shadow Government) and aimed at making #Pentagon wanted to stay in #Syria.
By @RandPaul
January 16
I have never been prouder of President Donald Trump. In today’s meeting, he stood up for a strong America & steadfastly opposed foreign wars. Putting America First means declaring victory in Afghanistan & Syria. @POTUS is delivering on his promises.
By @RandPaul
January 17
Rand Paul, after WH meeting on Syria and Afghanistan, suggests Trump is committed to pullout | Fox News foxnews.com/politics/rand-…
By @RandPaul
January 17
Tune in tomorrow where I will explain a rational, American First foreign policy. I stand with @realDonaldTrump - do you?
By @RandPaul
January 17
Paul: Trump Pledged to End Wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Reinvest at Home breitbart.com/politics/2019/…
By @RandPaul
January 17
Joining @foxandfriends shortly! Tune in to hear why it’s time to support the president and get out of Syria/ Afghanistan!
By @RandPaul
January 17
We’ve won the war in Afghanistan! We need to learn how to declare victory and come home. We shouldn’t be there nation building. @realDonaldTrump gets this, but so many in Washington are lost and confused!
By @RandPaul
January 18
Most of the military and vets agree with Trump: It's time to bring the troops home washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/most-o…
By @RandPaul
January 19
Bringing our troops home is gaining bipartisanship support! I agree with @RepRoKhanna that our troops don’t belong there!
The recent terror attack (January 16 2019) on #US military in #Manjib, #Syria

#FalseFlag #CIA #TerrorAttack #Manjib #Syria
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