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It took me a couple of days to compile this.

Here’s a lists of REMOTE INTERNSHIP opportunities across different fields/industry.

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Use Internship Finders or internship search engines like You can also Google internships for great results. Try adding your location to refine your search: internships near me, or internships London will do the trick. is different among internships websites. It lists 800+ internships and 12,000+ unpaid internship programs and volunteer positions with firms that try to do good things in the world
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These European countries are the most open to hybrid or remote work based on % of remote workers.

The top 3:
- Netherlands 🇳🇱
- Luxembourg 🇱🇺
- Sweden 🇸🇪

Source @remote @EU_Eurostat @StatistaCharts

It's true that have been a lot of layoffs lately 🙁

But also there are 100s of companies hiring 😃

Yesterday @SergioRocks made a tweet with 40 companies hiring, check out 👇
Below are some open positions

- Backend Engineer at @remote
- Head of Design at @mailbird
- Frontend Engineer at @clickup
- PHP Developer at @labgroupdigital
- Senior DevOps Engineer at @sunbit_fintech
- Blockchain Security Engineer at @CertiK
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The new space is in co-creation.

Where employees and leaders meet is in a different place. Instead of having leaders hand down policies, or offer their solutions in a controlled, centralized way, more breakthroughs will happen if they open an in-meeting...
...or an #asynchronous discussion with their team on how to make internal processes optimal for everyone.

Somebody asked me the other day, “What would you do if you were running your first physical meeting of your team after years of #remoteworking?” And I said...
“Well, why don't we ask that?” Like, why don't we open up a mural board, a #crowdsourced whiteboard, and ask that question? And let's hear suggestions. Let's co-create how we're going to use physical space with this first meeting as the first pilot.
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1/7 How can the #EU and Member States boost energy savings through effective, socially balanced policy measures? Our latest Policy Paper “Demand-side solutions to address energy shortages” is out now…
2/7 Uncertainty about the supply of #Russiangas is challenging the EU to manage without Russian energy sources. The debate, however, lacks consideration of inclusive #demandside measures that can reduce energy consumption while supporting the EU’s long-term #GreenDeal objectives.
3/7 We have set out the potential of demand-side policies to contribute to meeting a possible energy supply deficit in the scenario of an import ban on Russian energy sources. We show that rapid #energysaving measures are possible and they can have lasting effects.
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Can be an alternative for ZOOM? Check how to make your online meetings and remote events more fun with our new blog post! :)…

#buildingpublic #zoom #video #fridayfeeling #RemoteWorking
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I first heard of @boundless_HQ 2 years ago. @Cian_nineDots had spoken to the team and was convinced they were onto something.

I didn't know much about the complexities of remote employment, I mainly worked with overseas talent in contracting roles or Irish people as employees.
I had a call with @DeeCoakley and Eamon to hear more about what they were doing.

I'd known about Eamon's track record from SaaS circles, and was already interested. But all I knew about Dee was from some friends who had worked a few layers below her in previous companies.
All it took was a 30 minute call with Dee leading the charge for me to understand a few things:

📖 I was speaking to someone who knew their topic inside and out.
🔥They were on to something huge, even bigger than they were describing.
❔I was going to need this product very soon
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#UnAnnoFa il #genoma di "un #coronavirus" ricavato da un caso relativo al "focolaio di malattie respiratorie di #Wuhan" veniva pubblicato su #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#UnAnnoFa... "Il focolaio di infezioni ha indotto timori di una potenziale epidemia dopo che la Cina ha dichiarato che il virus che lo ha causato è sconosciuto, ma proveniente dalla stessa famiglia di virus che ha causato le epidemie di #SARS e #MERS".🧐
#UnAnnoFa Diventa improvvisamente chiaro che il nuovo virus viaggia velocemente... in aereo. Nessun campanello di allarme in giro per il mondo? 🧐 #covid19…
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@PredictIt, I signed up for your platform yesterday!

How do I propose a new market #prediction wager?
- I say @JoeBiden wins #Election2020,
BUT @realDonaldTrump will squat the @WhiteHouse,
& Biden operates as President, externally.

@FiveThirtyEight @voxdotcom
Remember, its all about holding mega real estate and projecting strong images for @realDonaldTrump.
All the #proudboys #altright #cryptofacistis supporters will arm-up and occupy the @WhiteHouse lawns to protect @realDonaldTrump from building eviction. Those camped out will linger for ~ 1 year until they realized they are hungry and aren't being paid for their efforts.
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Item #3 for building back better

We are unlikely to return to the same state of the world as when we entered the #pandemic, nor is this desirable. #Remoteworking has the potential to become more prevalent after the crisis.
Investments might shift from face-to-face working (and lower the cost of #officerealestate and time for #commuting).
#Stimulus spending should focus investments on the enablers of this new approach to work, e.g., #5G rollouts, #broadband infrastructure, #satellites for global reach, server farms for adequate capacity, etc, all with effective #privacy protection.
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I seem to always read/mistake WFH as WTF or WTH. Turns out I'm not alone in this and many others read it that way too, before getting it right seconds later. For something that we're all thrust into without much choice (not me - I have been WFH since April 2018, ever since I 1/4
2/4 quit full-time employment), this is an excellent context. What was once seen as a bad idea, then as a good-to-have perk, and then as an unproductive perk (among others), is now seen as the only way to continue work in many organizations. But it is also being used without Image
3/4 adequate thought or planning, as if simply asking people to work remotely is enough.
Pilita lays out the landscape very well, with GitLab as an example of how to get it right, and why companies should not just jump into it headlong.
—Web version:
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There is a serious discussion happening internally in Indian IT industry to let employees work in tier 2 tier 3 towns ask them to take a lower salary & permanently work from home.

असे झाले तर,

- शहरीकरणाचा वेग मंदावेल
- पुण्या-मुंबईतील गर्दी कमी होईल
- छोट्या शहराचा विकास होईल
This is disruption by #COVID & would be huge setback for following sectors:

1) Real estate (Commercial & Residential)
2) Automobile
3) Cab aggregators
4) BFSI - Home Loans
5) many more.....
What enabled #remoteworking revolution

1) 4G Rollout by Jio, Vi & Airtel
2) Cheapest data rates in the world
3) Affordable computing devices
4) Improved power supply across states
5) Evolution of apps like Teams, Meet & Zoom
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We'll soon be getting started with ‘The New Order of Work’ webinar, powered by @Lenovo_in. Get insights from industry experts on how a SaaS business model can give companies the competitive edge & help them be resilient amid the COVID-19 crisis

Join now:… Image
Join us live on Linkedin:…
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Top 5 Remote Products this Week 🔝

1. Zoomies
2. OfficeSimplify (@officesimplify)
3. MoveWell
4. Uclusion (@UclusionHQ)
5. ProgressBoard

Join the discussion 👉…


#remotework #remoteworking
Zoomies is a chrome extension that connects with multiple calendars 📅


Zoomies connects with your work & personal calendars that allow you to join your meetings from one-place with one-click.

Free to use
OfficeSimplify (@officesimplify) is an HR software that tracks employee time off 💻


Centralize and keep your employee records up to date, with you in control of the process.

From £3/ user/ month. Drop a line at for 20% off
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A very brilliant 7 part compilation of the evolution of the office space by @HarvardBiz
Super insightful!!!

1.) What is an office for?
3.) A brief history of the modern office...
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Top 5 Remote Products this Week 🔝

1. Tomo (@JoinTomo)
2. Cadence (@cadenceworkapp)
3. Woven (@woven_app)
4. Ring4 Meeting (@Ring4app)
5. Teleport Meeting Space

Join the discussion 👉…


#remotework #remoteworking
Tomo (@JoinTomo) is a daily planner and task manager for professionals 📋


Tomo makes it easy to collaborate on tasks, documents, and events with your team without having to use separate logins on different websites.

Free trial available.
Cadence (@cadenceworkapp) is a Slack app to share progress updates and celebrate milestones 📈


For teams who want to stay up-to-date without adding boring status meetings to their calendars.

Mail for 3 months of free access.
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Ryan (@rwilcox) has been a remote developer for 15 years and works as a lead engineer now, leading like @StarTrek's Chief O'Brien 😎

His story is an example that almost everything can be accomplished #remote

Let's get to know Ryan:

- Professional developer for ~15 years 😃
- Mostly worked remotely, except for a couple stints
- Lead engineer for a mid-sized replatforming project
- His work shuffles between architectural positions as well as hands-on coding 🔀

After college, he decided to go into consulting, moved back home, and leaned heavily on remote work to get clients.

"Remote work is a great economic equalizer, giving a larger range of opportunities anywhere to people from anywhere 💯"
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Yesterday I sat in on an excellent (booked out) #economics webinar with expert input from Dr Carolina Alves, Prof Stephen Kinsella and Dr. Catriona Cahill examining the impact of #COVID19 on UK and IRE.


Here are my notes!
Short sharp shocks: It's important to separate the 'scenarios' from the 'forecasts'. The first is narrative-based! We are assuming a short, sharp shock. Short - (a quarter); sharp (as seen in unemployment figures); and a shock - this wasn't predicted.
One key differentiator in this crisis is that there is no one entity to blame. Not bad banks, or bondholders. We really are all in this together.
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#100daysofCPD is where @UoB_HEFi will be beaming a spotlight onto #teaching and supporting #learning in #HigherEducation #CPD opportunities especially for #Beacon #HEAfellowship applicants & @uob_pgche participants during #COVID19 times & beyond Image
#100daysofCPD: #Day1 is the @UoB_HEFi #Learning and #Teaching Gateway. Full of self-paced online courses on a range of #technology and teaching topics. #BestPractice #CPD Go to… Image
#100daysofCPD #Day2: @matt_tel_brum shares this Resource - How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event containing all you need to know about Zoom’s #settings when using for #teaching, #meetings or #socializing during #COVID19 & beyond…
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips and employee experience practices.

Image credit: @tameday


#COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #HRwithEM
Thank you for joining us this evening.

Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly.

@tameday @Talmetrix

#COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #HRwithEM
Feel free to tweet your question(s) at me with the hashtag #HRwithEM as the session is going on, and I would respond to all at the end of the session.

@tameday @Talmetrix

#COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
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This week has seen us working 100% remotely and assisting our clients with business continuity. Here are some tips for #RemoteWorking during these unprecedented times...

#EasyRemoteWorking #covid19 #covid19uk #coronavirus #workingfromhome #stayathome #quarantine #staypositive
1. Take regular breaks
Screen sharing & conference calls can be much more tiring than being face to face. There's more load on your brain filling in the blanks created by not seeing the people you're interacting with. Tip: try the #PomodoroTechnique
2. Use Video in your conference calls
Non-verbal cues are used in face to face communication. We gesture to indicate a desire to speak, we nod, we shake our head or look confused. People adapt communication from these, so we're better placed to leave with a shared understanding.
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So, your company just told you it’s time to #workfromhome for a while due to #coronavirus. First, #remoteworking isn’t that scary. In fact, you might actually find you’re more productive than sitting in an office.

Of course, there are a few things you should know:
First, pick a place to land. Especially if you’re going to be #remoteworking for more than a day or two. It doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time there, but having a desk and a chair to land in when you need to hunker down and get work done can make all the difference.
One of the reasons why is that it gives you a mental cue that “here’s your spot, this is where you do work.” Don’t underestimate what a big deal that can be, especially if you’re used to having an office or a desk.
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We're LIVE with Dessalen Wood in our FREE #virtualevent about how to thrive when forced to become #suddenlyremote. Join us! #bringpeopletogether Image
Time is money. What is the ROI on all the meetings that you are attending? Imagine you had to BUDGET for all your meeting time? Be conscious about the WHY of each meeting. #suddenlyremote
What are people REALLY doing during your virtual meeting? Multi-tasking. You are competing against this ⬇️ Image
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Some folks may be #RemoteWorking for the first time for an extended period, let me give you some hints and tips. I've been working from home for the majority of my career and have learnt a few things, please feel free to RT/share your experiences - a rambling thread (1/n)
1. Clock on/clock off. It's very easy for the working day to consume every waking hour. Just because you are working from home doesn't mean work should become your life. Stick to your normal working hours.
2. Have a lunch break. It's easy to just eat and work, but you aren't getting a lunch break then. It will feel strange, but leave your workstation and watch TV, or go for a walk - use the lunch break to get away from work. And take it fully!
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State of Remote Work 2020 📊

We reached out to 331 remote workers from @InVisionApp, @ScrapingHub, @flexjobs, @doist & @gitlab, as well as independent professionals, who shared their thoughts around a multitude of topics.

Here's what they have to say 🗣

Thread 👇
82% said no plans to return to an in-office setting 👩‍💻

Irrespective of the reason to explore remote work, this reflects the convenience it offers to individuals and how offering remote working opportunities might immediately make a company much more favourable to applicants.
Everyone would recommend remote work to others! 👬

However, 35% said they would do so depending on the person they were recommending it to. This underlines the importance that remote working might not be for everyone or for every situation.
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