By @kthalps
I'm unlocking this patreon ep w @MaxBlumenthal bc, scarily enough, the same media & libs who call Trump a megalomaniac w/ dementia, want him to oversee regime change in #Venezuela. Speaking of which happy 16 year anniversary of the invasion of🇮🇶…
By @HOVcampaign
Granada, Spain, March 21, against imperialist intervention in Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela #ManosFueraDeVenezuela #6AñosPorLaPazYLaVida
By @DrJillStein
It's frightening to see the MainstreamMedia push FAKENEWS & WarPropaganda about🇻🇪just like they did about🇮🇶16years ago. I spoke with🇦🇺's SkyNews about why we need to challenge the false narrative on🇻🇪now-& stop another criminal war for oil.
Today I discovered🤔😔 something very interesting🧐 that I have to share with you😲
Isabel II is the queen of 4 independent countries: 🇬🇧, 🇨🇦, 🇦🇺 & 🇳🇿. Isabel II is also Queen of 🇯🇲, 🇧🇧, 🇧🇸, 🇬🇩, 🇵🇬, 🇸🇧, 🇹🇻, 🇱🇨, 🇻🇨, 🇧🇿, 🇦🇬 & 🇰🇳.
Have you realized what that means?😏🤨
Following the data of the UN there are 193 countries in the World
Nº Countries that support Guaido = 52 , but👇🏼

✅ Australia, Bahamas & Canada = UK foreign policy👉🏼Queen Isabel II🇬🇧
✅Micronesia & Marshall Islands = US foreign policy
Because of this = 47 countries support Guaido
International Support: @NicolasMaduro versus @jguaido
🔵Number of countries recognising Guaido: 47
🔴Number of countries continuing to recognise Maduro: 146
Only 24% of the 🌐's governments have recognised @jguaido
76% continuing to recognise the elected President @NicolasMaduro
By @ProjectCensored
Don’t miss @AbbyMartin’s talk at Sonoma’s Social Justice Week about the corporate media manufacturing consent for Trump’s coup #HandsOffVenezuela…
By @venanalysis
New flashpoint? Chief of staff of self-proclaimed @jguaido was arrested yesterday. Authorities have claimed he led a "terrorist cell" and that there were weapons in his home, while US officials have vowed "consequences"
By @venanalysis
Right, let's have the US treasury department tell us about the "original purposes" of banks...
By @venanalysis
@jguaido wants to organize every inch of Venezuela, whatever that means, before marching to Miraflores Palace. It's called "Operation Freedom". But is he losing steam? Street mobilizations not as big as they might look
By @RedRadioVe
#VIDEO 🎥 Are they going well? This was the concentration of #Guaidó in El Tigre
For the future of the United States, the most of the countries of the World & especially by the human beings @realDonaldTrump @VP @SecPompeo @AmbJohnBolton @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio @jaredkushner #ElliottAbrams MUST GO
By @RussiaConnects
@SecPompeo has twice mentioned #Cuba & #Nicaragua in the same vile breath as #Venezuela recently. The monster hasn't mentioned #Bolivia yet. But watch his face during this address by Evo Morales (@evoespueblo)

#AmericanMonsters #USEvil
🗣️‼️ATTENTION‼️@NicolasMaduro @jaarreaza @dcabellor @vladimirpadrino @madeleintlSUR @cardenas1966 @pvillegas_tlSUR @Marco_Teruggi @evoespueblo @DiazCanelB @KremlinRussia_E‼️Extremely important information‼️See this Thread urgently‼️Know your enemy‼️😟👇🏼
By @Miami_Rebelde
For everyone claiming that the problems #Venezuela faces are all Maduro's fault. Here's an article from an #NGO saying that the sanctions are crippling the country. #HandsOffVenezuelaBolsonaro #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump #USAOUTOFLATINAMERICA #VenezuelaDoesNotBow🇻🇪
By @Miami_Rebelde
"Suffocating the People! #Venezuela has suffered 35 Arbitrary sanctions in 5 Years…
In this Thread they have access to the article "Venezuela has suffered 35 Arbitrary sanctions in 5 Years" and also to the English translation made by @Miami_Rebelde 🧐👇🏼
By @Miami_Rebelde
A personal message from the #Venezuelan people to #DonaldTrump. And look! It's in both languages! #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela
By @venanalysis
So after the OAS couldn't push Vzla regime-change, US puppets regrouped in the Lima Group. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. New bloc is called "Prosur", even though it's clearly "pro-North"
By @venanalysis
Chávez's socialism was so rampant that it broke the space-time continuum and ruined Venezuela in the 1980s (he was only elected in 1998)
By @I30mki
#Russia send flotilla to Patrol #Venezuelan waters 🇷🇺
"Admiral Gorshkov" passes the #Suez Canal

PS. And further. In the near future, one of the warships of the Black Sea Fleet will go on a long voyage to the shores of #Venezuela.
By @Alfreddezayas
The continued repetition that "all options are on the table" -- is precisely the kind of threat of the use of force that is prohibited in article 2(4) of the UN Charter -- and in articles 3, 19, 20 of the OAS charter #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
The IACHR and SRESCER statements are a disgrace, a classical example of the weaponization of human rights to promote a right-wing coup d'état #HandsOffVenezuela #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump
By @Alfreddezayas
The level of hypocrisy of the IACHR and SRESCER shocks the conscience. But conscience and common sense are rare commodities these days #HandsOffVenezuela #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump
By @Alfreddezayas
"Naming and shaming" in the context of Venezuela must include naming those responsible for the economic crisis -- primarily the United States, its economic war and illegal sanctions #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
We are all concerned over the lack of electricity and drinking water in Venezuela, but the fingers should be pointed at the United States and all countries imposing an economic and financial blockade on Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela | The resolution, which was presented by the South American country to expose the negative effects of unilateral coercive measures against nations.
By @telesurenglish
"#Venezuela rejects the illegal and coercive measures imposed by the U.S. on the Venezuelan Economic and Social Development Bank (BANDES)."
🗣️Vanessa Rivera is lying shamelessly
Vanessa Rivera =🤥, she says that her mother left #Venezuela in the 80s, because under Hugo Chávez socialism was ruining the country ..
In the 80s ⁉️ 🤔🤨
Chávez was president in 1999 ..👈🏼😏👇🏼
By @ConElMazoDando
In pictures! Thus, the people demonstrate for peace and against terrorism #VenezuelaContraElTerrorismo
By @ConElMazoDando
Movements and progressive parties of Norway mobilized in solidarity with Venezuela
By @ConElMazoDando
@NicolasMaduro: I ask the people of Venezuela: Are we willing, 200 years later, to be a colony of the gringo supremacists?
#23Mar #VenezuelaContraElTerrorismo
By @lubrio
John Bolton dice que las sanciones a Venezuela son como cuando “Darth Vader ahorca a alguien”: reconoce su comportamiento imperialista…
By @jaarreaza
Star Wars? Darth Vader? The lack of seriousness and respect for diplomatic methods on the part of US spokespersons is unusual. Does this caricature of politics represent the values of the American people? #HandsOffVenezuela…
By @Lissaissacostas
Hello! I want to bore you in pictures
By @MaxBlumenthal
Pledging more economic war on🇻🇪a Trump official likens the🇺🇸to the evil Empire of StarWars & his admin to Darth Vader:“It’s sort of like in Star Wars when Darth Vader strangles someone, that’s what we are doing to the regime economically”…
By @MaxBlumenthal
An excellent interview with @DerbyChrisW, one of the few Western lawmakers who’s stood up forcefully against the US coup in Venezuela. Listen to more Conversations with Slava (including mine) at…
By @isgoodrum
"China did not issue a visa to Ricardo Hausmann, considered the Venezuelan representative by Juan Guaido, the self-declared interim president."…
By @LeeCamp
There is evidence that the failure of Venezuela's electricity grid last week was sabotage.
Maduro said as much but US media treated him like a 'conspiracy theorist.'
🗣️‼️🇺🇸Attention‼️you are being governed by the mentally ill🤪After all, the case is more serious than initially thought😲They have to be hospitalized urgently🚨in a mental health home🥴👉🏼@AmbJohnBolton @VP @SecPompeo @marcorubio @LindseyGrahamSC @POTUS🙄
By @GrayzoneProject
A Trump administration official has bragged that US sanctions on Venezuela are “like in Star Wars when Darth Vader constricts somebody’s throat.”…
By @venanalysis
Solidarity rally today in Hamburg #HandsOffVenezuela
By @venanalysis
What's new in Venezuela? New US sanctions and a high-ranking opposition figure accused of terrorist activities.

Find out more:
By @venanalysis
Photos from today's Chavista march in Caracas
By @venanalysis
"Interim president"-->"National Assembly President"-->"Opposition leader"--> "Venezuelan"-->"Engineer". Self-proclaimed @jguaido is having a tough time holding on to his titles. Expect an angry @StateDept presser soon
By @SimplyBeautific
#Macron's rabid attack dogs bum-rush peacefully protesting #GiletsJaunes in #Lyon. If this were 🇻🇪,🇮🇷,or🇷🇺we would be inundated with this footage ad nauseam. But it's🇫🇷so we won't hear a peep about this from #MSM. #YellowVests #ActeXIX
By @camilateleSUR
Just a reminder that Marco Rubio’s parents were expats who moved to the U.S. from Cuba, 2.5 years before Castro, in May of 1956—not 1959. Imagine building your entire political career on top of this mountain of lies.
By @camilateleSUR
Joe Conason:It’s easy to imagine little Marco growing up & saying to Mommy“What was it like under Castro in🇨🇺?Why did we leave?”& Mommy probably saying to him: Well, we weren’t really there then, son.(disclaimer: Chris Matthews+MSNBC suck)
By @NicolasMaduro
Conscious and mobilized people, that is the Bolivarian key to victory. Here Nobody Surrenders!
By @kim9973
#NOTICIA| Technical Mission of the UN High Commissioner for HUMAN RIGHTS catalogs a successful visit to Venezuela #VenezuelaContraElTerrorismo #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump
By @BradCabana
HUGE pro=Maduro, Chavanista march in Caracus, Venezuela today. The American coup to overthrow the government of Venezuela is dead on arrival. #Venezuela #cdnpoli #politics
By @EvaKBartlett
Jorge Ramos was in a wealthy eastern Caracas district, roughly 7 km away,when he filmed a clip claiming to be"near"/"minutes from"🇻🇪's presidential palace
I went to that district,to film it & show how he lied & is producing sensationalism
By @NicolasMaduro
Let the world know, in Venezuela there is a people that will never surrender. We are a free people and we will respect this land. Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!
Venezuela President: US Withholding $5bn of Medical Supplies in ‘Criminal’ Measure…
By @BradCabana
BREAKING: ‘Foreign mercenaries’: Maduro accuses ‘the devil’s puppet’ Guaido of plotting his assassination — RT World News…#Venezuela #cdnpoli #politics
By @TuPlatanoVE
Aggressiveness, stress, guns.

See here the analysis of the non-verbal language of the self-proclaimed #Guaidó

By @annaleclaire
Maduro leads march against 'terrorism' in Caracas - the more🇺🇸threatens Maduro, the stronger his support gets. That's a good thing.🇺🇸intervention would destroy the country & the people like in Iraq, Libya & Syria #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump
🗣️‼️World Leaders‼️It's time to cut through all the tentacles of the🇺🇸USA Government's many corruption schemes to rob the people of 🇦🇫,🇮🇶,🇱🇾,🇸🇾, 🇾🇪,🇸🇴,🇳🇮,🇻🇪... the wealth of their nations. The peoples of these countries will be free. #EstamosUnidosWorld
By @sweposten
Over $30 Bln Stolen From Venezuela 'at Trump's Request' - Cabinet Minister:
#America #Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela #democracy
Over $30 billion has been stolen in the past couple of months”, he was cited as saying by the state channel VTV.…
By @sweposten
Maduro Exposes Fresh
'Imperialist Plot' 👈
to Kill Him by 'Devil's Puppet' Guaido
#Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela
"We have evidence; they could not and cannot [succeed] because we are protected by God," Maduro added.…
By @rogerwaters
We were right about #RUSSIAGATE we’re right about VENEZUELA.

Watch full video: #ElDerechoDeVivirEnPaz
By @venanalysis
"La Alpargata Solidaria" is an initiative where organized communities in Caracas work directly with campesinos to access food at fair prices. It's held 1/month in the recovered spaces of Tiuna El Fuerte. Collective work & healthy produce!
By @HOVcampaign
Reuters reporting the arrival of two Russian Air Force planes in Venezuela, one carrying material, the other 100 troops…
By @venanalysis
.@WhiteHouse official compares sanctions to Darth Vader "choking" victims. Some questions come to mind. Does he not a) realize he's assuming the US is the "empire" and b) know what happens to the empire in the end?

(source:… …)
By @venanalysis
Concert in Santiago, Chile, called "the right to live in peace", against imperialist meddling in Latin America, is being live streamed by @teleSURtv
By @venanalysis
“Faced with an economic war and blockade, our response is to create, produce and weave solidarity among us”

Read about feminist movements "weaving" unity and advancing their struggle in Venezuela:
By @EvaKBartlett
The people corporate media disappears in their coverage on #Venezuela.
By @EvaKBartlett
"While the media demonized “collectives” portraying govt supporters & grassroots orgs as violent & opposition as peaceful, pro-govt youth organized cultural events to counter the violence...."
By @VictimaGuarim
We meet with the #ONU technical mission that is in the country. @mbachelet asked for JUSTICE for the victims murdered by the 🇻🇪opposition

Orlando Figuera. Burned alive
Héctor Anuel. Lynched with a mortar & burned
Danny Subero. Lynched & murdered with a fire gun
By @Alfreddezayas
The EU vote on the Human Rights Council resolution condemning unilateral coercive measures is a disgrace. The EU is complicit in the deaths in Venezuela that are demonstrably directly related to the sanctions #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
The illegality of unilateral coercive measures needs to be pronounced by the International Court of Justice. Let the General Assembly elevate the question to the ICJ for an advisory opinion #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
#Trump, #Bolton and #Pompeo are not #America -- let us have a poll to see how many Americans #HandsOffVenezuela #Venezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
Noam Chomsky, Danny Glover, Jeffrey Sachs, Mark Weisbrot -- and millions of other Americans are ashamed of the betrayal of American values by our current "leaders" #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
There are good reasons for German Parliamentarian Wolfgang Kubicki, to call for US Ambassador Richard Grenell to be declared persona non grata. The #US occupation did end decades ago #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
Extreme-right para-militaries in Central and South America have a long history of subversion, murdering indigenous and social leaders-- we should take Venezuelan allegations seriously #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
The mainstream media owes the public a thorough investigation into the deaths directly attributable to the sanctions and financial blockades #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
Economic war against a country to impose regime change violates both the UN and OAS Charters, hitherto with impunity #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Alfreddezayas
As institutional religion corrupted Christianity and turned it into the church of the rich, the "human rights industry" instrumentalized human rights into weapons, not entitlements #HandsOffVenezuela
By @atilioboron
By far the largest popular housing program in history! No other government did that. Let alone the Macri, Piñera, Bolsonaro and company. If there was an oligarchic restoration, its occupants would be thrown into the street, as it is in Spain today, with evictions.
By @jaarreaza
This humorous vignette that they sent us, says more than a thousand words. They could not, could not! #HandsOffVenezuela
By @lubrio
The writer, anthropologist and researcher @josenegronv interviewed me for the @SputnikMundo on the complacency of the Twitter company as a mechanism for the spread of hate in Venezuela ... really thank you for taking me into account…
By @ErikaOSanoja
[PHOTOS] This free concert is held in Santiago de Chile, "for the right to live in peace". Via @larisscostas 💫
By @NicolasMaduro
Beautiful march that ratifies the spirit of struggle of the🇻🇪who doesn’t kneel before the terrorist aggressions of the 🇺🇸empire. They haven’t been able, nor will they be able to with us. We are victorious & alert to face new battles...!
By @Lissaissacostas
The words of Jorge Primera (son of the singer Alí Primera) in the framework of the Concert for the Right to Live in Peace in Chile
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela is facing "the strongest imperialist aggressions that the Republic has ever survived in 200 years," stated #Maduro to the Chavista people that attended the Mobilization for Peace outside of the Miraflores Palace in #Caracas.
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela | The government announced the dismantling of a series of violent operations that were intended to be carried out in the country by mercenaries and assassins who entered the Venezuelan territory within the last few weeks.
By @telesurenglish
Artists in Chile have organised a large concert today against US intervention in Venezuela.

The event is called "The Right To Live In Peace", which is from a song by revolutionary Chilean singer Victor Jara.
By @telesurenglish
The musicians are pointing out that the US is using the same tactics in Venezuela as they did in Chile, before the coup against Allende.

watch the concert live here:
By @telesurenglish
More from the peace concert in Santiago, Chile. Rejecting war and US intervention in Venezuela.

watch the concert live here:
By @telesurenglish
Approximately 30, 000 have attended the peace concert today, organised by the youth wing of Chile's Communist Party. In rejection of US attacks against Venezuela.

watch the concert live here:
By @telesurenglish
Argentinians turned out in large numbers today for the 'Day of Memory'.

In commemoration of the victims of the US-backed military dictatorship.
via @abuelasdifusion
By @taseenb
@amnesty & @hrw are notorious regime change propaganda tools. They’ve ignored guarimbas’ extreme violence in 2014 & 2017, including people burnt alive, torture & executions. That’s a huge evidence of their bias & lack of political neutrality.🇻🇪
See this Important Thread about Venezuela🤨👇🏼
By @kim9973
Mar 17
The People are returning home to support their President @NicolasMaduro
By @SoniaKatiMota
THREAD👇Were the elections in🇻🇪fair?
Joseph Farrell,an Election Monitor in🇻🇪as well as a member of the Board of the🇬🇧Centre for Investigative Journalism & an associate of #WikiLeaks
ALSO‼️Explained: How Voting Works in #Venezuela👇🤓
Very important Thread 👇🏼🤨👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
🗣️‼️"If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth."‼️
-Julian Assange-
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