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Santa @bigredwavenow & Don @realDonaldTrump did 45 retweets, many #TweetTwins w/🎅🏻 often retweeting first & Don copying w/same tweet.

This mirrors #Q3779: At 30 sec delta, Q posted before Don tweeted.

🎅🏻 did even better (x40+ tweets)
.@ProofQRST #Q #Qanon
Batch 1 of Proofs:

Don @realDonaldTrump retweets at 12:01 am ET & then Santa follows (screencaptured at 12:02 am ET).
Then Santa retweets & Don copies with same exact tweets.

Note: screenshots are play-by-play
Batch 2 of Proofs:

Santa @bigredwavenow retweets and then Don @realDonaldTrump copies him, same exact tweets. Note: screenshots are play-by-play
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!!New Q-Drop 3778

The Big 5 Leaders of the Democratic Party

[D] party leaders [‘Big 5’]:
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – Speaker of the House
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) – Chair Intel
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) – Chair Judiciary


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) – Senate Minority Leader
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) – Ranking Mem Judiciary
Control over [CA] & [NY] vital to maintain [D] structural integrity?…📁…📁


Leverage (control) dictates how far you rise within the [D] party.

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CEO of Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand resigns…
@wmbfnews Is there any information available on the nature of the health concern causing her sudden resignation? #QAnon
Remember this gem from a few years ago? :…
@wmbfnews Here is @RepTomRice honoring Ms. Buonto on the House Floor in recognition of winning the 2017 Maytag Dependable Leadership Award:…
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New #Qanon post 3778: Q points out #Nadler #Schiff #Schumer #Pelosi #Feinstein create the necessary congressional alliance to control a majority of US politics. #VoterFraud is rampant is in these areas because it’s absolutely necessary for this cabal to stay in power.
Massive voter roll clean up…
Granting illegals licenses is a slippery slope to #VoterFraud…
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I can feel this time coming to an end. Revelations soon. I am no longer needed in the role of citizen investigator. Will be watching and supporting our great Patriots.
Well this probably needs a little more explanation. Okay.
Here is a story that perfectly encapsulates the situation. From today.
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READ CAREFULLY: #Coded article signals Freemasons to destroy @potus. “Bricklaying roadworker (a #mason) WHO’S NAME IS MASON, kills Trump loving boss with a mason’s trowel. ⁦@CodesUcq⁩ ⁦@VeritasVital⁩ ⁦@RedPill78⁩ ⁦⁦…
I’m hoping this is a call to all Freemason brothers in the Senate to activate during the impeachment and not in a literal sense. But you never know. Pray for @potus. #Qanon
The “Trump-loving” boss’ name is William in night. He was killed by #MASON Toney...with a mason’s trowel. Both 28yrs of age. @CodesUcq @hmcd123
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for January 21, 2020

Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My Theme: Read the Transcripts
2) This post was on the 19th (if you live in North America).
3) An anon posted this message that was originally posted 2 years earlier.

With the Senate impeachment trial approaching, it's a timely message.
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#QAlert 1/21/20 This will be my thread on all #QAnon posts for Tuesday January 21, 2020. They are not attempting to remove POTUS from office and more!

Let’s Go!
@realDonaldTrump #QArmy #QAnon
#QAlert 1/21/20 Q3778

[D] party leaders [‘Big 5’]:
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – Speaker of the House
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) – Chair Intel
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) – Chair Judiciary
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) – Senate Minority Leader
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

@realDonaldTrump #QArmy
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New Q. 1 minute delta between Q post and @realDonaldTrump tweet. Q posted first.
Q making point that q posted just seconds before @realDonaldTrump posts “read the transcripts” #qanon
Q has told us from the beginning the Dems attempted impeachment of @POTUS will not be successful since they need 2/3 of the Senate and Repubs safely control senate. Even with Rinos like Romney no way they ever get 2/3 vote in senate.

Impeachment trial is about delaying
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[D] party leaders [‘Big 5’]:
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – Speaker of the House
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) – Chair Intel
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) – Chair Judiciary
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) – Senate Minority Leader
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) – Ranking Mem Judiciary

Control over [CA] & [NY] vital to maintain [D] structural integrity?……
Leverage (control) dictates how far you rise within the [D] party.

They are not attempting to remove POTUS from office.
[2/3rd Senate will not vote to convict [no law(s) broken]]
They are attempting to protect themselves from prosecution and prevent the public from discovering the truth.

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The events that are about to unfold with the Senate trial & impeachment will be a catalyzing event for this nation & humanity.

For those with eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that just won't stop loving;

You have the ability to project your consciousness to the DC area...
...over the coming weeks in prayer & meditation. As you find the "time" to do so, broadcast your inner light with the utmost purity & resolve that your soul can muster.

It's not about one political party or a set of agendas to check off, it's about our nation & humanity.
Whatever secrets that darkness has shrouded from the light of our collective awareness will be brought into full focus.

If we are to be a nation of the people, for the people & by the people; then our collective will must co-creatively manifest our greatest good & destiny.
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Thread: The Untold Truth About Catholicism and Child Sacrifice.
1. Through further research, I have learned that my previous dig represented the 34th child mass grave site linked to the Catholic Church.
Pope Francis was being prosecuted by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels for allegedly trafficking 300,000 children of political prisoners through Vatican Catholic Charities during Argentine’s Dirty War.
According to witness testimony in Dec of 2017, some of those orphans ended up in a child mass grave site in Spain. Last year’s ICLCJ prosecution concerned 50,000 missing native Canadian children.
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[Two Year] Delta ~ Thread!!
12 Q Drops from two years ago today ~ 01.21.2018!!
#FutureProvesPast #ReReadDrops #QAnon #NewsUnlocksTheMap #YouHaveMoreThanYouKnow
Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?
1 of 22.
#Memo shifts narrative.
#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.
#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.
#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].
#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).
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Good Morning Family!!
He is with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!
Isaiah 43:2...When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

#YouAreNotAlone #TrustGod
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
In case you wondered - I save these daily for historical purposes and to note any changes.
#TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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Q drop “The Best is yet to come” on 2/22/2019
@POTUS “The Best is yet to come” 1/18/2020
Python gives you Mirror-Dates (Trump's tweet Date)
NOTICE: Timestamp "7:[52] pm POTUS Tweet
The MIRROR for :52 on the Q-Clock is [:22]
#QAnon #DigitalSoldiers
One of the Mirror-Dates for 1/18/2020 is 2/22/2018
Trump deleted his Tweet TWICE with a 10 Minute Interval
That is 10/10
Refers to MIRROR
Mentioned Date (2/22) IS in the MIRROR-SECTION of
:52 TIMESTAMP -> :22 (see att. Picture)
1/18 (POTUS) aligns w 2/22 (Q) via the Q Clock!
Tweet deleted TWICE
2 x 10/10 Delta
10/2 = 5:5
Are we having fun yet?
I suppose these are ALL Coincidences...

@RedPill78 @StormIsUponUs @martingeddes @beer_parade @IPOT1776 @Inevitable_ET
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#QAlert 1/20/20 This will be my thread on all #QAnon posts for January 20, 2020. Eisenhower warmed us of the Military Industrial Complex.

Let’s Go!
@realDonaldTrump #QArmy #QAnon
Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.
@realDonaldTrump #QArmy #QAnon
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+++NEW #QAnon DROP+++

"This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience."…

(2) "The total influence - economic, political, even spiritual - is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted."
(3) "Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."
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Lurking in recent tweets containing the word "antifa" we found a five month old bot with the underscore-laden name @___WWG1WGA___.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@___WWG1WGA___ @ZellaQuixote Although @___WWG1WGA___ is presently almost entirely automated, it began its life as a low volume and likely organic #QAnon account. Its first (spammy) stab at automation involved Facebook crossposting, but it quickly switched to a custom app called "DL-ROP".
@___WWG1WGA___ @ZellaQuixote Unlike most #QAnon accounts, @___WWG1WGA___ doesn't use Q hashtags very often. Most of its tweets are links to news sites with occasional YouTube videos thrown in, and the hashtags reflect the news site or YouTube channel linked.
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Frens, if (You) are following accounts that pretend to be insiders, you are following (((them))).
@BarackObama @brhodes #WhoWeAre
High Res Link:…
#Fun #QAnon
All images archived on:
@BarackObama @brhodes Tweets unpack by using the markers and the times. Wind the clock to find the paired times. Within those Q posts are more goes on and on and on.

@BarackObama @brhodes I quit drawing connections in the graphic so i didnt lose the importance of the overlying message.
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump Princess Diana's children may very well be involved in the take-down of the fake media and the #DirtyGenerals that probably had her on a kill list. She was VERY involved in human rights causes and would have screamed the loudest about them killing innocents in staged wars.
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump Was Princess Diana responsible for the thwarted effort to assassinate Saddam Hussein in 1995??…
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@cspanwj #QAnon
Pelosi: ‘Politics Is Not Even a Consideration in This’

“No,” Pelosi answered unequivocally. “This isn’t about politics at all. This is about patriotism. It’s not about partisanship. It’s about honoring our oath of office”
@cspanwj @cspanwj #QAnon

Wrong, Nanners, impeachment is all about politics. Your House action was totally political as there is no crime, there is no direct evidence and, there was no due process, The Senate action will be political, as well. Just ask Rand Paul.
@cspanwj @cspanwj #QAnon

“This is a political process,” he affirmed. “The very things that make the Senate the right forum to settle impeachments would disqualify all of us from any ordinary trial.”

All 53 GOP will vote to acquit. All 45 DEM and 2 Ind will vote guilty
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@cspanwj #QAnon
The woke Left vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK was a Republican. It is easy to see that, 52 years later, he would likely still be a Republican and supporting Donald Trump.
@cspanwj @cspanwj #QAnon

The cultural Left’s intersectionality crusade has separated the country into different corners: White people are not permitted to address racial issues, and men are forbidden from speaking about women’s matters (i.e. abortion).
@cspanwj @cspanwj #QAnon
[MLK] called out the “white moderate” who looked the other way on racial prejudice and the “black nationalist” who had “lost faith in America” and “repudiated Christianity.” He spared no criticism and rejected tribalism in all of its forms.
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