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Alright. I promised something shocking, and i'll deliver:


I'm not sure how to call this one since it's part of the Options/Stockmarket bubble, but what isn't at this point.

So for this one, ima go with:

"The Counter-Party Risk Bubble"

I think it's big.
Rather then just tell you (since that usually doesn't work) lemme just talk you through my line of thinking:

It started when i replied to this post:

My comment was that a bloomberg terminal is expensive, but spending rent money on options is no problemo.
But that made me think...

Hang on. I've seen news posts before about how options volume has exploded, even exceeded normal share trading. People are ACTUALLY doing it, i'm not just being facetious here.

Now i don't use options myself, but i *have* looked into them.
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Yknow i gotta comment on this.

@MacleodFinance Help me out here. I'm reading more and more that "hyperinflation is defined as 50% a month" - but that's *new*.

Years ago when i looked it up i found "economists don't agree on where it starts, but the general line is 10% a month".
I can't remember *EVER* reading about ANY consensus for the decade i've been studying economy and looking up US financial history and general world economic history.

And i'm sorry, but 50% a month is 600% A YEAR!

I'm pretty sure the common man isn't gonna wait that long.
IMO this is just another warping of the economic language by the establishment.

Hyperinflation *cannot* be defined as having a set boundary, because it's largely *psychological* in nature.

LONG BEFORE you lose 50% of your purchasing power a month are you gonna exit the system!
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So there's some confusion between short volume and short interest. I pretty much made the same mistake the first time around, because believe it or not.... there's just a fuckton of data to track at this point.

So, short volume is NOT short interest, but, it does tell us things.
Very simply put, "what isn't there cannot be traded".

This goes for us, as we're literally buying silver to take it off the market. Whatever's part of "market volume" doesn't include *my* PSLV shares, because i'm not actively trading them.

So you're looking at buys and sells.
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@HustlerHindu reminded me i once said;
"The only thing i fear is US real rates going positive"

We're here.

#WallstreetSilver #Silversqueeze $PSLV #PSLVChallenge #fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader Image
The reason i said that is simple.

"Once real rates go positive, they won't be able to be stopped."

"When real rates go positive the negative rates/gold correlation will break, as it's not causation"

"Rather going up with yields going down, gold will go up with yields going up"
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#Silver #Comex #shadowcontracts #Update!

Nailed it.

Benefit of experience boys. If you were wondering why shadowcontracts continued in Silver; This is why.

They knew.
#silversqueeze #WSS #Wallstreetsilver #PSLV $PSLV #PSLVChallenge #Fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader Image
With 28k on the docket, probably reducing to -19,5k/-20k on the final report, they're about 10k away from their previous high, with today and tomorrow to go to roll over.


Today, the 24th, is of the biggest import.
As i said, the biggest rollover day happens 2-3 days before the end. We just had it.

Under normal circumstances, i would imagine anywhere between 3 to 8k rollover today and then 2-3k tomorrow, putting final delivery around 15k - Quite substantial but probably not enough.
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#Silver #Gold #Platinum #Comex #Shadowcontracts UPDATE!

#Silversqueeze/#PSLVChallenge edition!

With interesting data on $PSLV and $SLV shorts. Data first, analysis below! 👇

#WSS #Wallstreetsilver #PSLV #goldsqueeze #platinumsqueeze #Fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader ImageImageImageImage
First the one everyone wants to know: #Silver.

77 shadowcontracts, meaning +385,000 ounces found and put up for delivery *this month*, before the delivery wall hits in just a few days. Calendar says "last day of delivery 26th of February" - these ounces will be delivered by then
Preliminary rollover of -10,8k which'll go up to ~-11,5k in the final report. I've seen these numbers before and it was expected, the question is, is that gonna happen more?

To hit the previous record of ~16k, they need to shed another ~32k contracts in 4 days.
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for the amateurs/new followers interested in #silver space

just a quick manual on how to play catch-up, as my analysis is focused on LT-followers.

we are playing this #silver bull cycle with both physical, and silver miners.

15% is in physical…

best ways
1. coins & bars (sold out or very high premiums)
2. for dollar investors $PSLV (avoid $SLV)
3. for euro investors i prefer Kinesis as you avoid dollar risk Euro…

most important for big gains, is a well diversified portfolio in #silver miners.

i avoid ETF's as $SILJ as the performance is inferior to a basket.

i prefer juniors as they will outperform majors in a unleveraged way by at least 2x

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1) Tacitus gives a fascinating insight into economies, trade and attitudes towards wealth at the northern frontiers of the Roman empire:

"Germanic peoples take pride not in how much coin they have but in how many animals they own - this is the only measure of wealth they value..
2) "The gods have denied the Germans gold and silver - maybe to punish them or perhaps to do them a favour, I cannot say. We can't be totally certain there are no gold or silver-bearing veins in Germany because after all, who has ever looked?"
3) "Either way, the Germans have a total lack of interest in owning or using gold and silver. The people are indifferent to precious gifts and you can see the silver vessels presented to their leaders thrown aside with disregard as if they were pottery.."
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As it's yet again been one of those light news weeks for #Bitcoin, let's get down to brass tacks. Bitcoin is now the 6th... largest... currency in the world. ✊ It's 7th if you include gold. This is quarterly update #11.
2/ For 12 years the world's been trying to understand #Bitcoin, forget Bitcoin, legitimize Bitcoin, criticize Bitcoin, love Bitcoin, hate Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a protocol, it does what it does. But if you want to speak of its value as money, you gotta understand the monetary base.
3/ What follows isn't a lesson in stimulus or bailouts, whatever the world faces. It's an attempt at painting the monetary landscape around the globe. This is an exercise in perspective. The dollars, euros, and yen we're all familiar with, collectively, are worth $27 trillion.
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GoGold, a compelling acquisition target for First Majestic

As per KN’s recent interview (w/ MSE), FM currently considering M&A. Looking for “bigger things”, scouring world for “chunky assets” & maintaining silver focus. “Finding good silver mine v. difficult”.

Let’s explore.

FM’s goal: To become world’s largest primary #silver producer. Silver reserves ⬇️ & silver % of rev ⬇️. GGD offers immediate pdn at Parral (>2Moz AgEq/yr) and its crown jewel, Los Ricos, a HQ dev’t project in Mexico, wd substantially bolster FM’s pipeline.


Declining Silver Reserves at Core Assets
-Santa Elena (SE), La Encantada (LE) and San Dimas (SD) aggregate reserves fell 5.7Moz AgEq (6.1Moz Ag) in 2019 and 9.3Moz AgEq (10Moz Ag) since YE2016 (ex-San Dimas [acq. 2018]).
-Since 2013, 2P relatively unch.

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Today’s gold and silver action looked like a classic case of smack the metals and buy the stocks.

A nice divergence that showed stock purchasing strength in the face of a metal price decline.

In the past we see a rally follow such action. #gold #silver
Also, to comment on the action with the silver etfs and coin dealers. There has undoubtedly been a large draw down in inventories.

The etfs have expanded and coin dealer inventories drained. Both of these entities have purchased silver in the option market to offset sales
Historically when the major metals etfs experience a large capital influx, issue new shares and purchase metal, their is a lag effect in the spot market
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IMPORTANT‼️ Read article in thread from Sprott

“ One day soon, a customer will arrive at one of these locations and demand immediate delivery of the "physical metal" they have been led to believe they hold in their unallocated account....


#Silver #Physical #silversqueeze
2/2 #Silver #PhysicalSilver #SilverSqueeze

“When that customer is then told that their metal is not on hand and that they must wait 90-120 days for delivery, an old-fashioned bank run will follow.”…
“Thus, it is again time for every investor in precious metals to understand that there is only one way to force a change in the pricing system. Only direct acquisition of physical gold and silver can accomplish the changes we desire. And why is this? “ .....
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Understanding $GME & the movement that’s going on #wallstreetbets vs #WallStreet Billionaires. People were buying $GME for a few reasons
1. To make money
2. Stick it to a bunch of Billionaires & insiders
3. B/c everyone is tired of holding the bag
What does 3 mean?!?
The #wallstreetsbets are avg Americans who have lost a lot from Govt lockdowns in 2020 to collapsing home prices in 2008. Americans are pissed who constantly see headlines of trillions being printed & only get $600 stimulus check and realize where the other Billions are going?
Now why was the #silver short squeeze a bigger deal then $GME b/c there are enough intelligent people out there who understand that we are in a fiat debt based system & owning all the precious metals & sending the price higher exposes the #greatfiatponzischeme ultimately..
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1# THIS IS BS!!! Please LISTEN REAL clear. Who cares if #Citidel $BAC #bankofamerica $MS #morganstanley $UBS #UBS $WFC #wellsfargo R the largest owners of $SLV. It DOES NOT matter AT ALL! The VERY little they own in #Silver can NOT save them! All banks do business with each other Image
#2 Buying #Silver is a for sure way to take down ALL of the corrupt banks!! $JPM & $GS & many others R #short #Silver. The #FederalReserve is short #Silver. If we all buy Silver the corrupt banks will #FAIL! Buy ALL THE $SLV $PSLV & #Physical U can. Please be CLEAR #silversqueeze
#3 it DOES NOT matter that some of the banks, market makers or brokers own $SLV!! They don’t own enough to save them from their own demise. So what if they are long $SLV , they are short in the futures markets , options & the biggest is loaning out Silver IOU paper contracts that
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#SilverSqueeze: Silver making fresh highs above $29. $XAGUSD now trading at $29.13 as it moves toward the August $SLV high of $29.86.

Above $29.86 and #Silver is making fresh 8 year highs.
Silver just hit $29.17
#Silver still pumping on the #SilverSqueeze. It just broke the August 8 high of $29.40.

Next stop would be $29.83 if it holds above this price.
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I think we might witness a massive #SilverSqueeze soon 🧐🧐🧐

The 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘀𝗶𝘀 supporting it so far 👇🏻
(a thread):

$XAG #AG #XAGUSD #silver #silvershortsqueeze #macrosandchaos Silver squeeze macrosandchaos
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2⃣ İndikatör olarak mobil uygulamada 50-100-200 periyotluk basit hareketli ortalama kullanıyorum. Formasyon olarak dikkat ettiklerim 3'lü dip veya tepe. Ciddi bir direnç veya destek kırılacaksa genelde 3.seferde kırılır. 3 defada kırılmadıysa en olası durum piyasanın dönmesidir.
3⃣ 2'li dip/tepe pek dikkate almıyorum. RSI hiç sevmiyorum çok anlamsız buluyorum. Sadece orta-uzun vadeciler için fiyatla pozitif/negatif uyumsuzluk anlamında iş yapıyor. Bunun için en az 60 dk hatta daha üzeri periyotlara bakmak lazım. Benim gibi 5 dk-15 dk.cılara uygun değil.
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Silver has been manipulated by multiple banks, specifically JP Morgan, custodian of the manipulated $SLV silver derivative market, but they are not the only one responsible for manipulating the silver price

^^ this thread goes in depth on JP Morgan

This market manipulation goes back to the years just after America left the gold standard in 1971. The following is from #Wikileaks, originating from the Dept of Treasury.

Gold and silver are both heavily manipulated, but it’s silver that comes in first place in the manipulation Olympics.

Check the ratios.

The first chart is the gold to monetary supply ratio

The fourth chart is the Gold to silver ratio (GSR)

Silver at cyclical lows

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#Global #ETF Weekly & Month-end (thread): 29 Jan 2021

- 2020 worst perf #sector making comeback in 2021 $IXC

- This is helping #oil producing countries with #Nigeria & #UAE in top5 #Country ETF YTD performers in USD $NGE $UAE

- #SouthAfrica $EZA moved into top15 YTD performers

#EmergingMarkets #ETF still storming ahead against #DevelopedMarkets ETF, still not relatively "overbought" yet, but getting close.

#SouthAfrica might need a lot of catch up, but $EZA YTD performance in USD (+0.2%) continued 2nd half on 2020 recovery against $URTH (-0.8%)

#Global #Value #stocks still making short-term recovery, with $IWVL #ETF still looking strong relatively over the short-term. Over 3yr period it is however still lagging quite substantially.
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#Gold Hold & Stay Strong.

A thread.

The two main drivers of #gold are real yields and M2 money supply.

I want to show you some major bigger cycles, blended in with Elliot Waves and Money Supply.

Look at the 8 year #gold cycle showing a very clear picture.

Our framework suggests 1 or 2major upwaves in #gold cycle, before a retrace

This top would coincidence with an important stock market top, which also asks for a final blow-off

An event driven by M2 money printing

The next gold peak suggests to be important.

Important equals parabolic.

Enforced by EW. (Gold will make a 5 while Silver will make a violent 3 since it bottomed only March 2020)

It's takes a long time and can continue.

Fact is #silver is trading higher as Sept 24

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1/ "Inflation is dead!"

"We can print as much money as we want!"

"Don’t worry about it, there will never be any inflation!"

Time to take a closer look. 👇 Image
2/ First, a few definitions:

Inflation measures how much more expensive a basket of goods and services has become over a certain period, usually a year.

Looking at the US and Europe the numbers don’t look too bad.

But wait there is more ;) ImageImage
3/ As Winston Churchill once said:

The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself.”

Over the past decades the government changed the way how to measure inflation several times to give you the expression there is nothing to worry about.
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#BudgetInsider | ‘If I had #Apple and #Tencent, I would have sold them by now,’ says #JimRogers…

By @jainrounak
@jainrounak In case you missed this conversation, here's @iyer_Sriram chatting with commodities guru, author and international investor Jim Rogers on @BiIndia.


In a freewheeling chat with Business Insider India, commodities guru #JimRogers explained how stocks, bonds and properties across the world are in a ‘bubble’.

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@RaoulGMI Good Morning! You asked what is happening to #Gold and #Silver. This is my take - a summary of the governing Thesis on for a long time! Hope you can use the input! 🙋‍♂️🙂
Since ~2000 we have been in Kondratiev's Winter. A period where GLOBAL DEBT causes low and falling growth rates. Central banks try to counter this by printing money (Monetary Stimulus). However, Deflationary forces from debt causes deflations to unfold - despite extreme measures
To the frustration of Central Banks, they cannot create inflation despite extreme money printing. They stimulate by infusing money into the system but cannot make the money circulate. Velocity drops dramatically. What they miss...You cannot solve a solvency problem with Liquidity
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I am expecting the stock markets to rise on asset reflation into Q2 of 2021, as my cycles say so.

in the mainstream news backed by new presidential office euphoria

Expecting a big dip/retrace in the second half of 2021, which will be responded by more asset reflation.
This monetary response will drive all asset categories into their long term cycle tops by end of 2022 or early 2023

i am expecting a tech bubble style runaway move for whole of 2022 in #gold #silver #stockmarket into an everything asset bubble
i am expecting 2023 to mark the end of the stock market rise and i expect a decade long bear market.

after that 8y cycle correction, 2024-2028: the gains in #gold #silver will start on an even bigger level.

this is my longterm framework
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