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In April, Alberta, Canada, will elect a new provincial government. Many may be unaware that the current @rachelnotley govt has adopted a globally significant #climate plan. Here is what's in it, what it has done, and what is at stake next month. A THREAD #abvote 1/24
First, where did Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan plan come from? (George Soros, perhaps? Foreign-funded radicals?) No. It came from Albertans. A volunteer panel led by @andrew_leach spoke w 1K residents in-person and heard from 25K+ online. 2/24
The panel also engaged with 350+ stakeholders and met w Aboriginal Peoples in three cities, and received hundreds of detailed submissions from NGOs, industry groups and others. 3/24
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Thread. #BernieSanders #AOC <== these people you’re hearing about & from—they’re integral players in a scheme taking place—the destruction or “take over” of Democrat party-to change the status quo. We didn’t know it was happening bc we’ve been inundated w/#Russia #Resist
A new group/platform/org. called #JusticeDemocrats - “The Democrat Party TAKE OVER HAS BEGUN ” - #CenkUygur 🗣explains🗣
There’s anger w/and in the #Democrat party bc of the #DNC #HRC loss so #CenkUygur, #BernieSanders & Silicon Valley tech millionaire Saikat Chakrabarti teamed up(he’s #AOC CoS)…
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1. The oceans are being killed.
2. Forests will soon be gone.
3. Fertile soil is disappearing.
4. Megafauna risk extermination.
5. Insects are vanishing.
6. Climate chaos is inevitable.
7. Extinction is now.
8. Plastic is in our blood.

None of this is front page news.
1. The oceans are being killed:

Overfishing, acidification, coral & seabed destruction, plastic & chemical pollution, ocean anoxia, phytoplankton, etc...…………
2. Forests will soon be gone.

Over 20,000 scientists/experts fear for our forests.…

'Especially troubling is...deforestation'…

Forest loss contributes to biological annihilation:……
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If you were a journo or opinion editor trying to get better at reporting on #climate & #energy, what questions would you be asking?


@KetanJ0 @TennantReed @simonahac @dylanjmcconnell @craigmemery @SimonCorbell @OBenPotter @1MarijaPetkovic @miriamlyons
1/ If the article/writer claims a certain cost of acting on climate, does it also make claims about the cost of not acting on climate?
2/ If there are claims made about industry moving off shore, where will the industry go (since the majority of the world is acting on climate)?
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THREAD: 'Quantitative Easing (#QE) for the #Climate', summary of blogpost of @pdegrauwe from @LSEEcon, questioning:

'To what extent can the money created by the central bank be used to finance investments in the environment?'

Short answer: fully
"There is no restriction on what types of assets the @ecb can buy. Since 2015 when it started QE, the @ecb has mainly bought government bonds, but also corporate bonds from financial inst. The @ecb could, however, also purchase bonds [...] to finance environmental investments."
"A possible objection is [...]: If the @ecb buys these "environmental bonds", it will be involved in the decision-making process about which environmental investments should have a priority. [...] These are all questions that have to be settled by political authorities [...]."
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THREAD| Draft of the #Climate Change Act, presented by (@bmu) this week: The proposal is a framework law, featuring elements from international acts, e.g. from UK (@theCCCuk). In contrast to the German Climate Action Plan 2050, it will be legally binding. #Klimaschutzgesetz
2| The framework law includes emission reduction targets, defines CO2 budgets for each sector, and clarifies responsibilities, as well as review, transparency & sanctioning mechanisms. Implementation measures for each sector will be detailled in 2030 programmes, due in Mar 2019.
3| Progress will be supported by an independent advisory group of 7 experts. Focus is on reaching the 2030 CO2 reduction targets, but the draft works towards at least 95% reduction by 2050. The remaining 5% to reach #netzero could be reached through compensation policies.
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According to @ramez good climate policy has 3 key traits:
1. It has a large, meaningful impact on climate change.
2. It tackles the problems that aren’t being tackled by the market.
3. It actually gets passed into law
Aka practical and popular The #GreenNewDeal can be this. 1/2
Technology neutral policies for #climate action aren't what we need!
We have affordable #wind & #solar because policy makers in Germany, and the US, and China created markets for solar and wind before they were cost-competitive.… #auspol @the_AEMC
Hey @OBenPotter @angelamacd what would it take for you or someone at the AFR to suggest that maybe technology neutrality is not what is needed on #climate? That commercialising techs that can lower emissions around the world is a proven way to go?
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1/ BREAKING: Our Children's Trust at @youthvgov represents a group of young people led by Kelsey Juliana in a lawsuit against the Trump administration. The lawsuit seeks to force government to act to stop climate change. The Juliana plaintiffs just filed a motion (con't)
2/ with the Ninth Circuit to STOP 100 fossil fuel projects that the Trump administration would push out in the next couple of months - projects that collectively could send us over 1.5 C. For this motion to succeed, the Juliana plaintiffs need hundreds of thousands of (con't)
3/ young people to sign an "amicus brief." An amicus brief is a "friend of the court" brief & carries much weight with a judge. To sign the brief & support the Juliana plaintiffs fight the Trump administration simply go to this website: Save our planet!
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The biggest news in the whole planet over the last 24 hours regarding #Climate are coming out of #Alberta. THREAD #cdnpoli #abpoli
The first story is about coast-to-coast charging stations by @petrocanada, owned by Alberta's own @suncor. On it's own a tectonic event for electric vehicle uptake & corporate climate leadership. /2 #cdnpoli #abpoli…
The second story is that billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffet, one of the top investors on earth right now just bought 10.8 MILLION SHARES of Alberta's own @Suncor (owner of @petrocanada). Get where I'm going with this? You get it. /3 #abpoli #cdnpoli…
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“Information is not enough for people to act.” #climate psychology, activism and anxiety by @FridaHylander at @SkaneXr @LUCSUS_LU
What's needed for people to #ActOnClimate? @FridaHylander uses "Model of helping" to understand #climate psychology.
To motivate action, people need to:
1. notice an event
2. interpret the problem as an emergency
3. feel personal responsibility.
1. Notice event- barriers to notice #climatechange include:
Humans perceive emotionally, not rationally
Slow gradual threats seen as risky as fast, vivid ones
"villains" are easier to blame than nature
Living in cities, far from nature
fragmented knowledge
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"What are the specifics of that framework?
...a "10-year national mobilizations" toward accomplishing a series of goals..."

"So did the idea of a Green New Deal start with Ocasio-Cortez?
Not at all."

"So will it pass?
That looks unlikely."
"It's a nonbinding resolution, [] Even if it were to pass (more on the challenges to that below), it wouldn't itself create any new programs. Instead, it would potentially affirm the sense of the House that these things should be done in the coming years."
The framework introduced on Thursday.…

"In addition, the framework, as described in the legislation as well as a blog post — containing an updated version of "FAQs" provided to NPR .."


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Today, @AOC & @EdMarkey released a Congressional Resolution calling for a #GreenNewDeal, "a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions and create economic prosperity for all." My take...
You can read the full text of the #GreenNewDeal resolution here:…

And a fact sheet being circulated by @AOC to define her vision of the plan here:…

Both are short, so dig in yourself if you haven't yet.
I commend @AOC, @EdMarkey & #GreenNewDeal co-sponsors for putting the urgent need to confront #climatechange with an ambitious clean energy mobilization on the top of the political agenda. This is an urgent threat. Confronting it is a real opportunity for economic renewal.
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I am curious, only a weather hobbyist, but apply my auditing background in my search for FACTS. I was preparing some #climate info yesterday for posting this morning & was greeted by some other posts today which complement my looking at indicators of #climatechange exaggeration.
The world's weather stations, according to @TempGlobal, continue to show that the global climate is maintaining it's recent cooling trend. #climatechange #GlobalWarming
@TempGlobal Almost as if on cue, they posted their end of January monthly summary just minutes ago. #climatechange #GlobalWarming

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One thing in the way of effective action on our #climate crisis (and our toxics crisis, our biodiversity crisis, our plastics in the ocean crisis, not to mention our violence, war, poverty, racism, & sexism crises) is a terrible misunderstanding of who/what we are.
Many people speak about this as a spiritual/moral crisis and I agree. But, the misunderstanding I want to talk about is at once simpler and more profound.
(Note - when I say 'we' I mean those of us acculturated into the western industrial growth mindset, which in evolutionarily relevant timescales has only been around for a fleeting instant. Humans haven't always thought this way, and not all humans alive today think this way.)
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1. Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher, statesmen, rumored a POWERFUL OCCULTIST associated w/ Rosicrucians/ Freemasons, oversaw KING JAMES BIBLE translation: Sent by “HIDDEN ORDER” to influence human history?…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2. “An Open Secret”: A documentary about the abuse of young boys at the hands of “important men” in Hollywood. It is now available online for free

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Patriots
#WWG1WGA #JustComing #PizzaGate

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Patriots #WWG1WGA
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Just landed in #Thailand & looking forward to speaking at the @AfiForum. At the event? Come say hello. #AFIF2019.
500+ of the world’s leading #investors & #FI will explore investment opportunities to foster inclusive financial markets across #AsiaPacific
#Davos #WEF19 or here at the Asia Financial Institutions Forum @AfiForum #AFIForum 2019 in #Bangkok: something to ponder this #MLKDay weekend & beyond. #microfinance #accessstocapital #fintech #finance #inequality
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Aboriginal communities powered by #solar. That's Unkle Ike's vision starting in his community in NSW.
Will you chip in a $100 tax deductible donation to the #re4bre crowdfunding campaign? Every dollar donated will go to installing solar and batteries.
Congratulations Uncle Ike, The Valley Centre, @pingala_sydney @MEFLnews @DICE for such a great initiative. These guys are creating a revolving fund so every $ donated, becomes the gift that keeps giving, enabling more and more Aboriginal communities to access #solar. #fairdinkum
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Usually at this time of year a sub-freezing tornado-like vortex forms over the North Pole, making the #Arctic super-cold. But in Dec. the #PolarVortex fractured, and part of it is heading southeast -- towards Great Lakes, Boston, NY.
2] There are 2 implications of this: 1.) North Pole could warm, worsening #climate impact on ice melt.
2.) W/in 10 days a wave of bitter cold & storms could overwhelm eastern US & Canada.
If #TrumpShutdown still in place then, many winter storm agencies will be shut down...
3] ...or have employees working w/out pay, including:
FEMA, Air Traffic Controllers, TSA, National Weather Service, US Coast Guard, parts of HHS, etc.
The #TrumpShutdown is literally a matter of national safety & security.…
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This is a ludicrous way to confront #ClimateChange. An organization like @foe_us that claims to treat #climate change as an existential crisis CANNOT be taken seriously while simultaneously counseling us to ignore virtually all low-carbon resources except wind & solar.
Proposition: Anyone who says climate change is a crisis & then says we should tie 1 (or 2) hands behind our backs by setting aside a raft of low-CO2 options, including virtually all crucial firm resources (see should be treated as non-serious & ignored.
For more on why it is risky and unwise to literally bet the planet on wind and solar alone to decarbonize electricity (while saying no to biomass, biogas, carbon capture, and nuclear power), see:…
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1) We need a Lie tracker on Andrew Scheer, Doug Ford, & Jason Kenney

Those I follow who are excellent sources on the carbon tax are
@trevortombe @andrew_leach, @EcofiscalCanada @kevinmilligan

The rest of the thread is mostly ammunition against lies
#cdnpoli, #onpoli #ableg
2) Andrew Scheer begins new year with warning of skyrocketing carbon taxes

"The Liberal carbon tax is just about raising revenue for government."

LIAR: 90% of it goes back to Citizens. #cdnpoli
3) Trudeau’s carbon tax takes effect in industrial heartland

"Consumers in the holdout provinces will receive federal payments that will exceed their carbon tax bill in a bid to cushion the blow"…
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I was in my last year of high school in '97 and the Howard Government was campaigning and lobbying world leaders against an emerging climate change deal, as revealed by the 96/97 cabinet papers…
Cabinet submissions and decisions on #climate change in the first 18 months of the Howard Govt are notable for not mentioning the impacts or consequences of climate change at all....
The motivation that kept Oz reluctantly involved in the Berlin Mandate negotiations that led to the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol was international ostracism and the fear of trade sanctions if it was recalcitrant
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Thank you to @MeetThePress for doing a Sunday show on climate change — at last.

Usually these Sunday shows are televised gossip columns, and climate change and other key issues are never discussed.
Good for you, @chucktodd.

At this stage, #climate denial is fraud, and it has been for a long time — particularly as practiced by the fossil fuel industry and its armada of phony front groups.…
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As we count down to 2019, we’re taking a moment to look back and celebrate all we accomplished in 2018. It was a year of moments and momentum. (Thread)
Our #FishForever coastal fisheries program completed a revelatory deep dive into 5 years-worth of data from 41 sites comprising +250 communities in 3 countries. The good news is Fish Forever is working to stem the tide of coastal overfishing...
#FishForever had helped:
Increase fish biomass inside and outside of no-take reserves,
Empower communities and build social resilience;
Establish legal and functioning management bodies;
Fully protect 67,000 acres of coastal ocean waters;
Make progress delivering on UN #SDGs.
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I must respectfully disagree with my friend @SenJohnBarrasso ’s Op-Ed on the @nytimes.

I will explain why in this thread⬇️…
1️⃣ The referendum result in Washington State looked like more relentless campaigning by the fossil fuel industry against #climate action;

without that industry onslaught, the #carbontax referendum there would probably have passed.…
2️⃣ A #carbontax is not “expensive,” as in our proposals all the money goes back to the public.

Taxing #carbon moves energy markets toward cheaper renewables.
On balance, people save money.

Don’t forget that the savings from avoiding #climate catastrophes are immense.
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